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Top 10 Creepy Reads for Halloween!!

My little Sherlock. Joker x Reader x Batman

A/n: GUYS I’M THE WORST !! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING ANYTHING FOR ALMOST 2 WEEKS BUT I’M BACK !! I’m so sorry this request is late but here you go : @fanboyswhereare-you thank you so much for your request and I hope you like it ;)

Warning : mentions of violence

Pairing : (Jared Leto) Joker x (daughter ) Reader x Batman

Plot : the reader lives with J but is smart enough to understand that even if he took her off the streets he’s a bad man. She left only to be taken in by Batman soon after .

My little Sherlock.

Things were never easy. 

You love Joker as a father.  He found you and gave you a home . Every time you asked him “why ?” He simply waved you off , as if not wanting to say anything. 

You believed he didn’t know himself why he saved you . Why he kept you with him and why were you still here .

Yes he adored you . And yes he wanted you to be just like him . But you didn’t want that . You didn’t dare to tell him that . You actually hated what he did .

You were smart . Incredibly smart . Loving literature,  science , maths and history you were one little Sherlock . That is what he called you .

His little Sherlock. 

You didn’t mind the nickname but you hated when he made you help him . You didn’t want to use your gift for hurting people but he always sweet talked you in to it .

But tonight you had enough,  you took all you needed and left .

Being on the streets again felt weird again .

But that didn’t stop you .

Keeping you step strong you kept on walking , the cold nights air burned the tip of your nose and checks . You had your hands in your pockets . You didn’t know where we’re you going but soon stopped hearing a cry for help .

You started to walk to the crys only to find a young woman being attacked by a man . He hand his grip on her throat while his free hand ripped off her clothes.  You needed to act fast . Something in you wanted to just run there and help . And you did .

As you ran to the man yelling for him to let the woman go you threw your backpack at him , knocking him away from the woman letting go of her throat and dress that he had yet to ripp off . The man quickly retaliated but not for long as you quickly punched him in the nose . As he fell back on his back , holding his nose you wanted to attack him while he was distracted but you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

Turning around your heart stops . Batman had his hand on your shoulder, stopping you from moving forward . He had this look in his eyes.  Not the usual stern look but rather slightly surprise. 

“Stand down , you did enough ” he said , his voice deep and raspy.  You looked at him , not moving.  But soon you went to help the poor woman who was still sobbing on the ground. 

Soon police arrived and when one of the cops went to take you to the police department with them . Being smart enough you didn’t argue and went along but to your surprise Batman simply said “she’s with me ” and took you to the batmobile .

As the batmobile drove fast,  the buildings becoming a blurr behind the window.  You didn’t dare to say a word until you get to the bat cave.  Getting out of the batmobile alongside batman you finally had enough courage to ask “why am I here ? ” you asked holding your bag close to your chest.  He stopped in his tracks and looked at you .

“I know who you are and with who you were . I know you are smart and have potential for greater things.  That’s why you left his side . Am I right?  ” he said looking at you for another moment before walking again .

It took you some time to get the meaning of his words , but as soon as it his you,  you slightly smiled and ran after him .

It was a long time before you were allowed to leave the bat cave.  After months of gaining trust , showing your potential and your talent. Soon being Batmans eyes and ears you soon helped him along his missions from the bat cave . You soon to be very useful. 

Hacking in to security systems of the buildings or streets batman was you told him all he needed to finish his missions as soon as possible and as easily and as safely as possible as well .

Yes you left you father figure,  yes you “betrayed” him .

But did you regret it ?

No .

You loved your new life.  Helping people even if they didn’t know you was alright with you .

Because let’s face it. 

You were doing something to make this world better.

The Black Dahlia (Finally)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are a mythical creature of sorts. You were a English royal princess in the 1800’s, living in Russia so you could be married to the future King as an alliance of your two countries. You feel no love for this man as he is cruel and hateful. So you do the inevitable leading to a life of never growing old and being feared for centuries. In the 21st however you are captured by an organisation. Because you can’t rot away even if you tried, would you ever be freed.

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A:N) Finally is here. I am happy to create a second series for it seeming that I have left it at a bit of a cliff-hanger. If you would like to see a second series send me in some ideas. Please send feedback as well and any questions or ideas for one shots anytime in my ask or messages.

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                “If we are going to share a pledge, then we don't need a 'promise’. 
                        Embrace me, smile at me, and that will be my demise. 
                            The crimson revolution starts with our parting.”

Independent Indie Reiju Vinsmoke from One Piece.

Written By Zen.

OC Friendly.

Promo Credit to: @sabakunoo

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Would Claire be on the show? Imagine this: After rescuing Sam, Cas finally checks all the unread messages on his phone and texts Claire back. Cas tries to explain everything 'I said yes to Lucifer and the sun almost died but we saved it but Lucifer's still out there and Dean's mother is back' but settles on "I'm searching for my car."


Sometimes you have to settle on the easy answers >.>

He sends her a photo of his new hay truck and asks for approval. Claire texts back, “what are you now, a farmer?”