A DIRK GENTLY PLAYLIST

let it happen - tame impala -  international feel - todd rundgren -  taken for a ride - tally hall -best friend - foster the people - touch tone telephone - lemon demon - infinitesimal - mother mother - the blue wrath - i monster - when he died - lemon demon -  never meant to know - tally hall -goats in trees - foster the people -tessellate - alt j - swim and sleep (like a shark) - umo - fix it together - fleece - nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control - tame impala - two weeks - grizzly bear -  daydream in blue - i monster - on my mind - fleece - constants are changing - boards of canada

the visitor // a mix for magnus burnsides

art by the incredible @margarethours

8tracks // playmoss

epilogue - the antlers // january hymn - the decemberists // glory - radical face // second child, restless child - the oh hellos // amy aka spent gladiator 1 - the mountain goats // here i dreamt i was an architect - the decemberists // the truth is a cave - the oh hellos // holland road - mumford and sons // second chances - gregory alan isakov // i wish i was the moon - neko case // california  - kings // the lament of eustace scrubb - the oh hellos // astoria - marianas trench


hymn to the sea

a study playlist for the sailors who dream of the waves [ listen on spotify ]

i. main titles stepping onto the boat and feeling the breeze playing on your skin. the sounds of the busy dock fade as you sail towards the sun. ii. finding dory watching mutli-coloured fish play below the surface of the water, smelling the salt water iii. one family nights spent sitting on the deck, watching the stars and almost missing back home iv. hymn to the sea the sun rising, light playing on the waves and remembering exactly why you seek the horizon v. wayfinding the wind catching the sails and spurring you on, your hair whipping around your face, spotting something in the distance vi. main themes your ship attacked by pirates, your sword glinting in the sunlight, knowing that you can win or die vii. field trip turning around to go home, a sense of nostalgia as the waves hit the side of the ship viii. fireworks the last night onboard, never wanting to leave ix. rose stepping off the boat, glad to have your feet back on land but you take a final look back at the ocean and suddenly you long to be upon the waves again.

“Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing /
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness /
So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another /
Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.”

- 1874, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Tales of a Wayside Inn

a tribute to akane kurashiki & junpei tenmyouji [listen here]

thank you (for keeping me alive) // 

a bellarke season four fanmix: listen [x]

Walk Through The Fire // Zayde Wolf & Ruelle: “i’m always wondering if it’s ever gonna end, i can feel it in my bones, standing in the dust of what’s left of us, i can see you in my soul.”  

Someone To Stay // Vancouver Sleep Clinic: “hear you falling and lonely cry out:will you fix me up? will you show me hope? at the end of the day we’re helpless, can you keep me close? can you love me most?”  

Haze // Amber Run: “i wanna be your lover, i wanna be your friend, i wish i could tell you i’d last till the end, i’m in a blue haze. i wanna be a preacher, i wanna be a king, and now i know why everything is in a blue haze.”

Bloodsport // Raleigh Ritchie: “if i fall short, if i break rank, it’s a bloodsport i understand, i am all yours, i am unmanned, i’m on all fours, willingly damned, loving you’s a bloodsport, fighting in a love war.”  

I Found // Amber Run: “i’ll use you as a warning sign that if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind, oh and i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be, right in front of me, talk some sense to me.”

All We Do // Oh Wonder: “all we do is play it safe, all we do is live inside a cage, all we do is play it safe, i’ve been upside down, i don’t wanna be the right way ‘round, can’t find paradise on the ground.”   

Battlefield // SVRCINA: “we carry on through the storm, tired soldiers in this war, remember what we’re fighting for, meet me on the battlefield even on the darkest night, i will be your sword and shield, your camouflage, and you will be mine”

Something Just Like This (Acoustic) // Ben Schuller: “where’d you wanna go? how much you wanna risk? i’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairytale bliss, just someone i can turn to, somebody i can miss, i want something just like this.” 

Anchor // Novo Amor: “your tears a sea for me to swim, and i hear a storm is coming in, my dear is is all we’ve ever been? oh anchor up to me love.”

Heal // Tom Odell: “take my mind and take my pain, like an empty bottle takes the rain, and heal, and take my past and take my sins, like an empty sail takes the wind, and heal, and tell me some things last.”


it scares me right to the bone the things i’d do for you.
a fanmix inspired by the thirteen letters
l i s t e n ]

“there was a coldness inside me. i wasn’t myself. i felt hollow and dangerous.”

Girl Gang: The Mix

I have a lot of kickass songs sung by ladies in my collection, so I’ve been planning a series of mixes featuring lady-led songs that loosely revolve around a theme- feminism, heroism, affirmation etc. This is the first one.

This mix is for girl gangs, be they armies, superhero squads, delinquents or any gang of friends taking on the world- it’s all about girls being friends and teaming up and being awesome. This will be one of those lists that will be updated whenever I find/think of a new song. So if you like it, check in once in a while!

The criteria for the list is very loose- basically songs by women explicitly about a gang of girls- girl friendship, girls banding together to be defiant, girls kicking ass and taking names, whatever- OR it’s not explicit but it’s about a group of people that could be interpreted as being a girl gang. And I also have to like the song.

Click on the mix and you’ll see all the tracks included. I’ll reblog once in a while whenever this list is updated a whole bunch.

Play on Playmoss

Broken Fairytales - A mix loosely inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena, about false princes, crumbling castles, and witches who are right.


Reupload of previous mix on playmoss.

Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt / Precious Illusions - Alanis Morisette / Half a Week Before the Winter - Vanessa Carlton / Fairytale - Sara Bareilles / Torn - Natalie Imbruglia / Castle Down - Emilie Autumn / Your Fault/Last Midnight - Into the Woods / Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore / The King is Dead But the Queen is Alive - P!nk / A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers / Heroes & Thieves - Vanessa Carlton

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely love reading while listening to music and as I am very fond of your works I couldn't help but ask: do you have specific songs that you listen to while writing? Or songs that you think fit your stories? And it's totally cool if you haven't any, I just thought I could ask so I would know for sure. Have a good day! :) (and as always, thanks for sharing your works!)

While I’m writing, I generally stick to instrumental music–it helps me focus over something with lyrics. (Songs in foreign languages work, too, since I’m not trying to follow the words.) Mostly that means video game and movie scores. I have a whole Pandora station dedicated to scores, and another one that’s mostly piano music.

I also own a handful of soundtracks.The World Ends With You and How to Train Your Dragon are both great for Voltron fic (and action/adventure in general) so they get a lot of use. Other good ones: LOTR, Firefly, Moana, and Legend of Zelda.

As for songs that fit my stories… I have a general inspiration station that’s songs that fit any and all characters I write about (fanfic or original fiction), so that’s kind of constantly on shuffle. I haven’t made any full playlists in a long time, but here’s some that I think fit Voltron: Duality pretty well:

The Fall” (Imagine Dragons)

Maybe I’m destined to be distraught
Always a reason
Breaking me down to my knees in the dead of night
I keep on praying to see the light
When everything
Comes crashing down
You’re all I know
You’re all I know 

This one really captures the tone of Duality, I think–the lyrics are dark, almost fatalistic, but the underlying music is actually pretty hopeful, especially as you get closer to the end. I also like the way it underscores the central theme of Duality: the paladins are going through a lot of shit and the only way they’re going to make it anywhere in this war is if they take care of each other.

Ghost” (American Authors)

‘Cause it’s a new day, we’re gonna go far
Knuckle down, trim, and shake off the dead weight
You know what they say
You can’t hide from your ghosts

'Cause it’s a new day, I wanna go far
Break it down, jump the gun, find a new way
You know what they say
I’m stuck here living with all these ghosts, a lonely ghost

Speaking of major themes… Duality is heavily focused on the characters’ scars and regrets and doubts–and ultimately about overcoming the things that can be overcome and finding peace with the rest. I think this song sums that up nicely.

Sooner or Later” (Mat Kearney)

We’re all waiting on a dream that’s hard to own, sooner or later
Trying to feel the high without the low, you know
But you can feel fire in the night lying here
Baby it’s like we’re walking on a wire through the fear
Take my hand, we’ll get there

Again–heartache and hope and mutually supportive relationships. I particularly like how this song is a little more entrenched in the melancholy. It’s still hopeful, but it’s coming from a point in the middle of the pain, where people come together to weather the storm.

Midnight Sun” (Phillip Phillips)

Oh my friend
Look how time has changed
The cracks in our skin
Oh my friend
Let go of the fear that’s inside your head
So stay strong live on
And chase the midnight sun

When the ceiling falls and there’s no one watching
We can build again to more than what we
Once could dream
We’re bigger than we seem 

What I like about this song is the sense of scale–it’s a big story with big arcs. The characters are growing and changing and discovering who they are and who they can be.

Life in Color” (OneRepublic)

You’ve seen my worst
Yet you see some hope in me
No wonder I feel
Like I’m missing a heavy load
But no matter what daylight brings to us
We all know

This is life in color
Today feels like no other
And the darkest grays
The sun bursts, clouds break
Well this is life in motion
And just when I could run this race no more
The sun bursts, clouds break
This is life in color

Have you seen the running theme yet? lol No, but this song captures the hope that’s a constant throughout all of the dark moments in the series. There’s pain, and there’s darkness, but every time the team pulls together and the storm passes and they find themselves standing a little taller than they did before.

Okay, and a bonus for Love and Other Questions, because this one fits pretty damn well:

Home” (American Authors)

I’ve got these letters tattooed on my arm
That remind me each second of where I come from
And the long hard road to guide me back home
I’ve been gone for so long
But my heart it carries on
I won’t give up 

This pretty well sums up my soulmate AU, and I love that it works so well for the whole cast: Shiro and Matt and Sam physically trying to get home, Pidge searching for her family, Lance and Keith desperately searching for that one place in the universe where they really belong, Hunk trying so hard to be an anchor for the rest of the team… Just, yes. I love the song, and I love it in the context of this fic.

8tracks alternative

hey, so mourning the slow death of 8tracks, a lot of people are looking for alternatives. i know suan.fm has been suggested a lot but it doesn’t have any built-in community interaction as of yet,, BUT!!!

playmoss.com  is RLY GREAT and it has all the basic fuckin features that 8tracks always should have had like:
- see the entire tracklist
- start the playlist from any point
- unlimited skips and listening
- see how many playlists contain a certain song
- see top listeners of a playlist
- collaborative playlists!!
etc etc !!!  plus while it does have a “subscription”” it Only allows you to upload music files directly instead of linking from youtube and soundcloud. doesn’t add more than that or punish you for not paying

this sounds like an advertisement but i just want a community to start building there so we can rise above 8tracks’ tyrannical management :^)
p.s.  yes it does have a mobile app!!


IN THE NAME OF LOVE a playlist dedicated to Victor and Yuuri. 

Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?

LISTEN HERE (Spotify alternative)