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Before and After Sim Tag

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I took the first sim I ever made in TS4 and gave her a quick fix-up, trying to keep her looking like the same character but hopefully a little more human :) This was super fun - thanks for the tag @liubez!

I’ll tag @coreopsims@simsontherope, @nolan-sims and @desgoffes. I’d love to see how your simming styles have changed over time, but no pressure of course! 

Time Theory

ijustlikeblueberries submitted:

*Damn, Blue, back at it again with the Charataker theories

So! I’ve realized that many people have noticed the odd time shenanigans that has been appearing in the comic from time to time, and I myself has also noticed it. Here’s a theory on how Chara was able to live for more than a hundred years while still being 36 and why Frisk had seemingly been in the Ruins for more than a month, even though I swEAR THEY’VE ONLY BEEN RUNNING FOR A FEW HOURS.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion on the happenings of CARETAKER AU so please, take it with a grain of salt. 

Alright let’s get to it!

So, as we all know, the first time we saw an odd disparity in the time was page 21 when Chara has some small talk with Frisk. From the character page (no pun intended) it clearly shows that Chara was born in 1999, but from what Frisk tells us it’s currently September 15th, 2112. How the heck did Chara live for a 113 years then?! At this point the time disparity was still rather ambiguous, but fast forward to page 44 with a closer look at the lock screen of Chara’s phone in the 4th panel (the close-up can be found here) and we realize the date has moved on to October 27, 2112. I’m quite sure it’s safe to say no one expected a few pages (and resets) of running can’t possibly have taken a month! This is when I started to theorize a likely theory.

Time in the underground is slower than that of the surface. This can explain the time peculiarities, and I’ll try my best to explain it. 

Firstly, if the Underground’s time is slower, we can say that Chara has only been down there for 113 human years, but it’ll only feel like 20+ years to them. It’s like being encased in a bubble where time is slower, so what feels like 5 minutes to you in the bubble can actually be 5 hours in reality. This can also explain why a month was seemingly spent escaping a very murderous Chara, assuming that their phone is still set to human years. It also brings an interesting feel to the phrase Chara says in page 21: “How time flies.” as they have likely lost track of how many human years have gone by since they started to live in the Underground.

Hopefully I was able to explain my theory right, and if anyone else has extra points to add on, feel free to do so!

Also to YOU, Caretaker mods, you guys sure are having a fun time watching us readers try to crack the mysteries of this AU huh? Oh well, guess the answer is still the same to whatever questions we might have.



no like really narrative wise? finn’s arc mirrors luke’s. luke had wanted to leave tatooine and wanted that freedom, like finn wanted to leave the first order. they both wind up getting roped into a mess with a droid that ends with them tagging along with a plucky, rough around the edges pilot/scavenger/smuggler trope character on the falcon. their refusal of the call moment is very similar as well and lasts an incredibly brief time bc as soon as more serious shit happens, they immediately run back into the fray to help. obviously there’s the stuff with han and finn going to rescue rey from starkiller vs han and luke rescuing leia. then of course there’s the whole him with the lightsaber ect.

anonymous asked:

It was confirmed pretty early on in the show (season 2 or 3) that jake got his powers from rolling around in "magic" mud. Probably radioactive or something along those lines. Also in that same episode, he lost his "magic" (mutations) and when it got taken away his body fur also got taken away. And under his fur... he had a chubby man-baby body. WHY DID HE HAVE A MAN-BABY BODY UNDER HIS FUR?! ...Anyway.. i think alien jake is cool lookin *runs away*

that was a fake origin story i assume the manbody was just the result of season 1 shenanigans, s1 writing was mostly lolrandom kinda stuff

the real origin story is that jake’s really just half alien

watch the episode joshua and margaret investigations s6e16. its a p good one 

andy ristaino was one of my fav storyboarders and also its full of Alien references