...and they were doing all this stuff

lol I think I’ve talked about it before, but I have this sorta not-so-secret pipe dream. I don’t know that I’d even really like doing it and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the logistics. BUT it’s fun to think about. And I’ve probably made a similar post already but ehhhh. Pipe dreams are always enjoyable to think on.

Just imagine with me a place called Pepper and Pals Parrot Supply hahaha. And it would basically be a rescue and sell supplies.

All the birds available are ones that were surrendered and are up for adoption.

Sell all manner of foods, toys, cages, etc.

Have a bird bakery for fresh birdie bread, chop, and other foods.

Even sell bird stuff for people, like buying wholesale from people who make bird charms and such. Get you a shirt, a phone charm, a keychain, a bumper sticker, a whatever with your favorite parrot species.

And hey! Come see the actual Pepper and Mango.

Lol these are the things I think about.

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Ever jumped on any OC bandwagons? e.g Hero Academia, Overwatch..

Not really, I dont really enjoy hopping into fandom bandwagons like those. Its hard to explain why in all honesty…

I did do SU fangems, and some BNHA ocs, but i dropped those pretty fast :/

I think its due to the fact that i’m unable to stick to fandom stuff for very long.

Katsugeki Rant #4

Alright, let’s begin.

-So now they’re all at Edo? World 7 huh… That’s no playground.

-See I told you people are gonna be susupicious about their clothing!

-Love how whenever our boys got questioned about their clothing they were just like “Oh crap gotta run!” and bail just like that.

-Something’s up with Kane-san….

-Yagen is slowly going back to being his usual self. I’m proud of you my boy!

-Why hasn’t anyone bought Tonbokiri any daifukus yet? My boy needs his sweets y’know!

-Konnosuke being somewhat tired of the KaneMutsu bickering is the cutest thing ever.

-Why do they always let Yagen go alone!?

-And why do they like cornering Yagen so much!? I mean we get to see him be all badass and stuff but seriously stop giving him these so dangerous tasks!

-Well tantous are small so they’re perfect for ambushing and perimeter check, that’s why we see Yagen mostly doing all these spy-like tasks.

-Ichigo is proud of you Yagen, but at the same time very nervous.

-Everyone’s all serious and shit but Mutsu is either eating something, making jokes, or fooling around. I love him so much.

-Where did you get that pocket watch Konnosuke? Did he just like contact the saniwa like “uh we need a watch so we can be on time when an attack happens” and the saniwa magically sends him one just like that?

-Kane-san trying to imitate Hijikata’s sitting pose is the second cutest thing in this episode.

-Honey it’s okay to think about your former masters, but you can’t be stuck in the past forever.

-I can’t believe it took 4 swords to take down 1 red ootachi. 

-Why do they act like they’ve never seen, or even fought, an ootachi before? Like you guys must’ve met Taroutachi or Jiroutachi back at the citadel right??

-But seriously the ootachi fight scene was beautiful. Is he a red ootachi? but his flames are purple..purple ootachis shouldn’t be hard to handle. Oh well game logic doesn’t apply to the anime.

-That Mutsunokami matrix dodge.

-Is that a waki-uchi double attack?

-Seems like the only person able to handle the ootachi is Tonbokiri.

-The pauses between our boys and the enemies mid-battle though. Like enough with the monologuging or staring into the distance, aren’t you guys in the middle of something important!?

-Kane-san you were the one who suggested taking the boat but you let Mucchan row? 

-The certain someone FINALLY shows up. Way to make an intrance huh Tsurumaru?

-I can’t thank ufotable enough for making Tsuru-san this pretty.

-I just noticed that Kane-san puts on his blue haori only when it’s time to fight. Also the animators didn’t draw that bird pattern on his kimono.

Man this episode is good! Top notch CGs and that cliffhanger. Wonder how things will turn out? I’m pretty sure Tsurumaru will get along with the rest of the boys pretty easily. One last thing, I NEED MY MIKAZUKI’S PARTY—–

Let Me Tell Y’all About My Nightmare I had

First off, I apologize for this northerner using y’all but, y’all can deal with it.

Second off, the actual juice. So I was there just sleeping away and I had a dream that it was county band auditions. There we were waiting and stuff with the rest of the section. Then I go in. All I remember is that it was not good. So we wait, and wait, and wait, and then come back the results. I got like 3rd. I was so disappointed. Then all of a sudden it hit me: Districts is a week. I have to practice extremely hard. It had me worried so much I woke up. It took me a minute to realize that it’s July… Auditions are in November.

so lunch with my middle school teacher was very fun and very interesting. we were talking about how much everyone has changed but not really. apparently the girl who got caught with a gram of coke in her sock is now a porn star. everyone knows gaby, in my class, was gonna do something with dance and now she’s one of the dancers on sytycd, the class clown devin is now a frat boy who spends his weekends boating and posting about the wild parties he hosts, then there’s me. still the purgatory of personalities. i told him about all of the stuff i went through this year and after talking about it for a bit he was like ‘wow your social media is a HUGE facade’ lmfao cuz like…it is. tbh. i keep my shit bright and soft so no one suspects a thing. he was telling me about the new show he’s pitching in a few months. he’s super excited about it and it’s so awesome to watch people talk about what they love and what they love to do. it was a fun get-together.

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hey i kinda wanna start writing imagines and stuff on my tumblr,.. do you have any tips on how to like,, get started?

Sure no problem at all!

- Have a rough idea of what you’d like to write (fandoms/characters/the types of fics etc) and where your boundaries lie within that. When I first started I didn’t really know what my boundaries were or if I wanted to write certain things and I found it pretty hard to find an audience as a result of that.

- Try and learn a tinyyy bit of HTML before you start posting. There are tons of tutorials online to learn the basics specifically for tumblr.

- Use gifs/images and paragraphs or bold text to make your writing look more appealing

- Make sure you use trigger warnings for your reader’s comfort

- Don’t be afraid to say no to requests you don’t have time to do or just simply don’t want to do. To be honest I still find it really hard to turn down requests but if you need to then no word will hold it against you.

- Talk to people! You can talk to me or other writers on tumblr to discuss headcanons of fic ideas. Never be afraid to ask for help or proofreading or help with ideas, I genuinely have no idea where I’d be without support from other writers.

If you have any questions or anything feel free to ask, I really hope this helps you nonnie! Good luck 💕

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Earlier : what do you think would happen if grant and Candice were locked in a room lol?

So, here are three possibilities of what might happen, with not just them being in a room locked up, but if carols never removed grants hand ;)

If they were locked up in a room…

Okay, first off I would guess that maybe grant, if he was how he was in the first interview, all confused and stuff, ( and def. tipsy) I think he would draw very close to Candice. 

I am sure, at first he is just like how the heck do we get out, all while yass I am trapped in a room with CANDICE PATTON. so, I am sure it would be like:

“ uh, so… what should we do?” - grant

“ um, I don’t know, maybe figure a way out?”

Okay, so the first way, is maybe they try to get out, and try to get out the room lol

2ND thing that could happen is grant and Candice realize their feelings and make the heck out. 

you know darn well grant is so cute, so I know Candice prob wont resist. they probably would end up kissing, and use the claim “preparing  for the show” 

LA would be cryin in some dark corner that never existed. like her and grants relationship :) 

3rd thing that could happen

Maybe they just goof off, have fun…( turn fun into whatever you want ;) )

Okay. so as far as the Carlos being savage, while being a dick thing, yeah so…

1. I know darn well grant must have some liquid courage or he is just deepnly in love with her, and is ‘so confused’ and cant tell the diff between iris and Candice…

I think he would have ‘rested’ his head in her chest, and pretended to be sad. I kind of feel like he would have somehow landed his head in her chest. which we all know that is not cuz he is pretended to be sad…🤗😜👀👀👀

2. I hate to say it, yall can tell me if I am wrong, but his hand was awfully close to her boob…if he moved just a little more over….I think some otha stuff may have happened 

3. LASTLY he may have just stared at her ( like he has been for the whole day) and be himself, and then move his head up..

Out of all these guesses what do you think would’ve happened? 

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You know what really makes me mad... "fans" of the show getting all pissed off saying the cast is mocking Superc*rp and saying the show and cast are cancelled after all the shit they threw at Chris. Maybe the cast just got tired of all their shit. (Sorry I just needed to vent)

YES TO ALL OF THAT! That is exactly my thinking as well.. The cast was getting tired of all the shit the s*perc*rp extremists were doing. Dragging characters, being rude to writers and creators, and sending hate to actors. And they mostly do all that stuff in the name of their ship, so naturally the cast is fed up and did that in retaliation. Also, i think they accidentally said ‘girlfriend’ as in a friend who is a girl, and they corrected themselves immediately, saying that she is only a friend, and nothing more. 

(vent away!) 


“Sage do you think I’m high?”
I laughed. “Koji. Go to bed.”
Sh! Don’t use my real name.”
“Why not?! I love your real name. I fucking hate Landyn. We all do.“
“Sage, it’s a stage name. I need to be famous, Koji Seto won’t make me famous.”
“Whatever Koji. People should fucking like you for your music, not your fucking name.”
He was always so embarrassed about weird things, and I had no boundaries. Yeah we were great friends. 
“Hey Koji?”
He looked over. 
“I’m going to sleep with you.”
“No thanks.”
I chuckled. “Not like that.”
“I know, no thanks.” 
“Whatever, I’m still going in.”
He stared right at me and I looked at him. We both immediately ran for his room. 

Thoughts on Dark Matter 3x08

1) I don’t ship Ryo x Two at all, but UNF at their fight scene. Also, LMAO at how equally matched they were in the show vs how the promos played it.

2) His face when he talked about Nyx. Right in my shipper heart.

3) I love how dramatic Sarah was. “HE’S COMING!” not who, nothing actually useful, just that. This is why she and Marcus worked so well together.

4) This ep showed that whatever emotions Ryo feels for the Raza, everything Zairon will always supersede that. The scene where he was in the training room was particularly great. Brought back so many s1-2 feels. But in the end, he didn’t keep the sword.

5) Tbh, listening to Two moralize about innocent lives to people who have the exact same priorities as she does (revenge/power>their people>innocent lives) is getting old.

6) I want Six to be a successful politician, and I’m wildly skeptical of Ryo’s loyalty to the colonies, but joining the LoAW seems much more important than not being in Ryo’s debt.

7) On that note, Ryo should ditch Misaki’s method of control and go with Teku’s. Obviously, he’s extremely capable of making logical, and emotional pleas for loyalty. He can inspire. It’s just that he doesn’t feel the need because he believes that he inherently deserves Zairon’s loyalty. It’s his hubris more than anything that will lead to his fall.

An Earper to the super girl Fandom

I’m deeply deeply sorry for the super girl Fandom! You have every right to be upset and I’ll gladly give the comfort that any of the Supergirl wlw Fandom need. If that makes sense?? Just knkw that I’m here for you guys, I can’t say anything to make it better and make all the bad stuff go away but I’m definitely going to stand by you guys and give my support out to all those who were affected by the homophobic comments the Supergirl crew had made. Everyone here is valid. Your sexual orentation is valid. We are not a joke. You’re allowed to express who you are. You can love who you want to. We will power through this okay? I smol gay will vow to stand by you guys during this time. I also want to apologize on behalf of the Earpers if it seemed we were telling anyone that this Supergirl discourse doesn’t matter! It definitely matters! If my excitement for s3 of Wynonna Earp offends anyone please let me know. I don’t want anyone to feel any worse than they do right now. You are all always welcome to the WE Fandom okay? I know that doesn’t seem like any comfort to you and I’m sorry. But I’ll be here if anyone needs help tonight. Feel better everyone. AND if this message offends you please also let me know! That is not my intention. You can talk to me if you want.

Edit: You can also watch The Bold type! Give that show some recognition! Again goodluck to anyone struggling tonight.

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my friend was like... I can hardly remember who you were before all this K-pop stuff started. and I couldn't remember either for a moment... what did I used to use up all my time with?? last year I didn't even know who EXO was and this year they're all I think about!??!! HELP ME I'M DROWNING IN BIASES (anyway, my latest fantasies are about showering with Sehun like Baek has been so lucky to do. Sehun slayed this comeback so good!!!)

I feel that, this sounds like me and my girlfriend. and Shit lemme shower with Baek then. I wanna know his hoe techniques. - Admin Jaefairy


“The funny thing is, between VII and VIII, Finn’s now a big deal! He is now a big deal. Imagine that – you get taken down by Kylo Ren, think about what the gossip’s going to be like in the Resistance. ‘Oh, that’s the guy that got slashed down by Kylo?’”

Boyega breaks into a grinning stride, winking and waving at imaginary Resistance fighters. “‘How you doing, guys? How you doing?’” he says. “‘Yeah, I was there. Then the Falcon picked me up… Oh yeah, I knew Han Solo by the way. We were pretty close.’ All that kind of stuff. They have a fan moment when they see him.”

Boyega can’t resist saying it again: Finn’s a big deal.


Happy Birthday @akaclairetemple!!! I love you and i’m sorry about the last cap



Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (東急プラザ), located on the 6th floor.

Photo: @junepurrr | Artwork: @maddox-rider
Characters: @danisnotonfire​ & @amazingphil

I made a post about the whole live action Aladdin movie and my girl Naomi as Jasmine but I’m gonna make another one now that it’s official because Twitter is a mess rn and I’m really conflicted about it all.

Here we go:

1) I really love Naomi and if you follow me you know this, and I’ve been waiting of her to get some recognition like this for so long because she’s a really talented actress and she deserves success. I’m proud that she landed the role, she can definitely pull it off and I understand that she took the role because she’s not a big actress and this will definitely change her life but-

2) The cast for Aladdin should’ve been Middle Eastern. The animated film was based off of a Middle Eastern story and the movie itself starts with a song called ‘Arabian Nights.’ But apparently this wasn’t clear enough for Disney when they were casting for this movie. Disney sent out casting descriptions looking for actors and actresses of Middle Eastern and Indian descent. Apparently Disney doesn’t understand that poc aren’t interchangeable.

3) Honestly I blame Disney for all this. They should’ve known better.

4) Don’t come at my girl Naomi with bullshit like saying she isn’t pretty enough to be Jasmine or saying she isn’t a good actress because she is. I’ve been seeing a lot of backlash on all this and while I agree that Disney should’ve cast a Middle Eastern actress for Jasmine, I will not tolerate any slander for Naomi on any irrelevant shit like her looks or her acting. Naomi deserves better than that. 

5) While there is definitely a colourism problem when it comes to casting in Hollywood, don’t erase the fact that Naomi is a woc and don’t call her white just because she’s biracial.

6) This isn’t like the whole ScarJo thing with GITS and it isn’t whitewashing. It’s a whole different thing. Disney was the one looking for actors of Indian descent instead of just actors of Middle Eastern descent like they should have, and it’s really their fault that a Middle Eastern actress wasn’t cast. Naomi auditioned for a role that was asking for people of Indian descent like her, but Disney should’ve just held auditions for Middle Eastern actresses to be faithful to the source material instead of making it seem that poc are interchangeable.

7) Disney and the director (who is white) are mainly at fault here. Disney has done a lot of stuff like this I’m not surprised. Also, the director should’ve been Middle Eastern too.

8) I’m disappointed that my girl Naomi is gonna get a lot of hate for this role because I love her and she doesn’t deserve this mess. Again, Disney should’ve looked for a Middle Eastern actress. (WB and DC can y'all cast Naomi and save her from all this pls?)

9) On the other hand (no I’m not defending Disney, just adding some more facts on why Disney made this casting decision) the animated film took place in a fictional place called Agrabah and there were some Indian culture influences in the film (Jasmine’s palace being based off of the Taj Mahal) and although it took place in a Middle Eastern area, the film kinda blended stuff from other cultures and that lead to Disney being unclear about it all and looking Indian actors for these roles instead of just Middle Eastern actors.

10) We’ll have to see if they change the location of where the story takes place to explain why Jasmine is Indian while Aladdin is Middle Eastern. They could do that to justify the whole thing, but for the millionth time, Disney should’ve had the entire cast be Middle Eastern (I don’t know if Genie counts because that’ll just be voice work and he’s not human).

So yeah, I’m happy Naomi is finally getting big roles but I don’t want it to happen like this and it makes me sad. She deserves better, and there’s a Middle Eastern actress out there who could’ve had the opportunity for this role who also deserves better.

Please don’t send Naomi any hate tho. This is mainly Disney’s mistake.