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1/2 your blog inspired me to look at my family and what was occurring in my household. there was a lot of racism and homophobia i had to learn to detach myself from. i couldn't have done it without the awareness you continually spread on Tumblr, even if it may seem insignificant to you. i can gladly say i surround myself with amazing poc & lgbtq+ members who have taught me love and acceptance firsthand. love isn't some cookie cutter version spewed by society.

it’s the thing we create within ourselves and dare to share with others who are different than us. my parents may disagree with my views on the world and my seemingly apparent “naive” attitude…. but i can say that that attitude will be what will change the world one day. what will unite us rather than separate us.

THIS WAS SO CUTE WHAT THE SAM HECKING PECKING GOGGLBE GOBBLE TURKEY IM CRYING. i love you, nonny, and i’m so glad you find some sort of comfort or peace or happiness or whatever on my blog. don’t worry. we aren’t our parents. my mom’s sister is super racist to the point her own daughter wants to clock her in the face. THIS WAS REALLY SO CUTE AND SWEET AND IM TERRIBLE AT RESPONDING TO THESE BUT I LOVE YOU, SUGAR COOKIE GUMMY BEAR. i hope we do change the world one day, one person at a time. 


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