Trial for woman accused of hiding infant remains in storage locker on hold

WINNIPEG — The trial of a Winnipeg woman accused of concealing the remains of six infants in a storage locker is on hold until the end of August.

The judge wants written submissions from both sides on the issue of spousal privilege, and how much the husband of the accused can be required to disclose about communications with his wife.

Andrea Giesbrecht was arrested in October 2014 after the remains were found in plastic containers in a storage locker she rented.

Medical experts have testified the infants were at or near full term, and some of the remains were very decomposed.

Giesbrecht’s husband, Jeremy, testified this week that he was unaware of the storage locker and of the six pregnancies that the Crown says led to the infant remains being hidden.

Spouses can agree to waive their right to privilege and testify about communications with their partner.

At issue is whether Jeremy Giesbrecht can agree to testify about only some discussions with his wife or whether that would open the door to all discussions.

The Canadian Press

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I’m not sure to what extent FE12 did it, but I know for sure they use base convos to spell out who has to talk to each princess in the endgame. I wish they’d bring back base convos tbh. They’re a prime opportunity to have non-main characters react to story events. Kaze/Saizo’s subplot is rushed in then promptly forgotten, whereas Jill’s is played out over time in base convos before and after Shiharam’s chapter.

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