...dont kill me for it

Okay so I actually love the Mic Drop remix. The visuals were astounding as usual and Jungkook got to say all the hella’s he wanted BUT there was like an overload on auto tune for like no reason and it would’ve been cool to have/hear Desiigner in the MV.

{Hey ya’ll, super sorry for not updating in the past weeks, i got a new job as a hostess and im wprking 6-8 hours every day, today and tomorrow are my only days off for a while.

Im gonna try to get some posts finnished but theyre going to be less refined and most likely sketchy.

Again i appologise for dropping off the face of the planet for a month or so, but i promise when im not exausted i can work more!}

there are 3 types of musical theatre kids:

  • hamilton fans who then got into heathers, dear evan hansen, newsies, and be more chill
  • hamilton fans who then got into great comet, falsettos, hadestown, and ghost quartet
  • everyone else