...for a puppet


Well, he’s finally Done. Can’t quite decide if I want to put the cover on him but I’m gonna keep it off for now because those blue spots are the best part of Mint Jaguar.

His name is Vathys and I got no clue what sort of role he’s gonna have in my clan so yeah


I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die. This is my resignation from all that we’ve loved and left behind.

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Have you seen "Puppet Master"?They are Killer puppets and they are Frenchs If you did not know, Many of them have fun and unique designs, even one of them has a little flamethrower in his little hand, How is that not adorable?

I’ve only seen the first movie, but yes I agree the puppets really do have unique designs and they look adorable as well!

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Congrats on 4 million subscribers, Game Grumps!

I swear to god don’t leave me alone with my thoughts