Team Leader Headcanons

Now that the trainer designs for the team leaders have been released everyone is coming out with headcanons so here is mine. 

 CANDELA: Always ready for a fight. So ready. She will beat you up right now this instant cmon lets go lets do this. She knows so many different fighting styles and she is ready to throw down vs you AND your pokemon.

 But also: Very protective of literally everyone and hugs people (and pokemon) to her chest and calls them her precious children. Blanche and Spark still don’t really know how to react to this so they just stand there awkwardly blushing.

 BLANCHE: Quiet and reserved, often deep in a new ebook researching some obscure topic. One day its manky eating habits the next its pikachu tail shapes. Trains their pokemon for optimal stats. Very serious attitude, keeps calm no matter how bad or ridiculous the situation. Meditates daily. 

But also: Forgets to watch where they are going and walks into things a lot. Doesnt usually make “jokes” but on rare occassions will drop a real zinger with a completely straight face. Sass Master. 

 SPARK: Very enthusiastic and energetic! Bad puns 24/7 he cannot be stopped. Pretty much constantly moving. Even when sitting he is tapping his foot or something. He isnt as strong as Candela or wise like Blanche, but knows that as long as he follows his heart and is kind to his pokefriends he will be a great trainer! He repeats this often, partly to reassure himself. He will be all “I might not be as str-” and Blanche and Candela are like “WE KNOW YOU TOLD US!5 TIMES TODAY!”

 But also: If you hurt any of his friends THE STORM WILL BE UNLEASHED AND THERE WILL BE NO SHELTER🌩🌩🌩

Wait, do people still not know we’re actually kidding and hella joking when we say NCT are kings? We literally say things like “Kings of Long Sleeves!” “KINGS OF BELT CHOKERS!” like what part of ridiculous things like this makes yall think we’re serious 😂 like, even when we joke around like “Kings of Rap!” “Kings of Dancing!” like cmon……

The Witches.

I am so down for this scene where two witches are just fighting hardcore and ripping and slashing and tearing at each other. But then it shows they’re just training after Manon barks at them to stop. So they stop and one helps the other up and says “good fight” and the other goes “thanks babe” and just leans over and kisses her. And of course Manon and like whatever about it but Asterin is just hooping and hollering because cmon, OTP, and they just bare their iron teeth and bloody nails at Asterin which only makes her cackle even louder and even Manon and Sorrel can’t help but manage a smile and wow this train went somewhere and I want this scene okay?

anonymous asked:

Why are those psycho Swifties so mad that Calvin was in the same pic as Kim? I mean, so fucking what? He doesn't owe Taylor anything anymore. He's single now and he can do whatever the fuck he wants or hang out with whoever the fuck he wants. Taylor didn't give a fuck about Calvin's feelings when she paraded her new boyfriend to the world two weeks after the breakup so why should he care about her feelings now? If he wants to hang out with Kim, more power to him!

Exactly! ! People think that his life still revolves around Taylor or that everything he does is still about her. Cmon give the guy a break! He can do whatever he wants bec he doesn’t need to consider her anymore. So even if he dates Selena or hang out with Kim, it doesn’t matter anymore coz you know… she’s out of his life.