...and the worst

Okay but what if in Teenage Dadvid au David comes home from retail work and is honest to god bone fucking tired and upset because of old ass people blaming him for something like chips being $1.99. He pays Gwen for watching Max and is holding his baby boy and Max just goes “D… Da… Da. Dada!”


kassellie  asked:

❤️💛💚💙💜💖What are the BEST and WROST qualities of the 2p!Allies?

Oooh this is a tough one…hope you enjoy it! -Admin Jay

2p America-
Best: Loyalty
Worst: Addictions

2p Canada-
Best: Hard-working
Worst: Isolationist

2p France-
Best: …Sex
Worst: Uncaring

2p England-
Best: Caring
Worst: Psychotic Tendencies

2p China-
Best: Understanding
Worst: Flippant

2p Russia-
Best: Intellect
Worst: Demeaning

anonymous asked:

Hello Miya! Why aquarius as sun sign is bad?

Hello dear anon! Because the Sun stands for showing what one was born for, what one wants to be known for. It talks about leadership, influencing others, standing up for yourself. Aquarius is none of that. Aquarius is an intellectual sign that would rather look for the logical sides of things, investigate, study it instead of imposing it. Discussing instead of fighting. Values friendships over their own needs, losing their focus because of it. It is stubborn but has a lot of trouble when it comes to standing up for itself, would rather do their own thing but not argue. Also, Sun rules Leo so it’s at its best when in a confident sign and Aquarius is awkward af.

Another way of easily understanding this is how every sign is bad for the ruler of the sign it’s opposite to. Look:

Saturn rules Aquarius. It’s opposite Leo. Saturn in Leo is bad, much like Sun (the ruler of Leo) in Aquarius is bad.

Jupiter rules Pisces. It’s opposite Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo is bad, much like Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) in Pisces is bad.

Math. By remembering this I think it’s easier to get how the meanings of each sign will work with the planets. :) Hope this helped!