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Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Imagine where Reader is a shy/introverted scientist for Tony Stark and Natasha tries to encourage Steve to ask her out for a lunch date? 💕

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You stood there with the boxes in your arms, obviously it was dragging you down because of the weight. You didn’t have that strong of arms, but you still somehow managed to carry the load of stuff inside the boxes. Most of the objects in the box were glass tubes, stuff that you use for science experiments pretty much. You were the scientist for Tony Stark, which you still had no idea why, because you thought you were very introverted and shy. The ding from the elevator finally rang and you straightened your back and puffed out your chest.

The door opens and reveals your boss, Steve Rogers, or as everyone calls him, Captain.

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Hitched (10/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: ff.net // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // epilogue

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Emma stared intently at the motel room door, running the brush swiftly through her hair. She knew she was going too fast, that she hadn’t dried it well enough, and that once she’d crammed her beanie on top, she would be facing a head of tangles and mats in the morning. But her pulse was racing, her hands anxious, her stomach wrenched with the need to leave.

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2 years later...

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Thor, Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff

Word count: 2292 words

Warnings: I don’t know if there’s some swearing, probably there is. And angst. 

Tags: none.

Notes: if you would like me to do a Part 2 of this one just tell me and I will! But for now it will be just a one part imagine. 

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The moment you left the Avengers HQ two years ago, without looking back, you literally felt like your world crashed down. You had been forced to leave everything and everyone you loved behind for their own safety. For some reason, HYDRA was after you and you just couldn’t take any chances. Not with your family and especially not with Steve. 

Leaving him broke your heart the most, knowing that you were breaking his heart was the worst you had ever done. You didn’t say anything. You just left a note for everyone in which you really didn’t explain anything. You just said goodbye and assured them it was for the best. You changed your phone number and even your name, so no one was able to reach you ever again. 

But now you were free. HYDRA had gave up on you after two long years and finally, going back home, was safe for everyone. 

The only question was… Would they want you back? Would he want you back?

You had talked to Fury in his own office to make sure it was safe. Once he told you indeed it was and that you could go back to the field and to the team all you wanted to do was going back home. The director had to make some calls but everything was settled in just one morning.

“Are you ready to go back?” Nick asked you as he walked you to the car that would take you back to the HQ.

“I know I am… I don’t know if they are”, you said with concern. 

“They? Or he?” He asked. With a sigh you looked up and saw he was even smiling a little. 

“Both”, you admitted shaking your head. 

“I guess you are about to find out, don’t you?” He asked opening the driver door for you and giving you the keys.

“Thanks Fury…for helping me hide and everything”, you said before you got into the car. Once in there, you closed the door and rolled down the window.

“You’re welcome Agent”, he said. “Good luck”, he added.

With a nod you started the engine and immediately you started driving. During the drive you tried your best in order to keep your head away from Steve, but it wasn’t easy, not at all. It was impossible. You didn’t even know what to say once you saw him. Maybe he didn’t even want to see you after all, and you would deserve it for sure. 

You had to drive for two hours before you got there. It was in the same place as always, surrounded by woods so no one would ever find it. It surprised you to see Tony waiting at the door but all you could guess was that Fury had contacted him to tell him you were back. 

When you parked you still took your time to leave the car, as you were trying to find the words to say sorry for leaving them, but they just wouldn’t come up to your mouth. And you knew when Tony approached the car that you were out of time, so taking the keys you got off the car, looking at the man that had been like a father to you.

“You’re a fucking idiot”

He didn’t say anything else. He just pulled you closer and hugged you as tight as he could, rubbing your back as you hide your face in his neck. 

“I’m sorry”, you whispered tearing up. Damn. You had hoped that those stupid tears would leave it place but obviously you were wrong about it. 

“You should be”, he said pulling away to look at you as he whipped away your tears. “You left us dealing with a really broken-hearted and moody Cap. It was a nightmare”

“How is he?” You dared to ask.

“He is…handling it I guess. He’s not over you. Not at all if that’s what you want to know”, he told you leaned against the car. “But he’s pissed”, he added.

“I deserve it”, you said looking down.

“Why didn’t you tell us about HYDRA? We would have helped you, protected you”, he said.

“I know and there’s was a big chance of you ending up dead. I wasn’t taking any chances, Tony” you said looking at him. 

He looked at you for some minutes before he sighed and hugged you again, kissing your forehead softly.

“Let’s go inside. Steve is out with Terminator so you still have time to think about what you’re going to tell him”, he said walking to the trunk to take your cases. 

“Who’s inside? And what do they know?” You asked taking one of the cases after you laughed at Bucky’s new nickname. You were sure the soldier hated it. 

“Natasha and Thor”, he said. “They also know why you left. Fury called when you were on your way. Probably he wanted you to spare all the explanations part”, he said. 

“Thanks Fury”, you chuckled.

But you knew you would have to explain it Steve when he came back. There was no way you would spare that. The facility was just like you remembered. Everything was exactly the same. The moment you put a foot in it you instantly felt like home once again, a feeling you had been missing for the past two years of your life. 

Tony and you put the cases next to the door and headed towards the common room. You saw it was a bit of a mess, bottles of beer everywhere and also some remains of pizza. It was weird to see it like that since you knew how Tony was when it came down to cleaning. He wouldn’t do it, of course, but he wouldn’t let everyone mess with his place. 

“What happened here?” You asked frowning. 

“Cap happened”, you heard a well-known voice coming from the kitchen. When you turned, you saw Natasha coming out of it. Her hair was longer now but she still looked the same. “That’s what he does every night”, she shrugged.

A lump of guilt appeared in your stomach the moment you looked around again. Realisation hit you like a truck. You had really broke the man you loved the most. He probably hated you at that moment and no excuses would make him forgive you. Before the tears fell down again, Natasha was already hugging you tight, just like Tony did when he saw you. 

“You’re such an idiot”, she said pulling away with a frown. It actually made you chuckle this time. Was that going to be everyone’s first words to you? “You should have told us and we would have protected you!”

“I already gave her the talk. You can spare it” Tony said taking a slice of the cold pizza from the box. Nat looked at him and then at you with a sigh.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Fine I guess”, you shrugged. “I don’t know, really. The last years have been a total mess. I’ve been on the run the whole time, not sleeping in the same bed for more than three days”

“So that’s the reason you look like crap”, she pointed out.

“Thank you Widow, so helpful”, you said sarcastic. “How is he?” You finally asked.

She bite her lip and sighed looking around once again, taking in the surroundings, the beers, and then you. 

“He’s a mess. He still loves you but he’s…furious. He’s been reckless in the missions, it was stressful for everyone if I’m honest with you”, she said. 

“He hates me, right? I mean…I would totally deserve it”, you said looking down.

“I don’t know. He doesn’t…talk about you, to be honest.”

That actually surprised you and you wish you could know what it meant. Was it good? No, of course it wasn’t. It was bad. Really bad actually. But those were the consequences of your actions and you had to accept them, even if you didn’t like them. 

“Where’s Thor?” You asked when you remembered that Tony told you he was there as well.

“He’s discovered Skype”, Natasha laughed. “So he’s in his room talking to Jane”, she explained making you laugh as well. 

“He’ll probably be busy for the next couple of hours so be patient”, Tony said getting up. “Why don’t you go and take a shower?” He suggested. Actually you were dying for that shower.

“Where’s my room?” You smiled.

“The same”, Tony smiled back. “It’s just like how you left it”

You were glad that you still had the same old room but at the same time it was something that made you feel kind of nervous since Steve’s was just in front of yours. It’s not like you wanted to avoid him but it would be easier not running into him first thing every morning. 

Tony helped you with the cases and then left you alone in your room. He knew you needed now some time to adapt and to mentally prepare for what was about to happen. You didn’t even know how to face it if you were honest with yourself, and a part of you wanted to hide forever. But that wasn’t an option and you knew it. You weren’t a coward, you’ve never been and you weren’t going to start at that point. 

You really took your time in the shower. You were in the like an hour, preparing yourself for every scenario possible when you saw Steve. Some of them were good, he had missed you too much and he forgave you. But most of them were realistic: he wasn’t willing to forgive you that easily, he was pissed, disappointed and broken hearted. Or maybe he would never forgive you. 

Once you walked out of the bathroom, naked and your hair still dripping, you got dressed into some shorts and a white t-shirt you used to use to be around the house. It was time. He was probably back into the HQ by now and you had to face him. Barefoot, you walked out of the room, closing the door behind you and trying to ignore the door just in front of yours. Would he be in there? Ignoring the thoughts in your head, you went to the common area.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Thor’s deep voice. “Welcome back little warrior”, he said hugging you so tight that he actually picked you up from the floor. “You look as beautiful as always”, he complimented you.

“Thanks God she took a shower”, Natasha said from the couch while reading a magazine. “Steve is upstairs”, she added looking at you for a moment.

“Oh…” You mumbled. “Does he know I’m here?” You asked. 

“I do”

Your whole world trembled the moment you heard his voice right behind you. Too afraid to turn around you just stood there, eyes closed and taking a deep breath. He was so fucking silent as always which had caused you not to hear him coming. Slowly, you turned around as you heard Natasha and Thor leaving the room so you two could talk. Or fight. Or both. Seeing him face to face, instead of looking at pictures in your phone, was truly breath-taking. He was the same. Handsome, hot, with some blue eyes that made you feel like you were flying just by looking at them and those lips. Oh those lips, so kissable and tempting. 

But you could also see the differences: he had bags under his eyes and there was not warm or welcoming in his eyes. There was pain and there was anger. Towards you. You never thought he would ever look at you that way but there you were, feeling insignificant and miserable in front of him, when he used to make you feel the opposite with just one touch.

“Hi”, that was all you were able to say once you found your own voice. 

“You’re back”, he said crossing his arms, which were now bigger, in front of his chest. 

“Yes…” You whispered. 

You knew it was the moment to explain everything to him. Why you left, why you said nothing, why you didn’t contact him and why you were finally back. You had to tell him he had been the only thing in your mind during the past two years, that you loved him even more than what you did before you left. But would he be willing to listen?

“Steve I-“, you tried to talk but he interrupted you.

“I’m really not interested in anything you have to say (Y/N)”, he said coldly. “You left without an explanation. An explanation I’ve been looking for but I stopped. I don’t care. I don’t care you’re back”, every word he said stabbed you in the chest like knives. “You literally broke me and now you dare to come back like nothing? No, thank you. I will cope with you being here because I have no other choice, but that’s all. I’m not interested in anything you have to say.”

Once he finished his speech he walked into the kitchen, leaving you there, completely out of words. You knew you deserved it but you surely didn’t expect it like this. At least, you thought he would listen to you before telling you to back off. But you didn’t even have that choice. 

It took you some minutes to be able to react and when you did it, all you could do was going to the elevator. All you needed at that moment was being alone. Being alone and cry. Because it didn’t matter how much you knew you deserved it, hearing those words from the person you love the most in the entire universe, was too painful to handle it. 

Study Partner: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Violence/injured (no sexual assault though), swearing

A/N: I’m so in love with this series, hope you guys are too!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Staring out at the deserted dance floor, you absentmindedly wiped down the bar, for the 7th time in 10 minutes. It was a Monday night, and as per usual, the bar was dead.

“I’m gonna head off, kid,” your manager approached you and threw a spare key to you, “If it doesn’t liven up within the hour, lock ‘er up and head home,”

Nodding, you push up your sleeve to check your StarkWatch, 2am. You should be home just after 3; hours earlier than usual.

You didn’t love working at the bar, it was shit hours, but it paid fairly well, and the rent for your shitty studio apartment was ridiculous.

Eventually, the clock struck 3am, and the bar hadn’t had a single patron, so you quickly counted the till and locked up.

You hurry along the 3 blocks to your apartment, clutching your keys in your fist so that if you had to throw a punch, your attacker would get a bunch of blunt key points to the face.

You make it to your building with no trouble, and finally let yourself relax as you start to climb the 6 flights of stairs to your apartment.

The sight of your door ajar made you slow your pace. You tiptoe to your door and see that it had been forced open, probably with a crowbar. Slowly pushing it open, you’re greeted with the sight of your entire apartment ransacked.

You had been robbed. You slowly walk into your place, your belongings strewn all over the floor. Your tv was gone, and your clothes had been thrown everywhere.

A voice from behind you made you freeze. It was a male voice, and you didn’t recognise it.

Sure enough, two men with masks enter your apartment, and stop when they see you.

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Coffee Shop - h.h.

requested?: nope

words: 734

warnings: just super cheesy and i lovE IT 

a/n: lately ive been seeing such a lack of harry content on my dash, and everyone’s been saying how underrated harry is (which he is) so i whipped up a lil cuteness, so i hope you guys like this

Movies always show two people who are meant to be together, meeting in the most gracious way. So when you met Harry, it was a surprise that you met in a way anything but gracious. You were sat at the corner of your favourite quaint coffee shop, with a sketchbook sitting in front of you and headphones on your ears. Drawing what you listen has always been an escape for you. Being out of the comfort of your bedroom amplifies your creativity. You’d go to this cafe almost everyday, since you appreciate the calming environment. 

One autumn day was particularly cold, so the cafe was uncharacteristically full. Everyone seemed to have found shelter in this warm escape. You cuddled up in your usual spot, with a warm scarf wrapped around your shoulders. Soft music played through your headphones, and the barista set your coffee in front of you, giving you a small smile, which you warmly returned. 

A small breeze filled the cafe, bringing you to look up from your sketch. Two tall boys walked in, one of them wearing a baseball cap, in this weather … he still looked pretty good though so you didn’t complain. As they got in line to order, you turned back to your work, and when you looked up again they had already left. 

The next day you walked to the coffee shop. As you reached for the door handle, you felt the weight of the door hit you right in the face. You tumble backwards and fall on the ground. As you started to get up, the boy with the cap stuck out his hand out to help you up. You looked up at him as you grabbed his hand, his face flushed and he started mumbling apologies. His friend was snickering near him and he shot him a warning look. He then cleared his throat and said “sorry about that love, I didn’t see you there of course, then I obviously wouldn’t have …”
“Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted. You then realised that you were still holding his hand, and blushing profusely, retracting your hand. You then walked past him into the comfort of the cafe, straight into the comfort of your little world. 

The next morning you retreated to your usual spot, and thankfully the cafe was empty and quiet. You brought out your reading book this time, loving the different type of escape reading gave you. As you were about to open your book, the barista came over with a hot chocolate. 
“Hey, the boy over there with the cap on bought this for you.”
You looked up and you see that familiar face across the cafe. He  waved his hand at you and you smiled at him. You got back to your book, and after a while you hear someone walk up to you and take a seat in front of you. You look up and with not surprisingly it was the boy from yesterday. 
“Hey,” he said, “I didn’t get a chance to properly apologise for yesterday. I’m Harry, by the way.”
“It’s okay Harry,” you replied, before introducing yourself. “Also, you didn’t have to buy me a hot chocolate, but I’m glad you did,” you added, flashing him a smile. He grabbed the chair in front of you, giving you a questioning look, at which you nodded.  You took a sip of your warm drink and asked him, “so what are you doing here,” you added, “uuh in Montreal." 
You noticed his thick British accent, so you knew he wasn’t from anywhere near here. He explained how he was shadowing the director of Spider-man: Homecoming, since his brother was acting in it. You then got to talking about film, which you both were huge fans of. When it started to get dark, he offered to walk you home. You continued your chat which now somehow steered from film to how long it takes for one another to get ready. 
"Ten minutes? Are you serious?” he asked you. 
“Yeah Har, it really doesn’t take long to put on a pair of pants and a top." 
"So only ten minutes and you still look amazing?”
“Wow yeah okay Holland, keep it in your pants.”

The next couple of days consisted of you and Harry hanging out at the coffee shop. Until one day he finally asked you if you wanted to walk around the city with him, since he has hardly been around apart from on set and in this coffee shop. You eagerly accepted, wanting to show Harry all your favourite places.

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I Can’t Make You Love Me

…if you don’t. You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t.

a Tony Stark series; author: @clareae | chapter 01

  • genre: romance, action
  • trigger: none
  • word count: 1387 words
  • summary: Reader and Tony found comfort in each other while they were trying to mend their own broken hearts.
  • a/n: Welcome to the first chapter of my first series! This story is inspired by one of my favourite songs, I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt and it begins after The Winter Soldier and before the Age of Ultron, meaning there will be no Bucky, Wanda, Pietro, and Vision for the first few chapters. I hope you guys enjoy this series involving reader and Tony, but note that you won’t see that pairing until a few chapters, so meanwhile enjoy some Steven and reader fluff!

You liked the air conditioning on full blast even though you’ll end up freezing at night and pulling the duvet up to your chin. As per usual, when the sun was just about to rise, you reached out across the king-sized bed and felt a warm presence on your fingertips. You shifted across the bed and lifted his right arm before snuggling yourself under to it to find warmth from the cold air, resting your entire body against him. It took Steve a second to respond, but he was always the light sleeper that he’d notice every move you were making. He pulled you closer against his body and rubbed your back, sending warmth across your frame; he knew that you wouldn’t want the air conditioning to be turned off because then you’d feel too hot to cuddle him and he wouldn’t want the morning snuggles to stop.

The two of you fell right back asleep until the sun finally rises and JARVIS had the windows slowly lose its dimming night-effect as the sunshine grows brighter.

Steve’s lips made its way from the top of your head, to your forehead, down to the tip of your nose, and finally pressed them against yours.

“Good morning,” he greeted you.

“No…five more minutes,” You groaned and mumbled, needing more sleep after an incredibly long and tiring week filled with endless work.

Steve chuckled, slowly running his hand up and down your back, occasionally wiggling his fingers on your waist to tickle you, causing you to laugh.

“It’s too early,” you protested with a smile you couldn’t suppress, finally opening your eyes to look at him. His blue eyes were best view when the sun is shining, causing you to notice the bits of green freckles to those blue hues.

A few moments later, the two of you were the first to sit on the chairs around the kitchen island, enjoying your breakfasts while teasing each other. One by one, everyone emerged. Tony would be the first; usually he was grabbing some junk food before heading to sleep.

“You know life is great when your mornings are filled with watching a 95-year-old man and a girl about seven decades younger than him play footsie with each other,” Tony commented sarcastically as he snatched the two stripes of bacon from your plate. Both of you learned to just shrug it off, knowing that he was joking–probably just jealous because even though he and Pepper works just as hard as the two of you, they have less time for each other.

He went off to bed and that was when Bruce would usually walk out of his room, tugging his long sleeves before pouring himself some of the coffee you left in the coffee maker. Nat was next, followed by Sam. The two of them helped themselves to some coffee before Nat headed to Clint’s bedroom to drag him from his ‘nest’. They’d cook themselves breakfast and all of you threw remarks at each other and made fun of each other before it’s finally time to shower and get ready for whatever it is you had to do that day.

Steve had just came back home from a mission and that means he gets some time off before he has to work again if there is no emergency that needed Captain America. You were excited about the day you two are going to have, but it was not to last as expected.

“Cap, you need to see this,” Sam came out of nowhere and handed him an iPad while the two of you were lounging in front of the TV.

You peeked into the video footage that showed a masked figure walking in the middle of the street with a lot of people around him. Without even looking at it, you already knew who it was. Bucky had been a part of Steve’s life since before you even met him, obviously. The day Steve met Bucky was one of the hardest days for the two of you; Steve had to send you to a safe house to avoid anyone ever looking for you in case they know about you while he was accused of betraying the country. Right after that, Steve went on a nonstop search for his long lost best friend who he didn’t even know was alive.

Of course, Steve would come home every now and again to get some rest after searching for Bucky tirelessly along with Sam, but on those days he would spend his time still making sure that he has eyes everywhere looking for Bucky.

Sam had already filled Steve in with every information he has about the footage while you were in deep thought. You knew this meant that Steve was going away again; but you do not know when he would lose Bucky’s trail again, or find an empty apartment that Bucky once lived in, or even maybe finally catch on to Bucky. Sometimes he’ll leave for three days, other times a week, and rarely, the whole month–maybe more. As Sam left to get ready, Steve had already turned his head to look at you.

He knew you were disappointed. You didn’t spend Thanksgiving together, nor did you spend Christmas, and the New Year’s. You were hoping you could spend Valentine’s Day together–cheesy as it might–but you just wanted to celebrate a day with him. A day where you both can get a day off from work and just concentrate on the relationship you have been building for almost a year. You looked back at him with a sad smile.

“I have to go,” he simply said, noting  the sadness in your eyes.

“I know,” you sighed. There was really never stopping him; there was never even a debate on whether or not you’ll let him go.

You stood up and he stood up too, making your way back to your bedroom to help him get ready with his gear. He’d change to his suits while you pack some fresh clothes and some essentials. While you fit his white t-shirt in his bag, you smiled at the thought of the first time he let you pack for him.

“(Y/N), at this rate you’re going to break my only bag,” he chuckled, looking at you trying to zip up his overloaded bag as he strapped up. “What are you even packing in there?” Steve asked, walking over to you and opening up the duffel bag before he broke into a laugh.

“What? I don’t know how long you’re going to be gone for and I just want to make sure that you have enough clothes. Pretty sure you’re not going to have enough time to do laundry or send your clothes to dry cleaning,” You defended yourself.

“Sweetie, I’m not going on a vacation, I don’t need that many jackets,” he chuckled as he pulled out two out of the three jacket you brought him. “Or pajamas,” Steve added again while he also pulled out the pajamas you brought him.

“I told you, I know you’re not going to do laundry so what if your pajamas is dirty or your jacket gets mud all over them? Better safe than sorry,” you shrugged, putting the clothes he took out back inside his wardrobe.

“I’m going to be in my suit the whole time, so-” Steve paused mid-sentence and pulled out a couple laundry bags. “What?” He laughed.

“I thought you were going to have dirty clothes, so you have to separate them,” you explained yourself while you laughed along with him. Steve pulled you into a tight hug.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said.

He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he paused. “But I do have to go. I gotta find him,” Steve said.

You wanted to make him stay, but you knew you can’t be selfish with this so you turned around and hugged him back. “I know,” you simply said. “I just want you to be careful, that’s all,” you lied–well not really, you do want him to be careful but you also want him to just stay.

“I love you,” Steve kissed you. “I’m going to be back before you know it,” he promised you.

What I go to School For (Peter Parker)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Original character (hope you guys don’t mind :) )

Summary: Ella Cooper is the head cheerleader and popular, Peter Parker is on the decathlon team and only has a couple of friends. Ella is kind of a bitch and Peter is a sweetheart. They couldn’t be more different. Worlds collide when the pair have to tutor each other, will they be able to make it work?

Warnings: swearing, the girl is kind of a bitch?

A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you guys don’t mind that I added an original character, I just find it much easier with a multi-chapter fic but let me know if you want me to change it! This is the first time that I’ve written a ‘bitchy’ character so I hope its okay! I’ve made Peter and Ella seniors in this because I might be writing some smut ( ;) ) and I feel super uncomfortable writing smut about 15 year old Peter. And yes, I know the title doesn’t really fit at the minute but I couldn’t resist! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think, feedback is much appreciated, have a great day! xoxo

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Part One

Ella was putting her completed English essay into her school bag when her mother walked into the kitchen and poured herself some coffee.

“I’ll be in late tonight so I’m just going to grab some dinner at the office.” Her mom told her, Ella’s mom owned a law firm with Ella’s dad.

“Okay, mom. I’d better get to school, I’ll see you later.” Ella smiled as she bade goodbye to her mom. She was almost at the door when her mom called her back.

“Oh, and Ella?” Her mom started.

“Yeah mom?”

“You will behave won’t you? You’re doing really well at this school, I don’t want to see you get expelled from another school much less a public school,” she continued, trying and failing to hide a sneer, “this is the start of your senior year dear, time to grow up.” Ella rolled her eyes, her mom always managed to bring this up.

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Peggy’s granddaughter Steve Rogers x Reader Part 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark

Word count: 2362 words

Warnings: none i think

Tags: none.

Summary: after ignoring Steve for two weeks he finally shows up at your apartment

Notes: this is the last part of this story. I hope you liked it!

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PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

When Steve woke up he felt the worst hangover so far hitting him. Damn Thor and damn his special demi God drink. The only good thing was the he remembered every single thing he did. With you. A smile appeared on his lips and he turned on the bed, waiting to see there still sleeping but he found an empty bed. Where were you? Maybe you were in the bathroom?

“(Y/N)?” He said out loud, supporting himself on his elbows. Nothing. Silence. 

With a lump on his throat he woke up, noticing that all your clothes were gone except for your ripped blouse. He took it from the floor and looked into his closet to find a t-shirt and finding out you had taken one. His favourite. Where you really gone? After what happened? You couldn’t be that type of girl. Maybe you were just having breakfast downstairs? Unsure, he walked out of the bedroom somehow knowing you were gone. 

“Morning Cap”, Tony said from the couch as soon as he was downstairs. He looked around expecting to see you and then looked at Tony. “She… She left a note”, he said pointing at the bar.

Steve walked towards the bar and took the piece of paper with your handwriting. With a frown he looked at Tony, not believing a word. 

“I’m sorry, man”, Tony said with a sigh.

Steve took a deep breath and threw the paper away before going back upstairs. He really thought you were different. Last night meant something to him and he thought it meant something to you as well. Obviously, he was wrong. So damn wrong. You just left, leaving him completely alone on that bed and still he couldn’t hate you. 

It had been two weeks since that night. Two weeks of you thinking about Steve the whole time, two weeks without hearing from him, two weeks trying to ignore the t-shirt you stole from him and was now folded in your closet and two weeks not being brave enough to take the phone and call him or just show up at the tower to apologise. Somehow you expected him to call you or text you but deep inside you knew he wouldn’t do such thing. After all, you were the one who left. You were the one who screwed up the best night you ever had and the chance of real happiness. 

You tried to focus on your work, on your articles, and on the most ordinary things in order to keep him away from your thoughts. Sarah also tried to help you. She took you out every time you let her, she showed up at your door with food, ice cream, movies or any way of entertainment but it just didn’t work. Somehow he was always there, at the back on your mind, no matter what you did. Every time you took your phone you expected a text from him, when you went to work you wanted him to be at the door waiting for you. But that never happened and you were starting to accept that you had just a one night stand with the best guy on this planet. 

“Damn, I’m so stupid Sarah”, you sighed.

The two of you were at her apartments, watching Friends all over again. It was your favourite TV show ever but not even Chandler’s sarcastic jokes were helpful. She paused the chapter and looked at you with a sigh. 

“Why don’t you call him? You have his number and you’re obviously dying to talk to him and apologise or…whatever you want to do”, she said. 

“No! I can’t do it over the phone. I’m not 16”, you frowned looking at the TV. 

“And you won’t go to the tower, either. Tell me, Einstein, any brilliant idea? Maybe you should just take a pigeon in Central Park and send him a message with the bird”, she said sarcastic. 

“Shut up”, you said with a sigh. “I know I should do it, alright? I just… I know he hates me right now and I don’t think I can handle that from him”, you said looking at your hands.

“How do you know he hates you?” She asked. All you could do was shrugging. “Exactly, you don’t know and you won’t figure it out by sitting there and cry. But I have already told you this a million times and here you are, so I don’t know what else you want to hear”, she added. 

You looked at her not knowing what to say. She was completely right about everything. She had been trying to help you, giving you any advice she could think of but you always managed to come up with any excuse. You knew you were just being a coward. 

“You’re right”, you sighed nodding and bite your lip. “Ok, I’m going to the tower”, you said getting up.

Sarah looked at you, surprised that for once her words actually worked on you. Smiling she got up.

“Wait, what if they’re on a mission?”, you said looking at her again.

“Then you’ll go another day! Go girl before you change your mind!” She said pushing you to the door. “Just be careful if he gets mad. You know, he has super strength and stuff” she said as you put on your shoes.

“Thank you Sarah”, you said sarcastic as you opened the door. “That was really…” You stopped talking as you saw someone waiting at your door. “Steve?” He turned around as he heard your voice. 

“That was really Steve?” Sarah laughed coming to the door as well but stopped as he saw the superhero. “Holy shit.” She mumbled. Gulping you looked at her. “Oh no, you’re not coming back in here. Go”, she said pushing you outside and closing the door but she opened again “Hi Steve!” 

With that she definitely closed the door, leaving you completely alone and speechless. You turned around again and looked at him. Now you had no choice but to face him, face what you did and give him an apology and an explanation, praying for it to be enough. As you walked to your door he didn’t stop looking at you but he didn’t say anything either. You opened the door to your apartment and let him walk in first. 

How did he even find you? You never told him where you lived. Just to get some more time you kicked off your shoes and left the keys in the bowl next to the door. When you looked at him you expected him to be looking around the place but he was just standing there, hands in his pockets, looking at you completely serious. No emotions on his face. A cold mask where once was tenderness and sweetness. 

What were you supposed to say?

“Do you want water or…something?” You asked but your voice betrayed you and it came out in a whisper. But he heard you. 

“No”, was all he said.

Taking a shaky breath you nodded and walked down the three stairs to come a bit closer to him. But instead of stopping you walked to the fridge to have some water and also so you didn’t have to look at him. 

“How did you find me?” You asked not looking at him. Speaking was easier if you didn’t have his eyes locked with yours. 

“Tony helped me”, he replied. His voice was cold as ice but how could you blame him?

You put the bottle back in the fridge and closed it to finally look at him. Even though you knew what you had to say you just couldn’t find the words to do so. And the fact that your heart was racing didn’t help at all. Your mind was full of memories you had been trying to avoid. Memories of his hands on your body, of his lips on yours, of his eyes literally lighting up when you said his name and of his playful smile. 

“Steve, I…” You tried to start but the words didn’t come up.

“You left. That’s what you did”, he said. You closed your eyes and looked down. 

“I know…” You whispered and bite your lip. 

“And all you left was a note with some lame excuse that not even you believed”, he added. His words were like knives one after another. 

“I know…” You said again.You knew that wasn’t enough but you honestly didn’t know how to say what you wanted to say. How sorry you were, how you felt… You had it there, inside of you but you just didn’t know how to take it out.

“That’s all? I’ve spent the last week tracking you down, not sleeping, just for you to say that you know?” He snapped. “I really thought you were different (Y/N)” he added.

When you looked up you saw him walking to the door. No. He couldn’t go. If he left you wouldn’t get another chance. He wouldn’t let you talk anymore. This was your only chance. 

“I’m sorry!” You said moving from your spot to stand where he was standing just a few seconds ago. “Please, don’t go”, you begged. He stopped but didn’t turn to look at you. “I shouldn’t have left. I regret it the minute I did it but I freaked out when I woke up. I just couldn’t face it at the moment because…” You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. “You were Peggy’s first love and I know she was yours, and she was my grandmother who passed away just two months ago. And you and I just met, got drunk and had sex. It was an amazing night, the best of my life and I swear I never felt more alive but it became too much when I woke up. I…didn’t know how to handle it, I know leaving wasn’t the best option but… I didn’t know what to do”, you said. 

As you were talking he turned around to look at you, making you feel so small partly because he was taller, partly because you were barefoot and partly because he had gone to the top of those three little stairs that know seemed like a mountain between you two. 

“You could’ve called me, or came to the tower to talk about this instead of hiding, don’t you think?” He said. 

“I was scared, terrified of the idea of you hating me.” You admitted looking down again. “I’m a coward, I know, and I know you hate me”, you added. 

The silence between you two just grew bigger as you stopped talking. It was slowly killing you, which made no sense but you really had developed feelings for this guy in front of you. You really had tried not think about it or about him but now that he was in front of you, you just couldn’t deny it. It was there. Like a huge red balloon. About to explode. And there was nothing you could do because you had been that stupid girl who had screwed everything up before it even begun. 

“I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to hate you, you know? I tried to forget about you, about how it felt to have you in my arms, but every time I closed the eyes there you were.” He said. You looked up. He still hadn’t moved so you just stood there, controlling your breathing the best you could. “Smiling at me, kissing me, sleeping… And I couldn’t. I needed an explanation because I just couldn’t believe you were one of those girls.” Finally he moved and walked towards you. “So I told Tony and he found you, he found your address in two days and still took me a week to come here and face you. Because I was also afraid of you being something I didn’t want you to be”, he said now standing in front of you. 

“And what I am?” You asked looking up at him.

“You’re not Peggy. Not at all. You may look like her but that’s all.” He said. “Yes, I loved her but (Y/N)… That was more than 70 years ago. I moved on. It took me sometime but I did and so did she. And then there you were, out of nowhere, lighting up the room when you were in your darkest moment”, he placed some hair out of your face. “That makes you unique, you know?” He whispered.

“But I left…” You whispered looking down but he moved your head up.

“And now I know why. I forgive you.” He said. As he said those words you let out a shaky breath and closed your eyes. Thank you. When you opened them again there he was, the man you met, with bright blue eyes and a warm smile just for you. “I know we barely know each other but…”  

Before he could keep on talking you stood on your toes and pulled him towards you to kiss him by grabbing the collar of his jacket. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he kissed you back. 

“You know you owe me a t-shirt, right?” He chuckled against your lips, making you laugh as you two kept on kissing like there was no tomorrow. 

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve this moment, to deserve him, but you knew you weren’t going to let him go easily. You were going to fight for this and you didn’t care about not knowing him. You two had plenty of time for that. 

“I’ve been dreaming about this since the moment I fell asleep with you”, he said making your heart melt a bit more. “Shall we take this to the bed?” He whispered pressing your foreheads together.

You pulled away and taking his hand you walked to your bedroom where he just didn’t gave you time to mentally prepare yourself, he just turned around and kissed you picking you up from the floor and walking to the bed for the second time. But this time you weren’t moving from his side anytime soon. 

The Price of Freedom is High (Part 3-Final) (Peter Parker x reader)

Part 2

Request: live-for-the-avengers said: Hi Bonnie can I would like to make a request if u can. Can u please make a fic about the reader being matt (daredevil) sister and the reader is currently dating Peter and they have a secret relationship and Matt didn’t know till he walks in and see them kiss. (Fluff please). Thanks in advance

“Why are they just staring at us?”

“I don’t know,” Peter whispered back to you, the two of you sitting motionless and staring at Steve and Tony.  You had just given them the news and were waiting for the explosion that had yet to come; in reality, you actually hadn’t received much back from them at all.

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You’re Next to Me in My Life

summary: what was supposed to be a drabble about dan and phil’s honeymoon, which kind of turned soppy

word count: 1.7k

trigger warnings: teeny tiny hints to sexy times but that’s it

a/n: i’m sorry the title is cheesy. also i’m really proud of this one woop

With nothing to hear but the gentle murmur of waves rolling onto silken sand, Dan was certain he never wanted to leave Fiji. The sun had gradually dipped towards the horizon, hanging in a clear sky painted pink and orange. With its warm glow kissing his toes and a soft breeze tickling his cheeks, Dan felt more peaceful than he’d been in a long time. Lying on a sun lounge in a silent, secluded beach faintly reminded him of Jamaica – but this time there were no cameras to capture it or other vloggers he’d never met before wandering around. For once it was as though nothing in the world mattered or even existed as he laid there, eyes closed and mind clear. It was nice. Really nice.

He didn’t open his eyes when he heard footsteps, slipping against the sand as they drew closer. Instead, a small smile edged its way onto Dan’s face as a shadow passed over him. He heard the squeak of springs as someone sat upon the chair beside him, and finally his eyes flickered open.

“And where have you been off to?” he asked the dark-haired man beside him, unable to stop his grin from widening. It was one of those rare days where Phil’s usually straight fringe had curled after coming into contact with water. Dan would’ve reached up and ran his fingers through it if he wasn’t so comfortable.

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Peggy’s granddaughter Steve Rogers x  Reader Part 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Word count: 2718 words

Warnings: swearing, alcohol and sex

Tags: none.

Summary: partying with the Avengers team has an interesting outcome for reader and steve.

Notes: tell me if you want to be tagged in the story :)

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PART 1 /  PART 2

Definitely the night got interesting. When you finally left the pub at almost midnight you were already drunk. Well, everyone was. In order to get drunk, Steve and Thor had to drink that “special drink” the demi God had. You and Sarah wanted to take a sip from it to know what was so special but both of them refused. “A drink of that and you will have a hangover for three days”, Tony told the both of you and with that you dropped the idea. 

“Where to?” Clint asked with his arm around Bruce. 

“Let’s go dancing!” Sarah said jumping around which made you laugh. 

“Yes! That really sounds good!” You said taking your friend’s arm. “We know a really good place close”, you added. 

“Is it close?” Sarah laughed making you laugh as well.

“Nope”, you laughed tripping but managing not to fall as you both laughed.

“What about going to the tower? I have alcohol and music”, Tony suggested.

“That’s the best idea I heard today”, you said pointing at Tony.

“Better than the tequila shots idea?” Natasha smiled at you as she leaned against Bruce as well.

“That was definitely better”, you said after a few moments.

You had to take taxis to get to the Stark Tower since it was quite far from where you were. You didn’t know if it was random but you ended up sharing taxi with just Steve and you were completely alright with it. 

“Are you having fun?” Steve said with his arm around you.

“Oh yeah”, you smirked and looked at him. “What about you, Cap?” You asked. He looked down at you, first at your parted lips and then into your eyes.

“Oh yeah”, he whispered smirking as well.

“Damn you’re so hot” you mumbled before biting your lip. 

He smirked a bit more before leaning down, closing the space between your faces. Usually you wouldn’t do this. You weren’t the type of girl who just made out with a guy in the back of a taxi when you barely knew him and when you were drunk. But you were well aware of something special about him, something that made you want to be close to him. All the time. 

When your lips touched, he placed a hand on your head as you opened your mouth to deepen the kiss, smirking satisfied when a groan escaped his mouth. You placed a hand on his shirt and tugged on it, wanting it out of the way but luckily he wasn’t as drunk as you and took your hand, entwining your fingers, making you remember that you were actually in a taxi. 

“Damn (Y/N)”, he mumbled when you two pulled away.

“Yeah…” You chuckled opening your eyes to look at him.

Before you two could kiss again the car stopped. Steve threw some bills without even looking at them and dragged you out of the taxi. Everyone was already there waiting for you, still drunk obviously. When you were all together, Sarah looked at you raising an eyebrow which made you blush and looked away before you all walked into the building. 

“FRIDAY! Music, please!” Tony said when we stepped out of the elevator. Immediately, music started blasting through the speakers. 

“Want a drink?” Steve whispered in your ear making you shiver. 

“What about tequila shots?” You smiled at him.

Without letting your hand go, he dragged you to the bar where Tony was along with Sarah and Natasha. Steve sneaked into the bar and took two glasses along with the tequila bottle. He winked at you before signalling you to follow you. 

“What are you doing?” You asked following him through the place. He went up some stairs and stopped before sitting on the floor. “What?” You laughed but you understood when you looked around. 

From there you could see the New York skyline since it was a wall made of crystal. Amazed, you took a seat next to him while he filled up the glasses. 

“Isn’t this too soft for you?” You teased him taking the glass.

“I’m going to need Thor’s drink, I promise”, he smirked mirroring your actions. You winked at him and poured it down your throat at once. “Tough girl”, he said. 

“We didn’t come all this way to use glasses”, you said taking the bottle from his hand. He stared at you while you took a sip from the bottle. You coughed a little which made him laugh and took the bottle from you. “You know…I’m glad you were in the pub”, you said moving a little bit closer to him. 

Steve looked down at you, trying to control himself knowing how drunk you both were and how that could go if you two just let it go. You were somehow special and he could see that just by looking at you. And he wasn’t the kind of guy who has drunk sex with someone who could be a stranger. But damn, there really was something appealing in you. 

“Are you?” He said studying your features as you nodded. 

“Yes… And I’m glad we ran into each other this morning”, you added making him smile even more. 

“Me too”, he admitted as you took another sip from the bottle. 

“Are you?” You asked. He smiled and nodded. “Anything else?”

“I’m so glad you’re here right now”, he whispered finally rubbing your cheek with his hand. “And… I’m really having control issues right now.” He added looking down at your lips. 

“Maybe you should just let it go”, you whispered and bite your lip as you saw him licking his. He chuckled a little and leaned in to kiss you again. 

This time when you two kissed it was like the rest of the world disappeared. There was no music, no people in the room. Just the two of you. He tangled his hand in your hair, pulling you closer to him as he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, making it even better. 

“Get a room!” The two of you pulled away as you heard Tony’s voice and looked around. 

Sarah was just dancing around with Wanda and Natasha, Bruce had fallen asleep on the couch and Thor, Clint and Tony were at the bar looking at you two. Biting your lip you chuckled and looked at Steve who had been looking at you the whole time. 

“Sounds good to me”, he whispered, making your stomach twist. 

“Really good actually”, you agreed.

He took the bottle and got up, helping you up as well which made you feel even dizzier. He took a long sip from the bottle and gave it to you so you did the same, coughing again before being dragged by him towards the stairs, ignoring Clint’s whistles. You followed Steve through the aisles not even knowing where you were anymore. Finally he opened a door and dragged you inside, closing the door behind him as you walked in.

“Nice views”, you mumbled and turned around just to see that he had placed the tequila bottle on the floor and was already taking off his shirt. 

He was in front of you in less than a second, literally ripping your blouse and pulling you as close as possible. Your arms flew around his neck as you kissed. He managed to unbuckle his jeans and let them fall and do the same with yours in no time. 

“Steve”, you moaned when he moved his mouth to your neck. 

His hands were moving up and down your body, gripping your sides every time you moaned his name. When he placed his hands on your legs you jumped to wrap them around his waist so he moved to the bed, laying you down on it with a smirk. 

“You’re so beautiful it literally hurts”, he mumbled. You looked down and smirked as you saw what he meant. “It’s funny?” He smirked before attacking your neck again. 

Then he started moving down your body, taking off your bra in the process which made you gasp and moan the moment he took a nipple in his mouth. You gasped his name and placed a hand on his hair, gripping it which also caused him to moan against your skin. 

“Damn, you’re so ready for me babe”, he whispered when he pushed down your panties.

Your breath was heavy and fast as you looked down at him. You needed so much, like you had never needed anyone in your life. Somehow you managed you flip over so you were on top and you could kiss him again. 

“I need you”, you whispered looking at him. “Now”

He didn’t need anything else. He flipped both of you over again, making you gasp. You knew what was going to happen and you were ready for it. The sensible part of your brain, that tiny sober space, knew this was a huge mistake but your other part completely covered it. You needed Steve Rogers. Completely. You needed to be his and you needed him to be yours. 

Next morning you woke up due to the sun hitting your face and something moving behind you. At the beginning all you could feel was confusion, then you felt the headache that let you knew the awful hangover you would be facing that day, and finally the memories hit you like a truck. The pub, drinks and shots with Sarah, Steve, the Avengers, drinks, shots, the taxi, the Tower, a bottle of tequila and… You turned around and there he was. 

You tried not to freak out as you saw his bare chest but you did when you felt your own nudity under the sheets. That couldn’t have happened. You couldn’t have done that. You didn’t do such things! But the clothes all around the room, the bottle in the corner and simply waking up next to Steve let you knew that you actually did it. 

“Shit…” You whispered covering your face. 

You had to leave. As much as you didn’t want to, you couldn’t be there when he woke up. You couldn’t face that. Not right now. Carefully you got out of the bed and gathered all your clothes but when you saw your blouse ripped you blushed as you could felt Steve ripping it off you. With a sigh you took one of Steve’s t-shirts from his closet before walking into the bathroom. When you looked into the mirror you couldn’t believe the girl you saw in the mirror. It was you, for sure, but her cheeks were completely pink, her face was like renewed despite the make-up and the hair. She literally looking different even when she was the same person she was yesterday but suffering a hangover.

Shaking your head you quickly got dressed, tried to clean your face and to fix your hair. Finally you managed to look kind of decent so you took your heels and opened the door. Steve was completely asleep so silently you took your phone from the floor and sneaked out of the room, praying nobody saw you. For your surprise you found Sarah completely asleep on the couch, but luckily for you there was no one else around so you woke her up. 

“Sarah, we have to go”, you said when she opened her eyes. 

“What? Where are we?” She looked around sitting up slowly before realisation hit her. “Oh God!” She exclaimed and looked at you until she noticed your t-shirt. “You were with…?”

“Yes, can we leave? Please? We can talk on the way home but let’s go before someone else wakes up”, you hurried her looking around.

While she looked for her shoes you scribbled a note thanking everyone for last night but saying that you two had to leave since you were late for a meeting. That was just a lame excuse but you couldn’t come up with anything better. You left the note at the kitchen and met Sarah at the elevator. Once the doors closed you let out a shaky breath.

“Are you ok?” Sarah asked looking at you. 

“I don’t know…” You sighed shaking your head. 

“Was he awake?” She asked and you sighed shaking your head.

The most you thought about it, the worst you felt, but you still didn’t feel ready to face what you’ve done. 

“Hey… It’s ok”, she said squeezing your hand. 

You gave her a small smile just when the doors opened and you both walked out of the elevator and soon out of the tower. It was easy to find a taxi that took you home. The ride was silent since Sarah fell asleep again and you just couldn’t keep your mind quiet.Last night felt so good. His hands all over you, his lips on your skin and the sweet words he whispered in your ear. But it had been wrong. He was Steve. Somehow you felt like you had been disrespectful towards your grandma and that was something you could never forgive. 

When you got home and you had paid the drive, you woke Sarah up to leave the taxi and finally go to your apartment. 

“Want to have breakfast?” She asked as you two were going upstairs. 

“Yes, sure…your place?” You asked. 

“Sure”, she said.

You both lived on the 6th floor but her door was the A and yours was the B. You two literally lived across each other. You two walked into her apartment and went to the kitchen still in silence. 

“(Y/N) it’s ok.” Sarah finally said when you both were having breakfast. 

“It’s not, Sarah…it shouldn’t have happened”, you said looking at the coffee you had in front of you. 

“But it did! And now you can’t change it”, she said with a shrug. “Plus, don’t be offended, but you didn’t look too uncomfortable with him, to be honest”, she pointed out.

Of course not. He had made you feel alive with every kiss, he had made you shiver with every touch and feel special with every look. You couldn’t deny it but you didn’t have to say it out loud.

“I liked it, so what? I’ve just met him”, you said with a frown.

“So what? You don’t have to marry him just because you had sex with him”, she said.

“It’s not the sex Sarah! It how it felt!” You finally exclaimed looking up at her. “I’ve just met the guy and I swear I’ve never felt so safe, happy and free with anybody else in my entire life. And he’s a fucking Avenger for fuck’s sake!” You just couldn’t keep it in anymore. “He is 95 years old and you know why I know that? Because he was my grandmother’s first love, Sarah! What the fuck am I doing falling for him huh? Damn it!” You got up with your hands on your face.

Sarah just looked at you speechless which was something that didn’t happen every day. She used to have an answer or a comment for everything but you definitely caught her off guard.

“Wow…” She finally said still looking at you. “I mean… Look…” She frowned and got up to walk closer to you. “(Y/N) I never met Peggy, you know that, but… She wanted you to move on right? Just like she would want with Steve. She would want both of you to be happy, right?” She said.

“Yes…” You said rubbing the ring she gave you. “But… why does it feel wrong?” You asked looking at your friend.

“Because that’s who you are. It’s not normal in you to have sex with someone like you did with Steve. It’s not normal that you sneak out in the morning.” She said smiling at you. “But there he comes and changes all your schedules in just one day”, she added making you smile a little. “It’s awesome if you ask me”, she said making you laugh. “Will you talk to him?” She asked.

You looked at her and then sat back down taking the mug of coffee in your hands, thinking about it. You knew you should, but you also knew you weren’t ready. One thing was admitting certain things to your best friend but talking to him was like a different world.

“I can’t”, you finally admitted with a sigh.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 34/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Only two more parts to go before we wrap this up!

Part 33

Blue eyes, blonde hair, young…maybe twenty-five at best.  

Brown eyes, blonde hair, even younger.

Blue eyes, red lipstick, perfectly manicured nails.

Each face and their features flashed through your subconscious as you slept, feeling with perfect recollection the snap of a bone between your hands or the thrust of a blade into soft skin.  The stench of blood filled your nostrils and the sounds of last breaths were deafening. They were the actions that your mind had protected you from at the time, but now it wasn’t so kind; every single horror that you had caused was replaying through your dreams as if you were there again, and it bolted you awake with a scream and covered in sweat. Steve was immediately awake with a hand cautiously on your arm, waiting for you to come back to reality before he moved any further.

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Captain America: Civil War: Behind the scenes of the Splash Page fight | EW.com

Captain America: Civil War: Behind the scenes of the ‘Splash Page’ fight

The crew called their big scene the “Splash Page.” That’s the comic-book term for a full-spread illustration that either opens a story or marks its climax.
For Captain America: Civil War, this was the moment they filmed an epic throwdown between two teams of heroes: the forces of Chris Evans’s red, white, and blue soldier on one side, clashing against the warriors aligned with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man on the other.

The 2006-07 Marvel Comics series that inspired the movie, which opens May 6, explores the same enduring question of freedom versus safety. In the Mark Millar-scripted comics, hero turned against hero as some resisted government control of their identities and abilities while others sought compliance and regulation for the greater good. Captain America stood for independence from government control, while Iron Man worked to legislate and enforce responsibility on those with “enhanced abilities.”

“In most of the movies, there’s no question who we should be siding with,” Evans says during a break between shots. “We all agree Nazis are bad, aliens from space are bad. But this movie’s the first time where you really have two points of view. There’s really no wrong answer here and it’s just a matter of who we are as men: Tony Stark and myself. Which side of the aisle do we come down on? So it’s hard for [Cap]. It becomes a question of morality and I don’t think he’s ever been so uncertain with what right and wrong is.”

In this film, the new Avengers — seen assembling at the end of Age of Ultron — take on an old enemy: Frank Grillo’s Crossbones, last spotted getting a building dropped on his skull in 2013’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But… the takedown goes wrong. A lot of people die. A lot of innocent ones.

After all the chaos and catastrophe witnessed in the previous films, the world finally has had enough. Government officials from around the globe assemble to enact accords that would clamp down on those with super-human skills. One man helping form the new laws is a young leader named T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, who has a secret identity himself — the long awaited Black Panther.

But Cap has seen too much corrupt authority in his (unnaturally) long life. He ain’t marching anymore.

On this already broiling July morning in Fayetteville, Georgia, Evans is sweating through his Cap mask as he shoots the Splash Page — this culmination of the conflict over the accords.

He’s standing at the end of a flat expanse of asphalt, ringed with two-story green tarps that will allow special-effects artists to transform this Pinewood Studios parking lot into a tarmac at Leipzig/Halle International Airport.

Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers’ long-lost friend and principle foe in the last Cap movie, is standing at his left.

“Had Bucky not been brainwashed he’d be doing the same thing Cap is doing, taking orders from S.H.I.E.L.D. and fighting for the country and then realizing S.H.I.E.L.D. is corrupt,” Evans says. “But Bucky’s a different situation. He obviously couldn’t make these choices. This is — I don’t want to give too much about the plot away but Bucky’s a big piece of the puzzle in this movie just because it gives Steve something that he really hasn’t had besides Peggy, but even Peggy is well on in her life.”

That would be Peggy Carter, known as Agent Carter to fans of the ABC television series, which chronicles the life of Hayley Atwell’s character as a covert agent in post-World War II America. In The Winter Soldier, Rogers visits with his old flame, who at that point was a frail, elderly woman struggling with dementia at the end of a long, daring life. Apart from Peggy, Rogers only has one connection left to his old self.

“No one on this planet knew him then. No one is left,” Evans says. “He doesn’t have any peace with his youth. He doesn’t have any peace from his life, so Bucky and whatever happens with Bucky in this movie…” Evans trails off. “That’s a big piece in terms of him kind of finding his own purpose in what he’s fighting for and how that friendship can come back to life. Not just them as soldiers, but them as friends.”

There are other familiar heroes aligned alongside Cap and Bucky (mild spoiler warning): Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man (although today it’s a stunt double in the mask), Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.

Leading the opposite side is… nobody. Iron Man and Don Cheadle’s War Machine will be flying toward them, so they’ll be added digitally later. But an equally impressive team of iconic characters is arrayed alongside him, preparing to face down Cap and Co.: Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Black Panther (also a stunt double) among them.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo yell action — and that’s what’s unleashed. The good-guys charge each other in a savage beat-down.

“The story is about family. And what happens if they don’t agree,” says Joe Russo, who directed the previous Cap film, The Winter Soldier, with his brother. “We’ve been comparing it to a fight at a wedding. What happens when your cousin and your brother go at it, and whose side are you on, and where does it go from there?”

“How do you move forward from a moment where people who used to love each other and were on the same side, now hate each other and are trying to hurt each other?” Anthony Russo adds. “[Cap is] such a strong, grounded, morally centered, ethically centered character. You can beat at him pretty hard as a hero, to try to crack that strength — both morally and physically.”

Iron Man definitely tries.

While Black Widow gives an all-out thrashing to Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch blast away at the sky — him with his trusty bow and arrows, her with her mystical red energy pulses. They’re trying to knock some unseen threat out of the air. (It’s hard to tell which visual effect they’re imagining.)

It’s definitely not Iron Man. He’s flying low and locked onto another target: Captain America. Evans raises his shield, slings an upper cut through the air, and gets in one more hit against his invisible foe before he’s almost taken out in real life.

The main camera is on a crane, and it swoops down on the battle scene — following Iron Man’s descent — until it’s right in Evans’s face. The actor has to dive out of the way at the last second to avoid being clobbered.

After a few more takes, Evans comes over to the video screens to check out the shot, laughing at the fact that each one ends with an extreme close-up of his panicked face, dodging the camera. “I can’t keep throwing punches when that’s so close,” he says. The Russos come up with a solution: Go ahead and drop back.

The shot will end with Iron Man knocking Captain America to his knees.

But he’s not going to stay there.

Source: entertainment weekly