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Congratulations to our boys 1st win! #NCT1271STWIN It was a tough battle but we finally made it! Haechan literally dropped down after 1st place announcement (you can spot the tiny him on this frame) which lets us know how much, just how much did he want to win this time! We all did great, NCT and NCTzens! Let’s fight together for more wins! Don’t give up on streaming, this is only the start! They deserve it for all this hard-work and limitless love they gave to us during all this time we’ve been together as one! And lastly, but not least, congratulations to everyone who contributed for their first win and made this day special! #cherrybomb #🍒💣 #170622 🎉

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Do you think Kara would have saved the plane in the pilot if Alex wasn't on it? I'm not sure but I think she wouldn't have. It would have left her feeling guilty enough to make her sick but she'd sat out emergencies before.

Oh, she’d have let them all die lol.

I’m pretty sure Kara hasn’t saved anyone since Jeremiah gave her the talk after she saved the woman and the baby from the exploding car and Alex got hurt.

It’s so strange to think about because, now, there’d be nothing that could stop Kara from saving that plane.

But do you recall how angry and scared Alex was after she saved her?

“What were you thinking? You exposed yourself. To the world. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back. […] What if people figure out who you are? What you are? It’s just It’s not safe for you to do anything like that. Ever again.”

That’s how all the Danvers treated Kara’s secret. Like there was nothing scarier than someone finding out that she was an alien. They were a family of scientists, they knew how much people would love to get their hands on Kara and what they might do to her in the name of progression.

And that fear was instilled, on purpose, into Kara. Fear for herself, maybe fear for her new family. And she only got over that fear once she had, in her mind, no choice but to use her powers and she felt what it was like to be a hero.

This is one of the reasons I’m super understanding of her not telling any single person on the face of the Earth her secret if she doesn’t want to. Beyond just her general right to keep it a secret & that it’s no one’s business. If her fear of anyone finding out that she’s an alien was enough for her to, despite what she really wanted, have let people die for years, it’s enough fear for her to lie to someone she likes for a while. It’s a lot to over come, and with the anti-alien tensions at play and the high from just becoming Supergirl gone, it’s enough to trip someone up.

But I think people forget how different Kara’s life was before the show.

She didn’t have a Purpose™

She was using her position at Catco as her way to help the world, but she felt it was insufficient. This is the most obvious change.

She didn’t have the confidence or the faith in her own moral compass that she has now

Or she’d have already been saving people. It was what she wanted to do, but she was abiding by the advice of others and their judgment of what The Right Thing To Do was.

She didn’t use her powers regularly to heat up coffee or to fly to work 

She wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to fly because it’d been so long, and Cat having hot coffee was like a first, because Kara was suddenly using her heat vision. She might have used them occasionally, like at thanksgiving or when she was in a jam, but I’d wager it wasn’t frequently by any means. 

(Now, I feel like super strength is different, because I don’t think it’s a turn on/turn off kind of power like the others. At least, I don’t see it that way. So she’d be more likely to use her powers to lift heavy objects than to use super speed. Just for pre-pilot fic reference.)

Aliens weren’t well known

There is some continuity error here, because somewhere between Kara telling Winn that Aliens don’t exist in the pilot and Leslie Willis posturing if Supergirl had tentacles, people figured out that Supergirl and Superman are aliens. But, either way, they weren’t really a discussion people were having before. There were no pro-alien anti-alien debates. (Well, if there were, it was a debate of ‘do they really exist?’) 

So someone finding out that Kara is an alien? It would have been a really big deal. Like you finding out your classmate is an alien. That big.

(This also means that the Luthors, before Lex found out Clark was an alien, weren’t anti-alien. Aliens didn’t exist to the general public when Lena was growing up. She wouldn’t have heard things like ‘aliens are bad!’ from her family. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were generally xenophobic. So if you’re doing Lena backstory and want to address the toxic/hateful environment she grew up with and that she has to overcome, I’d lean away from the “family that hates alien” idea and toward “family that hates things that are different” idea. Or just have it be a recent development because Lex went crazy.)

She didn’t have a close group of friends, and was likely pretty unpopular when she was younger

When she was talking to the guy who kidnapped Alex, she mentioned how she was sitting alone when Alex was sick. I think she probably had trouble for a long time with human interaction. And Winn is the only friend we know she had before the start of the season, and I don’t think they were as close as they are now.

She didn’t date much or have boys fawning over her as much as she has since the pilot

Eliza was said to have criticized Alex in the past for Kara’s not dating enough, and she started the show with obvious ‘dating troubles’. Remember that clueless guy who wasn’t into her in the pilot? (What a dumb move on his part lmao.) 

But it’d probably be hard to get close to someone romantically with that secret. In fact, the date in the pilot wasn’t going well because Kara couldn’t talk about herself properly. He asked where she lived or was born or something and she’s like “uuuhhhhhhhh up…north????” so yeah…. 

But, if you’re curious, I’d bet money that she hadn’t slept with anyone yet. I’m not even sure if she could sleep with a human without something to de-power her but that’s actually beside the point.

Her relationship with Alex was more strained 

In the early episodes of Supergirl, Alex and Kara worked some things out that hadn’t been worked out before that time. Alex had some resentments toward Kara, and she also was keeping the DEO secret (and before the DEO, her secret downward spiral).

And I think Kara had resentments about them telling her not to use her powers. 

Honestly, just watch this (deleted) scene and feel the tension between them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlvSrSA6hFQ

So I don’t think they were as open as they are now with each other. I think they tried to bury it all, and it affected their relationship, if not their ultimate love for each other.

So Kara’s life has changed a lot since before the series started. 

Becoming Supergirl has really made her life so much better, not only in terms of her impact on the world, but on her own relationships. For the first time, these past two years, she’s felt really connected to people.

And I really don’t think she ever though she’d have real friends or a real relationship, or a relationship without resentment with her sister. 

And this is why, every time she fails in a relationship or loses someone, it feels like “oh, so I don’t get to have this after all.”.

But I think, eventually, Kara would have started using her powers on her own. 

It’d take a push of some kind, or her having an internal realization, sure, but she’d get there. It’s who she is. Who she really is. Even if it takes her some time to understand that.

Hell, having Jimmy Olsen around, reminding her of what her cousin was doing might have done it. 

Or maybe she’d have naturally grown confident enough to try it, over time. 

Or maybe she would just have woken up one day, turned on the news, seen someone who needed help, and said, “No. Not this time. This time I’m going to act.”

What I Want from QoAaD (LoS spoilers below)

•Julian releasing his anger and sadness and frustration (i.e. throwing and breaking things) and Emma finding him and calming him down (He breaks down in her arms and just sobs for hours)
•Julian not shutting anyone out, but taking time alone to channel his emotions into painting
•Everyone to realize Livvy died a freaking hero. She saved Julian and who knows who else that saved in the end too.
•None of the Blackthorns fall into a serious state of depression after Livvy’s death (especially Ty)
•Kit *really* being there for Ty.
•I want what happened to bring the Blackthorns closer, especially in Dru’s case.
•Badass Blackthorns™+Emma and Cristina and Diana (and Kieran?) avenging Livvy. And for them to realize how much of this is Zara and her Cohort’s fault, and like, destroying them.
•Zara to be ended one way or another (death, imprisonment, something beyond exile bc she’s not worthy of it)
•The Cohort’s failure. The Registry not to be passed. CC stated that The Wicked Powers is going to be set to resolve some problems from TDA that left some people short of their rights.
•Cristina to end the Cold Peace
•More Cristina x Mark
•More Kit x Ty
•Dru being the real badass we all know she is
•Diana to become head of the LA Institute (Mortal Sword is gone). Or Helen with Diana as the tutor like before. I can’t choose
•No more Blackthorn deaths. None.
•Cristina and Diana can’t die either
•Clace engagement (or even wedding)
•The Lightwoods take time to grieve but Simon and Izzy still get married
•Magnus is okay! Tessa is okay! All the warlocks are okay! (except for Malcolm. He can rot in hell)
•So much of Emma’s sass and sarcasm
•Helen’s exile to be lifted. Helen should run the LA Institute with Aline and be close to her family, but if she can’t, Diana should definitely get the job.
•Malec exploring the idea of marriage???
•Kit really showing off his Herondale™
•Ty to be the one to avenge Livvy (killing Annabel? idk)
•The r u i n a t i o n of Julian and Emma’s parabatai bond if it means they can be together. Can’t Cortana cut through anything? Cut the runes with it idk
•If they can remain parabatai and be together, that would also be splendid. Even better. FIND A WAY.
•More Jem and Tessa. They were absent during like all of Lord of Shadows
•More Sherlock and Watson moments between Ty and Kit
•THE EXPLANATION OF HOW BRIDGET IS ALIVE SHES A N C I E N T (is it in the last hours? or the bane chronicles? i’m planning on reading tbc next so i guess i’ll see)
•More Wise™ Cristina
•Okay who tf is Ash? Is he really Sebastian’s son? Please make him not-bad. He’s a child. He can be good
•Dru to have a major storyline with the thingy Jaime left (for her)?
•Go, Diego, go!

Red: Where are your stupid friends again?

Blue: OH! Error got sick because he keeps sleeping outside and Ink got sick because Error coughed in his mouth!

does anyone still want me to write some avoidant trini headcanons? as in, making a list about trini having avoidant personality disorder. its been two months since ppl asked and its been so long it felt too late. i still have the wip but im thinking about starting from scratch again

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Hey, what are your Top 5 blogs here on tumblr you always check out?

Hey, dear anon ^^

You mean, the top five blogs I’m checking out individually every single time, even if I actually don’t really have the time for that?

Well, that’s a really though question, honestly! There are so many amazing blogs I’m following :))

Well, I’m going with these five because no matter what, you will always find me there:

so i was looking through my old evernote folders and found an old cul-de-sac rvb au that i made up and completely forgot about and looking through it is a wild ride like i dont remember writing any of this

  • the reds and blues own houses right next to each other
  • freckles the dog attempts to maul church every second of the day
  • church works at starbucks apparently and his entire diet consists of free stuff he gets to bring back from his work i think hes dying
  • sarge is a “war vet who who retired fairly early because he can”
  • doc and donut share a house next to the reds house and donut has a flower garden in front and a vegetable garden out back
  • doc is a doctors assistant. i also wrote that he has “questionable work hours” and immediately after that “its speculated that he works retail out of town” like
  • felix and locus live together
  • felix is a painter who works in the basement apparently and tucker thinks that the idea is so shady that he thinks the real reason why felix spends so much time in the basement is because hes torturing people down there
  • church agrees with tucker and adds that locus is a writer by day and a “drag felixs victims into the basement for him” at night kind of guy. very romantic relationship they have going on
WIP Meme

I was tagged by @goingtothetardis and @gingergallifreyan - thanks lovely ladies!

Well, I have a few things in the pipeline at the moment, and lots more planned, so to avoid a ten page essay,  I’ll just stick with the ones I’ve actually started writing. :) For those who’ve submitted prompts that haven’t shown up on this list, I promise those fics are coming! I’ve thought about them all, and planned them to some extent, but I haven’t started writing them yet. But they will come! I promise you that, as soon as the muse allows.

Sooo!!!! Here we go!

1. Of Coveralls and Penguins Suits (nine x rose human AU)

The epilogue for this fic is sitting at about 3000 words at the moment and it’s nearly there! I had intended to post the epilogue not long after the fic, but alas, the muse wasn’t cooperating and it took quite a bit of re-working and fiddling. It’s almost there, though, and muse permitting, I hope to post it sometime in the next few weeks. All I’ll say is yes, they’re at Donna’s wedding reception and there are some unexpected guests thrown in!

2. Back to You (Ten x Rose, JE fixit)

This is my very first whofic and my one and only attempt to resolve the things that made me cry in JE. There are some angsty moments, as you’d expect, but nothing MAJOR, some sadness and hurt/comfort, there’s lots of Donna scoldings and a Jackie slap and most of all, love in many of its glorious forms. 

This story is currently sitting at 8 chapters and there are probably another two or three to go, I’d say. I’m thinking of writing a dimension hopping rose prequel for this at some point, but haven’t started it.

3. Untitled Fic (Ten x Rose prompt fic for @kelkat9, mainly humour with some subtle) romance thrown in

I’m about halfway through this one at the moment and I’m hoping it’ll be done in the next couple of days. To give you a brief summary, The Doctor and Mickey have been informed that Rose is being held captive, Rose is currently being held captive an d the Doctor and Mickey are planning to rescue her. Their plan is somewhat unusual, though…and so are the results!

4. Untitled Post-GITF missing scene: (ten x rose, one-shot)

So this is partially-written right now (1000 words), and it’s a missing scene after this horrendous episode, canon compliant. Sooooo…yeah, angst-fest. Sorry! LOL if it’s any consolation, like in canon, it will eventually be sorted after the whole Cybermen issue.

5. Untitled multi-chap post-GITF fixit- (ten x rose, canon divergent)

I’ve been working on this on and off for almost 4 months and the fic is almost entirely written- it’s sitting at almost 22,000 words at the moment, with just two chapters to go. It’s my therapy for getting through the awfulness inflicted by Moffat the Destroyer in this episode, and it’s helped me to exercise a lot of demons about this ep (although not all). It’s canon divergent pretty much from the moment the Doctor smashes through the glass, although it still follows the ROC/AOS plots (well, it refers to them, we don’t actually see it), but after that…totally different. As you’d expect, there is some intense angst and sadness, but also hope and love and the Doctor getting a good kick up the butt, LOL.  I’m hoping in the next month or two this will be posted, but it’s entirely dependant on my finishing other stuff and also managing to write the last two chapters to my satisfaction (the last few attempts have not been so good). 

5. Untitled (Nine x Rose) Human AU, fake dating

This is about 2000 words so far, and is a one shot for now. However, if people like it, I might turn it into a multi chap. This one is on the back-burner for now but I’d like to get back to it once I’ve cleared my other work a bit. I’m really fond of it :)

6. Untitled Telepathy fic (Nine x Rose)

So this is about 1000 words at the moment. But I don’t want to give too much away about this one. It’s a surprise! All I’ll say is that Rose discovers she’s a telepath completely by accident and the very first thing she hears in her mind is the TARDIS laughing. :)

7. Untitled Prompt Fic (Nine x Rose) for @goingtothetardis-

This one is a bit more serious but it has a totally badass Rose in it. It’s sitting at 500 words and might go to 1000-1500 words. I’ll know when I’ll post it when the rest of the story decides to cooperate. The muse is stubborn just now.

Phew! I didn’t realise how many half-written things I had! Hopefully this will help me to organise them and get some of them moving!

Right, so, I’m going to tag @whoinwhoville,  @ladyinari, @arynrds, @lvslie, @lumendea, @acreasy1, @super-who-girl, @tenroseforeverandever

Feel free to ignore, of course- no obligation :)

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Top ten things you like about the romans

TOP TENS - Accepting!

[No particular order]

1. They are one of the first cultures that we have definitive evidence of strap-ons for. 
They also left lots of great instructions on how to use them via wall frescoes, liberal writings and pottery. Idk, it amuses me. Mostly because the victorians were super offended by it and tried to destroy all the evidence they could find.

2. They invented fast food take out.
This is a super recent discovery, that you actually clued me in on, but its pretty great. I knew they’d made “pizza” before but I didn’t know about this. 

3. Rich Romans used to paint some of their walls to look like doorways or fake windows.
This was a trick used to keep guests from wandering about houses as they ran the risk of mistaking a wall for a door way and awkwardly running into a wall. 10/10 way to manage pesky guests. 

4. They had a god dedicated to doorways and door hinges.
Idk what else to say about that. It speaks for itself. 

5. They used to have Twitter wars via graffiti.
In the roman empire it wasn’t uncommon for buildings to end up as a weird version of facebook, where everyone would write down comments, organised events and fling stupid insults back and forth. They also had ‘moderators’ who would repaint the walls every few days.
So, sadly the internet didn’t invent those things.  

6. They were basically an empire of 14 year-olds and decorated everything with dicks.
Cocks were a holy symbol in Roman every day life, specifically erections. One common Roman good-luck charm you can find almost anywhere was a little necklace that was a carving of an erect penis. They also used to carve dangle dongles on the sides of buildings and rub them for good luck.
There is tons of other stuff, but basically they really liked the D. Victorians also hated this and tried to destroy all of it. Luckily the Romans made too many dicks for them all to be destroyed.

7. Hadrian
Hadrian is just one of my favorite historical figures. I find him really interesting. He gets to go on this list.

8.  Roman Cognomen were weirdly demeaning. 
If you aren’t familiar with the Roman naming scheme a cognomen was basically the family name but would often be what people went by in most social situations. 
But there is this weird tendency for them to translate to kinda demeaning things like; Weak ankles, shrew eyes, fat, bald, big nose, donkey face.

9. Gambling was illegal most of the time but they invented the lottery.
It started out as fancy dinner game. Then Agustus decided to make a really big one so that they could collect the funds to repair Rome after something happened. Probably a fire, I don’t remember. 

10. There were only 17 possible first names in ancient Rome. 
In ancient Rome the Praenomen functioned as the ‘given name’ or first name as we use it. These are the only ones:
Gaius, Lucius, Marcus, Publius, Quintus, Titus, Tiberius, Sextus, Aulus, Decimus, Gnaeus, Spurius, Manius, Servius, Appius, Numerius and Vibius.
So when you complain about there being too many ‘bob’s or ‘davids’ please think again.