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lazy late night doodling as a result of a silly song title by my dearest friend max, you can listen to it here!

and also a bonus doodle because honestly, chat had it coming pfffft:

A legit game we had with a legit conversation

Player 1: “Wait so there’s 4 bovine women in skimpy outfits and a totally nude one that are all worshiping a type of motherly figure kind of god.”

GM (Me): “Uh, yeah, so what?”

Player 1: “Are they lactating?”

GM (Me): “What do you think?”

Player 1: “Niiiice, gonna have me some fun.”

GM (Me): “Alright any other questions?

Player 2: “When the fuck did D&D turn sexy?”

ukuleia-organa  asked:

Do you have anymore adrienette/marichat sleepover headcanons? Pre- or post-reveal, anything is great!

im answering this late but boy do i!!!! this isn’t really a headcanon, more of a (lengthy) scenario of sorts, but… here u go

  • the first sleepover adrien and marinette have together is pre-reveal, possibly a situation where they’ve been close friends for about a year or so, and adrien just… needs a break. home life has been bad, he’s feeling really down, and just needs to stay somewhere he’s happy for at least a little while
  • i’d imagine nino, alya, adrien and mari are hanging out at her house playing video games and just being friends and such, but it gets to be pretty late, so nino heads home first, then alya, but adrien….
  • well, it gets to be almost midnight, and he still hasnt made it super obvious he wants to go home—he’s sure nobody at home noticed he was gone anyways—and marinette can kind of tell he’s pretty down, so she thinks “maybe i’ll just not tell him he needs to leave and see what happens???”
  • but around 12:30 adrien kind of starts nodding off… he and marinette are just watching some cheesy romance movie (adrien secretly has such a love for those) with blankets and pillows and popcorn on the floor but he’s just so sleepy. he is rly sleepy. sleepy kitten.
  • sleepy kitten becomes just way 2 sleepy and cant stay awake any longer no matter how hard he tries. he knows he should say something, should go home, but he just cant seem to pull himself away from the comfort of the blankets on the floor or the smell of popcorn or how nice it feels to simply be with a friend, so…
  • plop goes his head on a pillow and he is out like a light
  • marinette has to resist the urge to squeal at how cute he is
  • she tries to stay awake, and admittedly it is a little hard to think about sleeping while adrien, literal kitten, is snoozing next to her, but gosh it’s past 1 am and she is so dead tired and adrien is so warm that she can’t help curling up next to him and letting sleep take over her
  • adrien is the first to wake up sometime in the middle of the night
  • he quickly realizes that he is not at home and is not in his bed and holy crap, i was just cuddling marinette how did that happen what why was i hugging her WHY WAS SHE HUGGING ME
  • he actually feels so bad about falling asleep that he literally wakes marinette up to apologize to her for dozing and feels even worse that he woke her, especially when she looked that cute
  • he has to pause for a moment to let it slip that she’s cute when she sleeps
  • marinette, sleep deprived and very, very tired, assures adrien that it’s okay…. u can stay if u want
  • granted it’s about 4 am so he doesnt really plan to go anywhere at that time of night unless he feels like transforming in marinette’s bedroom
  • (he doesnt)
  • accepting his defeat, he lays his head back down on the pillow he previously drooled on and apologizes once more before the heavy feeling of sleep begins to weigh down his eyelids
  • marinette is 2 tired 2 care at the moment so she just tells him to shush and go back to sleep because she wants him to stay
  • and for once adrien actually feels happy
  • because he’s staying with a friend and that friend is so nice and cute and warm and she is also letting him stay the night when he didnt even ask and he still feels so bad but MARINETTE IS SO NICE AND HE APPRECIATES HER AS A FRIEND SO MUCH 
  • and he also doesnt know why his heart speeds up when she gives him that sleepy smile or how he just wants to kiss her goodnight 
  • why does he want to kiss her goodnight?
  • he doesnt
  • but he wants to
  • so instead of goodnight kisses they settle for goodnight whispers, adrien thanking marinette for letting him stay and (after apologizing for the umpteenth time) snuggles up against the pillows on the floor
  • sometime during the night they end up completely entwined, legs tangled and arms around each other, holding each other close just because they can
  • in the morning it comes as quite the shock to the both of them when they wake up and their foreheads are pressed together and their lips are just a little too close
  • (not that either of them mind, but it is still quite something to wake up to)
  • but instead of kissing him marinette just freaks out and offers to get them some breakfast after she calms down from said freak-out
  • (she also may or may not have freaked out how adrien’s bedhead looks eerily similar to another blond-haired, green-eyed boy she knows well)
  • adrien does go home later that day after thanking marinette and slipping past her parents, but at night he just finds it very hard to sleep
  • his bed is too empty, the sheets are too cold, and he misses how warm marinette felt in his arms
  • he’s not sure why he misses her contact so much… or why he still wants to kiss her… but something in his heart tells him that he definitely wants to stay over again

waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’