‘Make fascism great again’: German Carnival float mocks Donald Trump

As Germans kicked off their annual Carnival celebration Monday with huge parades, Donald Trump was right there with them — well, his head was, at least. The city of Düsseldorf’s parade featured a massive papier mâché bust of the Republican presidential candidate atop a float.


 The Bavarian Paradise - Geroldsee, village of Wamberg and Lake Sylvenstein                                       by Fabian Vogl and Brad Hays

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anonymous asked:

lol i saw your chocholate tags on Schmitt&Wellinger and i thought that maybe you can do the whole team Germany vs types of chocolate?

I’m terribly sorry it took me so long to answer that! I had no time to do the proper chocolate research. I hope you like it:

1. Sevi - Intense Orange dark chocolate

or… but these are just chocolate covered wafers so they don’t really count do they?

2. Welli - White chocolate

3. Richard - Chocolate with nuts

4. Stephan - Milk chocolate

5. Marinus - Double Milk chocolate

6. Markus - Chocolate with fruit filling (preferably peach but I couldn’t find a decent picture so have a strawberry one instead)

7. Karl - Chocolate with crunch

8. Wanki - Bubbly milk chocolate

9. David - Chocolate with raisins


Martin Schmitt - Dark chocolate

Werner Schuster - Chili dark chocolate