...and after


brandnewz x blackpink’s as if it’s your last

I think im done stanning after bap ends. I will be there to support them fully in all their future endeavors. But I’m getting too old and the other groups are getting too young. But i do wish them all success..
I’m sorry but Bap are the only reason I’m still in kpop. So I will continue to proudly support them, lose my shit during comebacks and go to their concerts faithfully when i can.
I love B.A.P with all my heart and soul ♡

anonymous asked:

Hii capri~ coffee anon here, i feel abit down in the dumps lately so could you please do a happy kaisoo spam for me, love you💜~coffee

hi, feel better soon coffee! im always here to support u 💕💖💓

constant staring 👀👀👀

jingo likes to touch the soobooty 

sticking tgt at the airport 😖 some things never change

one of my fave pictures of kd

definitely just bros

see? bros who like to have zero space between them

bros who like to look like they’re dating 😏😏

*sips tea* i definitely do this w my bro

this all happened in one day can u believe it? they were wildin hard


ok yea i totally sit on my bro’s man meat


ummm? get u a lover who is as touchy and possessive as jingo?

@ kd i didn’t ask to die pals thanks a lot


what does ksoo need for his borthday?????

can yall believe ji went on coffee dates w ksoo despite hating coffee? not all heroes wear capes :”)

ndjnkdfjsdkjfh NOT 3 NOT 4 BUT 5 🖐

ji’s bff was right tHERE but he chose to sit w a boy he became friends w not that long ago?? hmmm spicy 🤔

always taking care of his bby

this is the closest well get to a kiss but oh well,,,i can wait


jfsjlssldsfj fetus kaisoo leaning against each other in their sleep

another date 🐸🍵


kaisoo as dads chilling while they watch their kids play

dsmflsmfsk his reaction to ch*ns *o im crying

:) jelly

he was mad bc he couldn’t see the d loooool

ahh yes theres the hand clenching again

he gets jealous easily hahahaha

ummm? i want someone who looks at me like that too tf

hahahaha im not cr y in g 


ji really went there… he really gone did it

subtle 👀👀

ummmm ok im gonna leave bc that looks too private


they really think they’re being subtle….is someone gonna tell them they’re failing @ it badly

dude chill down you’re on tv

istg they’re gonna give me an aneurysm someday

hEARTS! 💖💞💕💓

ksoo was like ‘o sh*t got caught on camera’

umm ok ji i see you

lets end it w this lq pic of an hq backhug

Voiceless Pt. 5

Summary: (Reader Insert) Reader is a mutant/inhuman with a powerful voice (works a little like a banshee / a little like a siren). She’s had it a little tough since discovering her powers. She is found and taken in by Tony Stark and the remaining Avengers after the events of Civil War

Word Count:1425

Warnings: Swearing, confusion, plot twist!

A/N:A giant “Thank you” to @17sullivan who read my idea for this fic, then read this chapter and is an all around wonderful person. Thank you for the push love! And another to @writingwithadinosaur​ who continues to beta read for me even though I am SURE she has better things to do… Drea, you are the BEST!I would be lost without you!

And to the anon who told me this was one of their fave things I’ve written, I had no idea anyone really cared about it, but since you mentioned it, here is an update :)

Originally posted by cityofsourwolfrunners

More hands and eyes hadn’t turned up much more on the search, but had resulted in Thor being found. You weren’t sure if you had wanted to know how Natasha had done that, but given the information that Thor had been able to provide, you also weren’t sure you cared.

Thor had pointed to a being named Thanos, who had been poking around in universal affairs for a while. Thor said that Thanos wasn’t directly involved, but that some of his followers were; namely the teleporter. A man by the name of Mordo was the one responsible for Tony’s abduction. Thor didn’t know too much about him, but he knew someone else who did. Along with Jane, and Thor’s mysterious friend, the team was now tracking Mordo’s whereabouts, and potentially, Tony’s.

You hadn’t been able to help much. There was nothing an enhanced waitress could do that the Avengers couldn’t. Natasha had taken over your training, and you were grateful. Although Tony and Rhodey had been training you, Natasha’s fighting style was more adapted to your size, and muscle tone. Plus, Tony and Rhodey relied on weaponry, Natasha relied on her own body; she was more physical than either of the boys had been. You frequently left the gym sore, and bruised, but you were becoming more confident. Clint had taken to showing you how to shoot and even let you try your hand at archery. You weren’t wonderful at it, but he said you weren’t hopeless, so you figured that was a start. Still, you weren’t a lot of help to anyone. So when you weren’t training, you’d taken to holing yourself up in either your room or the booth.

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