...and the one time he didn't


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

[The first one is now available as a design on my redbubble!]


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

Killua needs more hugs!!

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


Ven… He was here…

a fan asked changkyun how do you wish to appear in my memories 10 years later, he answered “that i gave you happiness”  if this isn’t the most realistic answer then idk what is and it hits you hard at how true this is ;’(

god I wish ksoo would do a vlive after going to the movies where he just sits and reviews a movie and talks about all of the things he liked and admired about it like I just wanna see the way his eyes would light up bc he loves movies so much and I really wanna see him just speak his thoughts and give his opinion on a movie uninterrupted for even 5 minutes


It’s time for bed but I wanted to share my evening doodles. 

I have this recollection of a story tidbit about Asra and Julian researching the Red Plague together while Lucio was still alive. But I just imagine Julian being so studious while Asra skives off and pays exactly zero attention to the job he’s supposed to be doing. Like here we see Jules trying to tell Asra he’s found something SUPER INTERESTING and POSSIBLY IMPORTANT but fluffy hair is just chillin in the window like he’s in a high school anime.