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Imagine Lucas teaching El all sorts of things about space and galaxies and stars. She’s absolutely fascinated and adores learning new things about her world, and it’s an amazing bonding opportunity for the two of them. They pour over science textbooks together after school. Lucas brings his telescope out for all the boys and El to go stargazing on summer evenings. El loves the glow-in-the-dark stars that Lucas has on his bedroom ceiling because it feels like he has his own constellations right within his grasp, so Lucas buys her a few packs of them for her birthday, glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, and all the boys come over to help her design her ceiling with them. On rainy days, when Mike visits El to comfort her through her nervousness about thunderstorms, they lay on the floor of her bedroom and she tells him all the things about space that she’s learned from Lucas and from the books Mike brings her and they pick out made-up constellations (like Eggo waffles) 

So….I was gonna planning to post something tonight but that’s not gonna happen. Instead, I leave you all with this random blurb thing. Please accept with my apologies. 

“Hey Oliver, wanna go get frozen yogurt?” 

Oliver tries not to groan when he lifts his head off the couch. They’d just finished dinner and he’d had been looking forward to the rest of the night being quiet. A veg out to a Top Chef marathon night. A do-nothing night. A have an extra glass or two of wine after dinner and go to bed early kind of night. 

This week is getting to him and it’s only Tuesday. 

He opens his mouth to begin some terribly lame excuse when he sees the concern in Connor’s eyes. 

Connor knows how hard Oliver’s been working, has seen the fatigue Oliver never seems to shake, and worries. Thirty is too young to look so worn out. 

“Please, Oliver. Can we go?” 

And with that Oliver knows he’s gone. Connor rarely says please so sincerely. He’s cajole and insist, poke and prod when he really wants something. But it’s occasion few and far between when Connor actually humbles himself enough to plainly ask for what he wants. 

“Okay. Let’s go.” 

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okay but AU where the bubble leaves Mabel not quite herself

and slightly overcharged with imagination-powered powers

AU where Dipper enters the bubble with the gang to get Mabel, and instead finds a floating girl who introduces herself as Mabel but doesn’t recognize him

but who recognizes his symbol and calls him pine tree

AU where Mabel’s hair floats and her sweater changes patterns and fabrics and reknits itself with a thought, where her eyes shine so bright all you can see is white and floating comes to her like a second nature.

AU where the bubble leaves Mabel not quite herself

ok but in a dumb filler episode, sam comes back to the motel room and walks in on dean having sex and gets all grossed out and leaves but we never actually see who dean was having sex with.

and like three scenes later sam and dean are sitting in a diner and sam’s like “so, uh, are we going to talk about the fact that that wasn’t a wo–”

“cut the crap, sammy. quit pretending like you don’t know i’m into dudes.”

and it’s never brought up again.