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A Thing, Lemme Tell You

I feel like the 1975 is the sound of rain, along with white neon over dark greys with petrichor, and then the other songs of theirs are pinks and yellows and pink neons
Fall Out Boy is like medications, a mild scent of orange vanilla, rainy shower days and clear umbrellas, the letter U, shades of blue and then touches of pale grey
Panic! is like a flower, honeysuckles, or hibiscus, and lime popsicles, watercolors or tempura paints, and then there are those songs that are blackish blue that sparkle and shimmer ya know
Mcr is like black, with bursts of red, grey, beige, maroon, and the smell of lemon candy, or maybe lavender. Some songs, on the other hand, are shades of orange and green, along with red and some blue
Saint Motel is a dark red with pale yellows and dark blues, the scent of cherries, and like the way your teeth get stained blue when you eat a snow cone
Twenty One Pilots have a few kinds of songs
First kind- blue and black, glittery, yet dim, and shades of dark green, making it so beautiful, yet so blank, and you just kind of want to cry because it means so much. The smell of a fireplace. Like hometown, or truce
Second kind- orangish pink, with a little touch of green. these are the happy songs that have sad/super meaningful lyrics, the smell of orange peels and the way silly putty feels. ruby, lovely, we don’t believe what’s on tv
Third kind- red and black, like lightning, but soft, flashing slowly or extremely fast. stressed out, kitchen sink
Fourth kind - soft pastels, blue, pink, yellow, purple, like candle wax, warm and cuddly almost. fluffy dogs. marshmallows. johnny boy or screen
Fifth - leaves, green and dense, wet air. treehouses, jungles. the smell of rainforests. forest, trees, house of gold, the judge

Is this just my friend and I? Is it normal? What???does???it???mean???

A few things...

1. I just saw Beauty and the Beast. 10/10 would recommend. Go see it. Phenomenal casting, wonderful music. Just brilliant. (like my british word usage there? ha) And now I’m sort of obsessed and trying to come up with a way to write a related fic… perhaps Benny…

2. Came THIS CLOSE to running into my ex’s parents TWICE in two days. No bueno. Not thrilled about that. It would not be a fun interaction for anybody involved…

3. Happy St Patricks day my Irish friends… I live in an area of Massachusetts affectionately termed “the Irish Riviera” soooo I’m a wee bit tipsy after getting my Irish on this evening… (I’m not actually super Irish. It’s just a big holiday here and a good excuse to get drunk)

4. If you stuck around and kept reading through my rambling, congratulations! You win! What do you win, you ask? Information! Read number five!

5. The arrangement part 11 will be out at 10 am tomorrow (that’s New England time, by the way) (is that eastern standard time…?) (No idea, sorry kiddos) YAY

The one and only Tom Marvolo Riddle (teen and evil as always).

I started drawing this an eternity ago when i was rereading (for the 3th time) Wand Cores by Lydia Kitten but it’s not based on her story (but could be). But i love her Tom Riddle and i need to give her some credit for inspiring me.

Right now i am stuck reading the Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama which is by far the longest ff i ever read. Hope i will survive the epilogue of the 6th book.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u85SECmoeg)

Yijeong may have undergone 485702402 stages of puberty to slay us all in Queen

but let’s face it

He turns to the most adorable cute little shit he is when he’s around Kyungil.

Am i right or am I right?

Credits to:  Katalin Horváth who made this wonderful video. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Louis is a tease ?

Well anon I am sure I have NO idea what you are talking about…???!!!

But for argument’s sake, let’s watch the evidence, shall we..?

First of all: 

Why would he even be a tease..?

- It’s not like he KNOWS he looks good now does he..?????

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I’m gonna be a little emotional loser and dump my feels here. 

September 15… Will be a very special day to me if YG goes through with it.

Since 2009, I have been waiting for a little rapper boy named Kim Hanbin to debut.

Since 2013, I have been waiting for 6 boys called Team B to debut.

Since 2014, I have been waiting for 7 boys named iKON to debut.

And at last, there has been a supposedly set date for the long awaited debut of YG’s new boy group to debut.

My heart has swelled so much from happiness and I have been crying like a weenie. If YG doesn’t follow through my heart will honestly shatter. So with that being said, at last it’s time to ‘Get ready? Showtime!’


tonight was an incredible night thanks to ohemmoh and halsey and josh :’D can’t believe any of this actually happened!!!!! also, i’m seeing halsey TODAY in charlotte for the first time ever and i couldn’t be more EXCITED

Okay but I’ve been listening to Bucky’s voice over and over in the Ant-man post-credits scene (because I am a horrible masochist)…

… and I realize right after he says, “Help me” you can hear him wheeze as the camera goes back to Sam and Steve. It blends in with the creepy Winter Soldier music, but it’s there and unmistakeable once you recognize it for what it is.


I am not okay. I repeat, I am not okay.