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Hello gorgeous! I'm not sure if you've answered to this question already but are you going to take part in BoKuroo week?

I am!! I was unsure till a couple of days ago but at this point I have all the prompts sketched out and only need to line them, so I guess it’s nearly sure I will haha

Anon said: im cackling i cant believe youd get a tall noya and short teru if you switch their hair this is the best thing ive ever heard

Lmao I’m pretty sure someone edited Teru’s hair all brown and made it all the more obvious, if you look for it maybe you’ll find it it was an enlightning post hahaha

noah fence but like i see posts on here with hundreds of thousands of notes talking about how you all want shows to give you realistic lgbt representation as a focus of a show, how you want your shows to have diverse casts, how you want your shows to have strong female characters, how you want your shows to have interesting, well thought out and developed storylines, and then USA network steps up and hands you Eyewitness on a golden platter, and y'all just sleeping on it. do yourself a solid, and watch the show, thanks

to the people living with their abusers who aren’t able enough to get out, who are so traumatized that they can’t function, i hear you. you’re not worthless, you’re not weak or deserving of punishment. even if you’re an adult. when you’re traumatized and you live with the person (or people) who abuse you, that fear doesn’t always turn to active motivation to escape. sometimes being retraumatized sucks away our ability to function because we’re using all our energy focusing on the immediate threat. why would you have extra room to think about a job or school when you’re in danger? your brain is trying to protect you. please remember that you’re not failing. you’re coping with an overwhelming situation, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

great comet songs ft. alternate titles
  • prologue: okay we get it andrey isn't here
  • pierre: sad old man rethinks his life choices
  • moscow: have fun attempting to pronounce all the russian last names
  • the private and intimate life of the house: andrey's family is definitely totally messed up
  • natasha & bolkonskys: andrey's family really doesn't like natasha
  • no one else: natasha is feeling Emotions
  • the opera: the song where things begin their slow decline
  • natasha & anatole: natasha is Frightened
  • natasha lost: natasha is still Frightened
  • the duel: sad old man shoots a man
  • sunday morning: andrey still isn't here
  • charming: loudly and proudly mispronouncing "charmante"
  • the ball: the slow decline is now a pretty steady decline
  • letters: lonely old man is lonely, frightened young girl is frightened, anatole doesn't know how to write his own love letters
  • sonya & natasha: explain the letters natasha
  • sonya alone: sonya is trying Her Best and that's what counts
  • preparations: maybe anatole should have listened to pierre and dolokhov
  • balaga: the famous troika driver has arrived bitches
  • the abduction: a scoundrel? in MY house? it's more likely than you think
  • in my house: congratulations, you played yourself
  • a call to pierre: "anatole tried to elope with natasha" "whAT THE FU-"
  • find anatole: find that motherfucker and fight him
  • pierre & anatole: congratulations, you played yourself (reprise)
  • natasha very ill: poisoning yourself due to extreme guilt is a Bad Idea
  • pierre & andrey: holy shit look it's the song where andrey finally isn't not here
  • pierre & natasha: confessing one's love for someone solely because the aforementioned someone is ill and sad ??
  • the great comet of 1812: *looks at comet* #same #relatable #about me

save him. 

genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫

After the election, I didn’t sleep. Around four in the morning I got an unexpected phone call from someone who I thought only spoke to me as an excuse to tease me. Everything he’s ever said has been full of obscenities and 5edgy, and it only intensifies when he’s drunk or stoned. But… he was utterly sincere, and compassionate, and soft in ways I never expected from him. Suspected, yes - deep down and buried under all the posturing rubbish.

And honestly? That meant more to me than anything my friends or family have said. This is a guy who talks in perpetual capslock and usually says the most irritating or inappropriate thing he can imagine. Hearing earnest gentleness from him was surreal but oddly comforting.

The “heterosexual explanation for this” is that they’re friends. It’s not that difficult. Y'all preach all the time about how platonic affection should be normalized regardless of sex, gender, identity, or orientation, and then as soon as two female characters so much as glance at each other you’re all declaring that they’re in love and getting married next week.

I am not an American. This was not an election I could affect. But the fact of the matter is, this affects me and the rest of the citizens of the world. Because he will run international relations to the ground. We will all live in perpetual fear of nuclear war - not because of the state of the world - but because there is a megalomaniac with the impulse control of a tantrum-throwing 3 year old with his finger on the button. And worst of all, it legitimizes this type of candidates in other countries. 

Yes, the white supremacists have already gained a disgusting amount of ground in Europe, but most of them under the guise that they aren’t “actually racist” and try to distance themselves from their neo-nazi origins. This will no longer be necessary. The KKK got their guy into the White House. Open hatred and contempt for minorities will flourish. Because people in a position of privilege will rather watch the world burn to the ground than share any of it. 

So my outcry, my pleading, my possibly dying wish if someone rubs that man the wrong way: don’t give in. Keep fighting. Double your efforts when you’re met with apathy or prejudice. Try and find the human in your adversaries and claw them out from their cocoon of bile and entitlement. We have to be better than them. We have to stand for what is right and good and not give up, not give in. 

But for today, for tonight? Hold each other tight. Crumble. Feel your sorrow and despair. Tomorrow we stand as one again, no matter where we live or where we come from. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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Also, isn’t it just SO interesting that Branch spends his first 5 minutes of screen time mocking and insulting Poppy and basically telling her he really doesn’t care what happens to her?

And then when she comes to him after the party, the first thing he does after hearing “Bergen” is grab her and bring her into the safety of his bunker with him?

Isn’t it just so interesting?

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Tom: He? Matt is straight? Right?

Matt: Yeah, I- I am. I don’t know why they’re- why the would say that…

Tom: I mean like if you aren’t that fine and you can tell me cause obviously- 

Matt: Yeah, I know. But I’m not- we should just move on. 

Tom: Sure