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I had a crush on you in intermediate... You're actually so gorgeous now (not that you weren't before though), probably have a little bit of a crush on you still. Idk if that helps validate you at all but its true soo

BYE I WAS SO UGLY IN INTERMEDIATE omg those were my darkest days and i think i got bullied the most then wtf who is this

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Lindsey Morgan?? Whose lizzie and how does she looks like Lindsey Morgan??????


so lizzie is @skatertobin

this is lindsey morgan, she’s an actress from The 100:

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needless to say she’s BEAUTIFUL.

so lizzie literally looks like lindsey morgan. every time she posts selfies everyone floods her inbox like “omg you look like lindsey morgan!” and its TRUE. 

so theres your answer :D 

i like when people write meta/headcanons about tim being just in love with robin itself and everyone whos suited the mantle better than he does (dick, jason, steph) because its just true… its true… robin is so many things i want to be and to have close by. i really love all three of them so much and i wish i was better

Whatever you may personally think of Vanessa Hudgens, that woman deserves every goddamn standing ovation for her performance tonight. Even if you didn’t think it was good, she deserves a standing ovation for being as brave as she was. 

It takes some serious ovaries to be able to pull yourself together and put on a live performance hours after losing your father. I know from personal experience. I wasn’t as brave as she was, or as strong. It was the Friday before tech week and I just couldn’t. I could barely function, let alone sing and dance. 

Bravo, Vanessa, for showing the world what a true performer looks like.

so i was talking (loudly) to my brother about one of my ships, and i hear from the other room my mom saying to one of my relatives “she’s very protective of the gays”

she knows

If ML Fans Didn't Know the Civilian Identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir
  • MariChat shipper:Marichat is the best! Just look at Chat, he's definitely in love with Marinette. He's so protective around her and was even smiling as he looked at her family picture!
  • LadyNoir shipper:Nuh-uh! He obviously loves Ladybug! LadyNoir for the win!
  • MariChat Shipper:Well, it's one-sided. Ladybug doesn't love him so he's going to move on with Marinette. . .
  • Adrinette Shipper:No! Marinette loves Adrien! And I think Adrien loves her too (did you see Kung Food?). . .
  • MariChat Shipper:Adrien is just being nice. Besides, I think he loves Ladybug.
  • LadyNoir Shipper:Ladybug is obviously gonna end up with Chat because she gave him a kiss of True love. She's just being tsundere around Chat.
  • Marichat Shipper:Are you serious? That kiss is just to break the spell. It's nothing special.
  • LadyNoir Shipper:It's the kiss of True Love!
  • Ladrien Shipper:. . . well, I think Ladybug and Adrien love each other though. When they exchange look, it seemed they have mutual love.
  • ML Shippers:. . .
  • Marichat Shipper:See! I think the same way too! That look they have is definitely "Love".
  • Ladynoir Shipper:That's just a look! You can interpret it in many different ways. LB and CN exchanged a much more meaningful look during the Antibug episode.
  • Adrinette Shipper:Yeah, besides I think they are the most underrated pairing. They have the least of interactions to draw any conclusions. . .

make me choose:  Frary or Mabastian

“I will never l o v e anyone the w a y that I love you…”

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