Não se iluda comigo, eu não tenho nada demais pra oferecer além de sentimento. Para alguns é nada, para outros é tudo. E pra você, serve?
—  Caio Augusto Leite. 

Important thing about the purge universe is that tv exists in the purge universe, I mean it’s just our world with Purging so like obviously, but have you considered that this means that like how sitcoms have Halloween episodes and Christmas episodes, they would also now have purge episodes

I would pay God direct cash if I could get hooked up with the purge universe’s episode of the Big Bang theory where Sheldon in a full bazingaed blood rage decapitates Howard with a dull prop bat'leth as the audience laughs uproariously

Imagine you’re looking at a Venn diagram of people who really liked Darren Aronofsky’s mother! and people who watch CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. It is a very small circle next to a very big circle. Now, look closer. Closer. Closer. Do you see that tiny area of overlap? Do you see that there is one lonely person inside of it, waving? That’s me. I like weird art movies that are maybe about annoying poets and about the Bible and might be saying something about herbalism? And I also like The Big Bang Theory. Well, sort of.

Despite the show’s popularity, when I tell people I sort of like it, they often react as if I had said, “I have a raccoon in my desk. It does not have rabies, probably.” By this, I mean that they are (1) surprised, (2) curious, (3) wary, and (4) gone quickly. And also that (5) I feel like they like me a little bit less. So as my gift to you, and so that you never again have to be the person on Twitter saying, “IS THAT STILL ON? WHO LIKES THIS SHOW?” I am stepping forward. It is still on! I still enjoy it! I am not sure whether I should! I watch screeners of it ahead of time! I own several seasons of it on DVD!

A disclosure: the original title of this post was “I Say Bazinga, They Say Po-tah-to.” I say this to acknowledge that part of me is, always was, and always shall be a fan of the worst, dopiest, corniest jokes you could conceive of. Have you ever had a notion strike you along the lines of, “The joke I just thought of is so stupid, and yet I am devastated that I have no one to tell it to”? If you have, it’s only because I am not beside you. Keep this in mind. It might be relevant.

Confessions Of A ‘Big Bang’ Watcher, 11 Seasons In

Photo: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc