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Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” (Leonardo davinci quote, I believe) R and Jehan share an apartment and this is painted onto one of the walls

Things that feature in Grantaire and Jehan’s apartment:

  • Painted skulls (Grantaire claims they’re fake) (Jehan claims they’re not)
  • Bead curtains that have designs when they’re still
  • Actual moodboards with stuff pinned, collages, magazine cut-outs
  • Painted inspirational quotes on the wall they’ll have to pain over once they want to leave the apartment
  • Edgar Allan Poe themed mugs
  • An impressive nail polish collection
  • A mess of loose sheets with either poems and doodles on them, literally everywhere from the bathroom to the cutlery drawer
  • Potted plants with a knitted cover over the pots
  • An eternal lingering coffee smell
  • Cheap ass jewlery belonging to Jehan that Grantaire borrows a bit too often and never puts away properly
  • Lord of the Rings Extended versions boxset collector edition
  • All of Tolkien’s books. Twice.
  • A ukulele, a pan flute, a regular flute, a traverse flute and a guitar

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it feels like I'm coming home at the end of the day when I go online and check your and avery's blogs. u guys are truly our parents guac bless america