...and making the creepy things seem cute?

I wish that V wasn’t being overrun/thrown aside because of Ray/Saeran in his own route. It’s sad to see it because I was so excited and happy and now I see lots of people throwing him to the curb cause of Ray. I don’t know it’s just sad to see to me, like, I don’t know; what happened to “let me save V,” ? I’ve seen people just say “lol sorry V, Saeran is here.” Sure some people still say it but I’ve seen more posts about Saeran/Ray and romanticizing his abandonment and obsessive issues he has in the route. I don’t find it cute or romantic.

Give him a route of his own someday where it’s love not based on his obsession in the end but based on true feelings, a love that isn’t forced because he’s scared to be abandoned. 

i feel like a lot of guys think that “insistent but not creepy” thing they do is cute but it isnt. it misses the mark. when a partner expresses hesitancy do not laugh and cajole someone, even if you think it’s a joke . even if you think it’s cute or lovable or flattering. it’s not cute and it doesn’t feel like a joke bc it literally is not. people can tell when you want something and when youre trying to get it in any way you can but you’re using humor to try and make it seem less creepy than it is. transparent and not cute.

study dates with best friend!peter
  • you’d have been best friends for a while
  • and maybe you’re complaining about a class you have
  • “you know, if you wanted, i could maybe help…”
  • “just a thought i mean, uh, yeah”
  • peter being very nervous because he hates rejection
  • he probably likes u and u probably like him (neither of u admitting it)
  • after you get a test back as a 75, you give in
  • he’s really excited about it so goes home and tells aunt may
  • “but peter, you’re not even in that class”
  • “yeah i know aunt may, but [y/n] is”
  • aunt may giving him a knowing look, probably winking when you first come over
  • she secretly has always hoped you two would be together, this hopefully being the first step
  • within the first ten minutes he’d probably get distracted by watching himself on youtube
  • “peter we’re supposed to be watching a crash course, not ‘top ten best spider-man moments caught on film’”
  • he blushes and exits the tab, but you definitely catch him doing it at least two more times
  • “[y/n] this is boring”
  • “we just started fifteen minutes ago”
  • “…oh”
  • you bring your favorite candy with you and quiz each other, so after you get something right, you throw one and peter tries to catch it in his mouth
  • probably misses once or twice
  • probably hits him in the eye once or twice
  • “[y/n] you suck at this”
  • “well, i’m sorry i don’t possess superhuman abilities and have amazing hand-eye coordination”
  • aunt may bringing in a plate with crackers and cheese and juice boxes
  • “it’s good for brain power!”
  • peter being embarrassed and complaining that he’s not a little kid
  • you both secretly hope aunt may will bring more food though
  • the next test you ace with a 100
  • peter smiling because he heard flash got a 98
  • so you decide to do study dates regularly
  • peter possibly acting like he needs help with math even though you need it more than he does
  • you end up having him come over more
  • (because he likes showing up at your window all mysterious)
  • ((and you have a dog))
  • maybe he shows up kinda late at night, post crime fighting, and he’s still wearing the spider-man suit
  • claims he’s too tired to go pick up a text book, so he tries to use his webs to bring it to him from across the room
  • forgets that they’re hard to control
  • hits himself in the face with it
  • “oh sh*t!”
  • definitely gets distracted by your dog
  • “peter what’s this equ-”
  • peter getting distracted by everything
  • “[y/n] what’s this?”
    “that’s perfume, peter.”
    “really? well i think you better get it checked because it doesn’t seem to be wor-”
  • definitely has it held up to his eye to see if the little hole is clogged
  • definitely ends up spraying himself in the eye
  • definitely makes it hard for either of you to stay focused after that
  • maybe one time it gets really late, and you both end up falling asleep over your books
  • somehow you wake up in your bed
  • all your stuff has been put away
  • he probably left a cute note with lots of things crossed out
  • “hey [y/n] i hope you don’t mind i took your dog… just kidding”
  • (probably told himself that’s creepy to write but left it in there anyways)
  • you probably keep the note folded up somewhere, because it makes you smile

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Pastel Gore?

How do people even get this idea?

Gore is defined as being the depiction of slaughter which is NOT part of Menhera for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that this is about sickness and implying that being “sick” corresponds with murder is discriminative stereotyping which opposes the whole point this is trying to make - people with mental health issues aren’t monsters that are going to kill you.

Having said that, pastel guro on the other hand would fall under Gurokawa (Creepy Cute), just mentioning as some people don’t seem to understand that gore (slaughter) and guro (grotesque) aren’t the same thing.

Please Understand This

If you’re, like, around the age of 14, please do not say stuff like ”The things I would let him do to me.” Or “His mouth and tongue tho 👅.” And “Just imagine him using *insert a random body part* on you.”

First off, you are a fucking CHILD and he is most likely a grown man! (You should also not do this if whomever you’re stanning is under 18 bc they are also a damned child and just children sexualizing children isn’t okay. This rant is mostly about younger teens sexualizing older men, but I had to put it out there)

Second off, imagine how it feels to be a 30 something year old seeing things from someone around the age of 14 talking about fucking you or you using your hands and mouth on them. I can only imagine how disgusting, embarrassing, and over uncomfortable it just might feel.

Third of all, they’re human fucking beings. Treat them with respect. We always talk about how objectifying and sexualizing isn’t okay, but we never focus on the male celebrities. This is just as bad as men commenting creepy ass things on women’s pictures.

Fourth of all, I understand you are young and experiencing these feelings that are fairly new, but you gotta learn it’s not funny and cute and quirky to say those things. I get the internet and all the fanfiction makes it seem cute and shit, but it’s not. It’s just flat out creepy and ILLEGAL. It’s okay to have a crush, but remember they’re people too. Think about how they feel when they see a bunch of children talk about having sex with them.


Well this was uncomfortable

So I work at the front desk of my local discovery museum. I’m used to meeting new people and finding out their stories if they decide to share. Today’s story is one I will never forget. This might be a bit long, so bear with me.

I’m working on learning Japanese and was writing down some new phrases in my little notebook when an old man walked up. He started talking to me and telling me a little about himself.

He’s 77 years old, lived in our town almost all his life, runs a “news youtube” page. He tells me about how he has a green screen in his living room, takes pictures with his camcorder, and edits them to make it look like he’s sitting in various locations for his videos.

During this conversation all I could think of was how it was cute this old man found something enjoyable to do, something that he really seemed to love doing, especially since he bought or made a green screen for his videos and spent so much time editing them.

Then things got a little creepy. Out of nowhere he started telling me about how he is close personal friends with the Bundy family (yes, THAT Bundy), how he was at Ted’s trials, and how he was at his ex wife’s house last spring. He’s telling me about her son and all this information. All while I am trapped.

He trapped me for 15 minutes telling me about his life, some of which was about Ted’s ex and the trials.

By the time a new visitor walked in and he finally left, my boss ended up coming over to me and asking if everything was okay. I couldn’t lie to her and told her a smidge about my “new friend” and what he’d told me. Apparently even my coworker had been worried about me during the conversation.

Talk about uncomfortable.

Why I Dislike The Zim Comic + Concerns For Movie

This is just my opinion so don’t get your panties in a knot.

I'v been a fan of Invader Zim since it originally aired on TV. I was around 7 at the time. The show was the ultimate love letter to all things horror and science fiction. It terrified and disgusted me as a child and i loved every second of it! The monsters, the gore, the dark morbid humor, I loved it all! So when they originally announced the comic i leaped for joy. The first four issues made be chuckle but as the series went on i constantly found myself more and more disappointed with it. The comic does not live up to the original show at all and lacks what made it so great. Compared to the original show the comic is utterly tame and completely babyish. Now i don’t know if this is Nickelodeons doing but i’d rather have no comic or movie than a bad comic and movie. Now before you all start to scream at me with rage let me just explain my point of view.

   First lets talk about what made the original show so great. Invader Zim was masterful at mashing up cute with creepy. You have to admit that even Gir was creepy in his own adorably horrifying way. I never thought that something could be both so adorable yet creepy at the same time and this was Invader Zim’s specialty. Another great thing about the series was it’s dark sense of humor about human society. The series took jabs at many topics like capitalism and consumerism. All the shows morbid portrayal of disgusting fast food chain restaurants, advertisements, and products would send me into howling laughter. My favorite though had to be how terrible and crappy they portrayed the American School system to be. The School or should i say “skool”, was run down, creepy, and low on funding. It would crack me up how Zim was always unsure of whether or not to eat the disgusting cafeteria food.And lets not forget the classic Ms. Bitters who pretty much was every teacher i'v ever had. I think we all found our self’s relating to Dib about how terrible everything is and fate working against us. Another great thing was just the basic character design. Everyone was so ugly and disfigured. The hideously deformed white trash folks who looked like something straight out of The Hills Have Eyes remains amazing still to this day. Even the monsters in the show were so terrifying they looked like something straight out of a R horror film. And lets not forget all the gore! Invader Zim was so disgusting and gory for a children’s show and it was incredible, after all the guy who wrote it was none other than the same guy who wrote Johnny The Homicidal Maniac! To this day, classic episodes such at Dark Harvest and Career Day had some of the most freaky disgusting sequences i'v ever seen in a children’s cartoon.

  The comic lacks all of these things. What ever happened to the dark and humorously edgy writing style we all fell in love with?  Now it’s 100% all cuteness without the creepy and scary. The comic lacks all the dark humor, gore, monsters, and all the characters look mostly normal. Where are all the white trash freaks? We also have not seen the classic Mr. President Man. All the hideously terrifying monsters are gone. Even the art style lacks the charm of the show. The filthy dystopian style of the show seems almost absent. In issue 18 Zim makes himself a giant cute cyborg sloth and i could not help but cringe. Remember from the episode Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars the hideous brain parasite Zim had? I want more of that! The comics humor is also very repetitive. For example, the over use of silly nonsense words. Through out the series when describing another alien species Zim will say something along the lines of “This is like a globaderp licking a bloopbloop on a hot sunny day!”. While this was silly at first it just got annoying real fast and started to come off as lazy writing. The show had it’s own moments of silly words but they had a place in the shows canon like Zim’s Squeedily Spooch and they were not overused. In issue 20 Zim is watching a show with gir and over and over again they spurt the made up silly words. The comic also no longer follows the story that was building up in the show and now focuses on complete randomness. However, Not all my criticisms of the comic are negative. Jhonen always manages to put in funny adult references like Mini Moose’s “lady prison show”(also from issue 20) which is an obvious jab at Orange Is The New Black. The entirety of the comic itself is not at all bad. It’s a sold series that definitely has plenty of silliness but it would be better suited as something other than Zim. Now my biggest issue with the series is that the characters are all very out of character. Both physically and mentally. I’m going to go through some of them one by one (Also, is it just me or does issue 7 seem suspiciously close to that episode of Futurama)

   Lets start with Dib. My main gripe with Dib is his changed appearance as is the same case with Gaz but we’ll get to her later. Dib no longer has his original hair style and most of the time he is no longer wearing his iconic shirt. Jhonen stated his change in hair was to make him look more his age but what was so great about the original character design of the show was that none of the characters really looked their age let alone human. In fact they looked hideously deformed and that’s what made them truly stand out and yet made them so lovable! When designing a cartoon character the pros stick to a simple formula. The character must have a simple yet iconic look. Go ahead and think about your favorite cartoon characters. I bet most of them have an easy recognizable look that rarely changes. I will use Ed Edd and Eddy as an example. The three of them all have outfits you instantly recognize. These outfits almost never change except in instances relating to the plot of the episode or the weather. Next I’ll use Steven Universe as an example. Think of Stevens red shirt. It’s simple yet easily recognizable. If you saw someone out in public wearing a replica of his shirt you say “Hey, that’s Steven’s shirt!” despite it being just a plain red shirt with a yellow star on it. Dib’s shirt was truly unique in this way. If you put on a replica of his shirt i can easily bet quite a few people would recognize it. His new shirt, however, does not have this effect. In some issues Dib still has this shirt but the majority of the time in the comic he is wearing a blue shirt with a little ghost on it. If you were to wear this shirt out around a few to none would be able to recognize it. Multiple times Dib has also been out of character. My top example would be in issue 8.  Groyna wants Dib to help her stop the alien pants but Dib awkwardly says “No thanks.” Now, we all know very well that Dib loves nothing more than a partner in the paranormal like in the episode Vindicated. Dib was thrilled that someone finally believed in him. Why would this girl be any different even if she was crying.

  Next up is Gaz. The majority of my criticisms are of what they did to her. Gaz was originally my favorite character in the show now i find her to be utterly obnoxious and my least favorite character in the comic. Remember when Gaz was the kick ass goth girl we all fell in love with and not a “gamer”? Sure, she absolutely loved her video games but it’s not what defined her character like it does now. Her original awesome classic goth outfit(going back to the character changes i mentioned in the last paragraph) has now been changed into what seems to be a Space Invaders shirt. Also her terrifying yet adorable room is now all video game posters. What was great about Gaz was she still was cute and giving off the vibe of an innocent little girl yet she was also absolutely terrifying. And lets be honest. Nothing is more annoying than a gamer who brags about being a gamer. In the classic episode Game Slave 2, Gaz had to painfully wait in line for her game while listening to that annoying kid Iggins bragging about his gaming skills and knowledge. When he took the game from her and bragged about being the better gamer we were all just begging for Gaz to kick his ass. Now Gaz has become that annoying kid we hated. In fact she has pretty much become the living embodiment of the entirety of the Dark Souls community and there is a reason the Dark Souls community is looked down upon. Anyone can beat a Dark Souls game as long as they put time and effort into it but allot of the fans have somehow diluted themselves into thinking they are superior in the gaming community for beating a Dark Souls game. They are snotty to anyone who, god forbids, asks for help. They also use the term “Git Gud” unironically. Her attitude has also seen a dramatic change. The original Gaz just wanted to be alone and play her game in peace but now she is more social and constantly bragging about her gaming skills. I overheard that this was because Jhonen wanted to make her more human but part of what made her character so great was how inhuman she was just like Mandy from The Grimm Adventures Of Billy and Mandy. Imagine if Maxwell Adams said that he wanted to make Mandy more human. It would completely ruin her character. If the issue is they wanted to show that Gaz actually has a softer side there is a better way to do this. Take Mandy for example, the show has shown multiple times that she cares for Billy without breaking her character. I believe the same can be done with Gaz. I highly recommend re watching the episode Gaz Taster of Pork. Compare her personalty, gaming obsession, room, and killer dolls to the way she is now.

  Next i’d like to talk about Professor Membrane. As a kid growing up with soon to be divorced parents and a dad who was always away, Professor Membrane’s relationship with his children was very relatable to me. The fact that he was the worlds most famous scientist and too busy for his children always cracked me up. In the episode Dib Ship Rising Professor Membrane left an audio log for his children just repeating the phase “Do you love me?” and would not give Dib dinner unless he pressed yes on the computer sent me into tears of laughter. This is a perfect example of the dark humor that made the show so great! Membrane did not neglect his children on purpose though. He was just so busy all the time. There are ways that they have showed that he does infact care for his children in the way i discussed earlier with Mandy. The whole point of Professor Membrane’s character was that Jhonen wanted Dib’s father to be a scientist so that Dib would have some ways in fighting Zim. If Dib’s father paid more attention to Dib, Zim probably would not be a problem anymore and we would not have classic episodes like Bloaty’s Pizza Hog. Jhonen said that Membrane was so neglectful of his children that he wanted to show that they did spend time together as a family. But if i wanted a cute happy show about family bonds I probably would watch something else. At Invader Con 2 Jhonen explained how Zim fangirls are watching the show wrong. He stated “I watched a video of the the voice actors reading one of the unaired scripts and all you could hear during this episode was girls going "AWWWW”. It really puts a spotlight on how so many of the fans are watching the show wrong. The major tenants of the how are sarcasm, cruelty, and violence. Affection and warm fuzzy things, anything that would inspire awww, it’s not in the show.“ The comic lacks all three of these things that he mentioned and has some of those "warm fuzzy things”. I also can’t put enough of an emphases on the missing violence in the comic enough. It seems more like the comic is trying to reach these cute girls instead of the audience Jhonen originally intended. And don’t give me that “but it’s a kid show” crap. Remember that fantasy Gaz had of Dib’s pile of organs in the episode Bloaty’s Pizza Hog? Give me that stuff!

  Last is Zim. The main issue with Zim is his relationship with Dib. The writers seem unsure of what they want to do with this relationship and it keeps changing. Zim and Dib’s relationship is often a controversial subject but regardless of whether you like ZADE, ZADF, or ZADR we can all mutually agree that it’s pretty much canon that they need each other as rivals in order to function. In a way their relationship is a weird combination of all three. In issue 13 when Dib gets kidnapped his kidnappers bribe Zim for his toy in exchange for his “best friend”. This issue constantly pushes in our face that Zim could give less than two shits about what happens to dib when we all know Zim would bust in to save his ass screaming something along the lines of “NOBODY GETS TO TORTURE DIB BUT ZIM!” or “DIB IS MY PRISONER” These guys all try to pretend that Mopiness of Doom never existed but it does. So, in issue 13, Zim could care less. But in issue 17, Dib and Zim are playing I Spy together while locked up in a prison cell as if they are friends. You see how the writing is very inconsistent here? Zim also has this issue with Gir. In the show we all know Zim cares about Gir to some degree like in the episode Walk of Doom. Gir starts crying over his cupcake but Zim mistakes this as him being upset for making a mistake and Zim forgives him. Yet in issue 2 when Gir is half broken and tells Zim to go on without him Zim could care less.
Now that i am done with most of my whining i urge you to re watch the show. And don’t just watch it i mean really WATCH it. Look at the scenery and environments. The design of all the characters and monsters. The writing style. Just look how dirty and disgusting all the dystopian scenery looks. Look just how dark and gloomy yet equally hilarious the world looks. You will also notice allot of funny hidden references throughout the show. Closely examine everything and then when all is said and done compare it to the comic. I am deeply concerned for the movie. I really hope it will take after the original show and not the comic.

Yandere DRV3 Girls

I shoulda posted this like a month ago I’m so sorry

Boys can be found right here

(Trigger warnings for the following: Kidnapping, Stalking, Non-con elements/mentions, Non-con drug use, Implied Torture, Physical/Emotional Abuse, Manipulation, Gas Lighting, and Implied Murder)

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College Au

Au where Mob after his accident in middle school he has forgotten everything to do with his powers.
And his powers themselves seem to have vanished.

Until one day he gets dragged to a party by his best friend Tsubomi.
He meets a boy with purple and light blonde (almost white) hair.
He has faint scars crisscrossing across his face. Mob is Reminded of Kintsugi. And like the drink in his hand bright colorful and full of glitter.
He feels vaguely familiar but Mob shakes it.
They hit it off and before he knows it he and Teruki are moving in together.

Things are quite cute and domesticated until Mob starts finding clues that literally everyone in his life is hiding something.
There’s photos of the two of them from they were fourteen that he doesn’t remember being taken, Teru and Ritsu seem to have a history, and to make things weirder things be moving on their own and sometimes if Mob gets particularly emotional things shatter

And all the while he has to deal with homework, a teacher who seriously has it in for him, and some sort of creepy cult that thinks he’s their god.

You know, typical college things


Pairing: Jimin x You 

Genre: Fluff!

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

 "Oh man Jennie! He’s back again! Please you have to take his order this time, I always make a fool of myself around him!“ I beg my best friend and co-worker Jennie, who has been with me for a couple years now.

 "Y/N it’s so obvious that you’re crushing on him! You aren’t going to get rid of it by hiding behind the counter. You still have a job to do! Now go!” She says, pushing me off in the direction of the customer. A very, very attractive customer. His name is Park Jimin. Or at least, that’s what his friends have called him; I haven’t actually met him. Okay so maybe that might be a little creepy, but you’d understand if you saw him. His eyes are so beautiful, whether he smiles or not. 

Oh his smile…I’ll never get tired of seeing his prefect smile. Somehow he’s so cute yet at the same time so…manly. And his hair! It’s so fluffy and it always seems to be amazing. He’s had many hair colors but this is my favorite: blonde. I don’t really know why, it just suits him so well. If I hadn’t seen him here everyday, I would’ve thought that he’s a real life prince. But the thing that makes me wonder the most is how his lips would feel. They’re just so pink and just so perfectly plump I-

 "Hello? Excuse me miss?“ I’m broken out of my reverie by none other than the prince himself.

 "Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t know that I zoned out in front of you, this is so embarrassing! How long have I been standing here?” I feel my face turning beet red. I’m sure if I looked at myself right now I’d be an equivalent to a tomato.

 "Well, only about a minute. It’s really no problem. You looked kind of cute zoned out like that. Can I get your name? I might as well know it, I’ve been coming here for the past month now; and I always seem to have you as a server. If you don’t mind, of course.“ I don’t respond, what he’s asking not registering in my mind. It isn’t until he clears his throat that I manage to respond.

 "Oh! U-um, not at all! My name is Y/N.”

 "Y/N, huh? Pretty. I’m Jimin.“

 "I know.” My eyes widen in horror as I realize that, this beautiful man that I’ve never formally met before just introduced himself and I go and tell him I already know who he is. 

Great. Fantastic. Why must I be so nervous around him!

 "Oh you do? Well then I must have done something right to get a beautiful girl like you to notice me.“ He winks, and I think that this is his way of defusing any embarrassment I might feel. I smile at him gratefully.

 "Well, now that I’ve turned a normal shade of color for a human being; may I take your order?”

 "Just the usual Y/N, thank you.“ And with that, I walk to the kitchen, put in the order and come back to a smirking Jennie.

 "I saw you out there. You know, for embarrassing yourself that many times in front of him, you did pretty well.”

 "Oh shut up! You don’t understand! He affects me in ways I never knew could be affected! I get so nervous around him that I just freeze and completely humiliate myself! I’m surprised he still comes back!“ I say this all in one breath, feeling frustrated that I can never seem to act normal in front of this man.

 "This might sound like a crazy idea, but maybe, just maybe you have a crush on him.”

“That’s crazy! I don’t even know him!” She scoffs at my outburst, finding it invalid.

 "That’s not true. You know what he likes to eat and what he likes in his coffee. You’ve seen his friends so obviously he’s in college. Maybe you should ask him out?“ I stare at her in disbelief. How does she expect me to do that when I can barely be in his presence for one minute without making a fool of myself. 

“No…with the amount of times I’ve embarrassed myself, I don’t think he’d be interested.” A sigh passes my lips in defeat before Jennie speaks up encouragingly.

 "I wouldn’t be so sure of that hon. Why do you think he’s been coming in here every other day for the past month? Cause let me tell you, he isn’t interested in the food.“ She gives me a wink and a nudge to go back towards the front. But when I come out from the kitchen, Jimin is gone. I silently beat up on myself inside my head, telling myself that I just lost my chance. That after today he won’t come back, not if he has a klutzy waitress like me. I trudge my way towards his table to collect his dishes when I see the receipt. More specifically, the words on the receipt.

 'Although we haven’t actually introduced ourselves until today, I’ve found you incredibly adorable. Especially when you get embarrassed. I wouldn’t mind seeing more sides of you. And I sense that there’s so much more to you than your beautiful smile. I’ll be back in two days, and hopefully you’ll have your response. Until then, Y/N.’ -Jimin 

 A huge smile spreads across my face as I tuck the receipt into my pocket, my answer already in mind. I realize that maybe my klutzy side isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

 Hi there lovelies! I hope you enjoyed reading this! I had to do another Jimin oneshot because I was having withdrawals. Thanks for reading! Sar signing off!

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Hello! I'm just here to ask if you had any tips on making an original cp oc?

Uh, I’m no expert when it comes to creepypasta ocs, but I can try.

So the whole point is to make a fairly unsettling character. They could be a serial killer, some ghost, a demon, a monster, you name it. Just avoid trying to make them cute, gorgeous, sexy, or anything like that. Unless that’s the point, in that case, put a twist to it. Maybe the cute kid is actually possessed by a demon, or they talk to a ghost that tells them to do horrible things. Just know that the main idea is to make them creepy, scary, or whatever. Also when writing the story you don’t have to make an origin story. That just always seems to be the case when people try to make their own character, and it sort of doesn’t work for the most part. Seriously, the writer takes more time introducing the character and talking about how they became a killer, or ghost, or whatever. They will say that they killed one person and ran off to the woods to live with Slenderman, which is dumb because all the the story is saying is, “Oh look at my character who just killed someone.” Again, stories like that usually don’t work cause they’re not creepy. Also avoid the whole, “My edgy teen bullshit now has a body count,” character cause stories like that has been so overdone to the point that nobody is going to take your character seriously if you write something like that, and it’s not scary.

Basically, take the time to write a fully fleshed out character that is creepy, disturbing, scary, or anything along those lines, and avoid the usual clichès that most other people do. 

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Hi! How are you? :DI have an art related question. I'm not a begginer artist but I do lots of thing, some creepy, some cute,digital or traditional. ( I know it might seem lke agood thing but I feel like I'm constantly in a warm up zone) And I don't know how to settle down and work on one thing and become better at it. How was it with you? You just started drawing YOI fanarts and then comic? I should make money already but my gallery is so messy. I was hoping for some word form you, thanks!

Hey hey! :D
and ah!
I totally just get like…HYPER FOCUSED on a piece once I start it!
Like, hard to get up and eat or go to the bathroom when I’m really into it! ^^;
But the starting it is honestly hard at times…
I first just started drawing in elementary school and never like…stopped I guess! XD
As far as YOI goes yeah, I did a lot of fan art things and then did a comic!
Sort of helped that I already had comic experience with ORD, but, otherwise it’s always fine to just jump right in it! :D
Good luck, it can be hard to settle down, but just think about how beautiful t will be when you’re done! <3 


Warnings: yandere, creepiness, some glitching, dubstep warning? 

Full explanation/credit down here ⤵

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Okay so here’s the thing with people adoring Cullen, even though he’s an abuser, because he’s cute and sweet and awkward: people do the same thing with real life abusers too. People won’t believe victims because, “Oh he’s so polite and sweet, of course he’s not abusing you!” People let off the nice guys. People ignore abuse if it’s against people they don’t consider properly human.

And it’s so fucking dangerous that bioware and the fandom love this nice, polite abuser so much and think Cullen in a romance with a mage is cute, because he thinks she’s not like the others, because he doesn’t see her as a mage, and if you think about that in real world terms it is so fucking problematic and he’s still dehumanising everyone else like her and probably fetishising mages. I mean Bioware wrote his thing for Amell/Surana as creepy and unhealthy but then just ignored that because fans like Cullen and it’s so irresponsible and he can still have a thing for her ten years later and they make it seem like that’s romantic, rather than stalkery.

Like the fact that bioware portrays this guy as a good and sweet shining knight, and you’re not even allowed to insult him, terrifies me. As does the fandom refusing to hear anything bad about this abuser. But he’s nice and he’s a straight white guy so who would ever believe anything bad about him???

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Okay, so before I go back to sitting in my quiet shy introverted corner that I'm sitting in even on tumblr (just like in reallife) again: another infj, who runs a blog that makes me (my small heart) feel soft and warm and very much considers similar things beautiful as I do, aren't we, like, destined to be internet friends? Like my cat is the better socializer out of me and her, but maybe, just maybe, could I have a shot on getting to know you? 💘💕💞 (extremly sorry if that is actually creepy)

nonono this isn’t creepy at all 💕 you seem to be such a kindhearted person, your message was super cute and you literally made my day! of course we can be friends!! ily

I watched the new episode of The Fairly Odd Parents (season 10). And there’s many things make no sense and something that seems too convenience for the story, and also something maybe trying too hard….but well let’s just focus on the things I like in this episode~ (or it’s going to be a super long post)

1. Timmy’s line in the new theme song


It’s so adorable! <3<3<3

2. Jorgen’s men purse

That’s such a fashionable bag~

3.The face Timmy and others made when Chloe being creepy.

4. Foop’s card

Is he a batman fan now? anyway that’s kinda cute.

5. Timmy being a weak helpless crybaby

It doesn’t make sense cause we all have seen Timmy doing a lot of awesome cool things and had face a lot of even more horrible situations, well… but it’s still adorable.

6. There’s a lot of background characters in this episode. (at least more than most of episodes in season 9 )

7. Sparky was not in it! (……but like….where’s Poof? They said share two fairies….so does that mean Poof is not part of the sharing plan or???)

And also since Chloe is Timmy’s neighbor that make their relationship kinda like Timmy’s dad and Mr. Dinkleberg? 

I don't know what to title this and it's so long whatever here I go

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I probably heard of asexuality at some point, long before I saw it and recognized it as something I could connect with. To be honest, I knew since I was very young that there had to be something very different about me from the other kids, but I didn’t have a single clue what it was, especially because I didn’t really make a lot of actual friends, just played with them when they let me and that was about all the time I spent with them; I spent a lot of time with the boys, because I was just more comfortable with them than girls at that point with three brothers, and everyone seemed to think it was weird and creepy, but I didn’t get how or why it was.

I figured whenever someone was talking about boys, when they called them cute they meant the same thing I did-aesthecally pleasing-cause I didn’t understand romance very well either at the time. Anytime I was asked about a ‘crush’, I just listed off whoever I’d talked to most who had been nice to me recently, although when I was in early elementary I would get really mad if someone asked whether I had a crush or accused me of liking someone. As middle school got closer and closer everything just got duller, especially after a close family member’s passing that made my mom’s… Not so niceness escalate.

My parents sent me to a few different psychologists, the one that stuck had me do a little note book that involved two pages I felt very awkward doing: ‘Dream you’ and 'Dream Husband’. I told her I didn’t have any clue what to put for the husband, I barely had an idea what to put for myself. She encouraged to just think of things I wanted the person I married to do or that I wanted to do with them, and I don’t remember much else that was said, but I remember just staring at all the stickers for half the session and finally just picking out a few of my favorite things and then plopping stuff I was familiar with as being 'masculine’ at the time, hunting, guns, camo, trucks ect.

 After one session, some younger boys(about 3-5 years younger than me, I can’t quite remember) were there while we waited for my parents to talk too. We were pretending to be animals, and were going to take turns as horses, but when it got to my turn my mom snapped for me not to, and told us to play something else. I understand now why she would take it as inappropriate, but at the time I didn’t have a clue and was kind of mad about it, I thought it was just because she thought girls shouldn’t do physical stuff even if they want to.

About a year later we moved states, but before long after that I was back at a psychologists because the school had gone through my stuff because I had a pair of scizzors, and wasn’t pleased at all about what they found in my drawings and writing. See, the way I dealt with not knowing about asexuality was I pretended to be as flirty and hypersexual as my environment allowed, which although wasn’t very much was enough to make me feel uncomfortable, so I dealt with the rest of that the only way I knew how-by writing what I understood of sexual things as smut, mostly r-fics, becuase that was the sexual subject I knew about most.

Even still, I got sick to my stomach and anxious anytime sex was brought up, especially after the incident with the scizzors, because every adult who felt they had the authority to ask and knew would ask me why I did it, and at the time I just didn’t have an answer. The therapist they got didn’t quite get me, and many of the few friends I had in the school were leaving or growing distant, and I as absolutely miserable, and the therapist wasn’t helping. She didn’t understand what the problem was, she just kept telling me to do this and that and express yourself with this thing you like to do.

But I couldn’t, I didn’t understand how, and this woman wasn’t helping. All the therapists I’d been to up to that point had their sessions in churches or had a very church-y atmosphere about them, and as far as I know there’s never been an incident where prayer alone helped a chemical imbalance. So after begging and begging my parents started making plans to move closer to my dads job and go to a school near there, but I still needed to finish the school year, and to do that the school required two more therapy sessions, and because my mom is sick really often and my dads work was an hour away, we managed to find this woman that would come to our house.

She was one of the only adults I’d met until that point who didn’t care if I’d curse, didn’t care how I expressed myself. She outwardly wanted me to have emotions, encouraged me to use more color in my drawings(at that point they were mostly really hard pressed pencil, black, white and red), and diagnosed me with mild depression and prescribed pills to fix it. I moved school and house, and though I started seeing her less I also felt better and better, even if I forgot to take my medication(a bad habit I still have, please don’t try it). I was allowed to get back on the computer, and things were going great, but every time anything related to sex came up I felt just as uncomfortable as before. Scared I’d have to answer some sort of question about it when I knew I’d come up blank.

I had great new friends, everyone in my class was nice af, and the school over all was supportive and kind in a way that makes me tear up even now, but something still felt off, out of place-I was terrified that my depression was getting stronger again to the point it would be able to bother me. I saw the word asexuality where I could remember and recognize it early last school year, during Biology, and while it was talking about sponges and things, something still clicked in the back of my mind about the word-it made me feel comfortable. Late the same school year a friend convinced me to join Tumblr, and there was that word again. So I looked into it and looked into it. At first it was a bit of a sinking feeling, because I didn’t understand what the heck sexual attraction was, but that click happened again as it set in that it was probably the entire reason.

So while I’m still getting comfortable with it all and still working out the kinks of what attraction I do feel, it’s extremely comforting to find a place where for once and for all I can genuinely feel like I belong, and that the people part of it aren’t afraid to defend people like me, even if they aren’t completely like me, because of this little link we share nobody else does. I’ve only come out irl to a small group I was friends with on a trip I took for, what else, writing, but I hope to get a positive reaction from some close friends October 11th!