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RTTE season 5 Hicc-spressions post please? (They make me so happy!)


I’m contemplatively staring out at nothing face:

Dragons are crashing around my shop and that’s not okay face:

Serious science bros face:

My experiment is way too dangerous for my own good so I’m wearing this to protect my face but I’m still going to keep doing dangerous experiments face:

I’m wearing a legit awesome sword on my back so any expression I make automatically looks awesome face:

Wtf did I really just get A BONE FOOT? face

I love you so much face:

How can I be so hot when I’m intense and my mouth’s open? face

I’m legitimately touched by Dagur and proud of Snotlout face:

I’m such a smart calculating nerd face:

I’m cute and I have berries on my face face:

Checking me out in this great lighting face:

I’m so happy when I’m around my friend face:

WHOA Snotlout gives aggressive hugs face:

Seductive face:

I haven’t done enough contemplative staring into nothing so here’s me staring into nothing yet again face:

I feel so awkward and weird around Spitelout face:

Why am I friends with the twins I honestly have no idea I am so done with them I am so done with everything because the twins are the twins and yet they’re still here and I have to deal with them don’t I face:


The Whoops™ is REAL face:

Still Feeling The Whoops™ face: 

This hurts and I will comfort you face:

This is such a great Hiccupy expression face:


I was trying to space out the AU drawings I’ve done because the last picture I did was also not canon characters, but I haven’t had time to properly finish any of the other pictures I’ve got lined up and this WIP has been sitting on my desktop for far too long. It also gave me an excuse to try out the colours on my new laptop and see how it holds up to the mac. The contrast isn’t as high which is actually a good thing because I get a larger range of darker colours, opposed to everything just looking black when it gets too dark X’D

Anyway, we’re over 2300 now, but this was to say Thank you for 2000 followers!!!

I hope you guys will continue to stick around and bear with me through my whining and weird moments <3 and thanks for hanging out this long.

Underfell won the poll a month or so ago for which AU I’d draw for you guys because I’m not super into any of the AUs and it’s probably the only way you’d get me to draw one!

It was nice to change things up a bit and play with designs from how I’m use to drawing them though. So it was fun.

Tutti i segreti di Zerocalcare
I momenti bui, le insicurezze, i sensi di colpa: quelli che il fumettista tiene per sé, e quelli che rivela in quest'intervista.

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You know what? I miss when people could id as transmasculine/transfeminine because their gender was connected to masculinity/femininity, not manhood/womanhood. Back when people COULD id as transmasc/transfem because of feeling connected to manhood/womanhood but iding as transmasc/transfem didnt necessarily MEAN that.

… has this changed? No one told me!

- Cade