...am i late for the party

  • Taehyung: if ur Tsar, am I Snuh or Moom?
  • RapMon: I'm kinda reluctant only cause I wear a lot of high waisted stuff ...
  • Jiminie: You can pay me $80 hr and cuddle with me
  • Jungkook: GUYS Im gonna throw hands at the gym
  • Suga: Is it just me or does anyone else feel really emotionally drained after socializing???
  • Jin: how am I this goddamn hot?

ok betsy came up with this (awesome) idea and tagged me l i t e r a l l y 2 weeks ago and i’m a procrastinating piece of trash so i’m really late to the game but i still wanted to do it so…..thank you to @shedoesthewoods @prettyvisitorsinthebakery @theunitedkanedom @tlsp2016 @mygoldenmove and @misscurlyhairtoothemax for tagging me!! this was HARD

What would your current perfect Arctic Monkeys set list be?
Rules: TLSP and Submarine Soundtrack are off the table but all the AM b-sides are obviously fair game. OKAY let’s do this: cap 20 songs including the encore (and in order!!)

1. R U Mine? (this song is SO FUN live)
2. Old Yellow Bricks
3. All My Own Stunts
4. Catapult
5. Fluorescent Adolescent
6. Cornerstone
7. No. 1 Party Anthem
8. Dance Little Liar (PLEASE)
9. Do Me a Favour
10. Knee Socks
11. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
12. The Afternoon’s Hat
13. Fright Lined Dining Room (those humbug bsides tho)
14. If You Were There, Beware
15. Evil Twin
16. The Jeweller’s Hands
17. Secret Door (with confetti like Valencia)

18. Mardy Bum (Glasto 2013 version. Cue the tears.)
19. That’s Where You’re Wrong
20. A Certain Romance (more tears)

i tag @araabella @rubyknoby @glassanimalsofficial and @iheartarcticmonkeys. sorry if you’ve already done it! and if you don’t want to you don’t have to! or if you wanna be like me and take 47 years to do it that’s fine too lol

10 facts about myself

Just remembered i was tagged in this by lovely @arabskaya-devushka
Sorry for doing this so late :’D

1. I hate coffee and suffer greatly every time i have to drink it (which is, unfortunately, quite often)
2. I study Arabic at university & this language is the love of my life
3. I am a huge history nerd and im ready to fight any time
4. My entire family is communist (like. Actual party members level of communist) and they all idolise Stalin
5. I have 4 brothers and a sister
6. My only sister shares my name & she’s also a wlw and this kind of proves my life has been a joke since the moment i was born
7. I keep coming out to random strangers ive just met but there is precisely 0 chance i will ever tell my family im a ~Lesbean~
8. I got accepted into pretty much the most ~~prestige~~ university of Russia only because i lost a bet
9. I have 3 cats at home and another one refuses to leave our dacha
10. I’m gonna meet Moushira Khattab, the former minister of family&population of Egypt and a candidate for unesco director-general, in a couple of days and im already freaking out (help)

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     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.