Yuri!!! on ice- ships

Yuri!!! on ice has gotta be the best thing to happen in 2016 so far. To commemorate it’s success i’d thought i’d put up a lovely list of my favorite and least favorite ships:


  1. Leoji (Leo de la Iglesia x Guang-Hong Ji) This is probably my OTP. They’re just so perfect as boyfriends, their personalites contrast each other perfectly. They are just amazing!
  2. Georgiko (Georgi Popovich x Minako Okukawa) This is one of my own ships that i’ve thought about. I feel that Georgi would be trying to move on and gets a little drunk and meets up with Minako (who is also drunk). They have a bit of a crazy night *ahem* then start to fall in love. 
  3. Michemil (Michele Crispino x Emil Nekola) I absolutely adore these two, you can see how worried Michele is when Emil falls and how Emil is in awe at Michele’s “Serenade for two”. They just are adorable together.
  4. Victuri (Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki) I think Victuri is amazing but in all honesty, i’m not too keen when Yuri is the dominant one, i find it a bit odd as he is the younger one. (not trying to start anything btw) But either way, their relationship is perfect and their airport scene really got me.

Unsure/ not too bothered by:

  1. JJSeung (Jean-Jaques Leroy x Seung-Gil Lee) I don’t really know what to think about this one as Seung is a very hard person to ship. It has potential but otherwise I’m not overly fussed.
  2. MilaSara (Mila Babicheva x Sara Crispino) Very orignal ship name, but overall i like the idea of these two being together but i don’t think i’d ‘ship’ it. They’re lovely together but i’m not majorly bothered

Least favourite/ unnecessary: 

  1. YURIO WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!! He is 15! He doesn’t need to be shipped until he is 17, let the poor kitten have his innocence. I think Yurio is good by himself for now.
  2. Phichit with anyone. I think Phichit is one of my favorite characters, he’s just so funny. But I don’t think he needs a ship with anyone besides his phone.
  3. Chistophe with anyone. Guys, let him get turned on by himself don’t bother shipping him.

and thankyou to @gaynikiforov for your opinions on my countless asks, much appreciated!!!

(can we try and get Georgiko out there as well?)

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So, why do people (ahem. Cellists) hate Canon in D so much? I play cello and I do not understand. Is there something about the piece itself that is particularly easy to hate, or what?

have you not seen the cello part for canon in d

The Secret Satan Project: 4

Welcome to my Deckerstar advent calendar, where you get a short drabble every day until Christmas, set in some wonderful near-future (ahem) where Lucifer and Chloe have overcome their present difficulties and decided to give being together a shot. They are still total amateurs, however, and are now facing their most fearsome foe… the holiday season. Which is particularly an adventure when you are dating the Devil.

< Day 3

“Well,” Lucifer says, barely able to contain his glee, as they regard the body of the deceased: woman, seventy-something, blue-haired, wearing a sweater with a tacky Precious Moments Santa-and-the-elves appliqué. “Looks like Grandma did, indeed, get run over by a reindeer.”

Chloe gives him a pointed look as Ella bends over to photograph the corpse. “Lucifer.”

“What? I mean, we could be looking for Jolly Old Kris Kringle, the killer, who left O Little Town of Bloody Mayhem behind him. Someone Jingle Bell-lasted poor Mrs. Powell into a permanent Silent Night, indeed. Do you think they’ve hidden Away in a Manger?”

Chloe facepalms, then looks edgily over her shoulder to be sure that Mrs. Powell’s grandchildren are out of the room. “So because you’re back to making totally inappropriate jokes at crime scenes, does this mean you’ve had an epiphany about Christmas after all your complaining, or – ?”

“Epiphany about Christmas. Good one.” Lucifer snaps his fingers. “But no, I’m just worried that this poor woman was Decked right in her own Halls in an act of a Fa-la-la-lonious nature. Do you follow what I’m saying, Detective?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Now how about you stop saying it and start looking for clues?”

“I thought you’d be pleased. Linda told me you were attempting to share the Christmas spirit with me, so that’s what I’m trying.” Lucifer looks put out. “Am I doing it wrong?”

“Aw, man, it’s okay,” Ella says. “We Three Kings are here to investigate, we’ll figure it out.”

Chloe gives Ella a please-do-not-encourage-him look.

“See. She’s clearly in the holiday spirit.” Lucifer prowls around the living room as they continue the sweep. “But though the killer may have gone dashing through the snow, they won’t – ”

“You were the one reminding me the other day that it doesn’t snow here.” Chloe looks over the bookshelf. “I’ve talked to Mrs. Powell’s neighbors, they said she was mentoring a young man named Rudy Rojas, had had trouble with drugs and gangs and she was trying to keep him on the straight edge. Lucifer, do you see anything that might tell us where Rudy – ”

“Rudy? Rudy Rojas?” Lucifer’s face splits in a delighted grin. “That’s the chap we’re looking for? I said that was exactly who ran her over, didn’t I? And if those clouds don’t break up, seeing as it’s looking rather gloomy outside, we could catch Rudolph red-handed in the rain, dear.”

Chloe leans her head forward until it is resting on the wall. Ella is struggling mightily to keep a straight face.

Once they have concluded their inspection of the crime scene and are back in the cruiser on their way to locate Mr. Rojas for some questions, Chloe glances over at Lucifer, who is giving her a rather hopeful look. As annoying as all his Christmas carol jokes are when she’s more concerned with what kind of sicko would whack a nice cookie-baking old lady in her own house three weeks before Christmas, it occurs to her that yes, of course he’s doing it wrong, but he also seems to have taken whatever Linda told him to heart. That this is his attempt to understand something that has probably been a painful and baffling mystery to him for centuries, and at least when Lucifer is making stupid jokes, she knows he’s feeling more like himself. “Hey,” she says. “You need some work, but I – I’m glad. That you’re, you know. Trying.”

“Oh? You appreciate the way we’re wassailing about to locate our murderous Mr. Rojas? You know, there is that one about I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus, so if you consider that it would be Mummy Kissing Satan Claus, I really do suggest we give that one a – ”

Chloe gives him a coy smile. “Well, I certainly have to put up with way too much Hearing Angels Who Are High, if your drug habit is any indication.”

Lucifer looks utterly taken aback, then grins wider than ever, settling back in the passenger seat. “Touché, my dear,” he says, as the rain starts to patter, and Chloe switches on the windshield wipers. “Touché.”

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It seems to me, or I'm still the only person who does not particularly want to, ahem, "sin" ....I think cute relationship between them would look much nicer.But, this is just my opinion). PS I check your blog every morning and look forward to continue as Hachiko. PPS Sorry for my English,Yes, in Russia there are people who love your creativity :з

What a cute, lil’ cookie. I don’t think that you are the only one who would enjoy a rather platonic relationship than going deeper. That’s totally fine, too. As I said, things may turn out totally different than I’m showing right now.
Everything can change anytime :D

Thank you very much <3 I’m glad you’re waiting so eager for a new page x)
Yeah, some more russian pals who love it *~*

Did I mention? I can speak russian, but I can not write it :( Reading is hard, but well… I’m trying xD Being a german potate has negative sides.

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sos does anyone know of any reylo fics/chapters where *ahem* we see Kylo get off on fighting/Rey kicking the shit out of him? (Not in a controlled S&M way, like, a legit sort of battle that may or may not turn into sex). 

It’s for research purposes thank u for ur time

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Keii what traits must your dream partner have?

Are you asking me this or did you misspell Kii bc that tends to happen a lot lmao (but I already stated that kii doesn’t really have set preferences)

But -ahem- if you’re asking me what traits my dream partner must have uh– I personally like people who are understanding, weird, super nerdy, ambitious, think I’m funny, and also be funny, and like watching anime/play video games with me. OH! I also talk a lot, so someone who’s a good listener, but they’re also able to hold a decent conversation haha. Idk, And, I hate it when my partner is like “Oh you’re everything to me!” Like no thanks, I want them to have their own ambitions and be able to be their own person. Bc like, I have my own life and dreams and I’m not gonna revolve my life to one person nope. I don’t really care much for looks, as long as I think they’re cute then whatever– and I tend to find a lot of people cute so yeh.

Or you could be Yoosung Kim. 8)


I’m off my Pokemon-related coma hiatus! And now I finally talk about the overworld a little bit before I go back to fixing up a few problems involving my battle system. 


I spun the original Kirby formula a bit without messing it up too much. Like I said, the original platforming gameplay that Kirby has always been known for is virtually untouched. You jump, you swim, you float, you fall. I was inspired by the 3DS title’s gimmicks of having Kirby switch between two foregrounds like he would and used it to make this. 

Kirby is always on the “ground” layer. No matter how high he jumps or how low he crouches, he’s gonna be on that “rail” or “track”. This way, it’s easier for the player to reach the Stage’s objective without having to track which “track” they’re on (haha) and also to minimize confusion when falling from a great height. The ground’ll always display some type of distorted, tile-like design due to the effects of the mysterious Dynamic Curse.

The area Kirby cannot traverse are highlighed in red: Layer 1 and Layer 2. I can place objects on Layer 1 and Layer 2 like enemies (think Shotzo), decorations, signs chests, friendly NPCs (like these Waddles), or otherwise interacteable objects. Enemies, blocks, and other obstructions will most likely be the only thing sharing the same “track” as Kirby, posing some limitations to your freedom. Stuff on Layer 2 might also hide some hidden pathways and other gimmicks that’ll tease the player, pose as an obstacle in a puzzle, or stow away some neat secrets and treasures.

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Hi!I know that there are only two pages of FairyFell, but I've just fallen in love with it! Could we please translate it into Russian?Of course we'll give a link and credit you as the authors.

You want to- -trails off into a speechless mess before grabbing you in a giant bear hug- OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! I’m so honored that you would want to in the first place! TT^TT Thank you for making my night!!! xD Ahem… Yes, you can translate the pages (there will be more when my computer cooperates with me >.>) with appropriate credits. Just let me know if you want the textless versions :3 -Notsoclosetnerd

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it has just occurred to me that the reason why robbie rotten sleeps on his recliner armchair and not in a bed is because… it’s cosier? he feels more safe and comfortable?? it has arms so on a subconscious level he feels like he’s being held (by sportaflop ahem ahem)????

maybe he has an aversion towards beds because they give him anxiety; they just don’t give him that peace of mind and i’m just… i made myself sad now.
:( :( :(