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okay so my sis works at marvel studios, she's pretty high up like if you google her name things shes done comes up anyway today she told me that everyone calls sebastian sweetheart like it's become an inside joke where whenever someone mentions sebastian people in the near vicinity go all "he's such a sweetheart" which i thought was hilarious and needed sharing

he also apparently brought his stunt double in tws some expensive watch or whatever (she told me this like ages ago but back then i wasn’t really into mcu WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME???) and him and frank grillo tried/try to pull pranks on set all the time but they never succeed like just a ton of failed pranks


It’s sort of wonderfully twisted that the series ends with Hannibal getting everything he has ever wanted, up to and including Will in his arms, and in that moment I think he was perfectly content to die. Will is the one who pushes them off the cliff, but Hannibal allows himself to be backed up onto the ledge, and he’s far too sharp and aware of his environment to do that unknowingly. My feeling, watching the episode purely as its own self-contained story, is that Will gave in to his true desires right before killing himself and his monster, and that Hannibal let it happen.
—  Emma Dibdin; “Hannibal series finale recap: ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’ is a perfect romantic ending;” Digital Spy (x)