...but..but it moved

It’s tragic you couldn’t realize
Just how much you truly need me,
Until I walked out that door
For the very last time.

No more lying, fighting, or
Crying on the floor.
This is no revolving door,
There is no going back this time.

—  K.N.B.

>tfw you can’t think of a good Dark Knight trilogy quote to go with this situation

Recently, there’s been a trend about a new site that will act as an alternative to Tumblr; one with better policies, moderators who cared, and almost no dramas leading to doxing, slandering or other intolerable acts. This is a promotional art for that alternative site, named @writscrib.

And yes, as the image implies, I will be moving there once it’s online.

Let’s face it, Tumblr is a site just as hideous as 4chan. So many people yelling at each other for having opinions; political movements that would dox anyone who disagrees with their beliefs; tons and tons of pornography bots; childish tweens who get offended at everything; manchilds who desperately tries to troll these guys; etc. I could go on and on with how bad Tumblr is, and how its Staff doesn’t give a shit about running their own sites, and just spouts cringy memes at the worst time possible.

@writscrib has none of those problems. It works very similarly to Tumblr, minus every single flaws Tumblr suffers from. And despite Tumblr being notoriously bad, I used it nonetheless for its simplicity. @writscrib has the simplicity of Tumblr, and with no flaws from Tumblr, I’m already packing up to @writscrib once the site is up.

Until then, I might still use Tumblr for a while. But once I pack up and leave, all my blogs will be set to private, and my main blog will be completely cleaned off.

With that said, I’ll see you all at @writscrib, at the other side where I always am.

Wyatt: Mom, listen to me, this is not your fault. We’ll bring her back, I promise. I-I’ll issue an APB at work, and talk to the chief to get a search party going. It’ll all be okay.

Vivian: I’ll call around and see if anybody’s heard from her. Oh, Wyatt, she must be so scared… How could this have happened?

Wyatt: Things happen, Mom. Just … just make those calls and I’ll head out early. I love you, things will work out.

Favourite Female Characters/People #3 (Movie Edition)

Furiosa from Mad Max-Fury Road

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Mulan from (you guessed it!) Mulan

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Michelle from Spiderman-Homecoming

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Miss Peregrine from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Evelyn Salt from Salt

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Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

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Black Widow from The Avengers

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Anastasia from Anastasia (since we’re talking Russians)

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Rey from Star Wars

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Jyn Erso from Rogue One (Star Wars)

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Elena Montero from Zorro

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Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

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Minerva Mcgonagall from Harry Potter

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Tina and Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts

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Dory from Finding Nemo (I know she’s a fish, you love her too so shut up)

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Wanda Maximoff from The Avengers (one more Russian Queen)

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Jane Foster from Thor

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Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

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Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle (this movie messed me up so bad)

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Chihiro from Spirited Away (this movie also messed me up)

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Evey from V for Vendetta

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Ruffnut from How to Train Your Dragon

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Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy from Hidden Figures (yes I know they are real people as well-not technically characters.)

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Kepada kamu yang terus menangisi masa lalu, cukuplah. Matamu terlalu indah untuk kau hiasi dengan air mata kesedihan.
Kepada kamu yang masih saja mengais sisa-sisa harapan di padang tandus tanpa kepastian, sudahilah. Waktumu terlalu berharga untuk hal-hal yang tidak seharusnya kau lakukan.
Hidupmu tidak akan berubah jika jalan pikiranmu masih tak ada ubah untuk menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik.
Jadilah seseorang yang lebih baik. Terutama untuk dirimu sendiri.
—  Jakarta, 16 Juli 2017

Shouri was with his home troupe, Gekidan Patch West and also promoting the WE (Watanabe Entertainment) Shop, which sells original bromides of their signed talent, which of course includes Shouri.  He recommends people get the bromide he’s holding: It’s so refreshing, he has to wonder who it actually is.

(x) (x) (x

Stop and Go

Wearing a nervous smile
I sit at the bus stop
Watching the clouds change shape
Waiting for you

My hands are sticky with cotton candy
My jeans faded and torn
I have letters in my bag from years ago
Signed ‘all my love’
I wonder now where did it all go?

I keep failing at fighting
The urge to check my phone
Praying somehow I’m reading the time wrong
My bottom lip trembles
Despite me telling myself
You could still show

It’s getting dark now and I have to leave soon
I know our last conversation wasn’t the best
But I didn’t expect you’d let me go without a goodbye
5 more minutes, I tell myself

Where are you?
The bus will be here shortly
And I can leave without
Seeing you again if I have to
But it would be the biggest lie
To claim I want to, that I’m not
Hoping you prove my doubts wrong

And so the bus comes and goes
I stay right here but you don’t show
It’s a new day now but at least I know
From now on there is no more looking for you or hope

Collaboration by me and the wonderful @creatingnikki

tony’s been tossed in this terrible wasteland of a battlefield with NO GOD DAMN ARMOR ON someone needs to tell me WHAT HAPPENED THERE because i am nothing but ONE GIANT EMOTION AT THIS POINT