As long as I’ve been on tumblr I still can’t figure this out for the life of me, why do people hate John Green so much? And if they don’t hate him, why do they fuck with him? It comes across as petty bullying and nothing more and the fact that he’s an adult shouldn’t have any effect on the fact that it’s a mean thing to do?? Unless I’m missing something huge he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this? Fucking torment Nash Grier or Toby Turner or literally any of the other Internet personalities who are actually pieces of shit but like…….. why John Green?


It’s been exactly four years since I first made these flashcards, but it sounds like they might be needed again? So, for anyone who wants a refresher…

From The Reichenbach Fall (transcript source):

John: Who’s that?
Mycroft: Don’t know him?
John: No.
Mycroft: Never seen his face before?
John (looking at the photo again): Umm …
Mycroft: He’s taken a flat in Baker Street, two doors down from you.
John: Hmm! I was thinking of doing a drinks thing for the neighbours.
(He smiles sarcastically up at Mycroft who looks back at him straight-faced.)
Mycroft: Not sure you’ll want to. (He nods towards the folder.) Sulejmani. Albanian hit squad. Expertly-trained killer living less than twenty feet from your front door.
John: It’s a great location. Jubilee line’s handy.
Mycroft: John …
John: What’s it got to do with me?
Mycroft (walking over and giving him another of the files): Dyachenko, Ludmila.
(He sits down opposite John, who lets out a long tired groan as he opens the file and looks at the photograph inside before frowning a little.)
John: Um, actually, I think I have seen her.
Mycroft: Russian killer. She’s taken the flat opposite.
John (now sounding a little nervous): Okay … I’m sensing a pattern here.
Mycroft (handing him the rest of the files): In fact, four top international assassins relocate to within spitting distance of two hundred and twenty-one B. Anything you care to share with me?

This conversation takes place as Mycroft shows John the files seen in the first four images above. Mycroft refers to “four top international assassins,” and he shows John pictures of all four of them. Mycroft gives the names of two of those assassins in the show’s dialogue (Sulejmani and Ludmila Dyachenko). The other two were later given names in The Casebook (Jaume Gauss and Stefan Tribek) if you choose to take that as canon.

Later in the episode…

Jim: Three bullets; three gunmen; three victims.

We see the blond police officer is Jim’s gunman on Lestrade, and the bald handyman is the gunman ready to take out Mrs. Hudson. The only confusing point is it turns out Mycroft’s surveillance actually picked up one of Jim’s gunmen earlier, so the international assassin who kinda looked like Sherlock was the same person as the gunman Jim had ready to shoot John during the fall. (Way more detail here.)

So Mycroft mentioned 4 assassins, and he showed 4 assassins.

Jim mentioned 3 gunmen, and the show let us see all 3 of them.

Because there’s a one-person overlap between those groups of 4 and 3, we only had 6 total characters running around with guns in the end. But there’s certainly no one unaccounted for, and no implied “mystery” assassins. Everyone Mycroft or Jim referenced was clearly shown in the episode.

There’s something I don’t understand about Hockey and Hockey fans, and it has to do with the Captains of each team, and to an extent the Alternates.

I don’t think some people understand what the actual job of a Captain and an Alternate is. Now by no means am I an expert, I haven’t been a hockey fan all my life, but I think I do get this concept.

The job of the Captain and the Alternates of a hockey team, be it NHL, OHL, AHL, KHL, or any other hockey team from pee wee to the show; is to make sure that everyone has a voice on the team, to make sure that everyone is alright on the team, and to make sure everything is relatively fair in the game.

The refs job is to actually make sure everything is fair in the game, but it’s the Captains and Alternates jobs to talk to the refs before and after a call has been made in order to figure out why that call was made in the first place.

I’m about to make an example of why I think that some people don’t understand the role of the Captain and Alternates using Sid Crosby, so get ready for that.

Since I started liking hockey, like since the day that I stared liking hockey, all that I’ve heard about Sidney Crosby is that he whines a lot. I’ve heard he’s good at hockey, I’ve heard he’s bad at hockey, I’ve heard countless things about this guy, but the one thing I’ve heard more than anything else since starting to like this sport is that he’s a whiner.

Like that’s his job. HIS JOB IS TO ASK THE REFS WHAT HAPPENED AND TRY TO MAKE SURE THE GAME IS FAIR. It’s not whining, it’s doing his job.

I don’t understand why people are so upset about him doing this because EVERY OTHER CAPTAIN AND ALTERNATE IN THE LEAGUE DOES THIS.

It’s just something that I’ve noticed about Hockey and Hockey fans, and I wasn’t sure if they knew.