About Sinbad in Magi 322

Tfw Sinbad became Walter White.

Now I understand why the conversation he had with Ja’far was important. He was thinking about his family before it and he agreed with Ja’far’s words, but still couldn’t give up on the idea. That’s when he understood all was for him.
He listened to Ja’far and agreed with him but his desire to do it remained.

I’m sad and happy about it. I want Ugo to discourage him and stop him, without killing him if possible. But I’m also glad he finally accepted it’s all for his sake and is kinda proud that he’s not doing it for anybody he wants to protect.
The concept is so human. People who love too much, help others too much, want to protect their beloved ones so much and take all the blame/responsibility when they fail…..they kind of get tired of thinking too much about others and want to be selfish for the sake of it in the end. It makes perfect sense. 
Maybe young Sin was more comfortable with being selfish and overconfident, but after he went through the death of a lot of his beloved ones, who were under his care, made him become a paranoid and more careful person.
He still gambled a lot but tried not to put others at risk and was able to manipulate his enemies so he could protect his country, etc. But I guess that was too much weight for our adventurous Sin. His real self. And now that things got out of his control and he had a break down he is just ….leting it all out (?).

A funny way to see it is, that, just like a lot of us were saying, he’s having the most savage midlife crisis and everyone around him is suffering the consequences. This is ofc the result of years of stress and being worried about everything always as well.

I love how easier to understand, yet even more complex, Sin’s character is becoming lately. It makes me love him even more.

But in all honesty: Ugo, beat shit out of him. He’s doing the wrong thing.

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Why do you tag woc? It feels like it'd be so people can block the post, but that seems really gross. :/

i do it so wlwoc can browse through the tag if they want…. same as with the tags for trans wlw, nb wlw, butches, femmes, disabled wlw, etc.

           Isaac was a man of science - someone who has based his life on the reality that everything can be explained in one way or another. The fact that he had DIED just yesterday and then was perfectly fine again a mere hour or two later was something that he could not comprehend nor understand. To add insult to injury, he now had wings that could appear and disappear. So, for the first time in his entire life, Isaac had ditched his work. Any and all appointments that he may have had were long forgotten as he sat under a tree in a park nearby the hospital (having been in that particular spot the entire night), staring at the fading red lines that were once blue veins in his arms.

          “I don’t understand…” he muttered to himself over and over again.