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Hey, I just wanted to say that Stefán’s “yes” to sportarobbie doesn’t mean you can talk to him about it. It just means he’s okay with you shipping these characters, and that’s all. Please respect our Plant Dad’s privacy. If he wants to check out something (like he did with that fan video), he’ll do it himself

Jaehyun said that Donghyuk is Mark’s muse for his part in Baby Don’t Like It and Mark looked uneasy but Donghyuk was like “I can’t believe I’m your subject Mark hyung” and Mark there like a deer in the headlight then Donghyuk’s doing the backing vocal for Mark and it’s freakin lit and do ya all remember Donghyuk’s teaser ? Yes, it’s Baby Don’t Like It.

Sometimes I’m grateful that SM is such a show-off.

And Jaehyun is such an exposer.

And that I’m born delusive.

“I wish that I could do much better, i wish that im much older, i wonder if I tried enough, if I reached this far, all the efforts, all the pain and all the achievements that I got so far. In the end of the day, will you looking back at me Viktor?”

Day 21

a normal coversation between error and gaster
  • error: *walks into the void holding blueberry* DAD!IM HOME! AND I KIDNAPPED A CUTE THING SO DONT FUCK SHIT UP!!
  • gaster: *sitting in the corner*
  • error: *walks over to him* what are you doing?
  • gaster: *slowly turns to look at error. his face is covered in toothpaste*
  • error: dad...wtf?
  • gaster: im so high right now son!!!
  • error: dad no
  • gaster: dad yes
  • error: im...just gonna...go watch a movie...with blue...
  • error: i dont fuking know!!!
  • blueberry: *wakes up* e-error?
  • gaster: *GO TO CHURCH YA SINNERS!!!!
  • gaster: ALL MAH SONS ARE GAY!!!!
  • blueberry: error im scared and u havent even put on the movie yet
  • error: trust me i m too
  • gaster: TO THE INTERNET!!!
  • error: *flips off gaster* SO LONG DANKSTER!!!!
  • what am i doing with my fucking life help me plz

every rwby villain ship


  • me: romance is not the most important thing in rp. im perfectly happy with well developed plots and relationships that don't involve romantic relationships at all. they're just as good if not better!!
  • rp partner: hey what if we ship--?

omg do people forget the whole scene where elliot dreamed about proposing to angela?? even though it was an “accident,” but she still says yes and hugs him, and he smiles?? do people just forget that???

plus they totally looked like they were gonna kiss in episode ONE??

“there has never been anything romantic between them at all how could people ship them”

????? okayy ?? 


As you all probably know, I recently got my spirit companion shipped to me from Moonspiritboutique and I wanted to do a formal introduction. I’ll refer to him as Iv until I get permission to call him his full name online. His vessel consists of two rose quartz and one mookaite ( i think?? ) stones. It’s really pretty and Im giggling because my Spanish teacher thought it was a mouse. ANYWAYS, I remember that I got a really intense calling from him that caused me to burst into tears && gave me such anxiety that someone was going to get his vessel. So I bought him after some james bonds shit of running to a safeway to buy a visa then running home.

But when he arrived && I put the vessel on, I felt peace settle over me. Like I was really calm and any negative emotions just bled away, which is so weird since im prone to negativity. I GOT A STARBURST IN THE PACKAGE TOO. LIKE WOW STARBURST??? But I really care for Iv && I hope I could speak to him properly soon. [ clenches fist ] boo, i got ur back.

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Could you pretty please do Vkook ship? Please and thank you! I love the way you write the boys!!

YES, MY ULT I’m so pumped I was born ready. Also reminded me of @tranquaos for some reason so, there’s that.

  • Who’s more dominant: It depends? But in my head I’d like to imagine it’s Jungkook.
  • Who’s the cuddler: I want to say Taehyung but imagine Jungkook when he’s exhausted or sick and he can’t get enough of cuddling Taehyung and literally becomes a human koala and Taehyung doesn’t mind one bit.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Head canon in which Jungkook wants to be the big spoon but Taehyung knows Jungkook’s weak spots and tickles him into oblivion till Jungkook gives in and lets Taehyung take the big spoon spot.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Tae wants to go out and Kook wants to stay in so they settle for virtual reality gaming, though Jungkook normally kicks Taehyung’s ass at it.
  • Who uses all the hot water: Jungkook, because he knows it gives Taehyung a reason to jump into the shower with him.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: “Tae, we ordered pineapple toppings on the pizza last time. We gotta have pepperoni done my way this time.” “But consider this; pineapple pizza is the reason my pizza cravings exist.” “But consider this; I don’t care.” “Guess who won’t care the next time you get horny, Jeon Jungkook.” “..Do you want Coke with that pineapple pizza?”
  • Who does most of the cleaning: No one, they’re a mess.
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Taehyung because Jungkook will 10/10 times sleep before the movie is done.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  Jungkook, because Taehyung is too nice to the phone operaters to actually get mad about how much they spent on the damn heating and for god’s sake, is it too much to ask for one winter when they don’t have to freeze to death. Taehyung doesn’t mind too much when fixing the heating takes a while because getting wrapped in cocoons of warmth with Jungkook’s body heat next to him, he can’t find it in him to complain.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Taehyung.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Taehyung, because he knows Jungkook finishes like, one carton a day.
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  Jungkook, because leaving anything that has to do with memory to Kim Taehyung is murder.
  • Who cooks normally: They alternate between each other, but it tends to be Taehyung more nights than Jungkook.
  • How often do they fight: “Did you lock the door?” “Tae, no one is going to break into our house, we literally have nothing.” “Did you or did you not lock the door, Jungkook?” “It’s like 1 AM, let me sleep-” “Jungkook.” “Fine, but you’re taking out the trash for a month after this.” “Wait, did we take out the trash?” “Kim Taehyung, I will literally fist you in the least sexy way possible and you will not enjoy it.” basically bicker all the time like an old married couple
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Taehyung texts 87 times per minute and Jungkook puts his phone on vibrate and slips his phone into his back pocket, except that now it feels like he’s got a vibrator up his ass so he finally replies to Taehyung’s pointless crisis over what he should eat at lunch. But then Jungkook ends up texting him for an hour. And he’s got a stupid smile plastered on his face. Yup.
  • Nicknames for each other: Taehyung probably makes his own up in the cringiest way possible just so he can use those nicknames in public and watch Jungkook turn his favorite shade of pink.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Taehyung, he likes treating Jungkook often.
  • Who steals the covers at night: Jungkook, because he’s a little shit.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Taehyung the type to get Jungkook tiny presents throughout the year whenever he sees things that remind him of Jungkook and Jungkook trying to outgift him buy getting Taehyung outrageously expensive and amazing things on special occasions so they’re never done with this gifting war.
  • Who kissed who first: Taehyung would be a huge tease to the point where Jungkook legit breaks through his shy barrier and just kisses Taehyung first.
  • Who made the first move: Taehyung, definitely.
  • Who remembers things: Jungkook.
  • Who started the relationship: Taehyung, in the cheesiest way possible probably.
  • Who cusses more: Jungkook.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Jungkook would be the one who would go absolutely ballistic if Taehyung got hurt like he’d panic and try to help but be all over the place, dialing Jin hyung while simultaneously bringing out the first aid kit and browsing the internet. And god forbid he could pinpoint the blame on anyone for hurting Taehyung, that’s a whole other story.
  • Who is the dirty talker : Taehyung.
  • A head canon : Okay, so imagine Taehyung working his ass off as a dance teacher everyday and coming home tired as hell and just wanting to sleep into the next century. But then someone new moves in next doors and Jungkook knows it’s someone famous because there’s paps around the place every once in a while. And really, it doesn’t bother Taehyung until his neighbor starts practicing intense guitar solos at ass o clock in the morning which are basically impossible to sleep through. And Taehyung really isn’t a confrontationist, but damn does he need sleep after moving every muscle in his body for hours on end and he eventually makes his way across the hall and knocks on their door all riled up and ready for a fight, except the guy who opens the door is the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen and now Taehyung is conscious of his own BO and bed hair. The guy introduces himself as Jungkook and Taehyung almost melts in an embarrassed pool when Jungkook asks him sweetly what brings him here. So Tae has to extremely shyly admit that Jungkook’s being too loud and Jungkook is super upset and apologetic over it and that makes Tae feel worse. Jungkook promises to make up for it by taking Taehyung out for coffee and Taehyung feels like if there was a list of things he wasn’t expecting at 2AM, it was discovering the hot guy next doors and being shyly asked out honestly, he’s not complaining. wow i could go on but this is turning into a fic asdfghjkl au the fuck out of this fam

Send me a ship.


cheschire-kaat said:okay but dUde I really need like Siegrain showing Erza baby Jellal pictures just to embarrass him/piss him off YES


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Neo X Brio?

send me ships and i’ll rate them!

how dare you? / bad / don’t ship / meh / ok / nice / yes / perfect / im crying?

How do I explain this one….I don’t exactly hate it, but I don’t like it that much either. From what I can gather from all that, is that Cortex pretty much treated Brio as bad he does with N. Gin. But worse I think?? He never seems to listen to Brio no matter what he tries to tell him, he always steals Brio’s ideas, and the two have probably got into fights worse than how N. Gin had been treated. Cortex pretty much never appreciates anything Brio has given him all those years and they’ve pretty much go back to back destroying each other’s plans of taking over the world. On the other hand, if Cortex really needed help with something, he seems to really trust Brio being able to get the job done. How he was able to team up with him once again is a mystery to me. I guess he told Brio would be the second ruler of the world when they defeat their enemies or something. And he really believed him.


last night i finished Steven Universe and sketched like crazy (so I ended up with this sloppy messy pile orz i’LL MAKE BETTER FANART SOON I SWEAR)

click on the pics for captions ye

ps hey if you, like me, are desperate for new Mas/s Effe/ct stuff between now and the And/romeda release, there’s a neat podcast called The Leviathan Files which I am very much enjoying. It’s good, it’s fun, it’s a wild ride. As all podcasts do, it takes a few episodes for them to hit their stride, but I just started S3 and things are getting really good. Highly recommended, check it out!

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Dude sorry for the spam, but holy shit if you do more Guzmo(already loving the name) I'll die! I've been saving all your pics on my phone until now *heart eyes*, you're like the supreme sovereign of like my fav rareship ever <3

YES! YES FUEL ME AND I SHALL GRANT CONTENT FOR ALL THE SELF-INDULGENT SHIPS (as soon as i finish this commission im on today lolol)


some things just never change.

…except for the fact that they bought a pair of round glasses that has some magical powers or sumthin that makes them all look really freakin’ attractive

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Hi~ I just found your blog and I love it! I'm so happy to find someone else who not only loves Raditz but ships him with Broly too! *w* Do you also ship him with Turls? Also have you seen the little Dragon Ball Zero comic? It go's into Raditz's backstory! And I've got a little Raditz/Broly idea based on it if you'd like to hear? Btw are you a fan of One Piece? Sorry for all the questions. =w=

ah thank you !! im glad u like my blog lmao

alright so lets go down the line with these

1. yes
2. yes
3. sure
4. nah, not anymore

me: *loves all the black butler series and the manga and its so funny i love it*

me: *goes on tumblr*

me: hmmm i wonder how the fandom is


me: …


me: ….good bye