...and then there's these two idiots

I will never be over Sherlock Holmes practically pleading with Molly Hooper to say “I love you” to him.

The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.


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“And I’m guessing, from the way you scampered across here like an excited puppy, they you’ve found something?”
Ianto looked pained. “I don’t ‘scamper’. I stride. Briskly but with dignity.”
“I detected a definite scampering motion.” said Jack.
Ianto tutted and shook his head, and returned his attention to the reports in his hand.
“Are you sulking now?” asked Jack.
“No, I’m not sulking.” Ianto replied. “I’m collating.”
“So, collate me.” Jack said.
—  (Torchwood: Bay of the Dead)
Why it's hard being Pansexual reason #7008652499

one of the hardest things about being pan is that not only do I have to explain what it is all the time but I also have to explain the difference between pansexual and bi as well as a lot of gender terms. I mean as much as I love informing people a lot of the time I have to deal with idiots who say things like ‘theres only two genders’
the worst thing is that this could be fixed so easily if only schools taught more about gender and sexuality than the bare minimum we have scrape by with

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Everyone expected the awkwardness. Rebuilding your home after you've kinda sorta lost your mind was bound to be awkward but over a hundred dwarves coming unasked to help rebuild Dale did a lot to mend that fence. Everyone expected anger. Dis took one look at the injuries her boys had miraculously survived and punched her brother so hard he went flying. What no one expected were pranks. Sewing Bard's tent shut. Dyeing Thranduil's moose thing pink. Fili and Kili were still in sickbed. (con't)

At Work AUs
  • i work in a jewellery store and i gave a customer a ring to try on and now its stuck cause i messed up the sizes, you were another customer willin to help my sorry ass out and i was totally cool with it until you brought a stick of butter out of your bag and are spreading it all over her finger/the ring now theres not many more ways this situation could get me fired
  • youre my coworker and i gave you drugs in a club last night and today youve called into work tellin them that youre not comin in bc youre still high, have i befriended a fuckin idiot
  • ive worked this job for two years and i dont know your name, and actually no one else seems to either? who the hell are you and why is it you always sign the company christmas and birthday cards with just the letter x 
  • i work in the pound shop and every day you come in and ask how much something is before walking out one of these days im going to get fired for kicking your ass
  • you work in the pound store and youre really cute and everyday i come in and the first time i swear it was a mistake i was so nervous cause youre so pretty, but then i realised how adorable you look when youre annoyed and i just cant help myself
  • were both paramedics and were being forced to start buying and bringing our own equipment because someone keeps stealing them and i know its you because ive spotted you pocketing the oximeter a couple of times and while i could easily snitch on you im more interested in what kind of undercover business youre running here
  • im a tattoo artist and you keep coming in to book new tattoos and then cancelling the appointments last minute and im not sure if youre really indecisive and i should step in to advice you or if youre just coming in to watch me draw
  •  i got banned from the cafe you work at because “i assaulted an employee” more like your creepy coworker kept slapping your butt whenever he walked past you, so i tripped him over on the way past and he accidentally broke his nose against the tiled floor
  • me in 2012: you know. wii u's a cool idea, just wish nintendo would make it so like their system was like a full on handheld/home hybrid instead of this halfway crap we got here. its a cool idea not executed strongly enough and i think focusing on that instead of splitting their games in to two markets of handheld and home is really the only thing nintendo can do to fix their shit up and get back in the game
  • everyone else in 2012: youre a fucking idiot, that makes no sense, theres no way this would work and youre stupid
  • me in 2016: *nailing a notice to the town hall with a wooden hammer that says LIAM WAS RIGHT*
  • person: hey take ur glasses off
  • me: ok
  • person: *holds up 2 fingers*
  • person: how many fingers am i holding up
  • me: two
  • person: so theres nothing wrong w ur eyes why r u wearing glasses????
  • me:
  • me: u fuckin idiot

So, a skyeward shipper is saying that skimmons is toxic.

I really can’t decide what thing is more idiotic here. The fact that theres still someone who ships skyeward (I was thinking they were all extinct by now
), or the fact that someone who ships Skye (a amazing person, with great heart) with a damn nazi who killed a lot of good people in cold blood, is saying that skimmons is toxic.

I mean, the nerve this person has to say the skimmons (two people the only try to protect each other, love each other and cares about each other), is toxic?? I mean, do they even know what the word “toxic” means?? Of course they dont know. How could they, right?

Skimmons has probably the most healthy relationship on the show. Chloe is always saying in interviews how her favorites relationships on the show are with Skye/Simmons and Skye/Coulson, and thats because these two were always there for Skye, since the very beggining.

Even when Jemma was traumatized and scared about people with powers, she literally kills her fear, because she knows Skye will need her. All she was doing was to protect Skye, because she loves her (Elizabeth also said this in a interview).

So, stop with this bullshit.. you’re embarrassing yourself. Also, stop romanticizing good people with horrible people. The good guys don’t deserve this.

OUAT 5x10

I have so many emotions running through me because of tonight’s episode. I mean there’s:

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Then there’s:

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After that, there’s:

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And finally:

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And it’s all because of these two precious idiots:

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I might just die tonight.