...but not before i draw mikasa and annie


Separate drawings of the 104th idol AU, before I put together the whole thing here. Inspired by cocoachoux‘s Titan Feet.

wendyfulmother  asked:

Mr. Isyama, I have two very important questions For you. My first question: What was your favorite chapter of the manga to draw/create? My second question: What would be the ten graudates favorite movies if movies were to exist back then. (i know they didn't exist in the year 845, where this was set but still, it would be intresting to know)

Geez, that’s hard to tell. I think the first one was very great, because it was the start of something so huge. But generally most chapters are really fun. 

Mikasa: The Blue Lagoon

Reiner: Godzilla

Bertholdt: Star Wars 2 (But only because of the Love story)

Annie: The Horse Whisperer

Eren: Pacific Rim

Jean: Back To The Future

Marco: Me Before You

Connie: Ice Age

Sasha: Mulan

Historia: Mad Max: Fury Road


YAY, managed to finish this before halloween!! Although its not all that hallowesque. w/e. ill probably do more drawings for this au because i liked drawing this way too much (especially mikasa. horses are so fun!)

eren is a cyclop, just like annie, bert and reiner. but he was turned into, not born one. they (cyclops) become giants when inflicting self harm

armin is an hamadryad. hes bonded to his oak tree and can’t leave, so eren brings him human books about the sea 

mikasa is a centaur (duh). she’s from a really rare breed because her tail its from a different color than her hair.

might do the survey corps trio next~