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Name: Emily

Nickname: Em

Star Sign: Aries 

Gender: Female

Height: 5′1″ or 5′2″ (lol 5′2″ might be stretching it a bit. lol get it? i did a thing. okay, moving on, i’m embarassed now)

Favorite color: blue or green

Time right now: 23:20 pm

Average amount of sleep: Maybe 7 or 8 hours when i’m not staying up to binge watch a show or go on tumblr for hours.

Last thing I googled: I googled BTS Medley which, if you haven’t heard, you totally should it’s awesome

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1; I’m always hot.

Favorite fictional character: Chuck Bartowski. 

Favorite Celebrity: BTS or Zachary Levi atm.

Favorite book: That’s the hardest question you could have possibly asked me. I love The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, but a childhood favorite of mine is Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach

What I’m wearing now: pajamas. It’s late. why am i still awake doing this?

I tag @misteerie, @josephineshin, @slayyoongi, @blondejeon, @julstheawesome, @oliverjonasmoaks, @downriversandroads, @justanotherfilmhoe, @rexisred, @bts-sexy-reads, @guys i’m tired just if you see this, do it, I want to know more about you even if i didn’t tag you gah i’m tired i love you all goodnight

thevoidwatches  asked:

Where do you wish you were, who do you wish you were with, and what do you wish you were doing with them?

Idk where I wish I was. Anywhere but here. Not working. Not at school-that had some toxic stuff at the end of last semester. Maybe Europe since I really really want to go abroad spring semester. Maybe my friends lake house. I’m going there with him in a couple weeks and I’m really excited even tho I have to share the place with his not so great sibling’s s/o.

Who do I wish I was with? A fuck ton of ppl. I miss my college friends really hella much and I wish I was better at keeping in touch/text conversations. This means you @flowerparrish, @arcaneknell, @mrs-bartowski, and others who aren’t on tumblr or I’ve forgotten to tag. Plus I always want to hang out with @astranyx. We’re platonic life partners and I love him to fucking bits. But not actual fucking because I’m ace and he’s my brother from another mother.

What do I wish we were doing? Idk. Honestly I just want to hang. Going to see a place would be cool. Exploring would be cool, maybe we could play Pokemon Go together. Just fucking sitting on a couch while watching a movie or Steven universe or the nth episode of cutthroat kitchen would be good. Or cuddling. I’m always a slut for cuddles. But being in their presence would be nice. I crave that more than conversation and it’s why I find texting as a primary mode of conversation unfulfilling for the most part. There’s no guarantee the person on the other side is there and paying attention unless we’re aggressively chatting and I don’t have it in me to keep that up for long periods of time or with most people.

I’m just kind of tired of doing nothing but work and lazing around the house b/c work leaves me too exhausted to do anything else. I’m so sick of this house and being home but idk if I’m ready to get back to campus and all the stress I left behind at the end of last semester. And I think I’m overdosing on time spent with my mother. My sister isn’t too bad but when my primary interaction is my mom I def need to get out more. *sigh*

qilmore  asked:


  • 5 favorite characters: sarah, chuck, casey, ellie, awesome
  • 3 OTPs: chuck/sarah, ellie/awesome, morgan/alex
  • Funniest character: chuck
  • Prettiest character: sarah
  • Most badass character: sarah
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: morgan!
  • Character that’s ruined my life: tbh chuck bartowski is the most unproblematic fav so he ruined all other men for me, fictional or not