Imagine Keith and Lance going to a fair and there’s a really big hippo plush at one of the games and Keith just looks at it so longingly Lance rolls up his sleeves and slams down a five at the table. The hippo is the biggest prize you can get and the carny is about to laugh at them because no one has ever won anything more than a plastic ring.

But it is a shooting game, and Lance has perfect aim.

Keith walks away with that hippo.

Tengo una fascinación por los ojos. 
Creo que son lo más sincero del ser humano, están tan estrechamente conectados con el cerebro, que en lo primero que se reflejan las emociones, es en la mirada.
—  Clumsy. 
Hoy soñé, que estaba a tu lado, sin necesidad de ser “algo” y ¿sabes? estabamos simplemente haciendonos bromas y riendonos como idiotas, pero felices… Muy felices.
—  A mess

I was gonna to just sketch this idea bc I refuse to draw full bodies let alone things like furniture and backgrounds lel but I kept zooming in and working on their faces so decided to go all in (could keep woking on this but felt so much regret?? Enough self-imposed torture I say). Anyway! One of my fave mangas had its brothers in opposition taking a break from their fight to share a cup of coffee just the two of them at some point and it was such a nice moment I thought it would be nice to see Eren and Zeke like that :P