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RFA + V + Saeran reaction to a MC who has a very energetic cat that is a Manx/Siamese mix so the cat is loud as well and is constantly causing noise during the middle of the night? Thanks!


> This boy loves animals always has so for you to have a cat its a dream come true

> He expected it to be like average cats snoozing and just lazing about but nope he was so wrong

> This cat sprinted from one side of the room and back at break neck speed, it ran into the wall once

> But trying to get a goodnights sleep was close to impossible with the cat

> It would make a crying yell sound and start clawing at the doors so that someone would get up and pay it attention and it was uasually him because you could sleep through it

> He had no clue how you could sleep through the craziness of the cat at all, it wasn’t exactly quiet

> He loves that cat with all of his heart though and enjoys it when it finally does calm down and lay on him for snuggles



> Just don’t do this to him

> Cats are a deal breaker

> And he needs his beauty sleep so just no cats okay?


> Wasn’t very found of you having a cat to begin with because of the experiences with Elizabeths c-hair

> But grew to love it so much, apart from early in the morning, because boy was it loud

> And she just wanted to sleeeeeeeeeeeep

> Let Bahee sleep

> But loves how it can keep itself entertained with just a piece of string for hours

> And the cuddles that she gets after a long day from both you and your cat is her happy place



> Was worried that your cat and Elizabeth the Third would not get along at all

> But with how quickly he saw that Elizabeth the Third took to your cat he decided to take a step back and stop being a helicopter parent

> He slowly grew to love your cat as much as you do

> He would be used to the loudness of a cat because he does have his own but yours is louder but it doesn’t take him long to adjust

> He came home once to see your cat and Elizabeth playing chase and thought it was the cutest thing ever so he had to take a photo

> It was blurry as hell but he still cherished it


> Oh boy! He would have thought that Christmas came early

> So much better than his Robo cat

> He would love how energetic and loud you cat was

> He would often say that it was him in cat form

> Really wouldn’t mind the loudness of the cat at all

> If anything he would try to make it louder and run around more

> Treats and a lazer pointer were used

> Would get it catnip just to see what would happen

> Loves the cat almost as much as he loves you



> Loves animals

> Loves your cat

> Does NOT love the loud noises it makes in the middle of the night

> It always seems to jump on him and meow in his face as soon as he starts drifting off

> It was once flung off the bed in surprise

> He spent a good half hour clutching said cat and crying silently while appologizing

> When it licked his forehead he cried even harder because he hurt such an innocent creature and he got kisses from the floof

> Starts to really appreciate your cats loud noises when it once told him that someone was at the door when y'all were doing the do

> Asks your cat questions about its day and vents to it when alone



> Would deny loving your cat but not so secretly loves it

> Adores the little purrs he gets when feeding it

> Feels so friggin loved when it lays on his lap or gets him ‘presents’

> Not a huuuge morning person but a really hevay sleeper so rarely wakes up to the cats noises

> But has once woken up to the cat starring into his very soul

> Just asked what it was looking at and rolled back over to sleep more

> Another person who loves how energetic your cat is

> Brought it a Christmas present (It was a badly wrapped toy mouse with a Santa hat on it)


-Admin Kay

ooohhh im so excited about Spider-Man Homecoming i know i keep sayign im over heroes and over marvel but this looks SO RIGHT?? godddd im so happy to have fun goofy teenage spidey again this is … .so right… its so true… im crying

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i really like to draw as a hobby but the one thing that irks me a lot is i get new ideas everyday about what i want to draw but i have no time to do it all (and also bc i like to spend a lot of time on one drawing before i move on to the next)

Its true to me when I restarted, I always have so many ideas It keeps roaming my head!!!! I dont know what to draw first, I wish I had more than 2 hands and 36 hours a day. 

But here’s my thought. Don’t you love your drawing? The more beautiful it is the more you love it. You want to bring it to this world right? You just have to set priority which one you love the most and stick to that for a while. Love it a for a little longer. Just a little longer. Stay in that love. 

You can do it, I’m sure!


That was probably the wrong answer…

lol i love the difference between jimin and jungkook stans

ask a jimin stan what theyd do if they ever saw him in person and theyd be like “wrap him in a soft warm blanket and feed him sweet cookies and hot coco for his cute little self”

ask a jungkook stan the same thing and theyd be like “deck him right in the fucking face”