If there’s anyone out there who likes rock music or is in a band who rips on 5 Seconds of Summer because they’re a ‘boy band’ or didn’t tour long enough in a van or whatever people may say, all they’re doing is hurting one of the only chances in 2014 for us to continue hearing guitar-driven music on the radio. If you want to take that out, you’re starting all over again.” — John Feldmann for Alt Press Magazine (August 2014)

  • Old man in CVS:Are their anymore scooters?
  • me on scooter:um, i dont think so. sorry
  • Old man:hmm, its okay im used to inconvenience, pain and suffering.
  • me:hahah (Holy shit old man you took one look at me and thought i was just so fucking kid messing around on a scooter didn't you? You assumed i didn't even need this scooter and to be honest if i wasn't having a bad pain day and need to get in and out of this store i'd give it to you! but assuming makes an ass out of you and me and thinking your illness is above everyone else is not okay i mean you have every right to think im just some dumb kid playing on a scooter but come on man holy shit take a knee old man.)

Things from tonight:

- When Hedwig came down at the beginning we made eye contact *__*
- The skirt piece that goes over the front of her shorts and is usually torn off later in the show fell off moments into Tear Me Down and Hedwig threw it at Yitzhak. When he wraps himself all around her later in the song I thought Rebecca was trying to reattach it for a second.
- Something was going on and the drummer missed his first rimshot queue. Hedwig tried to give him a second chance but he blew it and she went over and showed him how it was done and told him to do it whenever she said something funny. To test it: “What’s a good joke? Your career!”
- The first time Hedwig went over to the door her mic chord got all caught around the car and she tried to fix it but couldn’t so she called Yitzhak over and they both thought he fixed it but over the next minute or so he kept finding it caught on another part of the car every time he sat back down thinking it was all good.
- Darren went pretty far into the audience for the car wash and everyone around me stood to better lean over to try to see but it was a lost cause. Hedwig took off a girls glasses and licked them and then licked her face. There wasn’t a guy in the kiss zone but the girl he kissed got a big one.
- After Wig In A Box when she said this thing about it being her single she called out Taylor Swift
- Her Broadway jokes were on point. Two were like “I saw something amazing. Hand To God, I never thought I’d finally see Mamma Mia close” and “Dr. ZhivaGO… No it should’ve been Gigi"
- Oh and Hedwig blew her straw at one point when Yitzhak brought her water.


Yay I finished my #Anderspositive ! He deserves lots and lots of love. I love all the characters in dragon age but origins was my favorite because it got me into fantasy genre games. I played it so many times and when the dlc game out for awakening I fell in love with Anders. I wanted to spoil him and now that I’m watching my roommate play DA2 (and she’s romancing Anders) I’ve fallen in love with him all over again. I hope you all like this. I’m not very good at drawing cannon characters and I hope you all have a great week!!

anonymous asked:

Do you think there is a truth to the idea that scientists only make significant discoveries in their early twenties?

Categorically no. Science takes so much time and is so collaborative these days, even the big discoveries aren’t really just one person being brilliant, they’re a bunch of people being brilliant and hardworking together. 

The idea of the independent genius scientist having major breakthroughs while working on some esoteric problem (that also happens to hold the keys to the universe) late at night in an office that used to be a broom closet just isn’t true in most fields anymore (except maybe the late nights and  broom closet parts). 

There were like 3000 authors on the higgs boson papers from CERN, because that’s how many people it takes to do that kind of high energy physics, and there aren’t really any major single author papers anymore. We work in teams now, teams that include undergrads and grad students and postdocs and professors of a large variety of ages, and that makes us better at our jobs. 

Anyone who tells you that you can’t make significant discoveries outside of your early twenties is stuck in a past that never really existed for most scientists anyways. Of course there have been people who made major discoveries when they were young, and there still are, but I highly doubt that has ever been the majority of people making major contributions to their field. 

Many, if not most, major discoveries are the culmination of years worth of work on a problem, and not a single stroke of genius, because that’s just not how science works for the most part. Destroy the idea that doing good science is based on inherent genius and not working your ass off to better understand the world. 


So I was a bad museum patron yesterday and took a picture of the massive sperm whale skeleton in the Cal Academy whales exhibit despite the “refrain from photography” sign at the entrance to the exhibit (I was also promptly scolded by the security dude which my coworkers found amusing, don’t be a bad museum patron like me)… I couldn’t help myself, its rare for me to have a moment be literally breath-taking, but seeing the massive skull did just that. Absolutely awe-inspiring, the photo doesn’t do it justice… its so gigantic, I’m literally at a loss for words to describe how I felt when I saw it. If you get a chance to go see the whales exhibit currently up at CAS do it, its amazing! Everything was super super cool (strapped tooth whale skull = second favorite thing seen there), and I’d have a hundred pictures of it if it was allowed. I’m still not sure why it wasn’t, only thing that could be damaged by flash were the artifacts maybe, not sure why it wasn’t no-flash only, probably a copyright thing.

As part of our museum tour we got to go and walk on the living roof to look at the whale skeleton bits that are up there, we learned how to ID boat-strike whales based on skeletal remains, and how to distinguish juvie vs. adult whales based on their vertebrae. Another highlight was checking out the whale collection below the public access part of the museum which included checking out the skull of the Santa Cruz Sea Monster, and (as a group of wildlife people are prone to do…) we were distracted by the horn and antler collection stored down there, I was particularly distracted by an amazing set of wild water buffalo horns (the baseboard in the picture is ~4-5 inches tall for reference) and a huge taxidermied gaur head. Similarly it was really cool to check out their massive maceration tub/vat (gigantic and not that stinky), and their super cool dermestid colony (again not that stinky, but most of the group bailed once the cabinet was opened). CAS is amazing.

hi(for the 3rd time) so i reached 2.1k awhile ago(like rlly long ago) and i wanted to do another ff so! (also yeah ik i gif that video a lot but i love it)

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