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I feel like we haven’t appreciated this moment as a fandom enough.

Like there was plenty of room behind her to walk but Fitz chooses to brush up against her to prolong the contact between them in that moment. Touches between these two are always significant and especially in this scene, it was a symbol of comfort between the two of them.

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73. Kara x Lena

‘I’m not wearing a dress.’

‘Then why are your legs bare?’ Kara asked. ‘Oh,’ she said breathlessly, her eyes widening as Lena walked into the room. Her legs were bare not because she was wearing a dress, but because she only had a towel wrapped around her.

‘I thought we were going out?’ she squeaked, Lena smirking slightly.

‘We can,’ Lena said, letting the towel fall to the ground behind her. ‘Your choice,’ she grinned.

Kara swallowed again. Staring at the naked Lena Luthor in front of her made the choice easy. They could be a little late to dinner.