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for some reason, you don't really remind me of those warm colors, like yellow and red. you're more of a purple, blue shade, those colors people use to draw city landscapes. maybe those silent mid-night snacks places, a park at one am when nobody's there and the lights are off, an empty parking lot, walking down the streets staring at the sky, as if you were looking for aliens. that's just what you remind me off :v

oh honestly i really love this one bc i favor cool aesthetics/colors as opposed to warm ones

Horrible AU That I Hope Noone Ever Writes

-Michael has been pining after Jeremy for almost all of their 12 years of friendship
-The SQUIP squad figures out and encouraged him to confess
-Rich has liked Michael for a while but also is fully aware that Michael and Jeremy could be a thing and doesn’t want to get anywhere between them
-Michael finally musters up the courage to confess
-Jeremy doesn’t reciprocate the feelings and rejects Michael cuz he’s “straight”
-Things between the best friends start growing awkward and they begin to drift apart a bit
-Feeling sorry for Michael (And a little bit more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Rich starts spending more time with him
-Jeremy is starting to realize his feelings for Michael now that he’s not there as much
-Rich and Michael are really close now and Rich decides to confess :OO
-Michael and Rich become a thing and when they’re about to tell the SQUIP squad
-Jeremy was also planning on telling Michael about his feelins and strff
I DON’T WANNA DECIDE AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. NU. PLZ NO. AaAaaaaaassfhhfiyudjydiyfhkf, why I do dis?

5 Things Tag

I GOT TAGGED IN THIS THINGY BY @chasingeverybreakingwave AND I’M SORRY I’M JUST NOW GETTING TO IT I honestly had it typed on my phone just. Didn’t. Post it. I dunno fam. 

rules:tag 15 ppl   ( or how many you wanna tag, I’m not your mom ^-^ do whatever )

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

- My makeup (it is all over my fucking bag, I’m a mess.)

- keys… Wait… Where are my keys. Shit. 

- I have shaving cream and a razor?? As odd as that sounds? My friends sometimes freak out a bit if we decide to go swimming or shopping and they haven’t shaved (which is fine if they don’t but once one of my friend’s literally cried over it because we were going to the lake with a guy she like… liked and I felt awful) so… I just keep both things handy just in case IDK I’M WEIRD IGNORE ME

- A leash in case I lose my dog’s main leash… Which has happened more times than it should.

- A bottle of cactus water lmao it’s makeup remover and idk you never know I guess? Literally everything… Is in my bag, my life is a mess.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

- A shit ton of books ranging from novels to comics. 

- my collective mess of games and game systems

- I have a bunch of like. Decorative boxes that I keep all my knick knacks in. 

- Stars that my alte bubbe made for me and I love them more than anything probably. 

- A tube of purple lipstick… I know because I saw it this morning and wasn’t bothered to pick it up

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

- Go to Ireland and Scotland. Ever since I was little, it’s all I’ve wanted to do, explore the castles and such. 

- Get married, as cheesy as it sounds. Fall in love, the whole big bang

- Eat a giant pizza. Just. Cause I wanna eat a giant pizza man. 

- Swim with sea turtles. They’re just. Gorgeous. 

- Go to Odessa and meet my family there 

5 things that make me feel happy:

- Wrasslin’

- My friends

- Concerts

- my littles

- Writing/doodling in my journals. 

5 things I’m currently into:

- Def not wrestling, nope not in the slightest. 

- Pacific Rim

- Makeup

- Green Arrow (… I’m sorry LMAO) 

- ANNNNND and and…. Penny Dreadful oops

5 things on my to do list:

- Uhhhh buy my plane ticket for October (seeing my daddio and his fiance.) 

- Move to Florida with @newjapan

- Fixing my fucking car. 

- Tyler? Bate?? 

- Get my promotion up and running and kicking ass 

OKAY OKA Y Imma tag… more than 15 sorry not sorry… uh. @somehow-lovable-trash @cynda-kiwi @youngandbiitter @mrsgrimm @obeyxbrookes @theelitevillian @asylumxclub @swedish-strong-style @helluvawriter @wallflowerfangirl-life @sunflowers-and-swear-words @bombomiver @morie-leigh @llowkeys @alexablss @unabashedwwesmut @fluffyhales @aquamarina-blackswan @anerdysouthernbelle  and literally ANYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO DO IT, please do, and tag me in it and such okie YAY. (Or don’t do it if you don’t wanna ya know?) 

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a permanent starter call :  length will vary in size  &&. content based on previous interactions. if to gain another starter despite liking this post in the past, unlike  &&.  then relike to boost. verses are dependent on my mood unless stated in a message between the writers. note that if we have not written / plotted before  &&.  if your muse is not canonically known to optimus, he will not know your muse or their history.  please ‘ ♥ ’  if  interested  &&. you will receive.  

im so pissed and tired and everyone’s fed up with me

— cw: child abuse

      Wynonna always perceives people leaving her as a punishment because she’s a foster child and an abuse survivor and all her life, abandoning her and/or sending her away have been used like punishments for bad behavior. Ward Earp was notorious for ignoring his children if he didn’t want to be bothered with them—Waverly being the most obvious example, presumably because she wasn’t his child, but that doesn’t mean he was above giving a cold shoulder to his other daughters if they misbehaved. He just didn’t have the TIME to properly discipline them all when he had revenants to kill and his eldest daughter to train into the next heir. 

        For that reason, Willa likely received abuse more akin to how Ward had treated his wife—verbal THREATS and physical violence whenever she messed up. Even just forcing her to stay awake past 3AM on a school night, firing a gun over and over until she finally made the shot he’d set up for her, was a form of physical abuse. But the only way he could manage to PUNISH his other two daughters was to neglect and ignore them almost completely. 

        Perhaps this is why it took fifteen years and the return of her big sister for Wynonna to realize her father was an abuser. Being ignored was a favored punishment of his with his two youngest daughters  ( again, Waverly getting the very worst of it, in that he didn’t even know her birthday and Ward likely poisoned Willa’s mind by feeding her dislike towards Waverly in the hours they spent training, leading to Willa mistreating Waverly in ways she decidedly did NOT mistreat Wynonna )  because it was the easiest way to do it. He didn’t even have to think about disciplining his kids. All he had to do was pretend they weren’t there. 

        As for being a foster child, there’s a reason Wynonna went through at least NINE different homes before she aged out of the system. She was an extremely troubled kid, caught in a cycle of misbehavior and incarceration with the juvenile justice system  ( not to mention psychiatric institutions ). Every time she acted out with a new family, they’d inevitably decide she was just too much for them to handle. Like the family that had come before, and like Gus, who had decided it first, before anyone else had the chance. 

        It should come as no surprise, then, that Wynonna reads people leaving her as a form of punishment—or that she’ll often quietly agonize for hours afterward over what she might’ve done to DESERVE it this time. 



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Hi Miya! Alai here. Just wanted to come and tell you that you're taking my heart away... ok, no. But seriously, ily. How was your week? I know is not weekend, but to me... I had too much for this one lol. I want to believe that I'm seeing you more happy? I hope so! Have a nice day and end your week nicely! Bc yes, I know it isn't weekend yet haha

Heey, Alai! Aww, you’re always so cute. <3 Sorry it takes me so long to answer, though. :( My week was very busy, I’m honestly hoping this one will be a lot easier since most of my projects at work are almost finished. Meaning I’ll have more time to come here because I miss it so bad!! I miss being able to come here more often, capitalism sucks and everything. Anyway. That’s pretty much it, though, just loads of work. And I’ve been catching up with a few tv shows - I do it during my free time but I’m literally doing so to study because of my job. So it’s still work but a more fun part of it. lol And it’s cute that you said that and yours is not the only ask saying something along those lines but I’m honestly inclined to believe you guys are just seeing how stupid my humor can get when I’m tired. lmao ‘Cause lately I’ve only been able to show up here right before going to bed and well… Not in my most brilliant times. haha But I am happy, I just usually try to refrain from joking too much around here because Astrology is serious shit and I try to be all responsible about it…? I don’t know. I’m glad my humor isn’t scaring you guys off, tbh. haha Thanks for stopping by to leave such a sweet ask and I hope you have an amazing week and that people treat you nicely. :)

Honestly though interacting with people and receiving so much love and support recently has been so nice and like pretty much all of what’s been making things easier for to get better this time around and I just wanna say thanks cause yinz don’t have to d that but you do because you’re kind and ily

so anyway.. last time sarah and cosima saw each other they were both under surveillance and were, for all intents and purposes, imprisoned (sarah under DYAD,  cosima on the island) like…. those were Not Ideal circumstances for either of them but like… there was no acknowledgement from either party that like “hey you’re okay i’m so glad you’re safe!” when they finally skyped??

and like… i get cosima getting right down to business because, hey! kira’s in major trouble and cosima’s got Vital Information about all that but…. sarah nearly died??? at the beginning of this season??? trying to rescue cosima from the island??? and we don’t even get to see her tell cosima “i’m so glad you’re okay and that you’re home safe” like?!!?? goddamn that’s all that would be needed, just that one line. just /one line/ and /then/ you can proceed to The Plot okay. 

  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first
When people ask me why do I get all obsessed over cartoons and fictional characters:

Me:  Because I can? 

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