...I really need to go to bed


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I told this boy that I am a trans boy and he told me he was going to strap me to a bed and prove to me that I am a girl.


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Sera and all other lesbian characters are only lesbian, because they've never experienced sex with you. Force Sera (or other lesbians) into bed with you, and they will change their minds. Once you go Bull, you never go back.

((Okay, this wasn’t funny when the other Iron Bull roleplayer got an ask like this, and it wasn’t funny seeing this in my inbox. :T I don’t know why you sent this out, but please, don’t. It doesn’t make for good roleplaying things and I really don’t enjoy getting stuff like this.

Ignore the stuff under the cut if you don’t want tmi personal details of how fucked up this is.))

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~I had a really good Bikram class today. It’s my fifth day in a row back in classes after over a year and I’ve already caught right back on and am doing well with it. I was all happy, the teacher in front of everyone complimented my locust pose. It’s seriously one of my favorites because I know I’m good at it but I hate it (but appreciate it) because it’s really challenging and makes me work.

~Getting back to yoga has helped my depressive episode a little bit but unfortunately the endorphins only last so long before I crash again. So for thirty days (25 more) I will be going to class everyday even though it’s hard just to get out of bed.

~I really need to work on getting my electrolytes up though especially with the Bikram…my sodium and chloride levels dropped again.

~I’ve also been hanging out with/dating someone :3 I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but yeah.

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Ouch that was kinda harsh but definitely exactly what I needed to hear and what I need to do haha. So thank you! How did you motivate yourself? And how did you make it out of bed even? I seriously wake up, go to work, come home and lay down/sleep the rest of the day. I just really don't know how to get myself to do anything else. Any advice or tips?

I know it was and I’m sorry it had to be. But my advice to you would be when you wake up every morning as tired as you are just get up. Splash some water on your face and start your day. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something nice, even if you don’t believe it just do it. Then go and eat a nice breakfast and go do what you have to do during that day. At night when you come home wash your face, brush your hair. Get in your comfy pjs and get in bed and read a book. let your mind relax and before you go to bed tell yourself one thing you’re really proud of that you did that day. Then tell yourself you love yourself and go to bed. Do this everyday and I guarantee you will feel better. Getting better is all about how you treat yourself. If you are constantly putting yourself down you won’t make any progress. Give yourself a break and learn to love yourself xx 

i can’t stop thinking about dennis on last night’s sunny, i woke up and that’s immediately where my thoughts went this morning

like i’ve never publicly gotten on the ground and cried but i had about a year recently where i would often have dissociation or sensory overstimulation episodes so bad that i would become nonverbal or just do embarrassing things and at times i wanted to sink to the ground in public and really only didn’t because I escaped to like a bathroom or got out of the room or went home sick from work or skipped class or managed to get home in time to strip and get in bed and hide. nobody knew what to call them or how to manage them and everyone close to me just sort of assumed i needed to pull myself out of it or go to sleep and shut myself off and turn it on again. and over and over and over i’d just say ‘sorry, I got sick and couldn’t do x’ or just act strange in public and it was so embarrassing. i haven’t in a few months but i’m still scared that it will come back and bite me at any time.

anyway what i’m trying to say is I feel dennis so hard and I need ten hurt/comforts stat because he was the least obnoxious one on family fight and he suffered the most and dissociating is one of the worst things ever 0/10 do not recommend

I Sea You Are Afraid

You loved to stay in bed all day but you have a bad habit of burrowing yourself in the blankets like a caterpillar ready to dissolve in its cocoon so often that you’ve turned your quilts into a death bed
You’ve been stitched together like broken patterns that never really worked well with mine because you needed support and I could only offer silky sapphire
But you hated blue because it smothered your yellow turning you sickly green because you’re so afraid of your threads getting caught in my wave of emotions
Unwinding faster than the high tide could crash and I could tell that scared you because you have a fear of drowning and that’s why you never go to the ocean with me even if it’s just to find pretty shells on the beach
I think that’s why you stayed away from me because you could never quite stay in the calm of my hurricane and I terrified you with silly ideas of the ocean and sky switching places and you always looked up because you’re also terrified of heights so then your two fears would be against you
But he’s always had a fear of words that start with H
Hurricane. Hell. Heartbreak. Himself.
But he’s so cautious to live he forgot I could make him feel Heaven

—  t.p.g

I really need to start taking vitamins again because I think it will help me with this sleepiness I feel all of the time. I’m constantly feeling tired, I feel like going to bed and taking a nap as soon as get home from work. 

some eyes are red

some eyes are blue

crowley’s a demon

and now you are, too