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Birthday Wishes

Iruka looked up at the man shaving at the bathroom mirror, running the towel through his wet hair. “I’m serious, Kakashi.”

“Mhm,” he hummed and rinsed his face. “Fine.” He turned to shrug at him. “It’s your birthday. We’ll do whatever you want.”

Iruka sighed. “Turning thirty-one isn’t something to get excited about…”

“We’re not celebrating your age. We’re celbrating you as a person.” He held his shoulders, pressing a quick kiss to his lips before walking into the bedroom.

“That’s fine I guess… But still just us and maybe Naruto and Hinata, if they want.”

“Yeah,” Kakashi agreed, pulling on his uniform shirt and putting the mask where it belonged across his cheeks.

Iruka fininshed tying his ponytail before getting dressed.

“Do you have time for breakfast?”

“No, I’ve got to get to work,” he answered. “Seriously, don’t worry about putting anything special together today, alright?”

“So a surprise party with everyone you’ve ever met. Got it,” Kakashi said sarcastically to his ankle wrappings as he wound them.

“Better not,” Iruka threatened before walking out of the bedroom.


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So I was watching some skyrim gameplay and I came to a realization. Mirio's quirk essentially turns him into a living speedrunner. Like, he's basically exploiting collision boxes and noclip bugs and shit. Most of the things he does can be done in skyrim without even modding anything!

uhhh i don’t know anything about skyrim/videogames but that’s pretty neat to know!!


Ok SO many requests for #2!
Which is actually #1 in this video…
Which is almost as ridiculous as the first video 😂🙏🏼

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whats ur opinion on kiribaku?

i think it’s cute, and definitely one of the most well developed Bakugou ships, but i don’t ship it. mostly b/c i just prefer platonic stuff in general. it’s very rare for me to actively ship something.

(tho personally, i’ve gotten a little tired of it, just b/c some of the fans can be a bit… too aggressive. but the ship itself is cute.)