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In a Heartbeat Headcanon #13

Sherwin and Jonathan have known eachother since elementary school and had the same class every year. Neither were popular or cool kids (Jon became “cool” in middle school) and both were picked on for seperate reason (Jon for ethnicity and Sherwin for looks) and didn’t have friends.

They didn’t become “friends” but Jon would help Sherwin; when bullies took Sherwin’s lunch Jon would split his, when they said mean things about Sherwin’s hair ,Jon would come up to him and say “…well….I like your hair..”; when they drew mean pics of him in the bathroom stalls Jon would cover them up or draw over them.

And eventually vice versa, because Of Jon, Sherwin became a little braver. When other kids try beating Jon up (Jon has a mouth on him and doesn’t tolerate being called names) Sherwin would hide in trees and throw rocks at them and watch them run away. He’d tell the teachers on them when they’re around Jon.

It was because of these little moments that Sherwin started developing an interest in Jon by the time Sherwin realized he had a crush it was to late. They separated and stopped talking in middle school for 2-3 years (Sherwin still crushed on him from afar) but still remembered the nice things they did for eachother. Until they were “reunited” by Shirley, after that they started talking about those times and admit to eachother that both were scared to say the first word to eachother after so long. (Fear of rejection and stuff)

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Older Noctis and Kingsglaive Luna - Gifset requested by: anonymous

Favorite moment at HeroesCon yesterday: young Wonder Woman cosplayer comes to booth with her friend Rey, confides: “To be honest, I really *like* history.”

(so do I!)

Comes see RP at HeroesCon, booth AA-42 (back wall, next to the concessions, purple booth)! Remember, it’s booth 42, meaning the answer to life, the universe, and everything is “badass women.”