not to be dramatic but,,, andrew is so completely in love with neil and you cannot tell me otherwise.

“I’m always the one to fall in love first, the one who loves harder, the one who gets hurt in the end and the one who moves on last.”


Dmitry: Hey guys, check out my awesome vampire costume!

Gleb: You are dressed like the Phantom of the Opera. He’s not a vampire.

Dmitry: He eats theater people.

Anya: No, he doesn’t.

Vlad: I think he might.

Dmitry: He does.

Gleb: Do you even know who the Phantom of the Opera is?

Vlad: He might not.

Anya: He doesn’t.

Dmitry: I don’t.

silverwolf2299  asked:

This is probably gonna be the most random ask, straight off the bat, but could you maybe do Komaeda petting Amaterasu from the game okami? (It would also be nice if mod Neysa could do it) I hope that's not too much to ask..

Of course it’s alright ^v^). Amaterasu was certainly something challenging to draw but it was really fun. Thanks for your ask and I hope you like it~
-mod neysa

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