...for someone who doesnt go there...i sure spend a lot of time on campus

  • ok but a wolfstar university au
  • remus is a english lit student obviously because he’s a nerd
  • sirius is an art history student because he’s secretly an even bigger nerd
  • they’ve never met but both have a lecture on a monday, wednesday and friday in the same lecture theatre two hours apart
  • they both sit in the same seat every lecture
  • sirius never listens in lectures and doodles on the desk, carving drawings in the old wooden tables
  • one week he goes all out, draws an arty nude woman, posing ridiculously, while the lecturer goes on about the baroque movement or some shit he doesnt know
  • he leaves thinking nothing of it, but taking a quick snapchat and sending it to prongs with the caption ‘this is u’
  • he comes back two days later to see someone has critiqued it
  • ‘why is her navel so far down? surely it should be higher?’
  • sirius is taken aback - what kind of fucking nerd would critique someone’s lecture doodles
  • he decides to reply
  • ‘inspected a lot of ladies’ belly buttons, have you?’
  • he smirks to himself and actually takes some notes for once because this art stuff can actually be interesting sometimes, who knew?
  • on friday he returns to his seat to see another reply: ‘probably more than you, judging by your drawing’
  • sirius is hurt
  • he is OFFENDED
  • he has to let whoever this mysterious stranger is know how upset he is
  • he replies ‘fuk u’
  • the weekend passes, and sirius returns to find the word ‘mature’ written in the stranger’s script
  • conversation continues for several more weeks, until the light wood of the desk is practically turned black by the sheer amount of biro covering the surface
  • sirius is suddenly concerned - he had been enjoying conversing with this sarcastic stranger
  • this situation is salvageable
  • he steals one of marlene’s post its and scribbles his next reply on it and fixes it under the desk, then draws a big arrow pointing to the edge of the desk
  • that’ll do
  • he comes back to the next lecture to find a different, bright pink post it stuck in the same place with the words ‘this will get bad for the environment - text me’
  • there’s a number underneath
  • this is probably the least effort sirius has had to go to to get someone’s phone number at university so far, according to marlene
  • the mysterious stranger, who goes by moony, texts sirius infrequently
  • its always in intense short bursts
  • probably when they’re walking to and from classes
  • maybe it’s just when they’re in lectures
  • im not reading into this too much prongs shut up
  • sirius spends the majority of his time walking around campus with his head down, texting moony
  • it was usually smooth sailing, but one day he walks straight into someone else
  • some six foot, scrawny bloke on his phone
  • sirius looks at him and curses
  • fuck, he’s hot
  • he had dropped his phone, and mysterious hot boy had picked it up, and was now seemingly staring at the screen
  • damn, his cheekbones were sharp
  • sirius would like to cut himself on those
  • he wasnt even sure what that meant but he was feeling it
  • “i cant help but notice who youre texting,” hot boy says
  • sirius doesnt think he can speak right now, so he just pulls a face that he hopes conveys all of his confusion
  • it seems to work, because hot boy is giggling
  • actually giggling
  • fuck, hes cute
  • “youre texting me”
  • FUKC
  • moony hands sirius his phone back and laughs
  • “too bad about that lecture bench we destroyed, eh?”
  • long story short they make out a lot
  • its pretty gay
  • no one dies or betrays anyone
  • the end
imagine park woojin as your classmate

project partners to dating partners :’)

(( AS REQUESTED // omg since ure a woojin stan can i get a request where y/n and woojin study in the same course after his wanna one activities (before he debuts in brand new music) and got closer after a project andddd you can write whatever after that LMAO :^) THANK YOU ))

  • okay so ure a fan of wanna one
  • who isnt tbh
  • and lucky u bc it turns out tht ure going to college w the one and only park woojin!!!!!!! (srsly tho what r the chances)
  • u forgot tht woojins age is kinda similar to urs bc he always acts like a tough guy on stage or a little kid off stage and u forget that hes a student like u
  • anyways
  • its a little weird to get used to seeing him in person after all the pictures n videos uve seen of him online
  • like?? hes a Real Person??? what a wild idea
  • and even tho ure both in the same college course, u try to keep ur distance

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a concept: serial monogamist nursey

like he just……loves relationships. i know a lot of people headcanon him as kind of a slut (not that there’s anything wrong w that obviously) who hooks up a lot and flirts w anything that moves n shit and while that’s all good and fun just….take a moment to imagine……nursey, serial monogamist, Constantly in steady, serious, committed relationships.

like he first got a girlfriend at age thirteen, started dating one of his mom’s friends’s kids. and like his friends expect them to be broken up within a month, but the two of them actually end up dating for three years. at age sixteen, though, nursey starts to face his own pansexuality, and when he comes out to her that kinda puts a strain on the relationship bc she constantly feels like she’s holding him back from experimenting and getting to know himself n stuff. so they mutually decide to call it off, which kinda messes nursey up for a bit bc she was like his First Love u know ??

but anyway, onwards and upwards–it’s barely a month before he’s going out w just about the only other out queer guy at andover. again, his friends don’t expect much from this relationship, this time it’s written off as a rebound. but then it starts getting serious and nursey is like Super into this guy and his friend’s are just there like…….how does he Do It. how do all his relationships magically work out. they’re all single as fuck and meanwhile here nursey is lucking out w the first person he lays his eyes on like they’re so confused how does he manage. anyway so this relationship lasts for the rest of their individual high school careers, and then some.

at first they attempt to do long distance as they both head off to college, but it’s just too difficult and too stressful and nursey’s boyfriend actually ends up kinda falling for another guy, so nursey thinks ok u know what we had a good run time to call it off.

of course, the whole smh team is there for him during the healing period. they havent known him very long tho, and like they expect this to last months. maybe closer to a year, like this was a serious relationship, they’d heard nursey talking about getting a place together after college, they expect him to be all torn up about it. but they dont know our dear nursey yet, not at all.

it’s about five weeks before he shows up at the haus w a fellow creative writing major on his arm going “oh hey guys this is my girlfriend, cyan” (they’re not his GIRLfriend, per se; they identify as genderfluid and go by they/them pronouns, but they’ve both agreed that girlfriend is just easier for the general public to consume, and they do present rather feminine, so it’s all good).

the team is rattled. how is he over his last boyfriend already ??? they dont understand. they half expect this new relationship to be over within the week. but nursey keeps dating cyan, and cyan kind of becomes a familiar face around haus, and at some point they all just accept that maybe nursey wasn’t as torn up as they thought.

he dates cyan for the majority of his time at college–by the time senior year rolls around, the two of them live in a little studio apartment off campus together. all is going great in the life of derek nurse, right up until…….well, dex. dex and his stupid red hair and freckles and button nose and dex just being pretty and cute and adorably irritated at all times. nursey may or may not be crushing on him a little. which is rather inconvenient, because his moms are starting to bring up marriage whenever cyan is around and cyan is starting to talk about adopting a dog together (nursey holds back from saying he’s more of a cat person), not to mention the fact that dex doesnt seem to be any more keen to spend time in nursey’s presence than he was freshman year. (of course, what nursey doesn’t know is that dex has been madly in love with him since just around that last breakup with the boyfriend and is extremely bitter about it, but more on that later.)

so nursey is in this peculiar situation where, on one hand, he loves cyan. they work really well together and he’s happy, he really is, they have something really good together. but then there’s dex. dex who makes his heart burn and who rolls his eyes at nursey’s stupid jokes in lieu of laughing at them and who sometimes when he’s really sleepy will return nursey’s ridiculous pet names and just dex. and nursey doesnt know what to do. because he’s good w cyan, he really is, there’s no reason to break it off and he’s sure he could be okay with this for the rest of his life, he’s sure he wouldnt be miserable. but he cant be around dex without his stomach flipping and his palms sweating and a constant fucking smile on his face, and it’s getting to the point where he’ll sleep over at the haus every other night just so he can spend more time with dex and he cant just ignore that. like he cant just go on dating someone else when he’s clearly head over heels for dex and also he thinks cyan is starting to catch on (if not because of the fact that he’s w dex instead of them half the time, then because of the content of his poetry).

so after a good week of bracing himself, going over what he wants to say about a million times in his head, he finally sits cyan down and breaks up w them. they have a good long talk about it and they both cry and reminisce and fall asleep in each other’s arms one last time on the couch, but they’re good and it’s for the best.

so the next day at the very crack of dawn he shows up at the haus w a duffel bag and red-rimmed eyes, and a very sleepy-looking dex opens the door. nursey explains what happened and dex is trying really hard not to smile (though nursey doesnt know that, of course) as he lets him in and says he can have the spare bunk in what used to be holster and ransom’s attic.

this healing period takes a bit longer than the other ones, for various reasons. number one being that cyan was probably the one person he’s dated that he truly, deeply loved, no matter how it ended, and that’s gonna take a bit of time to come back from. number two being the fact that he’s not just gonna date the first compatible person that comes his way this time, he doesnt just want a relationship. he wants dex. and he’s gonna fucking give it a shot, even if he thinks his chances are beyond slim.

it takes exactly two months and eight days before nursey finally pulls himself together and just pulls the plug. his heart is beating out of his chest and he’s like 100% accepted defeat in advance, but still he stands in front of dex and he admits that there was more than one reason his relationship w cyan ended.

it’s real fucking awkward for a solid ten seconds while dex just like. tries to process it all. during which nursey is sure he’s fucked up and starts backtracking to the very best of his ability, but then ten seconds are up and dex is practically throwing himself at him bc he’s fantasized about this moment for nearly four years and now !! it’s !! happening !! and it’s fucking glorious.

so anyway they make out bc im a slut for nurseydex kisses and dex is like “so does this make u my boyfriend” and nursey shakes his head bc “no we’re gonna do this right i gotta take u on a date first”. which he does and it’s really cute and, in true nursey fashion, it all just about goes smoothly from there and they get married and have kids and everyone is happy thank u for ur time