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We should not underestimate how many Trump supporters held views that were sexist, racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic, and were thrilled to feel that he had given them permission to say so. It’s an old trick: the powerful encourage the less powerful to vent their rage against those who might have been their allies, and to delude themselves into thinking that they have been liberated. It costs the powerful nothing; it pays frightful dividends.

Okay, a bunch of stuff going on in this picture, so let’s pick up all the things one by one.

-This carefully drawn DOOM pointillist fan art made its way to Romero’s hands. Super cool, and such an honor for Andrew Bernard-Smith to know that one of his pieces went directly to the man himself.

-John Romero is the kind of man who is just a beard shave away from looking 15 years younger. Hoooly crap!

For comparison purposes, here’s a picture of him during the Daikatana days.



The Story So Far by Sabrina
November 27th Toronto The Phoenix


These are some screenshots I took from Hinterland Studio’s The Long Dark.  

I blogged about this title sometime over a year ago, it’s an early access game available on Steam.  It’s basically “the happening” simulator.  

You’re a person stranded in the Canadian north country after a catastrophic EMP event basically knocked mankind to the stone age.  There is no one.  It’s just you, various wildlife and the remnant of humanity.  Except there weren’t many people in this neck of the woods to begin with.

No zombies, no gateway to hell, no mutants or corporate/government agents stalking you.  You won’t get a rocket launcher.  You’ll be thrilled if you manage to find a bolt action rifle and a few rounds.  This is an open world sandbox that pits the player against its vision of nature.  It’s the best survival experience I’ve had on a machine.  

And the art direction is jaw dropping.  It won’t tax your computer to look good.  This is a world in a watercolor with a pallet and style that complements the game mechanics perfectly.  I regularly catch myself thinking “that would look good in a book, on a coffee table or a wall”.  It keeps the experience in a unique place between the high tension of being stalked by wolves as you’re freezing on the verge of starvation and the soothing hues and sounds of this crafted world.

Highly recommend it if you catch cabin fever this winter.

Check it out. 

1) whoever reblogged my original PC Beverley snippets and tagged it something like “this is going to be wizardry by consent all over again!”, fuck you for being right because I can tell I’m somewhere just over halfway done at best and:

2) Beverley, while “I’m not getting involved in your drama” is usually a very sensible stance to take, when the people whose drama you’re claiming you won’t get involved in are your *boyfriend* and your *boss* and the drama is their weird not-quite-combative not-quite-flirty not-quite-friendship dating back two decades or so you have already lost

so i need money

and i decided i’ll sell some of my kpop stuff- i just don’t know what to price it at??

if anyone knows for example how much the following should cost pls send me an ask/message or reply to this!!!

- bts - danger japanese single
- bts - dark and wild full album w/ pc’s (jimin, group)
- beast - midnight sun w/ pc (gikwang)
- bts - hyyh 1 - jimin signed w/ pc
- bts - hyyh 2 - w/ pc (yoongi)
- bts - hyyh yf - w/ pc’s (yoongi / namjoon)
- posters??? (i have epik highs tour poster, unofficial beast, infinite’s new challenge etc.)

also would it be smarter to sell the pc’s with the album or separately?

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

I just want to say that I am loving the episode and I can't wait to see more of it! Though if I have one question, why was Dipper still acting a bit cold to Pacifica? I mean they did really connect in Northwest mansion mystery

I responded to this on my personal blog already, but yes, I have to agree that Dipper seemed unusually cold in that scene, we didn’t anticipate that it would be this noticable, but once I noticed when starting to put the scenes together, it was too late to change it. Please forgive us, it’s our first episode too!


tfw you realise your friend is an Opera cliche. 

A short comic because I rediscovered The Magic Flute recently, and the parallels between it and the Sun and Moon plot were too good to pass up. 

Plus I wanted to do something for my favourite Alola characters. Hau’s such a great guy - just this endless fount of positivity and joie de vivre. (Hell, he’s excited to lose to you!) He embodies this idea that life is an adventure, and you’re the hero who has to grow and learn in it.

Be brave, be defiant, be happy; because life is far more epic than you think it is.