1. le velo pour deux by the brobecks
2. madness by muse 
3. collar full by panic! at the disco  
4. the only hope for me is you by my chemical romance  
5. 20 dollar nose bleed by fall out boy  
6. flaws by bastille
7. bulletproof heart by my chemical romance 
8. alone together by fall out boy 
9. sound of pulling heaven down by blue october 
10. look how far we’ve come by imagine dragons

haunted when the minutes drag - love and rockets.  hourglass - survive.  future club - peturbator.  tick of the clock - chromatics.  the magician - mike simonetti.  omniverse - survive.  accelerated - miami nights 1984.  nightcall - kavinsky.  anthonio ( berlin breakdown version ) - annie.  masquerade - clan of xymox.  the killing moon - echo & the bunnymen.  how soon is now - the smiths.  obsession - clan of xymox.  emma - sisters of mercy.  the day - moby.  cry in the wind - clan of xymox.  a real hero - college & electric youth.  stranger things title sequence ( extended version ) - kyle dixon & michael stein.  storm column - gatekeeper.  obsidian - gatekeeper.  humans are such easy prey - perturbator.  sahara - f.o.o.l.  motorcycle cop - power glove.  so electric - lifelike.  miami disco - pertubator.  a day - clan of xymox.  cherry - chromatics.  last kiss - pertubator.  kids - kyle dixon & michael stein.

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weird that i never uploaded this mix to tumblr when i’m really proud of it? It’s a shorter mix, about Remus Lupin set to music from the 70s and 80s. The photo is David Bowie, but I thought it fit. Mostly singer/songwriter themed, artrock and folksy sound. I like to think of it as his musical taste. 


Track list:

  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water // Simon and Garfunkel
  2. No Surrender // Bruce Springsteen
  3. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes // Leonard Cohen
  4. Perfect Day // Lou Reed
  5. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall // Bob Dylan
  6. Yesterday // The Beatles
  7. I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times // The Beach Boys
  8. Waves of Fear // Lou Reed
  9. Hallelujah // John Cale
  10. Rock n’ Roll Suicide // David Bowie


Set Against Yourself / A Jason Todd Fanmix

01. Un-Thought of Heroes | Against Me!
02. I Wish I Was Someone Better | Blood Red Shoes
03. Hypocrite | Cage the Elephant
04. Kill All Your Friends | My Chemical Romance
05. Weatherman | Dead Sara
06. Novocaine | Fall Out Boy
07. Battlestations | Fight Like Apes
08. The Pendulum | The Ettes
09. Main Offender | The Hives
10. Cold Blooded | Ida Maria
11. Ain’t No Grave | Johnny Cash
12. Shake It Out | Manchester Orchestra
13. Down It Goes | White Lung
14. Wild | Screaming Females
15. Cradle | The Joy Formidable
16. Die On a Rope | The Distillers
17. Rocking Horse | The Dead Weather
18. Say Something, Say Anything | Blood Red Shoes
19. Your Honor | Skating Polly
20. A.T.M. | Sky Larkin
21. Demons | Sleigh Bells


Feels (26CARAT Remix) KIIARA - Best to You BLOOD ORANGE - Night Sky CHVRCHES - Youth (Gryffin Remix) TROYE SIVAN - Bated Breath TINASHE - Pray You Catch Me BEYONCE - Neveralone RAURY - From Now On We Are Enemies FALL OUT BOY - Mind Games BANKS - Self Control FRANK OCEAN - Who Are You, Really? MIKKY EKKO -  Winter Everywhere SLAVES - What You Wanted HOW TO DRESS WELL - Who Do You Love (feat. Robyn) KINDNESS - Lion’s Den JHAMEEL - End Of An Era MARIANAS TRENCH - Ultralight Beam KANYE WEST - Begin Again PURITY RING

The universe is so much bigger than the ones we love. Find the fine line between autonomy and philanthropy and drag your foot across it. I promise things become so much smaller when space is the thermosphere and not the unfound planets in your head and heart.


Hope was a dangerous, disquieting thing, 
but he thought perhaps he liked it.” 

prelude 01. i don’t know - ghost quartet [LISTEN]

 02. spent gladiator 2 - the mountain goats / 03. in the morning - fields / 04. lying little beast - run river north / 05. walking on cars - speeding cars / 06. burning pile - mother mother / 07. bad news - bastille / 08. weird times - tom milsom / 09. black pear tree - the mountain goats & kaki king / 10. the woodpile - frightened rabbit / 11. free - broods / 12. run - matthew mole / 13. lonely people - orla gartland / 14. wait for me - allison weiss

[LISTEN] / (this autoplays when clicked)

“Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth.” 

Hey guys! So, because Andrew and Neil are consuming my soul right now and because their relations are just so beautiful and important, I thought it would be a great idea to make an Andreil week! You’re free to participate and change the subject of the day (for example, if you can’t do gifs, you can make one more graphic etc.) ♥

At first I wanted to make a timeline but then decided that it’s not necessary and you can start whenever you want!

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  • day one: a moodboard
  • day two: a picspam
  • day three: favorite quote
  • day four: relationship posters (insp by x)
  • day five: fanmix
  • day six: a gifset
  • day seven: free day

you can tag your creations with #andreilweek and i’ll reblog edits i like ♥

THE DEPTHS OF A HUNGRY SEA — [ listen here ] a mix for rangiku matsumoto and gin ichimaru of bleach. 

1.  are we all forgotten - paper route 2. shattered & hollow - first aid kit 3. standing on ghosts - two door cinema club 4. how much more - stars 5. only love - anthony green ft. nate ruess 6arsonist’s lullabye - hozier 7. a knife in the ocean - foals 8. blue - angie hart 9. boy with a coin - iron & wine 10. if i lost you (orchestral mix) - shiny toy guns

boutta go 2 sleep cuz my brain shuttin down but here a list of things 2 come:

  • soft kylux commission
  • kylo fanmix lmao maybe
  • 2nd fox!hux 
  • tons and tons of sussudio hux on my guro blog
  • observe & report chapter 4 (i will finish it i swear 2 u)
  • new bonedo piece (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Don’t want to continue annoying everyone by banging on about it but I have one more note for my fanmix because… I’m not sure how everyone will take this but I enjoyed putting together that fanmix more than putting together this year’s follow forever

Uuh, again…. don’t take that wrong way

Erm, anyway, I just wanted to post this track, ‘Lionhearted’ by Billie Marten, which is the 8th track on that fanmix because out of all of them I feel that this would be the track I would associate with Ryder, the protagonist of ME:A.

Whoever he or she ends up being I feel that given the context of the story we’ve been hearing about - the idea of the hero’s journey, the story of herself and her fellow refugees on a new frontier it would be vastly important, moreso than for Shepard, that they would need to learn to be brave