...along with her sass


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I've always admired Miss Fortune but one that actually recognizes GP is her rival and not her pirate lover. It's a treat to watch you and Graves especially interact and MF herself is enjoyable to watch with her sass and her words along with action. The mun is super sweet as well. Also, good luck selling your dragons! - VA

/Praaaise jeebuz for more people that see Mf and Gp as rivals…..also thank you for sweet words dearie ;w; mun is a dork not sweet at ll…I bite people o3o;;;  lel yes dragons selling kekek….

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yes they are so gorgeous and amazing ((2XTF))! they are almost like the...'foreign wanting to become big in korea' representatives !! xD ANDDD your dance cover to Crazy is freakin amazing , i can't ;~; <3 You two did such an amazing job and I am so proud of both of you,, OOO DA SASS!~ I hope Isabel is recovering quick, it is such a shame she didn't get to sass along with her chikas.. :(<3

Lmao I know. Eventually she will dance that with us for a medley though so don’t worry! Thank you so much <3



Obsession of the Week is Shoshanna from Girls

Shoshanna from Girls has this quirkiness about her that you just love! She is always in her head and forever planning out every detail of her life. While Shosh is learning to let go a little bit, she grows into this character you can relate to, and really admire for her strengths. Along with all of her sass comes a unique, special style. Shosh rocks the crazy hair do-s, headpieces, color print mixing, and prepster vibe.

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