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no but its canon that mikael loves to watch yousef work out. he knows how much hard work yousef puts in to keep his body in shape and how dedicated he is to it, and mikael admires that loyalty that yousef has in him, so much, because it transcends into everything yousef does. yousef will always give his 110% into everything and everyone he loves.

plus, mikael just really loves to watch his boy smashing weights and throwing around punches and working out. and if yousef catches him midway and smirks at mikael, and mikael just so happens to smirk back, well, that makes it even more sweeter.

im sorry but when you got one of yall sitting here vegutating me and yall got thousand-note posts about “MEAT = CANCER NO EAT MEAT” im gonna get salty cause i can eat what i want and your little infographic’s not gonna stop me from enjoying this cheeseburger or the fuckin cooked salami sandwich with mayo ima be eating

enjoy what you want but stop trying to brainwash people into becoming vegan cause yall know once meat lovers criticize vegans, they’re gonna go apeshit


I made it to the lake! There was no snow on the trail and the ground wasn’t even that muddy. The lake is still frozen though. Just a little space of open water. Someone was testing out their kayak when I got down to the water! Way too cold for that. Outside walking is so much better than the treadmill. I feel like it’s been months! Oh, wait. It has! C'mon sunshine!

Het shippers when m/f or mlm fanon ships glance at each other: OMG it’s love 💦 pure love I tell you 💦💦 confirmed soul mates ❤❤❤ meant to be in every universe 😍😍😍 couldn’t possibly be happy with anybody else 😭😭😭

Het shippers when canon wlw ship confirmed soulmates: Idk…..there’s really no such thing as soulmates you know?….how can you be sure that *insert male character* isn’t also a soulmate….I just think that this is a very superficial understanding of the nature of love…..

“Gal Pals” is often code, not cluelessness.

The female lead actor in a huge movie franchise was recently seen at a public event enjoying the company of a woman friend.  Their body language led many observers to wonder about the nature of the relationship.  There was much mockery on tumblr of descriptions by the press of the two of them being “gal pals”.  

“Straights are clueless!”  “Heteronormativity makes people blind!”, etc.

Well, probably not, at least not in this particular circumstance.  Consider:  

1.  Press outlets have been blacklisted or sued for publishing information that stars, powerful agents, or studios haven’t wanted published, like the real romantic lives or sexual orientations of various actors.  This is less of an issue today, where more and more celebs come out casually in social media and whatnot, but it’s still an issue.  

2.  While the love lives of stars captures eyeballs, directly outing people is considered unethical by many outlets (and rightly so).  

3.  Many journalists who cover gossip and entertainment news are themselves not “clueless straights”.

So, code.  Euphemism.  Read unironically, “Gal pals” is a goofy, 30′s screwball comedy-esque way to describe a female friendship in 2017, but it’s a useful way to hint while skirting saying something outright that might be proven wrong later or get you into trouble.  The articles documenting say, K-Stew when she was constantly being seen out and about with various women, but before she started openly talking about her sexuality, weren’t written by idiots. “Gal pals” is the modern version of “confirmed bachelor”.

@the-princess-and-the-king replied to your post “Bellamy and Clarke had sex on that giant bed in Survivor’s Guilt,…”

god bless you, jade. I saw shirtless bellamy tonight and this STILL managed to be the highlight of my night

I only talk canon facts. while we’re on this subject, that shower she washed up in? she had her eyes closed bc she was daydreaming about how she was gonna fuck him in there too