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“What do you remember?”

“Hale. I’m sorry.”

If there’s one thing I hate more about the MCU fandoms continuing analysis and dissection of Civil War than the constant need by anti Tony stans to twist his actions and motivations to make him look like a bad guy, it’s this bizarre insistence that there has to be a bad guy other than Zemo. Not just in a ‘this side is ideologically wrong‘ sense, but in a sense that the MCU fandom just can’t handle the idea of a superhero movie where the protagonists disagree with, argue and fight each other without turning one of them into the antagonist.

For one thing, it shows how shallow fandoms can be and how fandoms never seem to acknowledge nuance as a thing in movies, TV shows or whatever else. For example, Kylo Ren is a deeply disturbed character who seems to want to be as evil as he can be to live up to his grandfather to the point of killing his own father to impress Snoke. But the fandom seem to either reduce to him to just an emo version of Vader or, worst of all, make him out to be a Zuko type anti hero who is totally redeemable and should totally get together with a girl who he tortured. Yeah, that kind of ‘analysis‘ bugs the hell out of me.

Mainly because it undermines what makes Civil War such a great movie. That being: both Steve and Tony have their points, but whose arguments and actions for most of the movie are driven more by reactionary emotion than any kind of logic or sense of the greater good.

Tony tries his best to do what’s best for what he sees as the greater good mainly out of personal guilt and PTSD eating away at him more than anything else. Eventually leading to the ending where Tony’s damaged psyche finally snaps from emotional agony. He does keep trying to do the right thing, but mainly to finally shake off a sense of guilt he’s never been able to deal with.

And Steve doesn’t do much better. Yes, at first, his motivations seem logical. His reasons for saying no to the Accords are personal, but they have logic behind them. But  he’s driven mostly by emotion the moment Bucky enters the picture. And I’ve already made another post about this, but I cannot stress this enough: Captain America in this movie is doing what he’s always done: what he believes is right and damning the consequences. He will follow orders, but if thinks his orders are wrong, he will disobey them and he will fight the system if he thinks it’s wrong. That’s what he does here. Only here, not only does that not solve anything, it makes everything worse. He gets Rhodey crippled, he breaks Tony’s heart, Bucky goes under cryosleep again, and most of the Avengers are now fugitives. All because of Steve.

TL;DR Neither Steve nor Tony were the bad guys in Civil War. They were on the opposing sides of a political debate that got out of hand because both of them let their emotions get the better of them.

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Funny Hat Facts: Hats are going back to 30,000 BC, so they've been there for a really long time. In 1797 a man named John Hetherington was given a £500 fine for inciting riots in the streets, because he was wearing a top hat. It is said that it's great height and shiny silk luster incited terror and panic. Honestly Black Hat would probably, as soon as he heard of this, decide that the top hat will be his main look.

BH was probably like “this is it. the most villainous hat ever. i n e e d it.”

  • He gets into immediate rivalries with anyone who’s hat is tALLER THAN HIS–
  • “uh boss i think he just likes wearing hats?” “Don’t be ridiculous Flug do you see how stupid that looks? What kind of moron wears a hat that tall!?!”
  • (Said hat is like. an inch taller than BH’s. Flug kinda stares at BH’s hat, then at BH, then back again. “really.”)
  • BH probably sells villain fashion tbh; branding and appearance are just as important for a client as the actual weaponry.
  • “NO CAPES. CAPES ARE SOOOO EARLY 2000′S– Have a coat instead. This is much, much edgier more evil.”

Don’t @ me because I’m not buying Negan’s fucking sob story [This is not the comics - tho I doubt its much better there]. Boo Hoo I was a shitty husband by my own admission so that totes justifies all the rape, murder, intimidation and torture I happily spread throughout the world now as if I was some macabre fucked up sugar plum fairy.

according to kylo stans it’s unfair to kylo that i just see him as evil like buddy he’s the villain you’re suppose to see him as evil

i also get the sense that this batman of the future isn’t being cast in a completely bad light, as he should be, but that tynion is instead trying to portray him somewhat sympathetically which…no

okay but if we have another batman stand-alone pls don’t let the main antagonist be the joker. i am so sick of sitting through joker movies. he will already be in suicide squad anyway. poison ivy has only had one movie debut. riddler had only had one movie debut. penguin has had only one movie debut. ra’s al ghul has had only one movie debut (AS A WHITE GUY.) there are literally dozens of batman villains out there and most of them are great but pls for the love of god DO NOT DO ANOTHER JOKER MOVIE OR I WILL PUSH HIM IN THAT VAT OF ACID MYSELF

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Deeper into the Headcanon: Imagine that Karmi is really this villain. Imagine her in a fight, with her gun set for Hiro, all others immobilized but she decided to spare him because he as a hero resembles his "cute lab friend" and she can not hurt him because he looks like Hiro. Giving time to Baymax scans her there and realizes that she is the "Karmi that Hiro has a crush" and the villain who spared his friend is the same person and he decided not to tell Hiro!

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This could be a potential scenario (A REALLY INTENSE ONE). I obviously think Baymax’s scan is the best way to put two and two together towards masked villains, and he would know about the villainess being Karmi. But I don’t understand people saying he could hide things from Hiro. Baymax, due to being a robot, has almost 0 inhibitions and says almost everything he is processed to say, so unless that would threathen Hiro’s health, I don’t think he would hide anything from Hiro. BUT, maybe one reason he wouldn’t tell Hiro is because he wants to protect Karmi’s identity. Speaking of which, if Karmi is to be friends with Hiro and knows about Baymax, maybe she makes in sort his scanner is jammed when her villain alter ego is around for him not to recognize her?

There are so many possibilities, and let me share some alternatives of the gun point theory that could happen as well ;)

1) Karmi recognizes Hiro while holding him at gunpoint. The villainess appears to be masked, so Hiro may not know it’s her (at first), but Hiro still has a transparent helmet (unless he taints it to hide his identity). Anyways, Karmi sees/knows it’s him and cannot bring herself to hurt Hiro.

2) She’s bluffing. She has absolutely no intention of harming him, no matter if she knows Hiro’s identity or not, because she may be a villain out the outside (for specific goals of rebellion) but deep down is a good person, and one of her rules is to NOT hurt anyone (except real bad guys)

3) ALTERNATIVE. What if instead, someone else had Hiro at gun point, and out of nowhere, she pounces on Hiro’s assaillant before he can kill/harm him and knocks him out cold, thus saving Hiro’s life. That’s when Hiro and the people watching know that she’s not evil, because if she really was, she wouldn’t have saved him.

reyl0s are all about the subtext until it comes to the subtext of rey most likely being the granddaughter of anakin and padme or the subtext of a potential romantic relationship between finn and rey

((Look at those people! they didn’t even think of at least stopping Tadashi from going inside the building and they have the gall to say “Tadashi’s not really gone if we just remember him?” You didn’t even try to fucking stop him! You all just left him to die! What’s worst is that none of them seem to be calling the firefighters to fight the fire! And don’t also forget the fact that none of them even tried to stop Hiro from going after his brother!!!)

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What do you think of Kurapika? Seeing how you see Gon and Killua I would like to hear what you think of Kurapika and what might happen to him. I think that he'll most likely stray and become a potential anti-villain, but I'd like to hear why you think.

Oooh, potential anti-villain Kurapika is really interesting…

I’ve always loved Kurapika, but I think after seeing how Gon responded to loss and vengeance during the CA arc it really got me thinking about Kurapika more than I had back when he was a mainstay of the series. Kurapika has been internalizing the loss of the Kurta for years. He’s intentionally been stewing in his agony, as he admits when he says that his only fear is his rage dying (and not himself dying). He is adamant to not heal, as if that would be disrespectful to his clan. It’s like… Gon is mad because he feels guilty, versus Kurapika, who feels guilty if he’s not mad? lol

I think what worries me the most about Kurapika is actually how he reacted when he thought the Phantom Troupe was dead. I guess, to me, if I was seeking revenge against a seemingly indestructible group of people, I wouldn’t have cared if someone else stepped in and finished the job for me? I would’ve felt relief that they weren’t at large anymore? But Kurapika wasn’t relieved. He looked absolutely empty inside. I get the feeling that, even if Kurapika had been the one to take them all out, he still wouldn’t have felt satisfied anyway? At the end of the day, his clan is still dead.

I guess that’s my fear for Kurapika. What happens once he completes his revenge, what happens once he has all the eyes back? Maybe he will be satisfied, but will he finally be able to let his rage go? Will he finally let himself heal? I think that, without intervention from people who love him, he’s still set on a very dangerous path.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kurapika as an anti-villain. Right now, the only way my mind is seeing that play out is if his personal quest for revenge completely jeopardizes the Dark Continent expedition – which it very well could. Mizaistom has already given Kurapika the heads-up that the Fourth Prince of Kakin (the man who has the rest of the scarlet eyes) is also going to the Dark Continent.

My other concern for Kurapika is that he based all of his nen abilities around fighting the Phantom Troupe, but now suddenly they’ve been sidelined. The prince doesn’t know nen, but iirc he has a nen beast (that he can’t see) protecting him now, or something? (Need to re-read these chapters real bad.) I just don’t know if Kurapika planned for the Big Bad not being in the Phantom Troupe.

Oh, and I’m also curious how things with Kalluto will work out. Will Kurapika try to kill him at some point, since he’s officially a Spider now? Will Killua finally acknowledge Kalluto’s existence in canon beyond thinking of him in a family relations diagram and react to this? Will this causes a rift between him and Kurapika?

I can’t WAIT to find out. In like. Ten years. Maybe.


Character Aesthetics: Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites)

“Once upon a time, a girl had a father, a prince, a society of friends. Then they betrayed her, and she destroyed them all.”

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You is a person very reasonable and I would like to hear what you had to say about people blaming everyone who likes Kylo Ren/Ben Solo for sexism, racism and abuse apology. I mean, I see many good arguments to someone hate him, but a lot of people seem to be hating him because he is male and white, so privileged and I don't get, because in the SW Universe the dynamics of racism and sexism would be different than IRL and looks like oversimplification to me. What do you think this happens?

Because it has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars.

It’s imported grandstanding from contemporary Tumblr fandom in general. The same thing happens in lots of fandoms: Sandor, Cersei, et al in ASOIAF, Loki in the MCU, Kuvira (and earlier, Noatak and Tarrlok) from LOK, apparently Regina in OUAT, Snape in HP, etc etc (I’m sure anyone could fill in with the sympathetic villains from their own fandoms). The reason I have so little tolerance for it is that I’m a fandom butterfly and no matter which ones I go to, I find it happening over and over and over again.

As an interesting note, villain fans glomming onto (*gasp*) the villain gets attributed to something problematic regardless of the particulars of the case. If the villain’s a white man, his popularity is inextricably linked to racism/misogyny (usually focusing more on misogyny), if they’re a white woman, to racism (or classism if possible), if they’re a man of colour, to misogyny and potentially classism, and if a woman of colour, then shadeism if she’s light-skinned, classism if that’s applicable, maybe ableism if all else fails. 

I keep expecting to find a social justice rationalization flowchart somewhere.

Whenever I read professional articles that criticize how Kylo’s face isn’t menacing enough and that he doesn’t look like “a Star Wars villain” I’m just baffled at how much they’ve missed the point. Adam Driver could be terrifying if he was asked or wanted to be. They could have let him grow his very masculine facial hair out and directed him to have vicious murder constantly brewing behind his eyes. Instead, they gave him a clean babyface and glistening eyes.

There’s a reason for all of it, and you literally just stated those reasons yourself.