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Research, School Work, and Accidental Naps

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 553

A/N:This fic is for Juju’s ( @jared-padaloveme ) Fluffy Birthday Challenge!  I’m right up to the deadline with this one haha!  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday my dear!  I pulled some inspiration with my own life and wishing I had a Sam to take care of me when I’m working on my grad stuff (100% had this happen last night minus the Sam).

It was a lot, following the boys along on cases while working on her master’s degree at the same time. But, she was convinced she could keep up! Most of her classes were online and she could do her homework while they were on the road. Plus she figured she could lend Sam a hand with the research.

Out on their latest case, Sam and Y/N were set up at the motel going through all of the information they’d gathered. Y/N was flipping back and forth between her latest reading reflection paper, discussion boards, and the things Sam needed too.

Her first mistake wasn’t necessarily taking on all of the work, but trying to do it while sitting in the bed. Papers spread around her and pillows at her back, it was comfortable, too comfortable. She felt her vision getting fuzzy as she tried to read an article Sam had emailed her and rest her head against the headboard for a moment. Eyes closing slowly, she started to drift off. As her head rolled the the side it startled her awake and she rubbed her eyes trying to refocus on what was in front of her.

Sam didn’t miss her dozing. “Hey, you want some coffee?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah that would be good.” She stood and stretched before heading to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face.

Handing her the cup of steaming liquid, Sam leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. He thought she was a little crazy for trying to help them on top of all her school work, but he was proud of  her. In truth, he was also a little envious, wishing that he could go back to school himself.

The coffee long gone, Y/N could slowly feel the buzz fading as she continued to work. She’d gotten up and stretched a few more times, put on some music, anything she could think of to keep awake and focused.

“Hey why don’t you just take a break? I’ve got this.” Sam tried to convince her to at least take a nap for a bit, give her mind a break.

“No, I’m so close to being finished with this and if I stop now it’ll be harder to get back on track later.”

Sam shrugged it off and left her be, one thing he realized after they’d been dating a while, she was stubborn and only rarely could she be talked out of something once she’d decided to do it.

A short 10 minutes later, he heard her soft snores. Looking up he couldn’t help but smile a little. Moving to her side, he gently moved her laptop and the scatter of papers off of the bed. When she didn’t react or fight him, he knew she was out for sure this time. Very gently, he grabbed her hips and pulled her to lie on her back. The blankets that had been moved to the end of the bed, he pulled up over her and she stirred only slightly.

“Baby, go to sleep. We’ll finish this tomorrow.”

Y/N rolled over and snuggled under the blankets, only half comprehending what Sam had said.

Chuckling to himself, Sam went back to his laptop and switched it off, before climbing in next to her.

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Ever since we were told Harry’s arriving, he’s there, he’s coming, he’s going to do stuff, stuff that’s HIM, completely HIM I have been physically feeling it? Like, I feel it in my chest, I’m restless, I’m hype, I’m nervous, I’m alive, I’m dead, all my senses are heightened, and I literally feel it in my chest? I think it might be too much love for Harry trying to burst out?!?

Thoughts on WWSRD Ep. 10



2. She didn’t see the engagement coming because SHE HASN’T PLAYED THE ROMANTIC SCENES. She wasn’t prepared to be engaged yet because SHE HASN’T GONE THROUGH THE PROPER STEPS TO GET ENGAGED. She doesn’t think Sharon is in a hurry to get married again & if she did it would be for spiritual reasons because SHE WANTS THAT LONG ENGAGEMENT. GIVE HER ALL THE “TRYING ON WEDDING DRESSES, LOOKING AT FLOWERS, LET’S TRY SOME CAKE, GAVIN WILL YOU BE MY MAID OF HONOR” SCENES SHE CAN GET.

3. The writing pisses her off & she feels that Duff writes “easy outs,” especially for Andy, that make it so characters don’t have to “deal with issues” that they greatly should to further that character’s arc. She was annoyed by the boy’s taking over & handling Sharon’s & Andy’s exes. She felt Andy needed to go through the process of annulling his marriage & the boys stole that from him. Because DUFF IS INCAPABLE OF GIVING THIS RELATIONSHIP DRAMA. THAT WOULD REQUIRE COMPLETE SCENES WITHOUT RUSTY. THAT DOESN’T EXIST IN DUFFLAND.

4. Mary doesn’t understand why the boys railroaded this & want it to happen so quickly, as she feels it’s more interesting to explore the fine print rather than the conventional romance - such as what if Sharon said no to marrying Andy? BECAUSE MARY DOESN’T WANT THIS MARRIAGE TO HAPPEN EITHER. NOT THIS SEASON. SHE WANTS TO EXPLORE THIS RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THEIR HASN’T BEEN ONE YET.


5. Really listen to Mary’s words - “Winnie Davis could use Sharon’s engagement against her, hurting her chances for the promotion. This could lead to ambivalence about the engagement. If Stroh comes back, it will take center stage & EVERYTHING else will go to the back burner. If all this comes at Sharon at once, Sharon will crack and we will see a different side of her” I’M CALLING IT NOW - EVERYTHING MARY SAID WAS CODE. I PREDICT SHARON WILL TELL ANDY SHE CAN’T MARRY HIM RIGHT NOW, LEADING TO A MARRIAGE AT THE END OF SEASON 6, WHICH IS WHEN IT SHOULD HAPPEN ANYWAYS. DUH.

Special Moments

Mary saying that Bill was heavy and Andy is light. For Laura that heaviness is comforting & Andy’s lightness is fun for Sharon. But she stressed the two relationships are not near each other as Andy doesn’t have to share leadership with Sharon like Bill & Laura had too. She thinks Shandy is a more “lighter love” & Spaceparents was a more “deeper love.” When she said she wonders what happened to Bill after Laura died? Pfffffpppttttt.

Mary talking about Richard Hatch. Just all of it. Mentioning that she will be attending her first convention in May & it will be the first one he won’t be at & how sad that was to realize that. FRAK OFF ABOUT ALL OF THAT.

Mary loves Frank & Gracie…SQQUUUEEE. THAT’S IT’S NAME NOW.

Mary talking about sons wanting to thank their moms at some point & realizing how awesome their moms are & being in awe of their accomplishments? DON’T LIE. YOU WERE THINKING OF MARY & MIKE RIGHT THEN.

Thinking about This Town, JHO, and what we currently have been told about Harry’s solo stuff, I literally am so fucking proud and happy about what they’ve created. 

It feels very ‘them’, all of their stuff - all different from each other, stuff that I could have thought they’d like to do before anything was out, and like. My sons are doing the kind of music they like, want to, being artists and I think so far, all of them have been able to reach out to new audiences because THEIR MUSIC IS GOOD and, baby steps of course, but it’s about time the world knows about these four via their music. 

Let’s keep this in mind for ALL of your so-called friends MC. Let them figure stuff out on their own. MC doesn’t even need to tell them “I told you so”. If I had given James and Kaitlyn advice and all they could do is lash out at me instead of taking what I’m saying into consideration, I wouldn’t keep trying to pressure them into listening to me like MC is doing. I’d let them figure the shit out for themselves. You’ll know when they realize you were right all along because they’ll come back with their tails between their legs and want you to make them feel better. MC just let it go. Find something else to do now.

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Hi! I was wondering if you'd be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and some cute fluff stuff of how their first time with MC went? It doesn't have to be too detailed, I'm just a sucker for these sorts of things lol.

Saeran is my baby!!!!! Although I won’t go much into the whole “first time” thing since I’m not good at NSFW I will talk about it a bit, after all it is part of the hc, so I will definitely do it!!! So let us begin!!! Yay!!! Sorry for it being so late, stuff is going on in my personal life.

  • Saeran was at first really nervous to meet you
  • He knew you were his brother’s friend, and of course the part where he kidnapped you
  • Yeah, he was worried, you had been his secretary for a bit, but then Rika had thought you had grown too close and sent you to another sector
  • When you first approached him he went to yell at the person to go away
  • But when he saw it was you he sat back down, he trusted you, you had been through Hell, just like him
  • You sat down next to him
  • “I missed you.” You said, placing a hand on his
  • He twitched a bit at that, but didn’t push you away
  • “Me too…” He mumbled
  • You smiled faintly at that
  • “Look, I said to them I’d help you. But know that’s not because the told me too. They don’t understand, you’re the only one who knows me, who knows what I’ve been through. I told you everything.”
  • “And so did I.” He remembered the long nights you’d stay up talking, and the last night,
  • The last night he was telling a wild story about the sky, and you were listening intently, he saw the faint blush you had from the soda and Mentos you had chugged as a dare from him. You two stared, forehead to forehead almost, and eventually you two were kissing, softly, the sound of crickets around you…..
  • He shook his head, those weren’t important, you liked his brother, didn’t you?
  • But he agreed

A few months later

  • It was a long haul, he’d have frequent attacks
  • You had the scars to prove it
  • He felt horribly guilty
  • So when he hadn’t had an attack in about a month he pulled you aside
  • “Look, I think I can survive on my own now.”
  • Your face darkened at that, but he continued, it must’ve just been his wishful thinking
  • “And you don’t have to deal with me anymore, you can be with my brother, you can forget about me.”
  • “W-why?”
  • Was your voice shaking?
  • “Because you have stitches, I’ve sent you to the hospital! I’ve been horrible to you, and your life shouldn’t be shadowed by me!”
  • He hadn’t meant to raise his voice, but he didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to leave you
  • But he had to
  • Breathing out he looked at your once more
  • You face was covered by your bangs, your head down, breathing swiftly
  • No, not just swiftly
  • You were crying
  • “No, please, don’t leave me, they’ll come back!”
  • Immediately looking around for someone following you, gripping your shoulders protectively
  • “Who? Are you in danger? I swear to God, if someone tries to hurt you!”
  • “N-no, the nightmares, they’ll come back!”
  • He stared at you incredulously.
  • “B-before, before I started talking to you, I would wake up screaming e-every night. I was terrified of sleeping. I would go days without, if only so I didn’t have to remember it all! A-and when I started helping y-you, it stopped. T-the time we fell asleep together on the couch I had the best sleep since. I-if you leave, they’ll come back!”
  • You clutched his hoodie tightly, he could feel the fabric grow taught underneath your hands
  • “But, what, what about my brother.”
  • “He’s my friend, an amazing friend, b-but he can’t help, he, he just can’t for some reason.”
  • You were still crying, and in his panic he bent down and kissed you
  • You wrapped your arms around his next tightly, the initial shock melting away as you leaned into the kiss, tears still sliding down your cheeks onto his.
  • Saeran clutched you tightly, worried that you’d slip away like a draft of wind, afraid that the nightmares would come and take you away.
  • When it was done you stared at each other, your cheeks flushed like that first night you kissed
  • “S-so are you still leaving?” You asked nervously
  • He smiled and picked you up, bridal style, nuzzling you close.
  • “Of course not, I promise that I will make sure you never have nightmares again

Skip forward to weeks of dating later

  • You had been dating for six weeks
  • It had been slow, but full of bliss
  • You had the occasional nightmare, and when that happened he’d hold you close, whispered to you soft words of comfort as you clutched to him, trying to rid your mind of screams and darkness
  • One night you two had gotten a bit handsy
  • And then a bit farther
  • And well, yeah
  • You were lying on the bed, and you hugged him tightly
  • “Um, well, is it okay if it’s my first?”
  • He pulled back surprised
  • “If you’re okay with it as well, I just, why would you want it to be, well with me.”
  • “Yes, yes I’m sure I’m okay with it. No, I definitely want my first time to be with you.”
  • You guys kissed deeply, and, well
  • You know
  • Did the thing
  • Did the thing, wow I’m nailing this amirite!!!
  • Afterwards you two snuggled together, his arms wrapped around you
  • “How was it?” Saeran asked nervously
  • You smiled up at him and kissed him
  • “Thank you, you’re amazing.” He blushed at that, but you just smiled, and so did he
  • He stroked your hair as you listened to his heartbeat, and you two feel into a soft, nightmare-free, sleep

So what do you think? How was it? I was kinda unsure, I mean, you saw it. This my friends, is why I don’t write nsfw, I mean if I needed to I could, but like, mehhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’d be horrid. Sorry for being gone so long!! Yeah, I hope you like this, I mean Saeran is my beautiful baby! Lol.

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weve been mutuals for a long long time but you keep reblogging stuff making fun of aspec identities, including demi, and its seriously upsetting as i thought we were friends and ive always identified as demi. i dont think its safe to follow you anymore. you can have your opinions on the aspec community all you want but you i think it could do good to try and be less aggressive to those of us who are ALSO not straight and trans aspec people and still get our identities attacked.

listen i don’t talk about it very much because it’s Personal and also confusing but i identify as an ace lesbian. it’s something im still thinking a lot about, and im still trying to figure out a lot of the details on it (like, i know a lot of my sex repulsion stems from Gender Stuff as well as a lot of internalized transphobia i had to work out since i was told for years being a trans lesbian actually meant i was a Male Predatory, and that’s all stuff im still trying to work out and fully think out), but i have considered myself ace for a while now. a lot of things i reblog on the subject of ace stuff comes directly from frustrations i have with a big part of the ace community on here AS an ace person

being ace is a complicated thing a lot of the time and i respect that, i LIVE that with me dealing with the things i mentioned above. i have an issue though with a lot of the rampant homophobia/transphobia prevalent throughout a big part of the community, i have an issue with me and other non-straight folks being lumped in with straight people for being “allo”, i have an issue with seeing “LGB” used and seeing trans folks be told they shouldn’t be in the community, i have an issue with tons and tons of my trans friends ending up on “don’t follow” posts with Actual Nazis and terfs for being “aphobes”. obviously the entire community isn’t like that, and im more than willing to believe it’s just the vocal minority that is like that, but it’s still a big thing i see and those things are one of the biggest reasons i feel uncomfortable listing myself a member of the ace community since i feel so unwelcome in it

im sorry if you’ve felt unwelcome on my blog and if anything ive reblogged has upset you, im not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way. but a lot of the posts i reblog center around criticism of the above issues, and ones i reblog that have a more mocking tone are targeted toward the people who perpetrate the above things. none of my posts are intended as a direct insult toward the ace community, and if it ever feels that way im sorry for that

this is all a Complicated issue for me so i say in response please consider that i am an ace trans lesbian and everything i reblog is under that context and please consider that as those things im allowed to be critical of issues prevalent

Asking to put Makeup on Them- Evan Peters Preference

Tate- Tate would be totally okay with it. You would ask and he would probably say, “Sure, as long as I can pick out the colors.” While you were putting it on him he would keep making comments about how singers and other band members wear makeup to shows sometimes.

Kit- Kit would let you put makeup on him as long as you and Julia both ask him. You would let Julia do most of it, which would turn into a giant mess. You would laugh at Kit because all of the makeup would be in a completely wrong place. When Julia was done he would thank her for putting it on him and when she left he would say, “Now get this damn stuff off of me.”

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would question it  a little bit, but he would let you do it. “You better make me look like a movie star or you’ll never be my makeup artist again.” The entire time you were trying to put it on him he would keep cracking jokes or making dumb faces at you. After you put lipstick on him, he would kiss you everywhere and see how many lip prints he could leave behind.

Post-death Kyle- He would let you put it on him without any hesitation. Kyle didn’t care what you did to him as long as you were happy. When you showed him what he looked like with it on, he would laugh at himself before pulling you into a hug.

Jimmy- When you first asked Jimmy he would probably tell you no, but after a few minutes of complaining he would let you do it. “As soon as you’re done you gotta take it off, doll.” Jimmy would ask you every couple of minutes if you were done yet. When you finally say yes he would look at himself in the mirror and make a disgusted face. “Now, what do I get for being your model?”

James- “Darling, why would you ever want to do such a thing?” James would protest greatly about it. He’d agree to it as long as you just put foundation and eyeshadow on it. He would tell Miss Evers to not let anyone else in your room or come in herself because he wouldn’t want anyone to see him.

Rory- “Okay, sure.” Rory would think of it more as a joke and probably fool around the entire time. “ I told you I’m beautiful, but now it’s proven I’m even beautiful with makeup on.”

Edward- Edward already wears some makeup to help keep his skin look pale and his cheeks look pink. If you asked to put any makeup on him other than that he would probably object to it. If you kept asking he might even throw a tantrum.

…Okay, I keep getting anons saying things like “I hope you’re doing okay.” and “I miss you.” I have a feeling it’s friends I haven’t talked to since I left facebook, because I did give my url out to some people who said they had tumblrs.

You guys can actually message me you know. Like for real, off of anon. It sucks that i had to leave my communication avenue with you guys to save my mental health but that didn’t mean I hate you all, or need to avoid you. I imagine reading the witch stuff is surprising to some(most) of you since I kept a lot of that stuff on the DL, but honestly I’m still the same person. Just a hell of a lot more stable now that I don’t have a constant livestream of the world’s terrible events on my computer screen multiple times a day.

So, I guess yeah, I am doing great actually if that is all you were concerned about.

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About your post about what you learned in school is so much more than me we learned just about STD's and how to not have sex till your married. I learned all the stuff I do know from the internet and now you. So thanks for your posts it does help a lot

You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps! I know sex ed it so bad!! I had to just ask my mom, my sister, and I worked in a hair salon starting my junior year of high school and those ladies were WILD! They talked about sex more than any people I’d ever met and it changed my life. I learned EVERYTHING from them. Ugh. It was so great. It was the first time in my life where I was like “wait, women talk about sex WAY MORE than men do!” And they were like, “welcome to the real world.” And my response was, “it’s good to be here.”

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i've sent in about four asks about stuff, all over the past five weeks, and they haven't been answered. the first was about something that i really needed help with, and the others were things that were less serious, but it still kinda hurt. all of you are my favorite ever people, and i kind of want to be noticed, even while on anon

I’m sorry love, we get lots of asks a day so it’s hard to answer everybody, but we do try to do our best.
-Mod Gabe

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I love the Jen and Colin scene but don't like the one with Jen and Jared. Jen and Jareds seemed so sad and like a final goodbye set goers even said Emma was packing stuff into her car.

It’s 11 at night and you just got me to roll my eyes 3 times.

context is everything and we don’t have the context for the scene. All we can do is sit behind our screens and speculate (although I am working on a spreadsheet right now because if I’m gonna stay up, might as well work).

Last year, set goers were convinced that the pick up kiss was a marriage proposal. And it wasn’t. They are closer to the action, true, but they also interpret things the same way you and I are.

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Oh yeah I totally agree with you Book 3 had a bunch of pointless episodes and they could've easily used those to show more of Zuko and have him join the Gaang earlier, that way more Zuko and Katara! Also if Zutara was still being considered why do you think they showed Zuko and Mai kissing all the damn time like that's just gross, and is it true that "The Headband" episode was a replacement for an episode about Kuzon so Kataang would look less forced?

Well, I think by the time Book 3 aired, the movie deal had been signed and Kataang was the chosen ending (because Shamalawny or whatever his name is wouldn’t do the movie without knowing who Katara ended up with?? what that has to do with not white-washing shit, idk) so all the forced Maiko and Kataang stuff was a feeble attempt to keep those ships afloat… even though they were Titanics to begin with. 

Oh... Shaq Thinks The World Is Flat
Maybe he can see something up there we can't?
By Christian Zamora

“It’s true. The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat. Yeah, it is. Yes, it is. […] So, listen, I drive from coast to coast, and this shit is flat to me. I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360 degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat.” - Shaq


Happy Birthday @akaclairetemple!!! I love you and i’m sorry about the last cap

A kind Anon asked if I would repost this drawing because they were worried I might be white washing Lance (who is canonically Cuban just in case you didn’t know :D :D) but when I posted it I think it appeared supremely tiny on my page. So here’s an edited version of my previous post.

I am sort of new to tumblr since I mainly use my Insta so I’m still figuring out how to respond to folks and all that fun stuff! :D Anyways, I don’t want to offend anyone so please do let me know if I get anything like that wrong and I will fix the mistake as fast as I can. 

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments everyone!!

i dont hate the straights im like totally an ally im not some, haha, you know, im not like a, a heterophobe haha, i just like dont want to see it you know?

like what you do behind closed doors is your business yeah?

but like if im completely honest with you the thing is that i- i just cant stand it when those straights like just start touching swords and knives stuff.

like, cant they just keep to their straight stuff like talking about how much they hate each other or whatever it is straight people do all the time

i mean im not heterophobic or anything last week i went out (not in a straight way we were just out shopping haha ha ha. totally support the lifestyle im just not straight you know) with my straight friend and i bought a ‘i 💕 straight rights’ im wearing it now its just

why are they trying to be gay like that, everyone knows hets can’t use swords

Some thoughts about the “DC sex trafficking ring” stuff spreading all over FB this week:

You know statistically, it’s very likely that missing kids are runaways/throwaways (50%), or that they’re reported missing due to a simple miscommunication (38%), or were taken by a non-custodial parent, which typically happens as a kinda revenge against the custodial parent (7%). That’s 95% of cases right there.

Underage people who run away or are kicked out have an increased chance of entering the sex industry, but a study conducted in NYC showed that extremely-few underage sex workers are even pimped: for some kids, doing sex work is actually preferable to whatever shitty things were keeping them trapped at home. I don’t wanna argue about the “ethics” of underage sex-working or whatever, it’s just a reality of what some teenagers do to survive in nearly-impossible circumstances.

Which brings me to another concern about how we ignore the systemic, and much more difficult to address, reasons why kids end up missing. It’s rarely stranger-danger, and more likely something like abuse (physical, mental, sexual, etc.), or a broken child welfare system, or queer kids feeling unsupported at home or whatever.

Politicians and law enforcement and whatever other opportunists love to jump on whatever new sex trafficking panic rears its head (which happens routinely in different forms) as a way to crack down on already-marginalized communities (poor ppl, poc, sex workers, illicit drug users). They arrest a buncha of adult streetworkers and massage girls, tossing em into the inherently-VIOLENT carceral system, and get pats all around for “at least doing SOMETHING”.

And ppl point to sketchy-but-more-benign magazine-salesperson recruitment posters and stuff as proof of trafficking (pix of which a number of folks on my feed have been passing around this week), thinking that that’s what trafficking looks like, just out in plain sight like that (believe me ive had some sketchy jobs like that and so have my friends but they were technically legal and non-sexual! There are tons of ways to economically exploit highschoolers that won’t get you thrown in prison bc “free market” n shit).


-a woc friend who is shy and wants to remain anonymous.

but just a reminder: the stats around trafficking are deliberately vagued up by antitrafficking orgs who stretch the definition of youth and the definition of trafficked, but the info we have gives us no reason to believe that sexual exploitation numbers differ materially from sexual abuse and rape numbers; that is, two thirds of sexual abuse and assault are committed by people known to the survivor or even their family.

if you want to support kids and survivors of sexual violence, you need to be supporting the creation and funding of youth shelters, day centers, drop in centers, the renewal of RHYA and the inclusion of LGBT in the population services it funds, and a total overhaul of the child welfare system AND the DHS: adults in foster homes and developmentally disabled adults are exponentially more likely to be sexually exploited and abused than almost any other category of adult.

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agree with your last response to that anon and to add onto that imagine if all the larries just disappeared. do they know how much things wouldn't be done ? we lead so many projects, voting, calling in etc. sad how we're diminished to this

I think all the boys would be in for a rude awakening if Larries no longer did stuff for them, and that’s why I think it’s so unfortunate that we continue to be treated like absolute shit after all these years. Louis and Harry have definitely done things over the years to show that they’re grateful for us (the bears were a huge one) and more recently, Louis took special care to emphasize how grateful he is for ALL fans, but stuff like what happened today with Gemma still happens from time to time and it’s really unfair and upsetting to watch.

We lead projects and charity efforts for the boys and the vast majority of us do our best to support all four boys, but especially Harry and Louis, so it’s frustrating that we’re ALWAYS reduced to the worst and most annoying among us. Yes, there are Larries who are annoying, invasive, and rude, but there are also hets, Narries, antis, and other groups of fans who do annoying, invasive, and rude things, yet they never receive negative attention for it the way we do every single time. And yeah, Larries are a large and super engaged segment of the fandom, so you probably see it more from us (the Larry comments on Twitter and Instagram are beyond fucking annoying and they need to stop), but it’s not a coincidence that we’re the ones who are continually targeted with these types of rants and rude comments. We’ve been abused for years by “the boys” (aka 1DHQ), their friends, their family members, their beards, and other fans (who are encouraged by 1DHQ and the behavior of all those other people, of course), and having been here for nearly five years and watched this happen again and again, I’ve gotta say that it’s really fucking exhausting and it does the opposite of motivate me to be an engaged fan, which is a damn shame.

Me: explain this picture
My friend(hasn’t heard Hamilton only stuff from me ):Ok so la fie tittys just standing there like “don’t you alexan DARE bitch”
Then Hamil titty breaks into the fresh prince of bell air rap and he’s all like “ IN WEST PHILADELPHIA BORN'raised
And then all the others are just like
” we were just trying to eat our cheerios in peace and I can’t do that when this happens every 10 minutes