...and they were doing all this stuff

A lot of that week [when first writing the album] we spent going to guitar shops, amazing sushi restaurants, doing stuff he likes doing. You’re in the car and Crosby, Stills & Nash comes on and Harry’s like ‘I love this one. Why don’t we do something like this?’. Then we’d pop back to the studio and start writing. Sweet Creature sort of came within an hour. Cos it just felt like the lyrics were all the conversations that we’d had in the day. You feel like you’ve sort of brewed it all

Kid Harpoon about the making of ‘Harry Styles’ for Q

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Could you do Percy and Poseidon headcanons? Or maybe the two of them in a Freaky Friday situation (switching bodies) ?

Some headcanons!

  • Percy felt like he was always the favorite whether it was the gods or his father. But Poseidon always gave him the right attention that he wanted from the gods.
  • Poseidon was at least trying to be a father to him. He tried to protect Percy on quests, especially from Zeus’ wrath. 
  • Around the holidays and Percy’s birthdays, Poseidon started to leave gifts for him. He even left gifts for Percy’s little sister. 
  • Of course Poseidon tried to do all this fatherly activity in secret. If any of the gods found out, he would be in trouble.
  • Percy always appreciated his father’s little gifts. He knew that his friends weren’t getting this much attention from their godly parent so he didn’t say anything when his father did do stuff for him.
  • Percy really appreciated it when his father visited him in his dreams or as a passerby. They were small acts but he knew that his father cared about him.

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I have a chance to study from some amazing doctors in the ER but I’m so shy. In everyday life I am loud, brave and a risk-taker but there I’m just like “wow, I’m so dumb”. I even forget the most trivial stuff when they ask me questions, it’s so frustrating because I know I’m not stupid and am usually good with people. Do you have any advice? (I’m a med student)

Hi there, anon!

We’ve all been there; especially as a med student. I remember coming home feeling completely ashamed and exhausted from all the negative self-talk I pummeled my mind with on a daily basis. So I would tell you what I wish someone told me:

1. The more time you spend on thinking about how “dumb” or “stupid” you were yesterday, the more time you waste in the present to learn and engage in your environment. One of the hardest things I had to learn during clerkships was to forgive myself for my mistakes. We’re all perfectionists, to some degree and we are our worst critics. But if you cannot forgive yourself, it doesn’t matter how much your resident or attending tells you it’s okay. You have to start with you. 

2. EVERY SINGLE PERSON feels like the biggest idiot on the rotation that means the most to them. Because you want to do well, you want to put your best foot forward. 

3. No one is looking for perfection. They are looking for tenacity and passion. That is literally all anyone is looking for. I never remember how smart or dumb are my med students’ questions. I remember if they are polite. If they are helpful. Did they try. Were they team players. Would they make an effort. Even if they got something wrong, were they trying? That’s what counts.

4. No one expects you to remember everything they say. I certainly don’t remember everything. That’s why my pens and notebooks and cellphone photo album called “medical stuff” exists. And I often say “I don’t know”. It’s part of medicine! 

5. And to re-emphasize: we all remember what it was like. And we want you to succeed. Anyone who is going to be unkind to a genuine, passionate med student who is doing their best is an asshole. 

I hope that helps a bit, let me know how it goes!




When I was 11 years old I had to go door to door and witness to my fellow human beings the power and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My foster family made all their foster kids do this. That is until the Charlie Anders incident.

The residents whose doors I knocked on were generally pretty nice. Or they didn’t answer the door. Younger people usually said they were busy, “Praise the Lord,” and thanked me, and closed the door. A few were weird and suspicious. I liked to pretend they were Satanists or demons. The old folks would invite me in. They’d offer me a soda, or cocoa if it was cold. Then we’d sit and chat about all sorts of old people stuff. The old ladies would pump me for gossip, or prattle on about their terrible kids and grandkids. I’d nod solemnly, tearing my way through a plate of assorted cookies. The old guys would show me some oddity, a moose head or a blood-spattered flag they’d captured in some war. Old guys never had much for snacks. Maybe some hard candy.

All told, it wasn’t a bad racket. After one old gal gave me $5, I realized I could get other old timers to cough up a few bucks too. For the ministry. I liberated a box of small prayer books from our church and would show them the cover that was a picture of Jesus knocking on a door. I’d say,“We are supposed to sell these for a $5 donation, but I want you to have one for being so kind me.” Most of ‘em were good for a few bucks.

One old guy I visited regularly lived all alone in his mother’s giant house. Jerry’s mother had died years ago. He was in his 50’s, wore bib overalls, and combed his gray hair like a little boy. He showed me a framed picture he kept on his dresser of his mother in a casket. I shamelessly studied it, while Jerry sat bolt upright, grinning, wide-eyed, cocking his head quickly side to side like a little bird. Later, he took me out back and showed me his skinning shed. It smelled bad and was full of animal pelts. Muskrat, coon, possum, and one he claimed was a Bigfoot. All their carcasses were hanging in there too. They looked like baby monsters with their faces flayed off and their teeth exposed. The odor reminded me of a really strong cheese, moldy books, and something else. I thought it was awesome.

I went to see Jerry almost every week. I developed my rounds and regularly hit up my favorites. Jerry always gave me a Squirt soda and three Oreo cookies, and I’d read him a passage from scripture. One week I read about how when Jesus died, Mary and the disciples went to see his body but he wasn’t there. He had risen.

Jerry laughed and said,”He wasn’t risen. They ate him.” When I made a face, Jerry very said, “What do you think communion is?” With that, he popped the top off an oreo and ate the filling. He laughed.

Jerry sold his animal pelts and he dabbled in other things. In his basement he had a full-blown mad scientist laboratory with jars of weird specimens. He had animal brains and eyeballs, coiled snakes, a two-headed kitten, and almost every animal skull imaginable. He was also trying to teach himself taxidermy. The man seemed perfectly harmless and I was always too excited to feel afraid of him.

That fall I went to stay with another foster family on the other side of town. The kid who replaced me was little Charlie Anders. Charlie was two years younger than me, a shy, pale kid who was always sick. Charlie didn’t do so well in the door-to-door Christ business.

When he went missing, a massive manhunt ensued. They found his body after two weeks. It had been packaged in boxes, stored in Jerry’s house. They also found human bones from several other people never identified.

The strange thing is, after hearing about Charlie I felt sorry for Jerry. I really liked the guy. He was funny and kind. Plus, he’d never even touched me. I never felt weirded out by him.

However, I was overcome at Charlie Anders’ prayer service. His little gold coffin was closed - for good reason. But I wanted to see his body so I hid behind a curtain in the funeral parlor and waited until everyone else left. In the silent altar light, I snuck up to the coffin. I stood in front of it, my heart pounding in my ears. I cracked open the lid, little by little, until I could see the coffin was empty.

I want to apologize to Ethan and Seàn and anyone else who has been affected negatively by this

Although i haven’t been the one to be spamming others tags with Marks “cult” stuff and flooding the tag with it

I understand why this could be bothering to others and im not gonna lie

Its been messing with me as well

I know we all were just having fun with it and joking around

But we all took it much too far by spamming them and flooding their tags with it

This shouldve stayed in Marks community and gone no farther else

It had nothing to do with Ethan or Sean

And for those whos mental state has been affected negatively

I would suggest taking a break for a while and waiting until all of this is resolved or at least calmed down enough for all of you

From the bottom of my heart

I’m Sorry - Lari 💚

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Jealous!Nancy and Jonathan who don’t babysit very often and it’s not that the kids don’t like Nancy and Jonathan it’s just that Steve and Billy are like the best babysitters ever and once there had to be two cars taken and the kids all fought over who would go with Steve and Billy and Jonathan and Nancy were just kinda like well this is embarrassing and when Jonathan and Will fight, Will yells stuff like “Steve and Billy would understand!” And Jonathan is so done with this whole situation

i love everything thats happening right now

i just in general love the idea of a jancy x harringrove rivalry going on because lbr if harringrove got to together??? power couple of hawkins, indiana ok like jonathan and nancy are the strict parents who make you eat your vegetables and do your homework and sure steve can be like that but he also knows how to let loose and have fun so it balances it out. and billy is just like…straight up fun parent. eleven learns very quickly that all she has to do is give billy sad doe eyes and he caves (the group uses this to their advantage and sends her to ask for things they think will end in rejection if anyone else asks) this often results in billy coming through the door with 6 kids holding icecream cones and jonathan nancy AND steve yelling at him for ruining dinner

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Ok NGL, I'm technically in the fandom and even I don't know what the fuck is going on right now, like I didn't realize we were doing shit on this level. It feels kinda weird honestly, I kinda wish we'd all just relax and enjoy mark making funny gaming vids again. All the new stuff is great, and I'm glad he's happy, but things don't really feel the same :/

Sorry you don’t like this stuff as much but lots of people are having fun! We are just going along with what Mark is doing and things are a little crazy right now!

Don’t worry tho, things will calm down again after a while. They always do. If you want you can step away from the fandom for a while and just focus on the gaming content, that’s alright! You are allowed to enjoy the fandom in whatever way you want~


It’s fucking cold! These 4 miles were run in a lovely 12 degrees. When I got home I had ice on my face. First time that has ever happened! I don’t know how y’all do it in the north, I just can’t justify some of the cold weather stuff like a face mask but…damn it’s cold!

I couldn’t get a picture of the face ice so you get a picture of me all dressed up for meetings today.

40/100 push-ups

Run streak day 367

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Do you recommend getting Dark Nights Metal and it's tie ins? I was wondering because I'm heading to the comic shop tomorrow and I've waited thus far and I wanted to see if it was worth it or if I should wait for the graphic

i highly recommend it! it does a lot to bring back elements of the DCU, has solid characterization, and is overall a blast. i don’t think there’s any one of the individual dark knights tie-ins that i wouldn’t recommend, either, i thought they were all fun. excellent, excellent stuff. i’m excited to see what snyder has in store for the last two issues.

i also recommend it on the basis that it’s done a fuckton of world-building and is going to be super important to the DCU going forward

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Hi! so you've mentioned you're straight and tbh that surprised me a lot, bc the way you wrote Keith figuring out his sexuality, was so, SO relatable! Lance's as well, but Keith's case in particular stuck with me. Like, the moment where he says "Well, you're not a girl" to Lance after the kiss, or the "Is she hot? how does one tells?" and many more. Kudos for that! very few straight writers get that. I trust you and Rick Riordan haha

hi dear! i may be straight but im no stranger to being a late bloomer and feeling like i can’t identify with my peers when it comes to sex and relationships. when all my friends were dating and starting to do stuff I was playing with myscene dolls and ran for the hills when a boy spoke to me. its hard when you feel like you are missing something that everyone else around you seems to be getting just fine. The feelings, i imagine (although i dont know for sure), are very similar to discovering your sexuality

Thanks so much for this lovely ask <3 

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42, 46, 55 for anyone in the mood to answer!

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?

It doesn’t take very long, I always hold Eddie’s face when we kiss anyway so I usually end up playing with the little hairs at the back of his neck or I just move my hands straight to his neck, but if we’re planning on doing other stuff then I’ll hold his hips straight away

46. How many times did you have sex last year?

Uh, like, twice? I think?

55. Share a relationship story.

Okay so I have a bunch of these but this is a pretty recent one! The other day Eddie and I went to Target to get some stuff and we were in such good moods that we were being all cute and coupley round the store, and people started to look annoyed, so Eds had the great idea to just pretend to start arguing in the home goods section to throw everyone off xD We were literally screaming at each other for 30 minutes and no one knew what to do, it was hilarious! We were fighting over some dumb duck pattern bathroom set and we literally got so into it we bought the entire set xD Our bathroom is now filled with ducks, it’s amazing

- Richie

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Hey, just curious about your opinion on the way people often sexualize anything Wyrmy and bad. I really enjoyed your BSDs years back, and that their sexuality was still there but not all they were. For me, I think too much of sexual stuff can cheapen the character.

I mean our society has been treating sex as something demonic and villainous for thousands of years, so it surely wasn’t gonna stop for a RPG with a dark setting. All the players (myself included) in the BSD game of yesteryear were working through some shit and kinda reveling in the opportunity to explore some base, animal, often very dark urges & ideas through those characters in an environment where it was both understood and expected that things were going to get explicit and awful. It was a “safe space” to see how deep that tunnel went, or at least how far down it we could go. Sex was part of that for a number of reasons, since the game was all but no-holds-barred & adults-only, but it was only part of it.

I do have Opinions on society’s sex-negativity and they are generally vitriolic. There’s also a strong, broad tendency for those who do any kind of dark RP to be total edgelords about it (and I’m certainly not excluding myself from that >_>). The levels of maturity and thoughtfulness with which any given person handles this kind of content varies drastically. Sometimes it’s escapist shock porn revealing the players’ deep-seated issues with self-image, misogyny, sexual shame, nascent kinks, etc. Sometimes it’s a willful examination of human monstrosity and cross-examining their own traumas. Sometimes it’s both. 

Folks have their reasons. I don’t see anything wrong with having RP characters that are pretty much pure wank fodder, so long as it’s appropriate to the environment. I only get irritated when it’s a matter of “they’re promiscuous and/or queer and/or kinky because they’re bad guys!

But I definitely lay a lot of responsibility for this particular trope at the feet of whomever decided that Zyzhak would dress as a dominatrix 24/7 for literally no damn diegetic reason.

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What do you think each of their instruments would be if the people in dr2 were in a Musician AU?

Huum… I’m not going to do all of them, but here are some thoughts.

  • I know we have this scene where Hiyoko enjoys heavy-metal, or whatever Ibuki is singing, but I think she would go for something a lot more classical, actually. Maybe koto would be her main instrument. It’s pretty rare and unique, and she would take good care of it, so there is that.
  • For Sonia, I’m torn ! On one hand, she probably got piano or harp lessons, on an other hand… give her a drum, baby ! Or an electronic guitar ! If someone is going to rock, it’s going to be her.
  • I could see Fuyihiko try the bass, actually. I like the idea of a band with him, Hinata and Souda where he would play bass, while Hinata would play guitar and Souda the drums.
  • Mahiru would be the kind to train a lot, and be very rigorous with her technique, so violin or piano would be perfect for her. I like the idea of violin more - she can be so explosive, I would love to see her play that.
  • Gundham would play the god damn organ, fight me.

Send me an AU and I’ll give you 5+ headcanons

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I don't know why people keep expecting androgynous having to mean "hairless boy" like that "no hrt" person. Having hair and growth can be exactly what a nonbinary person wants or surprising changes might not be unwelcome in the end. I'm not on t but I do have a hormone imbalance thing that works like I were on t and thus can't start actual hrt bc my cocktail of hormone supplements is keeping my body functioning and taking additional t would lead into hospitalisation (according to hormone 1/5

specialists). So, when I actually started growing a very “manly” batch of chest hair (not to mention back, knee and arse hair (sorry, tmi) and a spotty beard) and my voice lowered on its own plus other stuff when my body started to rearrange itself, I went to see my gp. Long story short all of the changes are permanent and my gp and the specialists were beside themselves and there was all sort of talk about laser hair removal and support groups bc they expected this to cause me dysphoria bc what my body had done to itself was pretty much natural hrt. Now, the thing is I’m genderless and this whole unexpected hair thing and other stuff *is* making me feel *less* dysphoric (to the point of postponing top surgery indefinitely) because it’s taking me farther away from being seen and feeling “typically female” and actually makes me feel fairly androgynous in a mix'n'match type of way with my features. So I turned lasers and the rest down. I admit I was baffled when my body started changing but I had no idea what was happening unlike people who knowingly start hrt. And when I’ve talked to enbies who are on hrt they’re aware of how there’s no set order re the changes and some might be unwelcome ones. But it’s not that different to what binary trans people feel. Several of them take pauses with hrt to catch up with the changes and they don’t necessarily like them either. Your body is changing pretty much according to what genes you have and you have little control over that. What we need is more open discussion about what hrt does in different doses and how far do you want to go with it and how it’s ok to take a break from it. Not some person with a very narrow idea what androgyny is and something against nonbinary people especially with their motivation being the shortage of t and apparently it get’s wasted on enbies who stop hrt. (Because of course a youtube video speaks for every enby and no-one has ever restarted hrt…) 5/5

wow first of all thank you for sharing and sending this to me, its cool to share your story ! youre right that I didn’t point out that person’s limited idea of what androgyny is and thats probably because i have that same limited view with regards to myself. this is probably a combination of dysphoria and internalized transphobia and you know what?? also internalized racism because a lot of things that are common in my race (like dark body hair!) dont fit my own personal goals. but I recognize that this is a very harmful ideal to apply across the board and thank u for pointing out that i didnt mention that sry abt that. 

youre also totally right that sometimes binary trans people arent fine with changes on HRT either. fuck lol like i dont think anyone is 100% happy with their body, even cis people going thru the expected puberty of their agab. so its pretty fuckin ridiculous to apply this double standard to specifically nonbinary people!! 

also i think being frank and practical for this, a lot of the time ‘androgyny’ for a nonbinary person means doing things that move them away from characteristics that have them perceived as their AGAB. this of course isnt true across the board but it certainly is in my case and a lot of other ppl ik. that person said “Estrogen won’t just make you a little more feminine. It will make you look like a woman” and im just like… ok well it doesnt seem to be doing either of those for me because i got on it late in the game (20) but if it keep me from “male” aging then im fuckin down for any side effects. 

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Do you think all of our favorite whump tropes are the ones we were exposed to as young kids through tv and movies or through real experiences? For example, some of my favorite whump involves outdoor/survival/wildlife/natural disaster scenarios, and I grew up watching those kinds of shows. Or maybe I just watched them because I liked that kind of stuff. IDK, just some 2 AM thoughts. What do you think? I'd love to hear what your followers think, too.

That’s a good question!  For me personally, some of my favorite tropes involve sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural scenarios, and I DID grow up watching shows in those genres. As well as Disney animation which was heavy on self sacrifice and rescue (more tropes I enjoy).  But, I honestly think this was something I’ve always been drawn to from the beginning and sometimes my whumpy tastes are all over the place! But that’s just me! Anyone want to add? :)

i thought about doing an angst!run and queueing up some stuff from the pandora station i’ve been listening to most at work (hint: it’s breaking benjamin) and having y’all have to face the question like, now, why did i put that there, what could that possibly mean, hmmmmmmmm

but some of these were a little visceral for me and i was like ‘let’s… let’s maybe not do that’ because for one, it would have seen some of the ship tags torn to shreds, and two, just–no. nope. bad idea. @agent-absinthe might be our resident drama-starter but i’m more of an angst monger. she goes for the cahones, i go for the jugular, we balance each other out that way;

… i might still do it for our actual canon cast though, those fuckers aren’t safe from anything and if you tell me that hamish and harry don’t have at least somewhat regular night terrors, i’m honestly not going to believe you, the same way i’d laugh at your face if you told me it didn’t also happen to succubus and seraphim after some of what they’ve seen and gone through.

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You know when we’ll get confirmation of all this stuff in London and LA? 3 years from now when the 2 of them sit down for an interview on their 1 year wedding anniversary and the interviewer asks about their first date and they both answer in unison ‘we went to see Hamilton” 🙊🙊

SHUT UP YOURE GONNNA START THE WHOLE “you were planning their wedding” BULLSHIT ANONS jgdshjljddd I CANT DO THAT AGAIN 😆



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