...but i thank you

i thought rebecca sugar’s sketch of them was very characterful in the way they’re posed so i redrew it in my own style this afternoon :^o 

16th of October 2017 (pleas dont tag as kin/me thank you)


NYCC Q&A speed round → [requested by:anon]

I don’t say this enough…

so imma go ahead and say it now; I appreciate you. All of you. Every single like/reblog/inbox/dm means more than you know! Thank you all… to those who visit regularly and read my words, to those who pop by occasionally… and to those who might not interact v often at all but still somehow - inexplicably - follow me for the content I post. I really do appreciate the fact that what started as me just putting my shitty words here as a way to vent has turned into a place that feels warm and inviting and like a little home in this corner of the internet. That’s because of you guys, my lovely followers. Thank you for being here, and for becoming a part of my life, for reading my words, for offering me comfort and support and for inspiring me!

spladoum  asked:

Theodore, how big is your pe ... rsonal whiskey collection? And how much of it have you consumed recently?