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last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while



kudos to you if you’re a blessed bean who just wants everyone in this community to be happy and enjoy the show, bUT SOME PUSSIES CANT HANDLE THE FACT THAT THEIR GOOD OL’ SHIP ISN’T LOVED BY EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH.

and yes, of course I’m goddamn talking about the toxic Klance shippers. (this by no means goes out to every single shipper, as i do ship klance, but you know who you are.)

i am so sick of something as amazing as Voltron to have to suffer with a horrible community. You’re all so CHILDISH! This is a fictional show with fictional characters, made by real people with real lives and real jobs to keep. You have no goddamn right to threaten these people or treat Josh Keaton the way you do. THREATENING A VOICE ACTOR?? WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???


it is so goddamn amazing that this team of producers has even mentioned that there will be LGBT representation. It’s so amazing that i cry about it all the time. So no matter what ship happens, i’ll be 100% okay with it because it makes me happy to be represented and that’s all i could ask of them.

but you know what? it’ll never happen if y’all keep trying to stop the show’s production all together. but it’s not like you care right? cause every goddamn toxic klance shipper is a nasty fujoshi who only cares about getting off to two dudes fucking for their own entertainment. news flash: the world doesn’t revolve around you and your sexual desires. 

i don’t ship sheith(or any of the paladins with shiro), as i have never really seen them in that way, but i also see nothing wrong with it. So am not going to hurt people and destroy a show because of it. Just fucking grow a pair and move on with your life, you’re tearing us all apart.

P.S: Josh Keaton is a fucking ANGEL and i will protect him until the day i die.

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Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about

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according to you, how is taekook different from all the other ships? luhv ur blog yo

thank uuuu !!! <3

to me, taekook have a lot of tensionsexual, romantic— whatever it is, they have it. they do some many questionable things that are way too intimate for just being best friends. they have a certain look whenever they stare at the other and you can tell just how infatuated they are. they have these little habits that shows the intimacy and closeness between the two. 

compared to the other members, you can tell they have a lot of chemistry and adoration for one another. yes, they are all very close but to me, taekook stand out because their actions speak just as loud— or even louder— than words. subtly is key.

dear those who bash people for liking meihem.

(before you start reading this, this was stemmed from a tweet stating that meihem and symmrat are the worst ships bc the girls would never ‘stoop that low’. this isn’t a personal bash at them, im just angry.)

what does this bitch mean 'stoop that low’? yes, junkrat is a criminal and pretty fucking insane. but people treat him like he’s the fucking joker. there is no record of him manipulating a woman. ive seen so many people call meihem 'toxic’ and i genuinely do not see why. junkrat is insane, but not completely. i don’t see him as a sociopath. y'all can’t be like 'oh he wouldn’t care about these girls and would just want them for their body’ and then go ship roadrat and act like he WOULD care about roadhog. why? bc its gay?

ill admit, I do ship gay ships more often then I ship straight ships. is that a bad thing? OF COURSE NOT. but these people get so fucking triggered bc of one straight ship. there is absolutely nothing wrong with shipping meihem or any other straight ship with junkrat.

another thing, ive heard people say that mei doesn’t like junkrat, which is confirmed bc she has voice lines degrading him. therefore, it’s not a good ship.

what about some of the most popular ships on tumblr? like klance? they dislike each other. or kagehina, they have the biggest hate-love relationship of them all. they hated each other at the beginning of haikyuu with a burning passion, and now they are best friends (aka boyfriends (; )with a competitive nature.

there is nothing stopping me from believing that these two could end up just like that. junkrat would go so soft for her. junkrat has seen so much death and hate, mei would be a light in his life that’s filled with insanity and loss.

and before people act like im 'bashing’ gay people, I’ll have you know that meihem isn’t even my favorite ship.

mchanzo and reaper76 are my favorite ships in the overwatch fandom.

i do also enjoy roadrat, but not as much as i enjoy meihem.

to end this, i’d like to say there is nothing wrong with disliking meihem. you are completely allowed to dislike a ship. the people this is targeted towards is the ones that bash people for liking meihem. this post might’ve seemed a bit degrading, but sorry im angry as hell.

thank you for taking your time to read this.

i really hate that this is going to sound like i want to police what goes down in fandoms because thats the last thing i’d ever want to do, but this is the one time im going to have to put my foot down and ask straight girls to stop joking about hell n sin in the context of all things gay and sacred. and ask your friends to stop, too. yes there has been progress made on this. and thankfully my art has never been the target of this behavior, but i still see this in every fandom ive ever wanted to take part in. why do you think fandom spaces, especially m/m shipping circles, are so dominated by girls? its not because there are no gay men who also enjoy these ships and want to make content for it. its because your so-called love and support for gays is transparent. and your voyeuristic truth is ugly and easy to see, plain as day. so please reconsider your actions and think of the repercussions. love, your friendly local gay 💖

Jaehyun said that Donghyuk is Mark’s muse for his part in Baby Don’t Like It and Mark looked uneasy but Donghyuk was like “I can’t believe I’m your subject Mark hyung” and Mark there like a deer in the headlight then Donghyuk’s doing the backing vocal for Mark and it’s freakin lit and do ya all remember Donghyuk’s teaser ? Yes, it’s Baby Don’t Like It.

Sometimes I’m grateful that SM is such a show-off.

And Jaehyun is such an exposer.

And that I’m born delusive.

Hey, I just wanted to say that Stefán’s “yes” to sportarobbie doesn’t mean you can talk to him about it. It just means he’s okay with you shipping these characters, and that’s all. Please respect our Plant Dad’s privacy. If he wants to check out something (like he did with that fan video), he’ll do it himself

  • but when HE’S sick he’ll either work till he’s dying or keep it from everyone. He’ll completely deny he has anything unless it puts the team in danger (ex: lightly poisoned? mamma didn’t raise no pussy. Contagious poison? don’t touch me im sterile) 

  • sleep is a suggestion to him. Alteans don’t need as much sleep as humans anyway, but coran is constantly awake and ON THE MOVE. basically a cryptid

  • he’s always around in case any of the paladins have nightmares or insomnia at night or something and makes them sweet root tea or something. :’’-)

  • eyes and markings glow when super happy or excited (allura too!)

  • he’s ripped as fuck hes goddamned beefy and when the paladins find out they’re like: ?!?!?!?!

  • lance: he’s….. thicc
  • coran has no favorites (lance) but will go the extra mile to make every paladin laugh if they’re feeling down
  • talks to the lions when repairing them or just hanging around them. he tells them stories and jokes. blue thinks he’s sweet but green nearly falls over laughing bc she thinks he’s so funny. then when he tells a pidge a joke and she doesnt get it he’ll grumble and say smthng like “green would have laughed..”
  • this guy CAN FLIRT 
  • seriously, one time they were on a mission and both coran and allura were there for diplomatic reasons and the prince of the alien planet started getting fresh with allura. coran swoops in.gently takes his hands. leads him away from allura looking into his eyes. he’s got the most charming voice and smile ad says something like “ i can see the universe in your eyes” tHE ALIEN IS DEAD HE’S ENDED. 
  • paladins have memes about him 
  • “vore me daddy coran” (this is his least favorite)
  • * pidge goes up to the beefiest alien with the biggest muscles ever* “coran… is that you… how did you get here…”
  • *lance and keith making out* “you know who’s the best?” “hmm?” “coran” “lance what hte fuck”
  • they actually love him a lot and when they’re concerned abt him he doesn’t quite get it bc he’s the advisor not a paladin or the princess?? ‘why would you guys worry about me im replacab-” “NO??? FUCK OFF??? YOU’RE THE BEST???”
  • has TONS of tiny scars on his hands from mechanic work but they’re so fucking smooth and soft like a little baby hand. everytime he takes them off u can hear someone running down the hall “GLOVES OFF” and someone dives to the ground to hold his hand
  • i mean he’s very diplomacy first and shit but if someones down to fight or threatening the paladins… gloves off. he socks them right in the face and starts a huge fight which he wins. it’s actually a little scary.like he’s all dirty and torn up and wiping blood from his nose with his knuckles and spits on the guy he just pummled. the guy is crying. he turns back to the paladins with a wide grin and and goofy laugh “sore losers am i right ;-)”
  • allura can beat him in a fair fight and he doesn’t hold back (too much) 
  • hands shake when anxious and gets real clumsy. ;ike theres a line. normally he has sturdy hands, if he’s nervous or anxious or paranoid they shake like the devil and he trips over stuff and you want to keep him out of the mechanic room (unfortunately thats the first place he’ll go) however he can stitch up your wound faster than lightning, and is very calm in the face of real hardcore danger

Paladin specific headcannons under the cut:

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alright, alright…I guess I’ll share my completely unsolicitied voltron/a:tla headcanons ((please feel free to add on to this if you want I would love it so much))

it’s long and detailed so I’ll spare your dash (I say to my four followers) and put it under the cut

BUT!!!! if you skip to the end there’s ember island stuff and I know u wanna see that so

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every rwby villain ship


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Um yes hello I'd like to request some fluffy Laurens/Hamilton/Lafayette (I don't know their ship name Lord help me)????? Thank you and have a great day and I love your writing by the way ok bye

IM SO BEHIND ON UPDATES OMFG I HATE MYSELF! But anyway I am back from the dead my children! Hope you all are doing well - let’s do this!


John rubbed his eyes, blinking away the remaining blurriness as he sighed, feeling his head clear the fuzz away. He felt weight on either side, and smiled, cuddling into the warmth. Alex gave a cute snuff, head burrowing further under his left arm, hands curled up almost like a baby’s.

He felt Laf’s hand begin to stroke through his hair, eyes slowly shutting at the feeling of bliss it gave. Laf pecked his cheek, “Morning mon ange habillé en étoiles.” John laughed.

“Too early to be confused by French…”

“Trop tôt pour tout…” Alex murmured, voice thick with sleep.

John huffed. “You two speak English perfectly…so speak it!”

Alex moved his head from under John’s arms, squinting at the bright morning sun, glared a bit and said, “Shhh!” Before hiding back under his arm.

Laf laughed, nosing at John’s nape, “The baby seems to be grumpy this morning…”

“Listen you French fuck…” John felt Alex’s lips moving against his arm and laughed a bit.

“It is a Saturday my loves! We should have a date day!” Laf sat up, and John let himself roll with the shift in weight.

Alex whined, tumbling after John and laying halfway on top of him. “That involves getting up and dressed…” 

“Not necessarily! If we just sat at home - ordered delivery and watched TV!” Laf clapped his hands with excitement, “Yes! We shall have a day in!”

 “Who put sugar in your blood?” Alex rubbed his eyes, close fisted as he sat up from John, who continued to lay and look at the two idiots he loved.

Laf shrugged. “I can’t wake up happy?”

“You can…’m just used to you attempting to throttle me as soon as the sun’s up.”

Laf and John laughed at Alex’s pout, and John sat up, hands softly caressing the smaller lads face, kissing his lips softly. 

“You love him regardless.”

Alex’s nose scrunched up, “I do. Doesn’t mean I enjoy death threats from the ones I love.”

Laf kissed his nose, leaning down to kiss John before hopping up from the bed with a smile. “I am going to shower! You two make the bed and head to the living area! Date day!”

“Laf! I got you new shaving cream - I think this one will work better. No more razor rashes hopefully.” Laf blew a kiss at them, smiling his thanks.

Alex flopped face first into John’s chest, said boy let out a startled yelp, laughing after the initial shock and running his hand through Alex’s hair.

“We gotta get up.”


“You want date day don’t you?”


“Then get up.”

“Fuck you.”

John laughed, rolling off the bed, leaving a whiny Alex. “Johnny!”

“Lexie!” John mimicked, smiling as Alex huffed but got off the bed.

“Now, was that so hard?” 


John smiled as Laf walked back in the room, holding his towel, opening his mouth as he came back in.

“Hey loves - “

“Holy shit!”

“Have you - “ Laf paused as Alex jumped nearly a foot in the air, landing back on the bed as he stared wide eyed.

“You are like a cat Alexandre I swear…” Laf rolled his eye but kissed his forehead before grabbing his clothes and heading back to the bathroom.

“Alexander. The tom cat. No wonder Martha named hers after you.”

Alex grumbled, standing up and help make the bed, “…Shut up.”

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Just wondering, who do you ship the Schuyler Sisters with? (Or just Eliza if you don't want to list all of them)



  • hamilton/angelica!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!!!!
  • ….
  • thats it for her im s o sorry ange ur still one of my fav girls (IM ALSO JUST NOT FAMILIAR WITH A LOT OF ANGELICA SHIPS SO)


  • hamilton/eliza is s o c ut e………….
  • ummm no one else rly?? elams (eliza/ham/laurens) is pretty gud too honestly


  • thats all i have for her too im so sorry peggy

IF THE RE ARE SOME SCHUYLER SISTER SHIPS I MISS ED TELL ME TBH?? i Love all the ones im familiar with so if there are some tht u wanna Confirm with me lemme kno (;

a normal coversation between error and gaster
  • error: *walks into the void holding blueberry* DAD!IM HOME! AND I KIDNAPPED A CUTE THING SO DONT FUCK SHIT UP!!
  • gaster: *sitting in the corner*
  • error: *walks over to him* what are you doing?
  • gaster: *slowly turns to look at error. his face is covered in toothpaste*
  • error: dad...wtf?
  • gaster: im so high right now son!!!
  • error: dad no
  • gaster: dad yes
  • error: im...just gonna...go watch a movie...with blue...
  • error: i dont fuking know!!!
  • blueberry: *wakes up* e-error?
  • gaster: *GO TO CHURCH YA SINNERS!!!!
  • gaster: ALL MAH SONS ARE GAY!!!!
  • blueberry: error im scared and u havent even put on the movie yet
  • error: trust me i m too
  • gaster: TO THE INTERNET!!!
  • error: *flips off gaster* SO LONG DANKSTER!!!!
  • what am i doing with my fucking life help me plz

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Sorry I have to do this anon but I needed to tell you that OtaYuriJJBella is literally my dream come true and me and a friend of mine have been head over heels with it for the past few weeks and I just saw your HC post skaggsjbsja IM SO GLAD TO NOT BE ALONE. I desperately want to write it. I started a pwp at one point...

yes hello as the biggest otayurijjbella stan im here and im ready to talk all day n all night abt how much this ship has kicked my ass

  • jj’s the only one involved with all three of his partners - he’s engaged to isabella, is dating otabek and is in a mutual understanding (they like each other but arent dating just yet) with yuri
  • isabella is only engaged to jj, i doubt she’d like yuri romantically but maybe she’d like otabek?? idrk, but she loves them both regardless
  • the long distance between them hurts more than anything, so besides the off season, the GPFs are their fave time bc its always guaranteed that all four of them would be there
  • INSPIRED BY THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF ART, they always wear matching clothing and it always has smth to do with what they like!! they’d all wear black or leather for beka, animal print for yuri, red for isabella and anything with the letter “J” for jj
  • when yuri gets his growth spurt hes still shorter than jj and it annoys him so much but he takes comfort in the fact that hes taller than bella and beka now
  • whenever yuri beka and jj are in the same competition they would ALWAYS book just one room in the hotel, a week before the actual competition. they’d go sightseeing or eating in obscure restaurants or just lazing around their hotel room with cheap alcohol and chips
  • isabella is well known for being a Big Name Fan for yuri, beka and jj’s fanclubs!!! shes obv the president of JJ Girls, but shes a rising star in Yuri’s Angels and the Otababes (is that the unofficial otabek fan club i dont know)
  • otabek is rly shy with affection and it takes a lot for the three of them to coax him into cuddling, but when they do theyre never getting out of that cuddle pile bc beka is actually just a giant cuddlebug
  • i love them and they love each other look at this big gay mess

“Hello? Oh… I thought i’d never utter these words but, THANK GOD it’s you.”

SIMON LEWIS + JACE WAYLAND (part 4 of my smile shadowhunters is almost here series.)