...and then there's these two idiots

cutest wc scenes in no particular order

- that scene where fireheart gives cloudkit to brindleface to nurse and take care of and from then on out you see her taking care of him and raising him alongside her kittens w/ no problem

- that scene where jayfeather helps deliver kittens w/ leafpool for one of the first times and he just tells her how amazing it was and how much fun he had doing it

- when fireheart was playing w/ sandstorm in the snow and landed on top of her, and he spent a good five secs nuzzling her until she just went “would u get off of me” and he was like “oh shit”

- graystripe meeting silverstream

- when fireheart asked goldenflower to take care of featherkit & stormkit and the first thing goldenflower said was “featherkit will be as beautiful as her mother” and took care of them

- when cloudtail was trying to teach daisy battle moves and he went “ok daisy now pretend im gonna hurt ur kits” and daisy just went “but my kits really like you??”

- jake telling talltail about how he tried teaching his human how to speak cat, but his humans accent is terrible

- when thunderclan did some fighting exercises and bumblestripe just flopped on top of blossomfall and she just went “this is a nursery move??? grow up??” and he just went “nah”

- yellowfang telling jayfeather about lionblaze fighting a fox: “lionblaze tried to fight a fox” “i know, hes an idiot”

- when squirrelflight got stuck under the fence

- graypaw telling firepaw he was gonna hit bluestar over the head w/ a stiff rabbit for him so firepaw could sneak some food

- graypaw taking some extra food for firepaw and tigerclaw catching him, so graypaw eats two whole mice in front of him and then has a belly ache

- whitewing telling dovewing & ivypool that they’ll always be her kittens and they were just like “moooommmm”

  • Wonder Woman herself: It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.
  • Black Panther himself: Vengeance has consumed you. It's consuming them. I'm done letting it consume me.
  • Internet which wouldn't deserve either: *pits Wonder Woman and Black Panther against one another, two of the most relevant movies in all genres (not just in the superhero business) in the last few years because they're gonna inspire children all over the world who never had anything like them be the hero before, even though there's literally half a year between the two movies if anything to fire their idiotic DC vs Marvel thing*

I will never be over Sherlock Holmes practically pleading with Molly Hooper to say “I love you” to him.

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I absolutely love reading about Rocinante and Kitsune. Can you do a oneshot of how they started dating and when they started dating. (You know of if it was during their training for the Marines or when they were with Doffy-Bastard. Something like that)

Perhaps it would go something like this;

“I’m too old for you, ‘Sune. You’re closer to Law’s age than mine.”

“So you’re saying I should be trying to date Law instead?”

“What?! No!”

“So then why not? We’re both adults, you stare at my ass and I stare at yours, so we should date.” 

Trafalgar D. Water Law, new Devil Fruit user and wielder of the Ope Ope Fruit, watches the two with his mouth hanging open. 

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Reveal Shenanigans #2
  • Adrien: I- I can't believe we didn't see it sooner!
  • Marinette: I know right? I mean, we're basically identical to our superhero personas, HOW could we been so blind?
  • Adrien: I guess some magic was involved in order to not let us know, right Plagg?
  • Tikki: Ehm...
  • Marinette: ... Tikki?
  • Tikki: You see, Marinette...
  • Plagg: There's no magic involved, you two are just idiots.
  • Miss Flemming: Alright, Heathers. Your job is to follow the teachers around and observe them. You are not to speak unless spoken to and under no circumstances are you to tender an opinion in front of one of the students. You just stand there, silently. Something I like to call "ghosting".
  • Heather McNamara: Point of order: I don't think that's what "ghosting" is. Ghosting is when you leave a party without saying goodbye.
  • Heather Duke: Okay, you guys are all idiots. Ghosting is when you've been texting with a guy for a really long time and things are going really well and you think he's really into you, and of a sudden one day he just stops texting back because he finally saw what you look like. And so you just text him like "Hey Sexy, where'd you go?" and he just doesn't answer because he ghosted.
  • Heather Chandler: Wait, isn't ghosting when you do a number two and you look down at the paper and there's nothing there? And so you stand up and look in the toilet but there's nothing there either because the turd somehow got shot down the hole before you even flush. I mean, that's ghosting.
  • Miss Flemming: ALRIGHT! There are lots of uses for the term "ghosting", the usage I'm describing is where you stand silently and say NOTHING.
  • Heather Chandler: ....That's not ghosting.
Born Deaf \\ KLANCE

Based on; http://yuka-liptus.tumblr.com/post/157438456079

Incorporated this text post: (please send it to me, i’ve been searching for hours.)

This is gonna be hella long, sorry!

From the moment Keith Kogane was born into this world, he was deaf. His parents decided that they didn’t want to have to deal with a ‘special needs’ kid, that it would be “Too pricy” and “Too difficult”. So he was raised up in a foster home.

Keith Kogane got frustrated easily. He couldn’t learn like the other kids, he had to have special treatment, from special people. He hated it. He’d always blow up in their face because he’d get so irritated that he was… him! He couldn’t hear how loudly he breathed when he snapped, or how loud he screamed in frustration. He just couldn’t make sense of anything. It was all spinning around him and he just didn’t understand why he had to communicate with his goddamn hands instead of his mouth like a normal person. He was constantly bullied and picked on in middle school because he couldn’t hear, and that meant verbal harassment. He never bothered standing up for himself, he knew he could take every single one of those kids down without hesitation. But he never did, and that surprised everyone. He didn’t care what happened to him, nothing could be worse than this.


Lance McClain is an excelling scholar at Berenger High, being the Student Body President. SBP was his main claim to fame, earning him multiple scholarship opportunities plus his astounding grades. He was the perfect student, adored by teachers and girls alike. He’d always rejected them, claiming he’d never had time for them. Not true, he reminded himself, you don’t like girls. Lance had always hit on and flirted with girls but he did it without meaning. Not even his best friends knew he was gay, and he didn’t want to splotch his perfect reputation. He couldn’t risk it, not if it ruined his only chances to go to Harvard. Excelling in school meant plenty of time for academics, so he picked up languages in his free time. He could fluently hold a conversation in 7 different languages, but he knew phrases in almost every language. One thing that stumped him the most was Sign Language, speaking without words. It had no structure similar to any other language, and he worked hard at it. When he was given the opportunity to tutor a deaf kid to help him understand the concept of sign language, he was more than thrilled. This would look perfect on his resumé! Easier said than done.


On their first day meeting to study, Lance had arrived quite early in order to prepare. He had prepared for every possible situation: flash cards, notebook, sign language book, etc. He even had a whole three ring binder filled with phrases and words. What he was not prepared for, however, is Keith himself. The reckless, oblivious, disoriented boy quickly rushed into the library. He also, unintentionally, rushed into the heart of Lance on the first eye contact. “Hi- my name’s Lan…” he started automatically, and then flushed at his mistake. Lance McClain never made mistakes. Keith shook his head gently, tapping on the table gently for a pen. Lance unconsciously handed it to him, confused on why this boy drew out the clumsiness deep inside him? He scribbled down hard on the paper, writing just above illegible,“I can read lips, idiot.” He smiled gently as he handed him the paper. Lance read his sentence, and offered a shy smile as well. “Ah- Okay- uh… how about we begin our lesson?” He started, twiddling his fingers together.


Two weeks later, Lance had fallen hopelessly in love with Keith. Keith felt himself grow attracted to the boy but he needed help and he couldn’t risk losing this. Plus, theres no way the SBP of Berenger High could ever like a student he’s tutoring. He looks down on me, probably calls me a freak with his mouth covered. But Keith only had three more weeks of tutoring before his month and a half session was complete, and he wanted to do something to show him how much he cared. He settled on speech therapy, in three weeks he’d pull himself to confess in verbal words. He wasn’t sure how he’d manage, but he’d have to. He went to the sessions privately, so his schedule was basically: Wake up at 5:30, Go to school at 7:40, Get done at 2:30, Go to tutoring from 2:40 to 4:45 on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays. And on mondays, thursdays, and saturdays from 2:40 to 6:00 he went to speech therapy in a private building. His grades were excellent, all A’s to A-’s, so his high school covered the expenses for the tutoring and therapy.


Today was the day. The day he confessed. Three weeks of speech therapy and endless practice had brought him here, exhausted. But the adrenaline rushed through him, suddenly he was hyperaware. He rubbed circles in his palms to calm himself. The final session was ending. “-and that,” Lance finished, signing ‘I understand.’ with his fingers,“ Is how to say ‘I get it’.” Lance stopped, suddenly looking just as anxious as Keith. “Hey- Keith, can I say something?” He asked, biting his lower lip. Fuck. Keith held up his hand and signed, ‘no, I have something for you.’ Lance tilted his head, and keith continued. 'I’m sorry if this sucks, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever speak to you again, but I want you to know that,’ keith dropped his hands to his side.

He cleared his throat. He swallowed hard, this was it. This was everything he worked for, for three weeks. He exhaled deeply, meeting lance’s gaze.

Five weeks.

“I love you.” Keith said, his voice cracky and rough. It was patchy and dry, but to Lance it was the most perfect thing he’d ever heard. Lance, who was holding the binder, dropped it immediately. His jaw gaped open, not breaking the connection between their eyes. Fuck, keith thought, did I say it wrong? Did I mess up? He looks like he’s going to cry… did I offend him? Did I upset him? Did I-

His thoughts were cut off when the tanned scholar wrapped his arms around Keith. He felt himself smile wide, looking down at the taller boy who was resting his head on his chest. He brought his face up to Keith, a fat tear rolling down his cheek, and him smiling like an idiot. It was the most truthful smile Keith had ever seen, and he wasn’t sure what pushed him to do it, but he moved his thumb over his cheek; wiping away the tear, and pulled him into a kiss.

The tan scholar, the one who never had time for girls, kissed him back. The Student Body President of Berenger High, the most popular boy in the school, was right here. In his arms.

Lance smiled even harder, and Keith pulled away gently when Lance shifted his head back. “Before you rudely interrupted me,” lance began, still smiling,“I was going to tell you.” He held out both hands in front of him, and made the 'i love you’ sign in one hand and the 'i’m gay’ in the other. Keith took in a moment to register this, and he started laughing hysterically. Keith had never laughed so hard, he’d only ever chuckled or snorted, but this? The bubbly, pure laughter roughly cracked and splotched but Lance loved it so much.

A/N:} this took two hours to write and I’m so tired aldjskjdjsjd i hope you enjoyed. I’m going to bed now, aaaa. Credit goes to @yuka-liptus ily thank you sm for making this possible

  • internet fascist: lmao you really believe there's more than two genders you gullible cuck idiot? why don't you say that to my definitely very real photoset of mister rogers saying "transgenders are bullshit fuckers"
descent into rarepair hell
  • me: wow, I sure do love [story]! so many awesome characters and themes, the writing's great, and there's even some really cool fanfic -
  • brain: ship the thing.
  • me: um?
  • brain: you see these two idiots?
  • me: yes?
  • brain: that's the thing. we ship it now.
  • me: but -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: but there is exactly ONE FIC for this pairing EVER -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - it's got zero chance of becoming canon -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - they hardly even interact, I don't know why you'd consider investing in -
  • brain: SHIP. IT.
  • me: ...
  • me: I hate you, myself, and everything we stand for.
  • brain: shhh. headcanons.
underrated reese/finch moments
  • the moment in 1.21 many happy returns where finch, in order to not upset reese with a potentially triggering domestic violence case on his birthday, tells him there’s no number and he should “go and do what you normally do when you’re not here, mr. reese”. in answer to that john proceeds to go home and forlornly stare out of the window while periodically checking his phone for any message from harold only to go back to melancholy staring when there’s no new notifs. like, does he do this every day when he’s not at the library? is he stuck in a jane austen novel? is this man okay? does he need assistance?
  • when john is so delighted to find out harold likes baseball because it’s another piece of the puzzle that makes him a real human being and keeps needling him to find out what his favourite baseball team is for ages and harold soon realizes that john’s covertly fishing for information on where he grew up, and instead of anger or suspicion or his walls immediately slamming down he smiles and makes a joke out of it. and they laugh together and it’s the vastest contrast to 1.05 and the scene preceding the Eggs Benedict Moment, because back then it really was all about the power play, about finding chinks in the armor. now the interest is genuine, useful benefits or no, and harold trusts john enough to believe it is and john trusts harold enough to understand he doesn’t need to know where he was born to know him. he knows things about harold now that could never be summed up in a file and that matters more.
  • one of the hands down most hilarious moments is when shaw offers to build a pipe bomb and finch is all :< and calls her a hammer compared to, get this, reese’s scalpel, which is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard in my life because reese wouldn’t know subtlety if it drove a gigantic truck right into him in the middle of traffic. which he’s done. multiple times. he owns a grenade launcher finch how besotted are you that you honestly believe that’s an accurate description of him?
  • that time harold flew a plane through a hurricane and landed it in a puddle because john was in danger like… do any of the people on this show know how to get a handle on their dramatics
  • speaking of dramatics, i will never forget the episode where they get a tech nerd number and finch gets on super well with her and they have their little tech nerd conversation together that reese probably understands every third word of but that at no point is in any way flirty or suggestive and yet reese interrupts them in the middle of it to huff “do you two want some alone time???” in the most put upon five year old way, only to realize that, contrary to what his raging jealousy is trying to convince him of, nothing about this situation warranted his reaction and he leaves the room without saying another word. he just straight up leaves. like, honey. finch is allowed to have human interaction with people that are not you. i know it’s upsetting but it is what it is.
  • i hate these two idiots
Guardians of the Galaxy Sentence Starters
  • "I have no words for an honorless thief."
  • "What's with giving tree here?"
  • "That's mine!"
  • "Ain't no one like me 'cept me."
  • "It's cool to have a code name, it's not that weird."
  • "Like I said, she/he's got a rep."
  • "Whatever nightmares the future holds are dreams compared to what's behind me."
  • "You wanna get to him/her, you go through us. Or, more accurately, we go through you."
  • "I'm with them."
  • "Take her down to the showers. It'll be easier to clean up the blood."
  • "Her/His life is not yours to take."
  • "Your words mean nothing to me!"
  • "Why would I put my finger on his throat?"
  • "What I'm saying is, you want to keep her/him alive."
  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."
  • "Asleep for the danger. Awake for the money as for frickin' usual."
  • "Your demeanor is that of a pouty child."
  • "This is one fight you won't win."
  • "I've heard these small bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of deal."
  • "You must be joking."
  • "No, I've really heard they find you attractive."
  • "You need my what?"
  • "Spare me your foul gaze, woman!"
  • "Why is this one here?"
  • "Cease your yammering and release us from this irksome confinement."
  • "Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."
  • "I told you I have a plan."
  • "That was a pretty good plan."
  • "They crumpled my pants up into a ball, that's rude! They folded yours!"
  • "Screw this then, I'm not waiting around for someone with a death wish."
  • "This one shows spirit, he/she shall make a keen ally in the battle."
  • "You're an imbecile."
  • "What is that?"
  • "That's
  • "No one's blowing up moons."
  • "You just wanna suck the fun out of everything."
  • "If we're gonna work together, you might wanna try trusting me a little bit."
  • "I am not a princess!"
  • "Your ship is filthy."
  • "You got issues."
  • "I can't tell if you're joking or not."
  • "There are no regulations whatsoever here."
  • "It's dangerous and illegal work. Suitable only for outlaws."
  • "This is not respectable establishment."
  • "That's the first thing you've said that wasn't batshit crazy!"
  • "It's just a negotiation tactic."
  • "He is not my father."
  • "Why would you risk your life for this?"
  • "I am a warrior, and an assassin. I do not dance."
  • "Who put the sticks up their butts?"
  • "The melody is pleasant."
  • "I am not some starry eyed waif here to succumb to your pelvic sorcery!"
  • "He/She has no respect!"
  • "You just wanna laugh at me!"
  • "No one's laughin' at you."
  • "He thinks I'm some stupid thing, he does!"
  • "I didn't ask to get made!"
  • "Suck it up for one more lousy night and you're rich."
  • "Fine, but after all this I can't promise I won't kill every last one of you."
  • "See that's exactly why none of you have any friends!"
  • "You shall send a message for me."
  • "We're all very fascinated, but we'd like to get paid."
  • "I will no longer be your slave!"
  • "What the f-?"
  • "What do you still have it for?!"
  • "I can't believe you had that in your purse!"
  • "It's not a purse, it's a knapsack!"
  • "Or we could give it to someone really nice who's not going to arrest us and will give us a ton of money."
  • "I think it's a good balance between both worlds."
  • "Wait here, I'll be back."
  • "I hated you least."
  • "You'll die in seconds!"
  • "I saw you out there. Something came over me, and I couldn't let you die."
  • "Something incredibly heroic."
  • "They're all idiots!"
  • "None of this would have happened if you didn't try to singlehandedly take on a frickin' army!"
  • "All this rage... Is just to cover my loss."
  • "Everybody's got dead people. It's no excuse to get everybody else dead along the way."
  • "There's only two of us!"
  • "You're. Makin'. Me. Beat. Up. Grass!"
  • "I'm coming for you."
  • "You dare to oppose me?"
  • "Normal people don't even think about eatin' other people!"
  • "Is that what she's been filling your head with? Sentiments?"
  • "You kill me now, you are saying goodbye to the biggest deal you have ever seen."
  • "How about trying to
  • "This is what we get for trying to act altruistically."
  • "I have a plan."
  • "You're copying me from when I said I have a plan."
  • "I have part of a plan."
  • "That's a fake laugh."
  • "Life's giving us a chance to give a shit."
  • "I have lived most my life surrounded by my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."
  • "I will fight beside you."
  • "Now I'm standing. You happy? We're all standing. Bunch of jackasses standing in a circle."
  • "This is a terrible plan."
  • "He says that he's an a-hole, but he's not 100% a dick."
  • "I don't believe anyone is 100% a dick."
  • "For the record, I advised against trusting you."
  • "They got my dick message!"
  • "No one talks to my friends like that."
  • "Finger to the throat means death."
  • "You can't. You'll die. Why are you doing this?! Why?!"
  • "Dance off bro, me and you!"
  • "I'm distracting you, you big turd-blossom!"
  • "I might be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain't one."
  • "I have to warn you against breaking any laws in the future."
  • "What should we do next? Something good, something bad, bit of both?"

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Garp does not approve of breaking Ace and Riskua up. Garp wants great-grandchildren to spoil. (He's not going to have to worry about the safety of this one, there's a small army of pirates and Revolutionaries that would protect this future child, teach them strength. Garp can relax and just love this one) Garp knows Ace and Riskua are his only hope; he despairs over the stretching brat and the Revolutionary brat, they're only good for giving him headaches, not great-grandchildren!

“You don’t get to break those brats up, you hear me?!” 

Shaking the recruit one last time, Garp drops the idiot to the floor, allowing him to scuttle back to his fearful fellows. 

In all honesty, Garp doesn’t give two shits about bloodline. 

Ace is his damn brat, whether the Marines like it or not. And as things stand, he’s the only chance Garp has for Great-Grandbrats. 

That Revolutionary brat has to have commitment issues with how often he jumps around, and Luffy… He needs not say any more; Luffy’s a hopeless case. 

No, if Garp’s gonna be getting great-grandbrats, it’ll be through Ace.

 Which means Ace and Riskua cannot be allowed to break up. It’d taken them far too long to get together as it is, and that was with the Revolutionaries, Whitebeards, Strawhats, and even a little Marine influnece from himself pushing them together. 

He’s not about to let all that effort go to waste. 

The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.

cajuncherrybee  asked:

I definitely understand Yakov now. Not knowing Yuuri's perspective, it was so easy to dismiss him as downright cruel. Then there's Vitya,stuck in the constant cycle of being heartbroken to being being hopeful to being heartbroken again. *sigh* these two are idiots....

Yakov might not handle it in the best way but now you can all see what I mean when I said he felt he was always justified in what he was doing. Now we’re finally seeing parts of why he ends up saying ‘I always knew there was something wrong with you’ to Yuuri’

apexdarkmatter  asked:

No excuse me, you're an idiot. There's only two genders. Make and female, and one that's partially recognized transgender. You can't be any of this made up shit like genderfluid

Hey, yknow how biological sex is a spectrum, considering the chromosomes you have? There are six biological sexes. As for gender, that’s how a person chooses to identify themselves and their identity, and quite frankly, I can do whatever the fuck I want. It’s how you feel that identifies your gender, and I could get my hormones stopped so that I am no longer biologically female. Like it or not I am, along with agenders, androgynous, and unsure folks, somewhere in the nonbinary (neither male or female) spectrum, or, as you so artfully put it “made up shit”. Thanks for your time, buddy.


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Imagine Pink Guy accidentally stumbling into a gay pride parade. He was just out getting some stuff and now he's in a parade dancing around with a rainbow painted on his cheek. He doesn't know what it's about but it's super cool and there's two dudes making out next to him. He goes home covered in glitter and a huge smile on his face

Frank is mad cause Pink didn’t get the eggs but is less mad when Pink shows him the rainbow stamp he got and is giggling like an idiot as he stamps everything in the apartment with it.

Saf stumbles in a little later with a rainbow kiss mark on one cheek and the pan flag painted on the other. He got shirts of all orientations and he’s wearing a pan coloured version of his regular one. His smile nearly splits his face when he sees all the rainbows on everything. And he’s pretty sure his cheeks are stuck in that smile when Frank kisses him on the cheek and stamps a rainbow on the back of his hand.