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Request: “Can you write me a smutty story where Drarry is sleeping and they’re spooning and Harry ‘slips it in’ and then Draco wakes up and is confused and ahhh. Also could you tag @introvertedannika in it? She’s my best friend and it’ll confuse the FUCK out of her!”

Warning: NSFW

The sun was shining through the window, only slightly covered by the white, long curtains that gave the room even more light.

Right next to it was a king sized bed, white sheets all over two naked, sleeping boys that go by the name of Harry and Draco.

The whole atmosphere reminded of one of those bed sheet commercials.

Harry groaned as he opened his eyes, overwhelmed by the brightness of the sun.

His arm was wrapped around his boyfriend, his chest pressing against his back as the brown haired boy placed soft kisses on the others shoulder blades, slowly raising up to his neck.

A little smile spread across his face as he buried his nose in the blonde hair that he usually loved to run his fingers through.

Memories of last night rushed through his head and his teeth soon find his bottom lip as he remembered all of it clearly.

The two of them have been together for quite a while now, but he still wasn’t used to the way Draco touched him, looked at him, wanted him.

It drove him crazy.

It drove him crazy how Draco got under his skin, how his low moans could make Harry orgasm just like that.

It drove him crazy when they were in public and Draco flirted with him because he knew exactly what to do to get into Harry’s pants.

It drove him crazy that he loved this man and, thank merlin, that man loved him back.

Back in Hogwarts there was a lot of angry wanking in the dorm when everyone was sleeping, a lot of things in his head when he observed Malfoy’s body in potions.

He could write books.

But never has he thought he would end up loving this Slytherin with all of his heart.

It all started when they returned back to Hogwarts for a 8th year.

Obviously everything has changed, McGonagall was the new headmistress of the school and a lot of new teachers were needed.

Instead of the old bathroom where once the entrance to the chamber of secrets was placed, they put a really big memorial thing there, where all the students and teachers were named, that lost their lives during the war.

Even Hedwig was on there.

A new thing was that there were no separate common rooms anymore.

All of the four houses shared one big room, which was good because everyone, especially the Slytherins, needed that kind of support at that time.

However, there were now dorm rooms for two people.

And guess who got paired together, hahaha.

Draco 2cool4you Malfoy and Harry Icantdie Potter.

They had all kind of fights, really, it was awful, but one day Harry brought some lunch to the room for Draco because he missed it due to his homework, and Draco made Harry’s bed the next day because the Gryffindor was in a rush.

And then Harry folded Draco’s clothes, who then decided to tell goodnight stories to the other male to fall asleep.

And then one day Harry crawled into Draco’s bed because he couldn’t stop crying after a nightmare, which was of losing Draco but he never told him, and Draco just held him through the night.

And, to top it all off, Draco once left the bathroom door open while he was showering, and Harry peeked through and got really horny, so he waited for the blonde to leave to get rid of his little problem down there, but Draco forgot something and boom.

Harry surely never thought a blowjob could feel this good.

Said boy was brought back to reality when he felt something under the blanket hardening.

“Fuck, not now.”, he whispered to himself but that surely didn’t do anything.

And the fact that Draco’s bare ass was pressing against his growing erection surely wasn’t helping.

With his cheeks covered in crimson red, his hand found its way down and he hesitated for a moment before he wrapped it around his erection and began to move his hand in slow motions.

His free hand didn’t take long to grab Draco’s ass firmly, to which the blonde responded with a low growl.

Harry’s hand stopped and took place on his boyfriend as well, where he slowly rubbed a finger along his entrance.

“Fuck, you’re still so ready from last night.”

Harry would lie if he said that this didn’t turn him on to the core, and when he thrust in two fingers at once, he almost moaned against Draco’s neck.

His erection was twitching and he quickly pulled out his fingers in order to place his pulsing erection where his fingers had been.

His teeth slightly sunk into Draco’s skin as he was fully surrounded by his heat, not able to stop himself from groaning deeply.

After the first few thrust, Draco’s moans became louder and he suddenly opened his eyes, a shocked gasp leaving his throat.

“What the-ahh!”

Now it was his turn to blush and Draco tried to hide his face, but Harry grabbed his arm and thrust harder.

“P-Potter!! You fucki-oh-you fucking perv!!”

Harry just grinned and bit the skin of his neck again, sucking and licking it in ways that would definitely leave marks as he listened to Draco’s desperate moans.

When he, however, suddenly stopped, Draco gave him an disapproving groan.

The brown haired man didn’t let that irritate him tho, and he pulled out, just to lay on his back.

“I want you to ride me.”

Draco gasped.

Harry knew it was Draco’s favorite position (he would never admit that tho) and he never lasted long that way.

Without further hesitation Draco placed himself on Harrys lap, slowly sinking down on his throbbing dick.

Broken moans filled the room, filled Harrys head, and he grabbed Draco’s hips to support his movements, watching him with a dark expression.

Soon enough the skin on skin noises became louder, both of them were now a moaning mess, and when Harry moved his hand up and down Draco’s shaft, he spilled all over Harry’s stomach with his name on his lips.

Harry also couldn’t hold on any longer, and with a few lazy thrusts he came inside his already collapsed boyfriend.

Both of them were breathing hard, just enjoying the intensity of this short moment.

Harry wrapped one arm around Draco, who had his face against Harry’s chest now, and used the other one as an extra pillow.

“What a way to wake up.”

Draco chuckled and Harry smiled.

“Stop smiling like an idiot, Potter.”

“Stop calling me Potter.”

“Become a Malfoy then.”

For a brief second Harry’s heart dropped and he almost screamed like an excited teenager.

“Marry me.”, Draco whispered tiredly.

“Once you’ll wake up again.”

“Good…very good…”

Draco’s eyes slowly closed, and as Harry kissed his forehead and told him that he loved him, there was even a faint smile on his lips.

I've always been yours | Fred Weasley x reader


It was the day of Bill and Fleur’s wedding. You were wearing a little black dress that ended right above your knees, your hair was in a half updo. (Kinda like how Margaery Tyrell wears her hair) You walked downstairs, your heels clicking against the wooden floor with every step you took.
“Y/n you-you look beautiful.” Fred said in awe. You tried to hide the blush forming on your cheeks. “Thanks.” You said while looking at the ground. Form the first day you saw him you had had the biggest crush on him. Little did you know he felt the same.
The party was in bloom when all of a sudden Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Patronus appeared. It said that the Ministry of Magic had been concuered by Voldemort, who had killed the minister, and that Death Eaters were on their way.
Immediatly screams were heard, and people started pushing each other to get away.
Just as the patronus had said, Death Eaters started apparating into the crowd. You were running towards the exit when you tripped. You tried to get up but people ran over you and you felt their feet hit your head. Fred’s worried face was the last thing you saw before you lost consciousness.
Pain. That was the only thing you felt when you woke up. It seemed like Thor had hit you on the head with Mjolnir. You slowly opened your eyes to see a sleeping body on the couch next to you. You blinked a few times to get a clear view, finally seeing that it was Fred who was laying there. Taking in your surroundings you noticed you were in his room.
You slowly sat up, accidently waking Fred in the process.
“Oh god Y/n are you alright? I was so worried.” “Calm down Fred I’m alright.” “No you’re not, you could have died. You would have died not knowing how much I love you.” His eyes got big when he realized what he had said. “I-I mean-” You cut him of by crashing your lips on his. “I love you too.” His face broke into a smile as he reconnected your lips. One of his hands slipped under the shirt you were wearing, roaming your stomach. When you were sleeping someone had changed you out of your dress and into an oversized shirt. His hands found your bare breasts and started playing with your nipples. A gasp left your lips as he pinched one of them. One of his hands left your chest and slowly travelled down your body. He cupped your already leaking pussy before pushing your panties aside and slipping a finger into you. You moaned as he added a second one, curling them as he moved in and out of you. He used his thumb to draw circles on your clit. You quickly took of the shirt, wanting nothing more than to feel his skin against yours. He unbuttened his shirt, slowly sliding it off while you unbuckled his trousers, taking them of aswell. His hard erection pressed against your leg as he left a trail of kisses down your neck, down the valley of your breasts, down your stomach, and finally down to where you needed him the most. He took your panties of with his teeth, leaving hot kisses on the inside of your thigh when he came back up. He started kitty licking down your slid, only stopping to suck on your clit. You gasped as his tongue slipped inside of you. He laughed at you, sending vibrations through your body. Way too soon you felt the familiar knot in your stomach which announced the arrivel of your orgasm. When you reached your high he licked you clean before coming back up and kissing you, making you taste yourself. You removed his boxers and were ready to return the favour when he stopped you. “Just forget about me, tonight is all about you.” He said as he wrapped your legs around his waist, positioning his pulsing cock at your entrance. “Ready?” You nodded and felt him push himself into you, filling you up completely. He groaned as he started moving. Once you were used to the feeling of his large dick in your tight pussy you started moving your hips to meet his thrusts. “P-please Fred, f-faster.” “Whatever you want sweetheart.” He said as he obeyed your order. One of his hands was squeezing your ass while he used the other one to support him. “F-Fred I’m close.” “I know baby, me too.” His thrusts became sloppier, at the same time your walls clenched around him. “Let go, darling.” You did as he said, and together you reached both of your climaxes. He rolled of off you, pulling the covers over your sweaty bodies. “I love you so much Y/n, will you please be mine?” He asked, caressing your cheek. “Isn’t that question supposed to come before the sex?” You said, laughing slightly. He was about to answer when somebody else beat him to it. “Well that wasn’t the only thing that came to early tonight.” You turned your heads to see a smirking George in the doorway. “H-how long have you b-been standing there?” “Mate, I did not have to stand here to know what was going on. You two are pretty loud.” Your glare only made him laugh harder. “Just ignore him Y/n, now how about you answer my question.” You pecked his lips. “I’ve always been yours, Fred.”

- I know this isn’t exactly what you asked but I hope you still like it.

anonymous asked:

hey could I have a smut where yoongi and you have a huge fight and you start crying so after while yoongi comes back and apologizes all sweetly, then you sit on his lap and say thanks for the apology. This arouses him and ;)

I pace the floor raking my hands through my hair as I wait for Yoongi. It’s 2AM and he’s been gone since this morning around eight. He won’t answer my calls or texts. My shirt is starting to get damp with sweat from how nervous and anxious I’ve become while pacing. I’m just thankful I decided to keep off any bottoms besides my underwear  I hear a clicking of the door knob and I stop in the middle of my pacing to look over at him. Yoongi comes through the door looking down as he takes off his shoes with a heavy sigh. His bandanna on his pretty pink locks now as he unties each Nike shoe. He has on a black shirt that’s lose fitted it says HBA and some black skinny jeans that sags off of him. 

“Where the hell have you been?” I ask him stepping to him slowly. He looks at me clenching and un clenching his jaw before he looks off. 

“I was out.” He says softly.

“Out?! You were fucking out and you couldn’t answer anything I sent you?!” I ask him my voice quickly starting to rise. 

“– not now.” He says trying to walk up to the stairs but I run up to him grab him by his arm turning him back to face me. 

“You don’t get off that easy! WHERE WERE YOU!” I scream at him my face turning red with anger. 

“YOU NEED TO BACK THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” He says looking down at me and I open my eyes wide my bottom lip quivering. 

“Don’t you ever in your natural born life talk to me like that again. You can leave this house and go back to where the fuck you where!” I say storming off into the kitchen. I hit the counter my hands fisting up in anger as tears stream down my face. 

I sigh going into the front room after a few hours have passed. I start crying more at the fact that Yoongi hasn’t even tried to come talk to me and I just feel my heart breaking. Is he over me? Has he found someone new?

“Oh my god. – please don’t cry.” I hear Yoongi say beside me and I shake my head letting more tears pour down my face. 

“Jagiya.” He coes picking me up on his lap. He turns me to face him as he wipes the hair out of my face. 

“Look at me.” He says wiping my tears from my face. I nod my head looking at him as my breathing and my tears calm down. 

“I’m so sorry –. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I was just frustrated. Today was a hard day at work. Our manager. He was yelling at us non stop for every fucking single thing we did. And after so much of Jimin and Jungkook fucking off he told us to turn our phones off. So I didn’t get your calls and messages until I was coming home but I was so pissed I just didn’t call. I know it’s no excuse and I’m so sorry for hurting you baby.” He says kissing my nose and I giggle a bit looking at him. 

“I thought you had left me for another girl.” I say moving up his lap a bit to press my body against his. 

“I’d never fuckkk. Leave you. Your my world.” He says and I smirk a bit as I start to feel his tent forming under my panties. 

“Is there something that’s wrong?” I ask him grinding myself against him and he groans laying his head back against the couch. 

“Fuck you turn me on.” He says gripping my hips as he grinds himself roughly up into my neither region. 

“Well baby you could always release stress on me.” I smirk winking at him. 

Yoongi grows as he sits up pressing his lips against mine his hands wrapping around my body. One hand tangles into my hair pulling it roughly as the other hand gropes my ass squeezing it. Our bodies continue to grind against one another as he bites and tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth his eyes tracing mine. 

He slides his tongue into my mouth battling me for dominance that I give to him when he grabs my panties bunching them up and pulling them into my ass making me moan. He traces his tongue over the rough of my mouth flicking it against the bumps and ridges making me shiver as we swap spit. 

He breaks the kiss kissing down my jaw softly. He starts to bite and suck into my neck. He sucks patches on my skin making me moan out as I grab his hair pulling on the strands. I tilt my head back letting him reach my spot biting into roughly making me release a mewl of pleasure. 

Yoongi slowly lifts up my shirt exposing my skin and I pull from him throwing it off my body. His eyes rake over my body as his hands trail up my body to grope my breast through my bra playing with them. I reach around my un clipping my bra and he pulls it from me throwing it to the ground. 

He leans in latching on to my left nipple sucking hard at it biting into my nipple every now and then. His other hand still cupping and grabbing at my breast. He pulls at my nipple and I arch my back licking my lips. He breaks from that nipple and he trails kiss across the valley of my breast to my right nipple. 

He takes my right nipple in his mouth treating it the same as he treated my left nipple not giving up on them. He marks them and places bruises on them to let me know who I belong to. He pushes me on my back and he kisses down my body trailing marks and hickeys every where. 

He pulls at my panties with his teeth before letting the band snap back against my body. I groan as I rest my hands into the couch cushions not knowing where to place them. He finally pushes my legs open letting one hang off of the couch as he leans down starting to sweep his tongue against the wet spot in my panties. He bites into them and I moan rolling my hips up. 

“You like that baby?” He asks as he pushes a finger inside of me, my panties dipping inside of me as well. 

“You know I do.” I say to him as I try to thrust my hips up to meet his fingers when he suddenly pulls back. He takes my panties off slowly. 

He presses my legs down harder against the couch his breath gliding against my pussy making me shudder as he watches me making me become more anxious. He slowly leans down licking my clit slowly. He flattens his tongue against it before he starts to roll it around my clit his nails digging into the inside of my thighs. 

He slides his tongue up and down my slit. He presses his tongue at my entrance teasing me he pulls it out and presses it back at my entrance.

“Yoongi please!” I whine bucking my his up and he hums pressing his tongue into my entrance pressing his thumb on my clit rubbing the pad of it around in circles.

“Fuck!” I groan my hands pulling at his strands of hair thrusting my hips up on his face. He moans sliding his tongue deep into reaching my spot making me through my head back screaming. I tremble pulling his hair harder as he presses his face deeper into my soaking pussy. 

All to soon he pulls back licking his lips as he smirks at me standing up to bite those pink plump lips. He takes off his shirt dropping it down to the floor and he hooks his hands into his skinny jeans unzipping them and loosening his belt dropping them down to the ground. 

I can see the tent through his boxers and I can also see that precum is stained onto the boxers. He drops them down to the ground. He grabs his length stroking his ick moaning softly when he looks down at me. 

I try to get on my knees but he pushes me down on the couch hoovering over me. 

“Not today baby. Let me please you.” He says as he places his head into my neck sniffing my scent. 

He starts to glides his dick up and down my pussy making me wetter in the process. He grabs my hips with one hand and with the other hand he interlocks with mine pushing his cock deep into me. 

“Yoongi~” I moan out softly as he buries himself into me. 

He sighs in content shutting his eyes as he throws his head back. He opens his mouth forming a silent ‘o’ as he groans. I roll my hips up letting him know that it’s ok to move. My walls are use to his thick girth feeling me up to the brim stretching me. 

He pulls out and thrusts back into me slowly. He lets a moan slip from his lips. He starts slowly thrusting hard into me my legs hiking up around his waist as he drills into me. I hold his hand tighter as he rolls his hips deep into me. He twists his face in pleasure as I tighten up around him on purpose a moan leaving my lips as well. 

He picks me up placing me in his lap and I straddle him as I sink back onto his dick taking him deeper. At this new angle he reaches my spot and I can’t stop the cry of pleasure that leaves my lips. 

“Right there baby?” He asks gripping my hips with bruising force thrusting up into me. 

“P-PLEASE!” I whimper leaning my head on his shoulder as he fucks me. I drag my nails down his chest as he continues to pound into my spot with his dick. The sound of skin meeting skin is heard on our walls our moans drowning out anything else. 

“I-I’m close.” I whimper biting into his shoulder. 

“Me too baby.” He says as he trails oe hand down to my clit rubbing it fast. I feel my toes curl up as that familiar feeling pools in my stomach. With a few more thrusts I’m cumming. 

“YOONGI!” I yell out loud as I cum on his dick. He moans biting my bottom lip as he snarls his thrust becoming out of sync and erratic. 

“–!” He throws his head back cumming inside of me continuing to pound into me. His cum trickles down my thighs as he bounces me for a few more thrusts riding out our high. 

When we calm down he holds me close to him stroking my hair with his hands. He kisses my forehead and I giggle licking his jaw. 

“I love you jagi.” He says as he lays on his back with me above him. 

“I love you too Yoongi” 

Some Bottom!Phil For Y'all Sinners

Some hardcore smut, some daddy kink degradation typa shit and some spanking Thanks for reading, if it all possible, leave some feedback its my absolute kink, so make me nut ;-) ~~~

Phil is wrapped in a towel, hair still dripping wet when he finds Dan unpacking boxes in his room. He’s shuffling through old movies, sorting them out on the blue and green bedspread, presumably alphabetizing them. Unpacking had proven to be quite a harrowing task, and the boys were nowhere near through.

Phil stands in the doorway for a minute, not sure how to address the situation.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” It’s easy to tell something is up by his troubled expression.

“I tried cold water but it just, it wouldnt go away.”

“What do you-” Dan looks down and notices Phil’s bulge through Phil’s towel. “Aw, baby… Come here, princess. Let me help you, that’s what I’m here for, darling.” Dan clears the DVD’s off the bed, and sits down, patting the bedspread next to him. 

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Back to sinning- xD <3

(Afterdeath sin, we’re gonna have a Sub!Death and a Dom!Geno- ;) )

It was winter, the dark evening sky fooling people into thinking it was night, as it does. It was cold, colder than most winter nights had been for Geno. He stood up from his couch, shivering. Suddenly, he remembered something. ‘Shit…I was supposed to go to Death’s today…..’ He shivered more. ‘It’s too cold. If he wants to see me that bad, I’m sure he’ll travel over.’ Geno thought, sitting back down. He pulled a blanket over himself, and closed his eyes.

He didn’t sleep, just sat there with his eyes closed. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Come in! The door’s unlocked…” Geno said. He knew mostly everyone in the area, so he trusted them. He heard light footsteps, then opened his eyes slowly. The figure in front of him, once Geno’s eyes focused, was revealed to be Death. “Geno…you didn’t come over today…..did something happen?” He asked. “Well, not really. It’s just too cold for me.” Geno replied, shivering still. Death moved closer to him, wrapping his arms around his waist. He rested his head on Geno’s shoulder, blushing lightly. Geno could feel Death’s warm breath on his neck, causing him to blush. “You want me to…warm you up?~” Death purred, his tone flirty. “Nah. I’d prefer to dominate this time, Hun~” Geno stated, pinning Death to the couch.

“G-Geno-” Death was interrupted by a deep, aggressive kiss. Geno was kissing him roughly, shoving his tongue into Death’s mouth. Death could taste the blood from Geno’s mouth, and he loved it. He kissed back, sucking on Geno’s tongue. Geno moaned into the kiss, then grabbed Death’s hips, rubbing them with his thumbs. Death moaned quietly, blushing. He pulled Geno’s shorts down messily, his hands grabbing the fabric tightly. Geno broke the kiss, a thick strand of saliva left connecting their mouths, “Something down there you want?~” He smirked. “Y-You know there is~” Death replied, panting lightly. Geno’s smirk widened, as he tore Death’s cloak off of him. He saw that Death had formed a pussy, which was strange for him. “You really must be eager, hm?~ You’ve formed something I’d never expect from you…and it’s soaking wet~” Geno purred. Death’s blush brightened slightly, “I-I-I just d-don’t usually like t-to have female parts- I d-d-don’t know why…..probably because you c-can’t suck a pussy like you can a c-cock~” Geno chuckled at this, “True~”

Death pulled Geno closer, “A-Are you gonna get inside?~” He spread his legs. “Sure baby~” Geno replied, then thrusted into Death roughly. Death felt pain but also pleasure as he cried out, gripping onto Geno tightly. Geno wanted to make Death feel less pained, so he waited for him to adjust. But, as he waited, Death grew impatient. “I-I don’t need to fucking adjust~ j-j-just thrust~ p-p-please?~” He purred, sounding slightly annoyed. Geno nodded, then started to thrust into Death roughly. Death moaned, wrapping his arms around Geno’s neck. Geno groaned as he felt Death’s insides tighten, then he thrusted faster. Death moaned Geno’s name, tears forming in his eyes. “G-G-Geno!~ G-Go harder~ p-p-p-please~”

Geno obeyed, thrusting harder, and deeper. Death’s moans grew louder, then suddenly, he came all over Geno’s cock. Geno slid out, some of Death’s cum sliding off Geno and onto the couch. Geno sat up. Death seemed worried for a second, “G-Geno? You didn’t g-g-get a chance to-” He was interrupted by the other, “Shh~ it’s okay. Now…just sleep, okay Hon?~” Death nodded, then sat up also, resting his head on Geno’s chest. Geno smiled softly, and wrapped his arms around him. Death then fell asleep, Geno also falling asleep shortly afterwards.


Minghao- Hair Pulling & Hard Fucking (Part 2)

(Satisfy Me Part 2)

The question alone made Minghao’s dick ache with need. God yes.

In seconds her shirt was off and he sat up to suck a nipple into his mouth. With his hands on her hips, he ground her down on him in a push-pull motion.

“Like grinding down on my dick, baby?” Minghao asks breathily. She nods and he reaches and grabs her ass, palming it and squeezing it.

“Kinda wanna smack that nice ass.” Minghao says. Hiebe giggles,

“Then smack it.”

Minghao raises an eyebrow and smacks her ass.

“Like that, ‘Bie?” he asks. using his little nickname for her.

She bites her lip and nods.

“Yes baby..mhmh Hao please touch me..” She moans. Minghao smirks and rubs her pussy through her panties.

“Fuck. Your pussy’s so wet…I bet you’d taste so fucking good…” Minghao moans. He pulls off her panties and rubs her clit.

“Shit! Minghao….fuck..” She moans.

“God, come up here and sit on my face.” He whimpers helping her move up.

She moves her hips towards him, facing away from him. As soon as his mouth is in reach, she’s gone, quivering over him as he harshly sucks and nips her clit. He licks everywhere his tongue can reach.

He moans when she unleashes his dick from his pants, leaning forward to kiss the tip and suck it into her mouth. A long, loud moan escaped deep within Minghao’s chest and he ate her out with more vigor.

“Are we going all the way? You’re choice babe,” Minghao says. She nods and Minghao fishes around for a condom in his nightstand drawer.

She turns around as he tears it open and readies himself before helping her sink down onto him.

“Fuck… god… H-hiebe, baby…so tight…” he moans. Hiebe began rocking her hips on him, making him moan beneath her.

“Fuck….god. Babe please please…ride me…” he begs.

“Admit you’re a naughty boy and I might,” she smirks.

“Fuck… I’m such a naughty boy… I think about how many ways I can make you cum and god I wanna pound you and make you scream my name,” Minghao growls out as she begins to bounce on him. Minghao reaches back and grabs the headboard, bucking his hip up into hers.

“Oh god, Minghao… yes… just like that baby boy… mmm damn…” she praises.

It’s then Minghao figures out how much being praised turned him on. He let go of the head board and pushed her back so he was now above her. He slid himself inside her and began mercilessly fucking her. Her body shook as she took Minghao’s every thrust.

“P-pull my hair, haohao…” she moans. He gladly grabs a fist full of hair, pulling her head back as he attacks her neck with kisses, moaning as he feels his stomach tighten.

“Fuck…i’m gonna cum,” he moans. He fucks into her harder, ramming her right into her orgasm.

“Fuck! Mingh-aaaah!”

“Aah fuc- I’m… I’m cumming fuck… ahh shit.” He pants, orgasming inside of her.

Minghao props himself up on his elbows and looks down at her.

“Well tonight took a turn.” He chuckles, kissing her forehead. With that he snuggles into the crook of her neck.

Wo ai ni, Bie,” he murmurs

Wo Ai Ni, Haohao,” she whispers back.

-Minghao’s Anon

Take you, Break you, Make you (mine)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Plot: Ultron,  pleased with the Twins work and assistance, decides to bring them a reward. The reward being Tony Stark’s daughter, you. The male twin grows fond of you, and though his sister warns against it he pursues you.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon, kidnapping
Notes: I’m not feeling too good lately mentally but I had already started this and decided to write a few paragraphs every once and a while for a distraction. I’m planning on three chapters but I have no idea when they’ll be made. It’s mostly just going to be shameless smut with very little plot I think.

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Chanyeol scenario (SMUT)

“Hi there cutie ^^ Can you write scenario where Chanyeol is your extremely possessive boyfriend and always gets jealous because of your close relationship with Suho ^^ (smuth *-*)” -Anon

Warnings: Smut and swears!
Requested by: Anon

You pick up your phone as it begins to ring. Chanyeol glances over, growling inaudibly as he notices it’s Suho. Why were you always talking to that guy? Was he not good enough for you? He watches you carefully as your face breaks into a smile. “Hey Suho!” You talk with Suho for about 10 minutes, until Chanyeol leaves the room angrily. You raise an eyebrow. “Um.. Suho? Is it okay if I call you back?” Suho replies “Yes, of course, I’ll speak to you later honey.” You smile “Bye Suho” You then hang up and proceed to walk up the stairs, sighing softly. You didn’t get it. It felt like everytime you tried to talk to Suho, whether it was on the phone or in real life, Chanyeol suddenly got all stroppy and moody. You and Suho had been childhood friends, so understandably you guys were close. You were best friends, for God’s sake, you’d always been. Suho was the person who actually hooked up you and Chanyeol, after seeing you guys’ longing glances towards each other, both too shy to talk to each other or make the first mood. You would never forget that, and you thank Suho for that everyday.

You loved Chanyeol, you really did. You’d never felt this way about anyone before. It’s just… A few months after being together he started showing his more… Possessive side. Basically he became really jealous and yours and Suho’s close relationship. “Friends don’t sit on each others laps.” You remember him saying one day after Suho had left after visiting you guys. Suho had pulled you onto his lap when you had walked past him on the sofa. He didn’t mean it in a flirty way - You guys always did that, ever since you were young, it was just friendly affection you showed for each other. You understood why Chanyeol could have misinterpreted it, but at the same time it just felt like he didn’t trust you.

When you got to the top of the stairs, you were suddenly pulled into the bedroom by your wrist, pinned against the wall by Chanyeol. He looked at you, his eyes dark, angry. You raise an eyebrow and struggle against him. “What the hell is your problem, Chanyeol?” He growls gently and leans close to your ear, licking your ear lobes as he whispers “So you like making me jealous, hm?” You gasp gently, your eyes fluttering shut for two seconds, but then you decide you won’t give in to him, not this time. You guys need to talk this out, now. “Chanyeol, Suho is my best friend. I’ve known him all my life. Why can’t you see that just because we’re close does not mean we’re flirting? Seriously, it’s like you don’t even tru-” All of a sudden Chanyeol presses his finger to your lips “Shhh.” You whine in protest, when all of a suddenly he sticks two fingers into your mouth. “Suck.” You slowly begin to oblige, lightly sucking on his fingers, swirling your tongue around them. He smirks down at you. “Good girl.” He pulls his fingers out of your mouth and guides you to the bed, laying you down.

He slides his now wet fingers up your thigh, and he watches you closey as you let out a whimper. “You like that, hm?” You nod eagerly. He quickly slides a hand up your skirt, noticing you’re not wearing any panties. “Oh?” You giggle “I wanted to surpise you later.” He chuckles “This just gives me easy access.” He slides two fingers inside you, you gasp and moan loudly “Oh God Chanyeol! He growls “That’s it, moan my name. You’re mine.” You whine and moan desperately as he thrusts his fingers harder. “P-Please… Chanyeol I’m gonna come…” He smirks darkly “That’s it baby… Come on my fingers. I want to taste what’s mine.” You squirm at his words and cling to his shoulders as you come desperately “F-Fuck!” He smirks and pulls his fingers out, sticking his fingers in his mouth and sucking “Mmmm… You taste sensational.” You blush hard as he kisses your forehead. “I love you.”

{Hope you enjoyed that! I wanted to try something different from just typical sex scenarios. So I decided to just keep it as a foreplay thing. Hopefully you’re not disappointed :( I hope you enjoyed it!}

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Human s/o is a virgin. Would the UF bros be gentle?

Underfell Sans: He is a virgin too, which is surprising because he almost always brags about how he’s always jacking off having sex all the time. He’s almost uncharacteristically considerate of that, surprisingly. He understands that you might not be able to handle all of him at once, so he’s really slow and gentle with you the first time you have sex. A few times after that though, he starts to get more rough with you.

Underfell Papyrus: He might be if you tell him. He doesn’t really get that it could be painful for you, so he kinda goes all in right off the bat. Ouch. Once you tell him that that hurts you, he gets unusually apologetic and slows down. He’s really eager when it comes to fucking you, so you might need to remind him that going that hard and fast hurts you sometimes, and that he’ll need to give you a few moments for you to stretch to his dick’s girth before he starts thrusting. :p

Writing Musicals, Not Tragedies: The Story of Panic! The Musical

Our scene is no stranger to musicals (see also: American Idiot and Razia’s Shadow), but Panic! The Musical is a new breed of jukebox musical. The project, already fully cast and slated for a June workshop, is a labor of love with Broadway aspirations, created by a group of loyal Panic! At the Disco fans fearlessly led by director and creator Alexis Acar. Editor-in-chief Erik van Rheenen spoke with Acar and book writer Christina Rose Sabia about the story behind the musical, and how the self-professed “dynamic duo” took their mutual love for Panic!’s music to make their musical a reality.

by Erik van Rheenen

In some regards, Panic! The Musical has existed in some way, shape or form since Alexis Acar first clicked play on a rough early demo of “Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have” on Panic! At the Disco’s MySpace page. She was 13; Panic! At the Disco was a newly no-longer blink-182 cover band out of Las Vegas. But it really wasn’t until last summer, when Acar joked around about how the always-changing stylings of Panic! (for those keeping score at home: vaudevillian antics on A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, Beatles worship on Pretty. Odd., artful pop since then) would make for a bona fide musical that the joke seemed less like a funny passing thought than a straight-faced good idea. And thus Panic! The Musical (henceforth referred to as P!TM for my own sanity and the sake of Word not going berserk on my errant punctuation) started becoming a thing.

Even as a longtime Panic! fan, Acar’s background skews less alternative and more theatrical. She started on a professional opera track, and always boasted a passion for theater. That’s the intersection where her love for Panic! crosses her love for Broadway; Panic! too refuse point-blank to relinquish their own bombastic theatrical leanings.

“Their music is theatrical, especially on Fever, and they incorporate musical theater into alternative music,” Acar explains, “And to capture that, we have to be as creative and as passionate as the band is about their own music. Every single line of their lyrics is intentional, and we want to portray the same eccentricity and uniqueness. We want fans to leave inspired.”

It’s funny, because at first glance, Acar and P!TM’s book writer, Christina Rose Sabia, don’t exactly look like Rodgers and Hammerstein — Christina Rose Sabia draws from a musician’s perspective instead of a traditionalist theater one, saying that she brought “a more rock-inspired” vision to P!TM. “I’m hoping we open up the demographic,” she says, “I want to see a hard rocker sitting in the front row and feeling the same magic as they would at a concert.”

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