On Buns and Ovens (6/?)

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They ended up being re-deployed without a rest: going straight into the complete FUBAR that was Ringo Vinda. It galled Kix that he couldn’t find a rational explanation for what had happened to calm, sweet, sensible Tup, for him to go so completely off the deep end that he would execute a Jedi. Or why the karking Seppies wanted him so badly.

He spent most of the trip back patching up his brothers - he and Ryll worked tirelessly, first doing tandem surgeries on their brothers who were critical (something Kix had been worried about Ryll doing, but somehow his hands worked just fine when they really needed to, without the shakes they knew would hit big time later on), then moving onto the usual cuts, bruises, broken limbs, and non-critical blaster burns. Those Jesse had triaged first, to make sure they were stable clean and cooled. Over the course of the last three years, he had pulled more than his fair share of med bay time and, given he had helped Kix study when they had been kids, he knew more medicine than people gave him credit for.

They were finally back on Coruscant and attempting to relax in the almost vacant barracks (all of the younger men, and a substantial proportion of the older ones too, were out at 79s with most of the 212th) when Kenobi appeared. He waved off any attempt to get up for him.

“Any news, sir?” Kix asked as Jesse sorted out a drink for Cody’s general.

(Who was he kidding? Rex’s general.)

Kenobi looked positively exhausted. Kix wondered how long since he had last slept properly: more than likely well before the bombing at the Temple. He knew that Cody would sit on his general to make him rest, but proper sleep was a different thing, and Kix suspected it took Rex to make that happen these days.

“I’m afraid not,” he said. “We’re still waiting for results from the tests. They seem to agree with your initial guess, that it may be a virus of some sort. Possibly one engineered by the Separatists to target your DNA, and so they are also quarantining Fives in case he has been infected too. Rex is en route: he got directed back to the battleground so he’s coming a long way round.”

Kix frowned, scowling at his glass. “That doesn’t make any sense. If it was a virus, Tup and Rex were on the same shuttle for more than enough time for Rex to be infected too. Just as long as Fives. Even I would have been exposed, when I was trying to treat Tup back on Ringo Vinda.”

He didn’t need to look at his brothers to know that Cody, Jesse, and Boil were deeply uneasy following that statement.

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July Re-balance Patch

(thanks to reddit user lalaca for translation)


  • CA added effect: increased DEF for 1 turn.
  • Fortitude added effect: Counter on damage (3 times)
  • Kagutsuchi: CD reduced.

Zeta (Fire)

  • CA added effect: increased Critical rate (self)
  • Spear of Arvess reworked: Fire damage to one enemy; inflicts Arvess Felmare(sp?) debuff (works like Jamil’s Hitmark).
  • Rhapsody reworked: ATK boost changed from enemy in Break to enemy with Arvess Felmare debuff. Additional boost if enemy is in Break.
  • Thousand Flame added effect: inflicts Break Boosted (Time).

Clarisse (Fire)

  • CA added effect: inflicts Debuff Resist DOWN.
  • Nano Analyze added effect: Fire Resist DOWN.
  • Atomic Resolution: CD reduced.

Charlotta (Water)

  • CA (5*): removed Break condition for bonus damage. Base damage and damage cap increased.
  • Blue Moon: Debuff success improved.
  • Sword of Lumiel @Level 100 reworked: 550% damage, reduce enemy Mode Gauge, 1-turn invulnerability (self).
  • Captain of Holy Knights added effect: status boost (ATK and multiattack rate) every turn (max 5 turns). Ends if hit.

Chat Noir

  • CA (with Forewarning): reduced turn count until damage.
  • CA (with Riddle): Debuff success improved. Paralysis from Phantom Thief is now considered a separate source for tolerance.
  • Spectacular Heist: CD reduced, charge bar cost removed.
  • Don’t Trust Your Eyes: more Dodges with Riddle status.

Societte (Water)

  • CA added effect: next use of Kagura Dance is cast on all allies.
  • Kagura Dance added effect: Water echo.

Cagliostro (Earth)

  • Phantasmagoria reworked: remove 1 debuff from self, Critical rate UP, special effect (multiattack rate UP, ATK/DEF UP). CD reduced. (affects all allies at Level 100 with no penalty)
  • Reinforce added effect: Refresh.


  • CA added effect: increase all allies Critical rate if 5 stacks of Loaded are consumed.
  • Anti-Social added effect: increases ATK based on Loaded stacks.

Feena (SSR)

  • CA added effect: damage cap increased based on Crushed stacks.


  • Right Hairsaber: increased damage.
  • Left Hairsaber: increased damage.
  • A.F.D.S reworked: increases Counter rate based on how low HP is; Ability damage cap UP.
  • Golden Luster added effect: increased ability damage each time ability is used (max 10 stacks).

La Fille (Light)

  • CA added effect: Mirror Image (1) on allies.
  • Jewel Mirror reworked: Counter on Dodge (3), Light echo until damaged.

Io (Grand)

  • CA reworked: Buffs allies based on Mystic Vortex stacks (Refresh, Stamina, damage cap UP).
  • Flowery Seven: base damage increased; damage cap increased based on Vortex stacks.
  • Mystic Vortex reworked: max 3 stacks, based on charge bar level (consumes existing bar instead of flat 25%?). Resets stacks on Charge Attack use, not ability use.
  • Enchanted Light reworked: allies’ Light damage increased based on Vortex stacks.


  • CA: improved triple attack rate.
  • Triad Deception: Debuff success improved.
  • Infernal Heaven: improved triple attack rate. Inflicts Debuff resist DOWN (stackable) on triple attack.


  • 5* CA: Aubade Grynoth’s effect increased.
  • Forgotten Tales @Level 100: improved ATK boost.
  • Feel No Pain added effect: increases DEF based on how low HP is.

Beatrix (original)

  • CA added effect: gain Jammed.
  • Embrasque Sword added effect: increased evasion based on how low HP is.

it hasn’t been that long but remember when japan turned shinee into cats

because it was one of the best things in the world

and they all had their own little cat version profiles

and they wore little suits 

and they even got a cat version artwork for kimi no sei de

but the best part was that they were completely unaware of the entire thing. key even thought it had been made by fans, and they were so in shock when they saw it was something official and real