Hey guys, I feel like I post a page every 10 years now… but I actually am pretty glad with myself I didn’t stop the comic given the amount of work I have to deal with !
Thank you all for being patient. Love you !

@allesiathehedge this page is a big wink wink for you ! ;)

If you want to see the original comic it’s here :http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=158674

hi this is my new davekat baby ive just been calling him kidd. hes rlly loving and p loud but he deff has shy bouts and tens to be rlly clingy w his dads. his eyes are sensitive x2 combo so,,,

he likes tying on capes and zoomin around the house like hes flying ?? how cool is it that his dad can fly ??? wow ???? and his other dad is so so smart wow ?????? he loves them sm

idk, Winter is coming for Sinjir Rath Velus (from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath series)

i just finished jumins route nd honestly….i understand why its suggested to play his route first and then ~relax~ w jaehees route before starting sevens bc holy fuck

I feel a little heartsick. 

There is a neighbor girl who is younger than me who has always asked me for art advice and I can tell she’s always looked up to me. It’s kind of scary to know you’re important like that to someone.

She told me to look on her facebook page to see a picture of a mermaid that she drew, and I did and it was really gorgeous and I got really excited.

Buuuut then I saw the real artist’s signature near the bottom of the tail in small print. I looked him up and it’s a popular pen drawing by him that some people have even used for tattoo designs. 

I feel a little sad that she would think she’d have to lie to me like that.

Please be confident in yourself and your creations. I would have been incredibly happy to see a real picture she’d drawn, and I’m sure it would have looked just fine. 

I don’t know what to do, I just feel a little sad.