...after all he did for you

About this scene though, while Diedrich is harsh right because of inheritance laws and our!Ciel being the second son, our boy actually did make a living for himself by building and then expanding the Funtom corporation all by himself after he received the title of Earl Phantomhive (and it’s bringing him tons of money).

So, despite becoming Earl Phantomhive since Real!Ciel died anyway, he still went and proved that he would have managed on his own, had the tragedy not happened.

And I’m proud of him for that.  :3

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okay something's been one my mind. At what point did shiro have a breakdown that the team would even give him his space. when he got out of the fighter plane? after he got out of the pod? because you know the team loves to crowd around the pods to make sure the person is okay. and now all I can think of is "shiro" having this huge panic attack the second he steps out because it's all too much for him, after which keith escorts him to his room.

You know I think stepping out of the pod and having a panic attack immediately is actually very likely?? Especially since one of the flashbacks that upset him so much involves being in a pod. I can see how waking up back inside one of those would trigger another flashback and cause him a lot of distress:

And I really think that you’re right about how being crowded would cause him to get easily overwhelmed. Even if this is his team, and even if they’re all happy to see him and very welcoming–it’s pretty apparent that interacting with everything after what he’s been through would be exhausting. 

We also know that Shiro is a very private person, and that he doesn’t like to let the others see him weak or vulnerable. Unless of course that person is Keith. Back in the desert he steps outside for a bit to get some distance, try and think things through and deal with them. Keith is the only one who actually approaches him to check in and see how he’s doing, and I think it’s likely something similar could’ve happened here. Maybe Kuron panicked and he left in a hurry to get some space, and Keith kind of followed after him. And Keith comforting Shiro back at the shack was literally Kuron’s first thought when he was dying. Of all of Shiro’s memories, I think this is the one he really holds dearly. So if anyone could calm him down and talk him through it’d have to be Keith. 

I thing it’s also notable that, when he sees Kuron with his new clothes and haircut, Lance goes, “You’re looking a lot better.” Kuron knows the others can tell he’s in bad shape, and he wants to hide that from them as much as possible. Being exposed to everyone when he isn’t completely put together is terrifying. And he probably thinks not letting them see him like this is just as much for their sakes as his. Keith’s already seen Shiro when he was on the verge of death though; Keith has seen Shiro at his lowest points and pulled him back from the brink. Kuron can bare himself to Keith without fear because they’re just so intimately familiar with each other. 

When they’re alone together, Kuron doesn’t hide how down and defeated he feels. Admitting he’s completely at a loss, questioning the loyalty of his lion, confessing he might not even be able to make it out of bed yet–he’s brutally honest with Keith. When he says, “Then, just nothing. I woke up, and I was back on a Galra ship,” you can really hear how broken his voice is. And the extreme closeup showing just how exhausted and drained he looks accentuates his vulnerability. 

And I mean, based on the fact that Keith is already out on missions again, we can assume Kuron’s been in recovery for a while. I can’t see Keith leaving his bedside if his condition was still critical. The fact that Keith mentions the others would really like to see him again also implies that a considerable time has passed. And actually, the interesting thing about Kuron’s isolated recovery–when he finally bounces back, I think it’s partially because Keith asks. But Keith says, “They need you,” to which Kuron can only manage a distant, “Yeah. I’ll try.” 

But who was it that needed Shiro really?

Who was it that insisted they’d get Shiro back no matter what?

Who was the one person on Team Voltron that kept grieving over Shiro, that just couldn’t move on?

So while Kuron may have been the one bedridden while Keith stayed by his side, while it was Kuron joking how Keith always had to rescue him–I’m certain Keith needed Shiro just as much. And yeah, I don’t think this is Shiro. But Kuron and Keith still care for each other just the same, and around each other they’re able to let their walls down and just be themselves. I feel like spending that time alone with “Shiro” was healing for Keith too. They really do anchor each other. 

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Hey can i ask you why everyone thinks the third hokage was so terrible? I dont rlly get it, what did he do?

I can understand why you would feel this way, because the narrative presents Hiruzen as the Good Guy Who Did No Wrong, but it takes a few minutes of thought over what wrongs he did. Rather, t’s not about what he did, it’s about what he didn’t do.

He didn’t take care of Naruto, the fourth Hokage’s son, and left him all alone ever since he was a child. Naruto is treated like shit even after being the Hokage’s son, but Konohamaru gets all the special treatment for being the Honourable Grandson (I love Konohamaru tho he’s a cutie). I mean, of course Naruto would be hated because of the Nine-Tails, but he still lived such a lonely childhood? When he didn’t deserve it?? Hiruzen was well aware of the circumstances yet here we are.

He didn’t handle the Uchiha problem like he should have, letting Danzo doing whatever shit he wanted to do. He was okay with killing off an entire clan with hundreds of people and the let a thirteen year old slaughter this entire clan because “ooooh im soo itachi sry i couldnt come up with smth better uwu.” 

He didn’t put Sasuke, a traumatised orphan, under proper care and let himlive alone, despite there being a fully functional Konoha Orphanage. Same goes for Naruto.

Danzo was operating the Root, where child soldiers were trained in the most brutal of ways. Hiruzen didn’t bat an eye and let Danzo do whatever he wanted to do.

[Speaking of, do you remember who let out the secret that Naruto was the jinchuuriki? yeah das right. it was Danzo. Why did it happen? Because Hiruzen was a pushover,]

I think there must be more reasons as to why people hate him, but here are mine. Feel free to add more.

So yeah, anon. I hate Hiruzen not only because he’s a bad leader, but he’s depicted as the good guy despite everything and that just makes me hate him even more.


  • When you tell him in tears that you have had somebody following you for a while he gets so pissed
  • He is gonna hold you close and promise nobody is gonna hurt you
  • You wont be seen in public without him or an agent
  • After some digging you find out your stalker mysteriously disappeared
  • “Gabe what did you do?” “I dealt with it” “But how did you” “Shhhh babe. I dealt with”


  • He knew something was up when you were afraid to open windows or even leave your house
  • When he approached you about it you break down basically confirming his suspicions
  • He will basically become your bodyguard until he sees your stalker in real life
  • He then disappears for about a day and returns telling you that you’ll be okay
  • “I reported him to the police obviously” “Is that all you did?” “He may be missing a finger or two”
patton playing dream daddy (part 2)

“oh, craig! my best buddy from college! you know, when i was in college, it was me that did all the keg stands. i was the cool guy, haha! then i grew up and all, but oh… memories.” then he just sits there for like five minutes and stares at nothing while the rest of them are in a stunned silence

after taking joseph’s route anyways “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DID IT WRONG I WANT A REDO” he has been steadily losing his mind along josephs route and is now completely disheveled, glaring at the screen with his hair in his eyes

“wait i can date the teacher? logan omg come here i wanna do a comparison!”

“at least he’s not doing jos-”
roman just glares at verge for ten minutes straight after this while Patton tries and fails josephs route

“okay that didn’t happen BUT I STILL REALLY DISLIKE YOU”

“can i please just hug all of them they’re all so sad esPECIALLY ROBERT”

today at my work meeting after one of the newer managers gave his monthly update on his shop stuff I clapped for him and he was like why did you clap and I just said cause you tried your hardest and my boss looked at me was like “Iz loves it when people try their hardest”

and I was like….do y'all reach my high energy Tumblr text posts or do I actually talk about this

and when it was time for me to head back to my apartment, he looked at me and said he didn’t want me to go. and in that moment i really did think “well, i can just quit my job and stay here with you and never go back”

then common sense said i need to go home and go to sleep

but now i can’t sleep because all i can think about is how we fell asleep on the couch after talking about our favorite scary movies and the way that even in his sleep he pulls me close to him and i woke up to forehead kisses and that i really miss how good he smells and i just…

sigh idk.

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I just watched VHD Bloodlust because of you, and I have so many questions! First, does his actual name ever get mentioned anywhere? How did he get the parasite? What's up with those horses - how come they eat grass and drink water if they're robots? Why couldn't Meier turn Charlotte there at the end if Borgoff got turned after he died/as he was dying? I assume all of this was explained somewhere, the books probably, but the movie was a mess. Liked it though!

1. As far as I know D’s name hasn’t been revealed and it might not even start with a D. In book 1 Lefty said something along the lines of “I love how they call you D/how you call yourself D”. It’s pretty obvious what it stands for, tho.

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How whould Slave au Shu Laito Subaru Kou and Yuma react to finding thier master that they have gotten close too crying her eyes out and when they ask whats wrong she tells them that her father has passed away so her mother sold her to a richer family, so she needs to get rid oc her slaves. (If you want you could maybe do how they react if she suggests they run away aswell but you dont need to. I love your work btw)

Admin Mawile: Σ(,,oΔo,,*)


-Despite his good breeding, he’s not the kind of pet many owners would be interested in. Lazy and lethargic, it’s unlikely that any other human will see the same good in him you did. Thus, if you can’t keep him, he’s most likely sentenced to being put down. Running away isn’t even an option; he has no idea how to take care of himself, after all. 


-He’s expected something like this for a long time. There’s no way a home as good as with you could ever last, and he’s been awaiting some kind of end to it ever since he realized you were really as kind as you seemed. It’s just a part of life that pets are doomed to suffer. He’d never dare try to run away, as that would just mark him as disobedient and bad. 


-He’s probably going to be killed, then. You were a rare enough human that actually wanted a pet known to be violent and dangerous, and he knows from experiences that your breed is few and far between. Chances are, no one else will ever be willing to take a chance with him. Running away wouldn’t do much good, either, as there would be nowhere for him to go. 


-If you can’t keep him, than he’d be better off dead. You’re the only human in the world worth trusting, and if he’s just going to be thrown back into another awful shelter or cruel home, he’d sooner be dead and free of it all. As much as he’s like to run away and ensure no human can ever have him again, he strongly doubts he could survive on his own. 


-He’s not exactly the kind of pet most owners are looking for, and despite how much you’ve seemed to like him, he highly doubts he’ll find another home outside of hard labor. Being worked to death almost sounds like just being killed would be better, and as much as he’d like to run away, he’d never be able to find a life as anything but a pet. 

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Do you have a favorite character from Game of Thrones?

I love Daenarys and he aggressively pro-freedom nature. I’ve consistently loved her.

I thought I would love Arya more. I liked her a lot in the beginning, but others have grown on me more sense then.

Tyrion did the opposite of Arya. Originally I was like “what an asshole”, but really its not that he’s an asshole. He’s just so sick or how fucked everything is and its made him blunt and a total drunk.

I feel so bad for Sansa and I really hope she gets a chance to really shine after all her suffering. I think I’ll eventually know if I really like her or not, I’m just waiting for it to happen.

Also, I’m at the end of Season 3 if that gives you any kind of frame of reference on where I’m at in their story arcs. I didn’t want to say anything too specific in case anyone has spoiler concerns or whatever

-Jamie (Gryffindor)


[x] - requested by anonymous

You groaned as you looked around, knowing there was nowhere to change into your disguise. Poe smirked as he saw you gripping the bag of clothes, and gestured to his ship. 

“You can get changed in there.” he offered, pointing to his X-Wing. “I’ll keep watch.” 

As you climbed into the ship, you called out, “You better not look, Poe!” 

Poe laughed and turned around, but he couldn’t help but try and sneak a glance. He did had a major crush on you, after all. He looked up, and ducked just in time as he saw you hurl your bag at him.

“I can see you looking!” you exclaimed, and Poe smirked. “Look away!” 

Sighing dramatically, Poe finally looked away.


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MTMTE Fort Max, Magnus and Brainstorm dealing with a human s/o who has a very bad habit of overworking to the point they start limping? (Did that once at school after a play when we had to move all the chairs and I refused to sit down and relax, so I could barely walk the next day, rip)

I’m sorry that happened anon! 

Fortress Maximus MTMTE

He knows how overwork and stress can run you down, so no way is he going to let you do that. He mostly stays out of your business; you’re an adult and you can handle yourself without his help, but in this case he steps in. Fort Max makes sure you pay attention to your limits and stop when you reach them, no point in hurting yourself over a big task when you can split it into smaller pieces 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He feels best when he’s working, but even he sometimes overworks himself. He admires how hard you try, he really does, but when you start limping he has to draw the line. If hearing ‘you need to relax’ from Ultra Magnus of all bots isn’t enough to get you to rest, then who knows what will (and he’ll be stubborn about it too, good luck ignoring his advice) 

Brainstorm MTMTE

He doesn’t mess around with convincing you to rest, he just picks you up from whatever you’re doing and says it’s break time. He’ll do whatever he has to do to keep you from working, whether it be sitting down to watch a movie or letting you help him in the lab (at least in the lab you’re mostly sitting down and watching him, instead of limping)

Rushing around

I saw your post and I decided to combine them. Hope you don’t mind.

Summary: Patton rushing about trying to keep the others from doing morally wrong things like posting butt pics and things of that nature. Creativity/Roman constructing imaginary friends for Thomas

“What are you doing?” Patton snuck up behind Roman making him jump.
“Oh my royalty don’t scare me like that.” Roman said putting his hand on his heart.
“Well what are you doing?” Patton asked again. Roman looked around the room.
“uh, nothing…nothing at all.” Roman stuttered a little.
“Thomas doesn’t need any imaginary friends. He already has a lot of really good ones.” Patton said walking off.
“How did- I never said I was doing that.” Roman yelled after the retreating figure.
“Fine, If I can’t make imaginary friends for Thomas I’ll just make everyone else get creative.” Roman mumbled to himself. “Time for butt pics. Patton will be to busy to notice the imaginary friends pop up.”
“Logan what are you doing?” Patton walked towards the logical persona.
“Do you know the response Thomas gets when he posts a picture of his butt” came the reply. Morality stared wide-eye at Logan.
“You can’t post pictures of Thomas’s butt.” Patton reasoned.
“Why not?” Logan responded.
“What’s gotten into you.” Patton replied. “You are not you at all”
“Of course I’m me. Who else would I be? Virgil?” Logan said. Patton grabbed Logan’s phone, making Logan pout.
“I’m going to check on Virge. You can’t have your phone back until you are back to your normal self.” The fatherly figure walked off.
“Virgil? You in your room.” Patton didn’t bother knocking and just popped in the darker’s room.
“Ever heard of knocking?” Virgil was on his bed playing on his phone.
“What are you up to?” Patton sat on the edge of the bed. Virge shrugged his shoulders and continued to do whatever on his phone.
“Roman must be with Thomas.” Virgil said suddenly. “He’s the reason Thomas posts picture of his butt in the first place.” Patton stood up and rushed out of the room.
“Thomas! Did you post an immoral picture again?” Patton said. Thomas looked at Patton and shrugged his shoulders.
“Maaayybe.” came the reply. “Fine…yes”
“Where’s Roman.” Patton sank down.
“Roman what in the world are you doing?” Patton walked up behind Roman.
“When Thomas’s friends aren’t with him he needs an imaginary friend to keep him company.” Roman finished doing what he was doing.
“You destracted me by the others so you could do this didn’t you?” The fatherly figure was looking aggitated.
Roman slumped his shoulders. “Yes I did.”
“Fine Thomas’s imaginary friend can stay for ONE day” Patton told the other right was Logan walked in.
“Uh..Can I get my phone back?” Logan fixing his glasses asked Patton.

Roman: Wow thanks for sending this in.

Stiles x Lydia Wedding Day AU for @lydiia-martins

August 2022

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to introduce, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Mieczyslaw Stilinski!” Derek, their somewhat reluctant officiant and host, announces to the small group of their closest friends when they finally tie the knot. 

Stiles and Lydia are all smiles walking down the aisle arm and arm, finally having made it here together, after all the years and near death (and actual death) experiences they have endured with the McCall Pack.

“How long did it take you to teach Derek how to pronounce your first name?” Lydia questions as they make their way back into the newly refinished Hale house to wait for their guests. 

“Months. I’m not even kidding Lyds, I had Scott and my dad helping too.”

“Well he’s the one that said if we were serious about getting married here that he wanted to preform the ceremony, he should have known this was going to happen. Also, you owe me $100.” She says with a pointed look that makes Stiles throw his hands up in exasperation. 

“How did you know Scott would cry before my dad would anyway? It’s not a freaky banshee thing is it?” Stiles asks as he pulls a crisp bill out of his suit jacket, where it’s been waiting all day in preparation of having to make good on this bet they made last night.

“Scott cried when you told him we were engaged, and yesterday at the rehearsal dinner, it was easy money baby.” Lydia tells him as she reaches up to pat Stiles cheek affectionately. He covers her hand with his own before leaning down to kiss her deeper than what was wedding ceremony appropriate. 

“Well if I’m going to loose money to anyone, I’m glad it’s you Mrs. Stilinski.” He whispers into the crown of her hair as he wraps his arms around his wife. 

“Me too, Mr. Stilinksi.” Lydia replies, snuggling in just a little closer to the man she now gets to call her husband. 

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You know what confuses me the most about this Kuron thing? What made the galra use Shiro in the first place? They interrogated Matt, Sam and him but if they used Shiro for this operation Kuron, they must have found out sth incredibly important about Shiro, right? This made me realize that we also know nothing about Shiro's past. Maybe there is more to him than meets the eye... also did you realize that the escape of subject YOXT39 (Shiro) is stage 3 of Kuron? What is going on??

compared to matt and sam, shiro is obviously more fit and skilled in what they were looking for. he became “the champion” in the arena, after all. i’m pretty sure when we see matt and shiro in the arena, shiro didn’t have the galra arm yet… so they probably saw how much he excelled in the arena and decided to use him. matt is a fucking….. noodle boy and sam is much older, more frail. also, stage 3 is most likely using the clone shiro, kuron, to infiltrate voltron.

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The moment they showed jay's obituary and freddie was on it i felt so regretful tbh i felt awful, that was the moment i decided that if louis says that f is his son then i had to accept that, because his mother whom he adored the most was proud to be a grandma and wanted him on her obituary, you don't do that with a stranger. he claimed that baby as his own and that should be enough for all of us sea.

Tbh I thought this too. I felt awful, because this was something signed by Dan.

I have to remember how Jay protected Louis, and did a lot of things on SM so he didn’t have to.

A friend (@iftheresnolove) also told me about Jay’s Instagram in May 2015. After a week of silence, she posted photos of every single one of her children, and flowers from Louis (he was in Mexico with D at the time).

Simultaneously she deleted all photos of Freddie. There was a plea for privacy, but notice Freddie did not come to the U.K. until December.

To me, it was a last minute gesture for cover, and it was clear the Jungwirths had no idea about Jay’s illness until late November.

So I’ll just reiterate that a paternity test would clear everything up.

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I believe that Scott is trying new things with the franchise! He did want to do something lighter. What worries you about the things that he's trying out? I'm just curious.

I worry about people attacking him again… he doesn’t deserve it, after all the fandom wouldn’t even exist without him.

But, eh… some people don’t get his harmless way to have fun I guess.

’’When I first met Vanity I didn’t know who she was and was unaware of her work. First time I met her was at the Tri-Star office in NY, we were both nice and cordial to each other and that was it. Somehow after a day of shooting we ended up sharing a taxi. During the ride we talked about acting and I told her Robert De Niro was one of my favorite actors to which she replied that she had gone out with him. “You went out with Robert De Niro!” I said, “Oh yea, and he was a bore” she replied. “We went out to dinner and he didn’t say a word all night. Then after that he kept calling and I wouldn’t answer”. I couldn’t believe it! So when we did the scene where I was suppose to be star struck by Laura Charles I used that as my motivation. That THIS was the lady who went out with Robert De Niro! She was a wonderful lady, here she is with my sister on set.’’
Glen Eaton (Johnny Yu)

what did you do to my eyes? - kingsnow - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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He loathes her. But he wonders about her too. What had happened to her? Who had she been, before she’d sold her soul? He meant to ask her, but she picks up her dress off the floor and slips it on. She always leaves after. It’s for the best. With a fistful of her hair and his lips on her throat he would always forget.

dedicated to my redonion squad! @roosebotlons @weasleyrose @meerareeed @iqqsgonnabeokay

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i can't undrstand your train of thought cause how dumb it is. jon would never trick dany, he loves her, we saw him reach out to her when he never did that to sansa. dany deserves the north, she lost a dragon for them, so yeah. get over your bullshit independence route, it's not happening.

I really wanted to ignore this but I can’t, because you know what, I’m salty right now. 

I can’t understand, for the love of all that is good, why you would think D deserves the North after doing what a Queen is supposed to do for her people in the first place. No, she doesn’t deserve the North for doing something that’s literally in the work for her being Queen. D has to earn that respect. Demanding that those people either bend the knee or burn (As shown with D and the Lannister/Tarly army) is not Queenly at all. It’s the movement of a conqueror. I understand D needed to make a brash move towards winning, but rather than burning those people alive and confirming Cersei’s words among the 7K she could have burnt the field around them. 

Cornering those people from escaping and then denying Cersei’s statements. People would have been more willing to do so. Instead she attacked with ‘fire and blood’. Not one has a Targaryen ruler been a good direction for the North and it never will be. This has literally been a theme for the country for so long I don’t know how it still goes over people’s heads. War is never good, ever, and D uses it to her advantage. So no, she doesn’t deserve the North because she burned WW.