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when I saw fresh holding that comic/magazine of chili p, (gosh darnit I forgot the other name!) I was like 'EEEYYYY LUCIDIA REVERENCE'

Hahaha yeah that was a little cameo (/w \)
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Dawn Rising [13/?]

19 Days AU Historical Fanfiction

Synopsis: A poisoning; a death; a thief. A prince struggling to be a prince. A guard trying to stop one from getting killed. And everyone else on the sidelines. It is hard to navigate the court of an empire when no one is guaranteed to survive.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 | Read on AO3

Warning: Reference to/mention of rape (the act does not occur).

Notes: All my thanks to @subtextually for beta’ing this work. <3 Also, Bi Ten (the serving girl) is renamed Bi Xiaowe, due to a naming inaccuracy on my part. Thank you for your patience with the delayed update! University and life and insecurity and all that jazz~

It was raining, and steam was rising harsh and stinging from the heat of it, coating Guan Shan’s throat like acid. He could taste it, the sharpness of it, the astringency of it, like bad wine. He could feel the heat of the raindrops like small burns on it skin as they fell, red and welting.

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Saudade’s Vienna

Recolours of @saudade-sims4’s Vienna headboard 1 (I have tufted the plain fabric mesh), bedding and cushions. You must have these three meshes to use these items. Big love to @saudade-sims4 whose meshes I love and wish she would create more *cough cough* ;). There are 15 jewel tones (brown is missing in the screenshot darnit!) and 10 pillow/bedding patterned recolours (all pictured). 

Saudade’s Original Meshes (must have!!)

Download here | simsfileshare

cc used: @leo-sims; @peacemaker-icrugs by me; @thingsbydean; @mxims; simcredible; @13pumpkin31; @saudade-sims4; mangosims; @mio-sims; @onyxsims; @tingelingelater