Sniper: Look, all I’m saying is the kid ain’t exactly no killer…
Spy: My kid is a killer, you hear me? A cold-blooded killer! Look at him!
*Scouts spinning around, upside down on the rotating bar stool, chugging beer as Soldier and Demo cheer him on*

Okay, I am first in line for unapologetically loving my villainous faves for being irredeemable douchebags but when you have a lady villain who is essentially the dragon for a truly genocidal maniac and she’s, like, you know, literally conditioned to be a murderous living weapon… you’re gonna have a hard time getting me to say she’s my main love to hate. She’s still a bad guy but I’m still 100% blaming her super abusive boss, not her, for the shit going down.

I empathize with the dragon, man.

so my english teacher always puts on some background music when we’re working on exercises and today all of a sudden dna started playing?? our boys have even made it to flemish schools i’m so proud 👏👏

Warning! Voltron S4 spoilers ahead!

I have been needing to talk about Lotor killing Narti, and from a script writer’s point of veiw, I get it. They got him to kill her to prove how dedicated to his cause he was, I think they’re trying to portray him as a psychopath, I don’t see any redemption arc in S5 at all. Him standing alone was him calculating his next move, not mourning her.

But, him killing Narti still doesn’t sit right with me, doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of stuff about whether Haggar ‘hacked’ Kova or Narti, but whoever it was, killing Kova would have solved the problem. Narti’s blind, she sees through Kova, this was established in S3. So if Lotor had killed Kova, Narti wouldn’t be able to see and Haggar wouldn’t see either no matter which one she looking through, because Kova is eyes for both. Lotor’s smart, surely he’d have known this?

Also, didn’t Kova’s eyes glow? Implying it was Kova that Haggar was seeing through, and not Narti, blind Narti, by some miracle?

Doesn’t explain the whispering and why the connection was lost when Narti died, but food for thought.