...and it has been stuck in my head all morning

▲ Ex / Ross Butler ▲

This song has been stuck in my head all day…

Words: 1078

Song: Ex, James TW

Saturday night and the streets are filling up
Saturday night and my mates are calling up
Wondering where I’ve been, where I’ve been
If I’m ever coming out again, out again

Another week had just passed by and Ross could hear the city come to life. People of all ages were taking advantage of the weekend and many were partying before Monday morning rolled back over. 

His phone had been blowing up with messages from his friends who were trying to lure him out to join them. They hadn’t seen much of him these past few weeks, Ross had isolated himself recently-trying his best to deal with what had happened alone. 

His friends were pushing him to join them, wanting him to hang out and get out of his thoughts for a night and have some fun. 

Guess I don’t see the harm in just a couple drinks
Guess I don’t see the harm in having two or three
Probably do me good, do me good
‘Cause I think of you more than I should, than I should

Sighing as he texted a reply, Ross finally got back to them and promised to meet them at the club. He figured there was no harm, he could join his friends for a few drinks and catch up with them all. 

Getting out of the house was probably long overdue anyway. It would be good to see his friends, they can always bring a smile to his face. 

Since the break up, Ross hadn’t had much on his mind besides you. He knew it wasn’t healthy to have you consuming his thoughts as much as you did, but he couldn’t help it. It was the little things he remembered most. Your odd habits and your not-so-funny jokes, the way you twirled your hair when you were lost in thought and the way your eyes crinkled when you smiled.

You were on Ross’ mind constantly. He never intended to let his mind wander to you so much, but somehow everything around him reminded him of you and everything was always somehow connected to you. 

They think they’re trying to help introducing me to someone else
I play along 'cause I haven’t got the heart to tell 'em
That if I dance with somebody
I might want somebody else

Ross’ friends had been introducing him to girls all night.

He understood their efforts came from the right place, they thought this was what he needed-what he wanted, Ross couldn’t be mad at them for their attempts.

It wasn’t their fault he couldn’t give the girls the attention they deserved.

But Ross couldn’t tell them the truth about how he felt or how what they were trying to do just wouldn’t work-so he let them introduce him to girls and he entertained their comments and their ideas. 

The truth was that he didn’t go with any of these girls because his biggest fear was that he would want to…Ross worried he might actually find himself wanting to find someone, to be with them. 

And if I want somebody
I might fall in love and forget what it was to be
Wrapped in your arms so tightly
To be your man so tonight I’ll be
Dancing alone 'cause I’m afraid if I forget then you’ll just become an Ex

If he ever found someone else…he would risk falling for them. He didn’t want that.

Ross wasn’t ready to let you go, to move on. He didn’t want to forget what it was like being with you. How safe and loved and incredible it felt to be with you, all of that history and memories…he wasn’t ready.

He figured he’ll dance on his own, turn them all down so he didn’t have to face his biggest fear. 

The moment he moved on and let you go, the moment he forgot what it was like to be yours, to be loved and love in such a way-it would mean putting you in his past, acknowledging that you were just part of some relationship that never worked out. 

Now I remember why this was a bad idea
Now I remember even less than when we got here
Memories, memories
I feel you slipping away from me, away from me

Hours had gone by and he could feel you were leaving his mind.

Drink after drink, dance after dance-it was as if you were fading from his thoughts and Ross didn’t like that feeling at all-he wan’t you to stay, he wanted you clouding his thoughts, he wanted you.

I almost wish they’d play the song we used to sing
I almost bought some other girl your favourite drink
Had to stop myself, stop myself
Had to drink the lemon drop myself, drop myself

Despite the dance floor being full of people, Ross felt alone. Nothing was the same without you, something was missing and nothing felt right.

Ross caught himself wishing for that song. Your song. He realised he probably shouldn’t have been thinking of it…but so many great memories had been made to that song, it had a significant place in his heart and held so much meaning.

Ross had offered to get the next round for the table, including the girl he had been talking to. 

It was an instinctual response to order your favourite drink, he never intended to do so-but by the time he realised, it was too late. Ross took the drink for himself and as he drank it he was hit with so many memories of you…

All the happy memories and the sad ones, all the times you made him so angry and all the times you made him so hopeful, all the laughs shared and the tears shed, the music and the art and the passion.

All the love.

They think they’re trying to help introducing me to someone else
I play along 'cause I haven’t got the heart to tell 'em
That if I dance with somebody
I might want somebody else
And if I want somebody
I might fall in love and forget what it was to be
Wrapped in your arms so tightly
To be your man so tonight I’ll be
Dancing alone cause I’m afraid if I forget then you’ll just become an Ex

Dance *Requested* (Bryan Rust)

A fluffy Rust was requested by @windblownwinston I hope you enjoy it! It has not been edited. No warning that I can think of.

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“Singin’ in the bathtub…happy once again…watchin’ all my troubles…go swingin’ down the drain.” You continued to hum the Looney Tunes song stuck in your head as you dusted around your house. Normally the last thing you would be doing at eleven in the morning on a Saturday, but you were in a great mood. Not only had you finished your manuscript, but your boyfriend was coming home from a work related trip in Nashville.

You finished dusting and pulled out the vacuum. It wasn’t often that you had the motivation to deep clean, so you might as well just get stuff done while you could. As you pushed the sweeper along the floor you danced around and continued to sing silly songs that  had made your childhood as fantastic as it was. And when you ran out of cartoon songs, you switched on the bluetooth speakers and jammed.

“OH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY!” You shouted thirty minutes later as you mopped the kitchen floor. “I WANNA FEEL THE HEAT WITH SOMEBODY!”

“Can I be that somebody?” Came the voice of your boyfriend from behind you. You let out a screech of surprise and jumped about ten feet in the air.

“Goodnight nurse!!!! You scared the daylights out of me!” You pressed your hand to your chest because there was a chance your heart might jump out. “I didn’t even hear you come in!”

Bryan chuckled. “I think that was because you were a little busy jamming to Ms. Houston…”

“I was also cleaning!” You pointed out. “You can’t just accuse me of dancing around and singing. I was also being very productive around the house.”

“I know. I smelled the cleaner when I came in. The house looks fabulous.” You preened a little under his praise. “Now…can I be the person you wanna dance with?”

“Well…you’re the only one here…so I guess you’ll have to do.” You walked over to him and dramatically offered your hand to him. He grabbed it and pulled you into a hug. You returned it, just enjoying seeing him for the first time in a few days. That was the sacrifice you made with dating a professional hockey player…but it was a sacrifice you didn’t mind making. As the hug lasted you gave him a tap on the arm. “Excuse me, I believe I was asked to dance.”

“My deepest apologies madam.” He placed a hand on your waist, another still grasping your hand and began to twirl you around the room. He leaned down and gently kissed you, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You looked up at him as he spun you around the room. “I can’t wait until your next game. I’m going to be the loudest person in the arena.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it. Are you coming to the next game? If you want to come I can get you a hotel room?”

“I’m not going to miss the possibility that you’ll be handed the Cup. I’d love to come. But I can get my own hotel room.”

“Sure, you can,” He agreed. “But I can get you one on the same floor as me…in case you had any late night visitors who didn’t want to walk very far.”

You let out a laugh. “What if I don’t want any late night visitors.”

“I’m hurt. But I guess if you don’t want to see me I’ll just go cuddle with a pillow instead.” He started to let go but you kept yourself attached to him.

“Maybe I changed my mind. It must be your extraordinary dancing abilities.”

“I knew they’d come in handy for something.” He leaned down to kiss you again, still leading the dance across the kitchen floor, when all of a sudden you both were on the floor.

“Did you just make us fall?!” You laughed.

“No! Somebody made the floor all wet!” He accused.

“Did you miss the fact that I was mopping when you walked in?! Or perhaps the bucket and mop still about fifteen feet from us?”

“I was a bit preoccupied with a certain someone dancing around and singing.”

“Well then you deserved to fall. But it wasn’t necessary to bring me down, too.”

“I still say it’s your fault.” He protested.

“You can say what you want. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re wrong.”

“Rude.” He said finally pulling you up from the floor. “Remind me again why I like you?”

You fought for a straight face. “Because I’m a great dancer.”

“You’re ridiculous. That’s what you are.” He rolled his eyes but pulled you close to him. “I still love you though. Ridiculous attitude and dance moves aside…you’re perfect.”

“We both know that those two things just make you love me all the more. And you forgot

my fabulous singing abilities. But despite your forgetfulness…and the fact that you play for what used to be one of my least favorite NHL teams…I love you, too.”


kosakusass is an artist who is truly an inspiration to me so I wanted to do a little homage to their amazing art style! also I love pink floyd and this song has been stuck in my head all day

i just kinda want a scene where abbie can’t sleep because she keeps having nightmares about her time in purgatory so, unable to stand the confines of her house, she goes outside in the middle of the night and wanders about. she doesn’t know how long she’s been outside but it suddenly starts pouring and it kind of takes the edge off of how she’s been feeling lately. without realizing it she finds herself near ichabod’s residence. ichabod in the meanwhile, is also having trouble sleeping and is reading a book from the new reading list that abbie gave him when he happens to glance outside and see a human form in the clearing by the woods. umbrella in hand he goes outside to check the suspicious figure out and comes across a drenched abbie. they’re both surprised to see each other, considering the time of night and all, and ichabod ushers her into his abode to dry herself off. he offers her the use of his shower and she asks him if he still has the new clothes she bought him. he replies with a questioning yes and brings the small paper bag they came in to her and she takes it to the shower with her. while ichabod is preparing tea for the both of them abbie emerges from the bathroom in the shirt and boxers she had bought for him. ichabod blushes and stutters like the dork he is and abbie is all “yo cool it bro” or something ichabbie-y like that, and after that moment they both talk about why abbie was out there, why they both can’t sleep, what the future holds for them, etc. until they both eventually fall asleep on the couch.

i want it all.

T. Swizzle

Request: Can you do one where reader walks in on reid jamming to style by Taylor swift and the next day at bau she starts singing it to tease him?

 A/N: This is short but I wasn’t really sure how I could drag it out any more. I hope you like it!

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Crosspost from facebook for the overlapping but different set of nerds here:

I had Lost Heaven stuck in my head the other night. (L'Arc En Ciel song, end credits for Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa.) Forgot by the time I woke up yesterday morning. (Er, noon.)

Decided to watch Saiyuki: Requiem. End credit theme Tightrope (no, not the one from Gensoumaden, this one is by Tetsu69) plays. It is very, very similar in sound and style to Lost Heaven, so naturally it got stuck in my head again.

Totally unrelated, Lost Heaven has been stuck in my head all day again today, which clearly means I need to watch Conqueror of Shamballa, but I would have to not be watching Saiyuki for that, so. *shrug*

This is the part where I wish I had access to decent song editing software because those would make an INCREDIBLE mashup.

obligatory stress relief doodle of gay ghosts
the bg soundtrack has been stuck on loop in my head for days please send help

I played Kindred Spirits over the weekend and all I can sum it up with it was fantastic. And hella gay. Fantastically gay. Def. recommend (it is a 18+ vis. novel tho so pls play responsibly).

ieatkitcat  asked:

omg i can't stop thinking about levi and the lyrics of loser ahhhhh poor levi, the tough guy that no one approaches because they're scared of him.

LOSER and this ask has been stuck in my head all morning, so I wrote a short thing:


One had to be a real dumbass to make this much noise in the slums of Sina, let alone this block, between 103rd and 104th street – Levi’s block.

“Humanity’s Strongest Thug,” as he is called, owns the sole apartment building on this block. An old, graying building, with no tenants except for one, who lives on the top floor.

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sins stuck in between molars

are there mornings when my breathing isn’t police car sirens?

some times, it’s easy. on some days, if I’m lucky, my coffee doesn’t taste bland and velvety. I make sunny side up eggs before the sun has even known second chances. the shower head hits my skin, I think it had been a while. it had been a while since I flinched from something a lover has touched.

and there is no rushing. I look into people’s faces, hoping their night was all calm rivers and rain dancing. subways dark (and I don’t blend in), someone sees me. she sees me and do I wonder if she catches the faces of every heart I have broken? not today, I say. there are mornings when i’m not breathing ambulance sirens.

days when my tongue is glued to the floor, meals when I rub salt on my wounds, and is there some way for repentance for last sunset’s sins to stay in church benches? this time I want to know

how to laugh without my lungs wheezing.

this time I want to know

how to ask for forgiveness without spilling blood on the sheets.

psychic: *reads my mind*
my mind: yo I’m a vampire, a straight up V, I’ll guzzle you down like a blood slurpee, local gangs, you think you’re tough? well I sleep in a crypt and I drink all the blood, you got 99 problems? well I got none, so drop your stakes, cuz i’ll raise you some, I’m a creature of the night, I sleep during the day, oh and did I mention? I’m also pretty gay cuz I’m CAR-MIL-LA
psychic: what the fuck